In order to meet 2016, the new Mogaoku works to “day” for the design concept and express the blessing of the future. In the design of the work

The pursuit of inner harmony, is Qeelin Mogaoku senior jewelry series expressed feelings. Qeelin creative director Dennis Chan is intended to explore the subtle relationships between the three elements of heaven, earth and man. Inspired by the ancient Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes, it is located on the legendary Silk Road. Those fascinating Buddhist mural and sculpture symbolize the pursuit of enlightenment, but also in the use of Zen enlightenment wisdom of life.
In order to meet 2016, the new Mogaoku works to “day” for the design concept and express the blessing of the future. In the design of the work, a symbol of good fortune often engraved in the clouds pattern, take is the Chinese “cloud” pronunciation and “Cartier love bracelet replica” similar, auspicious clouds represent a good omen. The shape is like Ganoderma lucidum, meaning auspicious eternal life, more New Year bring good luck.
Newly designed necklaces, earrings and rings made of 18K rose gold, diamond-studded pattern with emerald embellishment which emblem of God’s kindness and shelter.
Qeelin’s Lucky 12 collection is inspired by Dennis Chan’s Summer Palace tour of Cartier love ring replica. Where he saw a statue carved with 12 zodiac motifs, inspired by his creation to interpret and express the zodiac inherent in the spirit of inspiration, become everyone’s mascot.
2016 is China’s red monkey, monkey-inspired jewelry is of course the first choice for the New Year. In Chinese traditional astrology, the monkey represents wisdom, for people to bring good luck, eliminate trouble. While the fire element is more enhanced monkey dynamic characteristics. At the same time, the monkey is also the closest animal in the zodiac animal, driving the new year’s fortune.
Lucky 12 series, Ling monkey lively appearance, as 18K rose gold or white gold necklace and petite pendant on the protagonist, inlaid diamonds make it look particularly cute and lovely. This design with a bracelet or ring on the brilliant, decorated in the earrings is very unique. Each piece, simple design, modern fashion, fun.
Lucky 12 is a good choice for New Year gifts. Replica Cartier jewelry not only represents the birthday, in Chinese culture, the zodiac can also protect the body, and bring good luck and health. In addition, their zodiac and the beloved people of the Chinese zodiac to wear, more meaning harmonious and happy.
Qeelin jewelry every work in the traditional tribute to the same time, more deeply in the moment. The brand has also developed a suite of applications specifically for the Android and Apple systems for the Lucky 12 series. You only need to enter the date of birth will be found in 2016 belong to their lucky zodiac jewelry. Christmas time, the New Year, the total and ultimately, the colorful neon and pure warm heart. POMELLATO Po Manlan Duo sister brand, the Italian interest to jewelry are colorful starfish family put on new clothes – diamonds, rubies, sapphire stone and sapphire embellishment ring, and wearing white, brown diamond and Black Diamond’s new beans, the little new “members” for you and your loved ones present special needs of all time: gorgeous colors and sincere love.


Design style: From the Danish jewelry brand Georg Jensen, learn from the simplicity of the Nordic style, gradually being well known

Nationality: Italy
Design style: As the fourth generation descendant of the Fendi family, the designer Cartier love bracelet replica in the jewelry showed abnormal talent. Has a keen fashion sense, jewelry accessories have a strong interest. Delfina Delettrez jewelry can be said to appear in the fashion circle Fashion Icon most of the body jewelry. Iconic eye shape and red enamel lips, became a glance to identify the brand’s style logo. Playful, stylish, fun design style, won the love of fashion people, when you wear can also add a sense of interesting details. The same to only thousand to ten thousand yuan price, you can meet the fashion sense with jewelry.
Nationality: Denmark
Design style: From the Danish jewelry brand Georg Jensen, learn from the simplicity of the Nordic style, gradually being well known. The Cartier love ring replica is actually started with silver, silver products are also known as one of Denmark’s most famous brands. Although the main silver, but it can create a three-dimensional modern design style. Archive series and Aria series, will be a perfect interpretation of the extraordinary charm brought about by silver. Also in gold or rose gold-based Neva series and Moonlight Grapes series, also presents a modern sense of fashion jewelry. From thousand to ten thousand dollars of the price, to meet all your fantasy jewelry.
Nationality: Italy
Design style: the colorful gems made into pendants or rings, is one of the characteristics of the Italian jewelry brand Replica Cartier jewelry. Madeira stone, blue topaz, amethyst, ice diamonds, pink sapphire, orange sapphire, green Sapphire, and Shafu Lai stone, these colorful gems to mix and match, interpretation of the Italian-style Jewelry. Whether it is classic Nudo series or diamond mosaic of the Tango series, are deduced from the jewelry has a sense of luxury and gorgeous. Thousands of dollars to the price of the classification, it will make people obsessed.
Nationality: United Kingdom
Design style: Although the British jewelry brand FancyCD origin for senior jewelry, but also has a approachable jewelry series. Nutcracker series, fruit series and star series, from the cute playful style to elegant and unique design, combined with diamond mosaic style, can meet the different styles of women for jewelry needs, thousand to ten thousand yuan price positioning, that is to meet the Close to the people, but also without losing the gorgeous color. By


The charm of the jewelry is its unique gold color – the exclusive alloy technology to create a special

Mother – like angels bring love and guard, she deserves the best gift and blessing, touch the heart, passing the truth. As a mother’s day gift, the best expression of love and gratitude to the mother’s feelings. Wellendorff is not only famous for its classic design and real value, but more importantly, each of them has deep feelings and will cherish the eternal treasures of those unforgettable moments of joy. “Angel of Love” series of jewelry, cohesion sections affectionate, thanks to the mother’s companionship, thanks to the greatest love of life.
Even the small details, but also highlights the perfect and luxurious: imitation Cartier love bracelet “Angel of Love” series of jewelry to the superb goldsmith art embodies the “Made in Germany” essence. Angel sculpture angel wings are clearly visible, each one of the series of jewelry are carved with small angels: Angel personal guardian, as selfless to pay the mother, is the most happy family dependency, bringing love and warmth.
The charm of the jewelry is its unique gold color – the exclusive alloy technology to create a special, slightly blush warm gold, soft luster against the background of each perfect color, with sparkling diamonds , More refined luxury. Seven firing white enamel transparent bright, Cartier love bracelet replica will be named “stars”, the little bits and pieces of light to jewelry glittering, elegant and charming.
Light as a feather, soft as silk, shiny shine, such as the soft summer morning sun. Exquisite details, classic and elegant design, in the low-key reflects the real luxury. Bracelet by the five unique 18K gold Hua Luo Fu made of independent gold silk braided chain made of stacked, with the perfect name with the perfect necklace. In order to Hua Luofu tradition of excellent quality, soft texture, wearing comfort to a new level, the need to design a unique experience, with determination and excellence of the rigorous goldsmith craft, and ultimately create the ultimate visual and tactile effect – – Unique, unique charm.
Very fine gold wire and a more relaxed weaving method to make jewelry with unparalleled comfort, gold as velvet and silky soft silky. With an international patented design, the 18K gold folding folding clasp hidden inside the bracelet, engraved with the German letter “Cartier love ring replica” (meaning “the real value”) and the diamond W logo itself is a very high technology Of the jewelry works, representing the goldsmith art of the highest technology in a fine jewelry on the perfect show. After the switch on the buckle 40,000 times the test, even once a day picking wear, but also sustainable wear 100 years, is the comfort and safety of life-long guarantee. The rounded edges of the buckle and the flexible design of the spring adapt to the characteristics of the arms bent or stretched at random, but also to ensure the greatest degree of comfort to wear.
Mother is the greatest title, bringing as angelic love and guard; maternal love is the most selfless to pay, not to return, quiet dedication. Hua Luofu jewelry, give the mother a gift of love, thanks to the mother’s companionship, thanks to the greatest love of life.


Pink dreams, not related to age. The power of love has always existed. Amulette de Cartier pink opal exudes the light of happiness

“Light of Wisdom” Lapis Lazuli – Realizing the Essence of Life
“The highest mountain is itself.”
Noble, elegant, and self-confidence, this is the most dazzling light of independent women, is also a mysterious nature to give Amulette de Cartier Lapis lazuli works of power Cartier love bracelet replica. In the dream trip, the board of the Himalayas He Sui Pu Pu Guizhen to dressed in white with a lapis lazuli necklace, in between the quiet world, and inner dialogue, insights of the true meaning of life.
“Happy Light” Pink Opal – Encounter fairy tale love
“The story of the fairy tale, not necessarily deceptive.”
Pink dreams, not related to age. The power of love has always existed. Amulette de Cartier pink opal exudes the light of happiness Cartier love ring replica, in the pursuit of love in the journey, to encounter the lucky and courage to encounter courage. Merry-go-round spike like every girl in love, in the background of pink opal, innocent and sweet, true and brave.
“Light of Vitality” Red Chalcedony – Arriving at the Other Side of the Dream
“The sea between heaven and earth, the wind and waves.”
Red Chalcedony, in Latin “flesh and blood,” meaning, representing the fearless self. Amulette de Cartier Red chalcedony works in a fiery red color that gives you a warm and energetic energy. In the ups and downs of the dream trip, He Sui and red chalcedony with the wind and waves, as fearless warriors, direct access to the ideal side.
Amulettede Cartier series of red chalcedony works under the guardian of the time, Ho in the waves of the sea wind and waves, direct access to the ideal side.
In order to bring every unique beauty of the unique guardian of women, Amulette de Cartier series also presents a new two precious material – Ambilight color carved gold guilloche Replica Cartier jewelry, such as the sun as bright glow bloom; from cherished wood Of the snake wood grain, noble extraordinary, bring angelic lucky guardian.
By dream journey, never stopped. At this moment, in the Cartier Amulette de Cartier series under the guard, immediately leave, emitting a unique light.
Mother’s Day, the election of what kind of gift to express gratitude? Than easily withered flowers, jewelry is undoubtedly the best gift, both the preservation of value, but also to meet the mother also want to beauty of the state of mind. The different materials of jewelry, mothers can also show a different style imitation cartier love bracelet.


Versace and Bvlgari two brands of international status?

Versace and Bvlgari two brands of international status?
Versace is one of the world’s most international fashion design hall, Cartier love bracelet replica is following the French Cartier and the United States after Tiffany’s world’s third largest jewelry brand.
1. Versace (Versace) is a well-known luxury brand from Italy, which created a unique fashion empire, represents a brand family, Versace’s fashion products to lead the life of each area, its design style is unique, unique A symbol of the art of avant-garde beauty. One of the most fascinating is the unique display of those full of Renaissance features gorgeous rich imagination of women’s style, they are sexy, feminine flavor, colorful, both opera-style super-realistic gorgeous, but also full Consider wearing comfort and appropriate modification of body size. Versace not only in the international fashion design has a lofty status, and the VERSACE brand Atelier Versace series, popular clothing, jewelry, accessories, perfume, cosmetics and furniture products, manufacturing and sales to around the world, VERSACE fashion and style spread To the world. “Versace” The brand’s fame history is not long, but it is this experienced a short span of two decades of the brand has become with Armani, Gucci and Valentino, one of the four Italian fashion brands.
2. Italy Bulgari, is following the French Cartier and Cartier love ring replica after the world’s third-largest jewelry brand. Bvlgari jewelry in the production of color to design the essence of originality with a variety of different colors of gemstones to mix and match, and then use a different material base to highlight the dazzling gem colors. Bvlgari bold and unique, distinguished classical. Equilibrium also combines the classical and modern features, breaking the strict rules of traditional academic design, the Greek-style elegance, the Italian Renaissance and 19th century metallurgical technology as inspiration, to create a unique style Bulgari. Bvlgari’s products are: watches, jewelry, fragrance, purses and so on.

Bvlgari pure fragrance fragrance how to Ms.
Next, take a look at the mushroom street and the beauty of MM on Bvlgari amethyst pure fragrance perfume evaluation: because the unique appearance of the bottle fell in love with this Cartier nail bracelet replica pure fragrance, taste very comfortable very elegant, that Winter to, like to get something in the scarf, an elegant feminine, but also a little bit of temptation, the bottle’s unique and lovely design, but also to the point of the bottle, Do not say who do not know perfume bottle ha ha.


Bvlgari ring true and false identification method

Bvlgari ring true and false identification method
Italy’s Bulgari, is following the French Cartier and Tiffany United States after the world’s third-largest jewelry brand. Bvlgari brand from Greece, the founder of Sotirio Bulgari is a silversmith in the Greek Epirus region. Bvlgari jewelry in the production of color to design the essence of originality with a variety of different colors of gemstones to mix and match, and then use a different material base to highlight the dazzling gem colors. You know the true and false identification method Bulgari ring, now give you a specific introduction.

Bvlgari jewelry prices high not high, the brand’s cost-effective high jewelry is not high
As far as I know, Bvlgari rings are mainly concentrated in the welding process, a number of small businesses completely fail to process, you can ask to ask the customer service holy jewelry, their technology pretty good, but can promise too Counter cleaning, the key is the price of only 1/10 of the counter is very cheap

Bvlgari Indian Pomegranate Eau de toilette how to
This silky texture of perfume distributed gem-like luster, sparkling glittering sparkling modern charm. Omnia Crystalline L’Eau de Parfum Women’s Eau de Parfum dedicated to outstanding women, light irresistible gentle color. This fragrance will be the original elements of a strong contrast: hard and soft, clear and flowing, pure and sexual. Feeling, the perfect blend. All kinds of elements in harmony to present a variety of perfume characteristics and meaning, reflecting the long tradition of perfume Cartier love bracelet replica and deep Roman origin.

How to distinguish true and false Bvlgari watches?
Bvlgari watch to identify the true and false to grasp the following points: (1) process.
True table exquisite workmanship, seams tight and flexible, smooth corners at the corner, plating uniform light. The surface and back of the text is clear.
(2) packaging.
True table packaging is very particular about the table box is very beautiful, there are beautifully produced instructions or warranty card; leave the table are more rough, not even the packaging and so on. In this case,
(3) source.
True form a formal invoice, selling price and public price will not differ too much. If you buy a thousand dollars Rolex or Cartier love ring replica, it is definitely a fake table. 【remind】
If you still can not tell the authenticity of the watch, then you get a watch shop, please master a test movement (true and false distinction mainly in the movement), stand the test.