the natural feather feather always give senior jewelry and watch

All along, the natural feather feather always give senior jewelry and watch to bring unlimited inspiration to play space, natural brisk, natural color, natural shape can be a senior jewelry and watch a vivid. Jewel masters are good at using natural gemstones and diamonds inlaid with light feathers and shapes, creating the most gorgeous light on the neck. Watch craft master good at using the natural color and texture of the feathers for the square dial to bring artistic beauty.
This year’s Piaget is the most popular feather element in the newly created Secrets & Lights – Seecies of Venice series with the mask of the world famous mask of Venice, boldly using the most popular feather elements of the decorative mask, not only in the high-level watch in black Feathers to create “time wheel” craft decorative watch, but also with the famous independent feather craft master Nelly Saunier cooperation, the peacock feathers and white belly pheasant feathers used in advanced jewelry Cartier love bracelet replica bracelets. Showing the gorgeous feathers of the most beautiful moment.

Wear the Secrets of Venice series of jewelry bracelet mystery not only from the mask

Piaget Secrets of Venice Jewelry Bracelet

In a grand and extravagant masquerade, feathers are the most able to create a mysterious decorative elements, natural gorgeous colors and brisk gestures in the flow of the most able to create magic intoxicating atmosphere. Nelly Saunier, who has the title of “Prix de l’Intelligence de la Main”, presents this magical style on the Secrets of Venice series of fine jewelery bracelets, so that the cherry feathers and cherished gems collide with gorgeous colors and gorgeous mystery, So that the magical style of the mask dance in a modern way to show, re-capture the hearts of restless woman.
Independent Feather Craft Master Nelly Saunier is the winner of the Lillian Bertrong Crafts Award. In her hands, light as the feathers of the feathers composed of beautiful flowers bouquet, blooming in the brisk platinum bracelet. Blue and green birds feathers dotted with them, with soft as velvet night blue, ignited the effect of meticulous glossy. Bracelet in the central mosaic of an emerald, in the birds feathers in the blooming bright light, and the arch according to the surrounding sapphire and diamonds.

Pick and prepare different colors of peacock feathers and white belly pheasant feathers, remove the feathers on the barbs.

Will prepare the peacock feathers and white belly pheasant feathers arranged in color and texture, meticulous inlaid in platinum bracelet and rose gold bracelet.
Secrets of Venice series of platinum bracelets, inlaid with a pillow-shaped cut grandmother gem (about 3.46 kt), 8 horse-shaped eye cutting emerald (about 4.80 kt), 8 horse-shaped cut sapphire 7.66 kt), 10 round diamonds (about 1.08 kt).

Charming “Time Wheel” Ling Yu decorated the most beautiful time art

Earl Secrets of Venice Series PIAGET ALTIPLANO Feather Handmade Watch

The inspiration for the Secrets of Venice series is also inspired by the Venetian Mask Festival Cartier love ring replica, made by the artist Emilie Moutard-Martin in a feather craftsmanship. So how is the texture of the rich and detailed feathers in the hands of artists into a charming time art?
Artist Emilie Moutard-Martin first picks the fine texture and color of the goose feathers, and then the selected feathers fine trimmed into the required water droplets shape.

First cut a good water droplets-shaped feathers bonded forming, and then paste the edge of a good drop-shaped feathers silver foil.

A good feather with silver foil

Will be decorated with silver foil feathers a piece, a circle of detailed arrangement in less than 38 mm in the dial space, the whole process is long and fine, not only test the artist’s art, as well as the most critical patience.
To the feathers inlaid intact “Time Wheel” watch

This Piaget PIAGET ALTIPLANO feathers watch, 18K white gold case, case diameter 38 mm, bezel inlaid 78 round diamonds (about 0.7 kt). The bottom cover is printed with the Mythical Journey logo, equipped with the Piaget 430P ultra-thin manual winding mechanical movement, power reserve of about 43 hours. Black silk band, with platinum button buckle clasp, limited to 18, engraved independent number G0A40595.

Ancient and charming Italian water city of Venice, full of multi-faceted style and psychedelic colors, those rich cultural background and mysterious mask of the mask, masquerade, and did not lose in the history of glory, but also in the artist’s inspiration In the creation, the new modern life color. Put on a psychedelic high-level jewelry bracelet and watch, the heart of the mask dance immediately staged.
Schaffhausen IWC will usher in the “pilot years” in 2016, but the brand will continue to launch next year in other series of new timepieces. The following is for everyone to introduce the IWC will be released in 2016 three new Aquatimers watch.
Aquatimer “La Cumbre Volcano” chronograph (IW379505)

This watch to Fernandina Island (belonging to the Galapagos Islands) on a shield-like volcano named, limited edition of 500. The Schaffhausen IWC has established special links with the Galapagos Islands, which is not the first time that the brand has been inspired by famous islands and launched a special limited edition. The watch is equipped with Cartier nail bracelet replica a self-made 89365 automatic winding mechanical movement, equipped with innovative internal and external rotating bezel (SafeDive System safety diving system), with flyback timing function, can provide 68 hours power storage, water depth of 300 meters.

Aquatimer Automatic 2000 Automatic Watch (IW358001)

The origins of this watch can be traced back to 1982, Ferdinand A. Porsche specially designed for the mine sweepers diving watch. Aquatimer Automatic 2000 automatic watch waterproof depth can reach amazing 2000 meters, now, as a professional and practical, reliable equipment, the series of watches by the enthusiastic challenge of amateurs and professional divers praise. The watch case to titanium metal, 46 mm in diameter, equipped with 80110 automatic winding mechanical movement, can provide 44 hours power storage, equipped with innovative internal and external rotating bezel (SafeDive System safety diving system), the bottom engraved deep sea diver pattern, Using a new combination of yellow and black color, particularly eye-catching. The watch has a black rubber strap, great sports style.

Aquatimer Automatic “Expedition Jacques-Yves Cousteau” Automatic Watch (IW329005)

This is the latest creation of the Schaffhausen Vanguard Tribute to the French diving pioneer. Like the Galapagos Islands, IWC and Kusto also have special links. As a partner of the Cousteau Association, the Schaffhausen IWC is committed to the restoration of the famous scientific research vessel Calypso. The watch case is made of stainless steel, equipped with gorgeous dark blue dial, stainless steel table cover engraved Kusto wearing a signature wool hat shallow relief head. Equipped with automatic winding mechanical movement, innovative internal and external rotating bezel (SafeDive System safety diving system), can provide 42 hours power storage, water depth of 300 meters.


Cartier has more than 60 outlets in China,covering the whole country

Cartier is the very important brand in richemont,richemont group was founded in 1988, from the South African billionaire Anton rupert as President. Richemont involves four business areas: jewelry,watches,accessories and fashionable dress,has other several big famous brands includes: vacheron constantin, Jaeger-LeCoultre,montblanc,lundgren,etc.

Cartier has more than 60 outlets in China, covering the whole country. Now opening outlets in the second and third city.

Cartier’s scope of business is very extensive,includes: jewelry,watches,pens,leather goods,lighters,stationery and perfume,etc.

Cartier’s products are all exquisite,such as cartier love bracelet replica ,many cartier fans will buy it,first choice of fashion accessory in party,weeding and other fashion show occasion,the best online store is


In the past six months, the price of tourmaline has soared twice, and is still continuing

The Most of the tourmaline-grade tourmalines come from Brazil, Sri Lanka and the Republic of Malaga (Madagascar). Brazil is rich in red, green, blue tourmaline, it is the origin of Paraiba tourmaline. Para Yiba tourmaline color and other gems are different, green with blue, like a clear lake, color is both beautiful and special, but the production is too scarce, so the price is very expensive.
Tourmaline investment at the right time – ten carats of tourmaline prices equivalent to a carat diamond
Although the price of tourmaline in the past two years experienced a dazzling long, but for those who like the tourmaline, the current tourmaline investment is still in a very good time.
For those who have planned to invest in the recent tourmaline products, the international jewelry experts have given a few basic suggestions: as a collection or appreciation requirements, then buy rare stones will be more secure, faster appreciation. Under normal circumstances, the weight of more than 10 carats of tourmaline can guarantee its rare.
Color, if it is green tourmaline, the best choice of transparent grass green or blue and green Cartier love bracelet replica, because the green tourmaline color is too dark will be black, affecting the beautiful and transparent stones; red tourmaline must choose very positive red, A little yellow, brown or light red tourmaline prices will be much worse; blue tourmaline itself is very rare, the price is much higher than the other types of tourmaline – if you buy a more than 10 karats of blue tourmaline, certainly do not worry How to sell; as Para Yi Pakistan tourmaline, it is Needless to say, if the financial resources can be achieved, then do not have the slightest hesitation, because the Para Yiba tourmaline is every day in the price increases, but also every day in the brutal priceless The As has long been discontinued Keshi Mili’s cornflower sapphire, currently only in the auction market was able to see.
International jewelry experts, the current ten carat of a tourmaline gem, in accordance with the fineness of different price range of about 5-15 million yuan (except Paraiba), basically only equivalent to the same grade of a carat diamond. Which of course has a shorter history of tourmaline, lower market acceptance and other reasons. But it is worth noting that the depletion of tourmaline mineral deposits faster than diamonds faster.
The value of any natural gem is mainly dependent on its reserves. The less the yield, the greater the likelihood of appreciation. In fact, in the field of gemstones, due to their own scarcity and beyond the diamond price of more than one gem, one of the most famous is the emerald. In the middle of the twentieth century, the price of the emerald gems rose so far at rocket-like speed, until now the general auction of the major auction events, the same size fineness of the emerald price has gone beyond the diamond Cartier love ring replica.
In the past six months, the price of tourmaline has soared twice, and is still continuing.
Two years up four times – both to commemorate the significance and preservation of the function of the wedding ring
At present, Europe and the United States tend to choose sapphire, tourmaline or valuable Tanzanite as a wedding ring inlaid precious stones. Such as Diana’s most classic sapphire wedding ring, that is, Prince William used to marry the wedding ring. ENZO to launch the Diana wedding ring series, precious stones basically use 2 to 5 carats of tourmaline.
International jewelry experts believe that the Diana wedding ring itself is also a good investment. Of course, 20 karats or 30 carats of the tourmaline ring is certainly more hedge, but for ordinary consumers, such a large tourmaline has almost risen to astronomical, and for the wedding ring is too exaggerated.


Boucheron brand history and the royal family around the world history of the nobility inseparable

Celebrities are expensive
Boucheron brand history and the royal family around the world history of the nobility inseparable, but also tell the Hollywood entertainment, business and political men and women story.
In the beautiful times of Cartier love bracelet replica Paris, the privileged class of women gave the Boucheron fashion concept, its fine design concept in the wrist, arm, hair and neck, and even inlaid in the dress. LaBelleOtéro, then the famous dancer, had commissioned Boucheron for its special made a full by the gems of the corset, a sensation.
Boucheron has a global development perspective, as early as 1897 in Moscow opened a branch, in 1903 in London famous Dingjie Street Bond Street set up branches. In 1925, the Indiana ministers of the ministers of the state of Barton Boucheron will own his own royal jewelery –
Six boxes of precious stones and pearls – designed into jewelry, Boucheron’s Eastern Raiders officially began. In 1930, the King of India Riza commissioned Boucheron to measure the wealth of the entire Kingdom of Persia. The King and Queen of England, the King of Bulgaria, the King of Egypt and the Prince of Wales have commissioned Boucheron to design royal jewelery and accessories. British royal family since 1921 has a Boucheron headdress by the British Queen’s favorite.
Today, the world’s most beautiful, most successful woman competing to wear Boucheron jewelry. Queen of the royal family of Jordan, Nicole Kidman, Julie An Moore and Susan Sarandon and other actress at the Oscar, Golden Globe and Cannes Film Festival, all wearing stunning Cartier love ring replica.
As the “Paris, the mysterious than perfume,” a book said – “French no matter what class, the enjoyment of luxury has a complex, strange, can not tell the feelings of unknown.
China has gradually become a modern luxury consumer market, Shanghai monthly income of more than 100,000 yuan gold collar class about 100 million people, they are the most important luxury consumer groups. And Gucci sunglasses, Prada handbags, Louis Vuitton luggage has almost become thousands of Shanghai middle class purchase of necessities, have these things, and even do not have to be “rich”. “A new luxury consumer community is growing all over the world,” said the Economist, commenting, “they may have a flat asset, but they will enjoy a luxury, and they can spend $ 500 to buy an antique handbag. Only 10 dollars in the ordinary clothing chain to pick a headdress.
It is true that Boucheron luxury perfectly presents the Chinese middle class, especially those who have ambitious income, have a strong desire for good things, but also hope that by the Western luxury brand for the journey of their own position.


This craft is the grandmother from the Baqiao set to buy back

My home on the refrigerator, close to a beautiful “blessing” word, which is a perfect handicrafts. White background, big red blessing is made up with the zodiac, and is carefully cut out with scissors. Only the mouse cute to squat on the top, holding a sweet and Cartier love bracelet replica delicious rice; a cow leisurely standing there; a tigers majestic half squatting there; there are high-angled big cock; Naughty monkeys; lazy little pig … … zodiac, all in different poses and with all the way
This craft is the grandmother from the Baqiao set to buy back, no matter from which point of view you are very beautiful, all the zodiac are cut lifelike. This blessing is made up of the zodiac, so that all the people who come to my house after reading, are full of praise, said the blessing is a perfect handicrafts. I wish you a smooth sailing, two dragon take off, three sheep Kai Tai, four seasons safe, Wufu Rimen, six six Da Shun, seven stars high, all directions to money, nine nine concentric, perfect. In this happy to share the moment, miss the moment of friends, dreams come true moments. I wish you a happy New Year!
Only the snow on the hard footprint, will understand the precious life, life is hot. I wish you a happy new year in your life.
In this happy to share the moment, miss friends moments, dreams come true moments, wish you – Happy New Year, the holidays wishful!
You and I like to listen to the New Year’s bell is like a ring of breathing, surrounded by our common dream, full of love into a sincere blessing “Happy New Year”!
When you see this information, luck has come to your head, God of Wealth has entered your house, Ronghua wealth is not far away from you. Bless your friend: Happy New Year!
New Year is coming, what do you want to do? No matter what, please remember my motto: smile is medicine, music is a secret, sleep can let you forget everything. I wish you a happy New Year. happy New Year! Happy family! In the new year a lot of good! Smile a lot! Happy every second Cartier love ring replica, happy every day, happy every year, healthy forever!
Wish you in the new year, all hope can do so, all the dreams can be achieved, all expectations can occur, all the pay can be honored! happy New Year!


The name of the 5th handicraft fair is: 2017 The 13th China Qingdao International Gift Crafts Home Products Expo

The name of the 5th handicraft fair is: 2017 The 13th China Qingdao International Gift Crafts Home Products Expo, the start date of this meeting is June 1, 2012, to the end of June 3, held in Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center The According to the organizers of the introduction, the basic information of this Council is as follows: the previous situation: According to the statistics of the scene turnover of 93 million yuan, intention to deal and delivery orders up to 1.81 billion yuan. The previous situation: exhibitors on the organizing committee of the organization to give affirmative, regardless of the audience level, the number of buyers, on-site service and so expressed Cartier love bracelet replica satisfaction in 2017 and then exhibitors expected to reach more than 85% The Industry background: strong economic strength, mature consumer market, a huge customer base and broad market prospects for high-quality ceremony Fair laid a solid foundation. Handicrafts show: Qingdao and South Korea, Japan across the sea, is the largest distribution center in Japan and South Korea merchants, as of the end of 2017, Japan’s investment enterprises in Qingdao 1883, South Korea’s investment enterprises in Qingdao 11226; In addition, Qingdao has a large number of China Well-known enterprises, such as Haier, Hisense, Tsingtao, Aucma, Yizhong, Qinggang, Double Star, Liqun, Qingdao Port (Group), Qingdao Construction Group, Qili Group. Qingdao is the 2008 Olympic Games sailing regatta, 2014 World Horticultural Exposition held, Vitality of the city, “one of the Bohai Sea economic circle of the central city, China’s five major foreign trade port
First, the most important foreign trade window in northern China, with more than 130 countries and regions in the world more than 450 ports have trade. Xiaobian arranged the scope of exhibits provided by the organizers, which is roughly the following, including your handicrafts: gifts; gifts; promotional items; advertising gifts; advertising; electronic gifts; business gifts; souvenirs; craft gifts; Christmas gifts Jewelry; jewelry; jewelry; prizes; trophies; pottery; glass; crystal; porcelain; leather goods; luggage; watches and clocks; crafts; metal crafts; ceramics; ceramic craft; jewelry; jewelry craft; sculpture sculpture; Artificial arts; wood crafts; wood; rattan iron products; iron products; artificial flowers; artificial flowers; flowers; umbrella fan bamboo; jade; jewelry; Natural agate; agate to participate in the handicrafts show friends, you can pay attention to the price: standard booth price 1: 6800 yuan special price 1: 700 yuan / square meter foreign standard booth price 1: 2000 US foreign special price 1: 200 USD / square meter
The name of the 6th Handicrafts Fair is: 2017 The 5th China (Qingdao) International Cartier love ring replica Gifts, Handicrafts and Housewares Expo, the start date of this meeting is September 2, 2012, to the end of September 5, at Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center held. Exhibition area of about 13,900 square meters. According to the organizers, the basic information of this Council is as follows: Last situation: Shandong Province is China’s coastal economic province, the economy ranked second in the country, is China’s largest manufacturing province, has become a world-class manufacturing The Shandong Peninsula is the bridgehead of Bohai Bay and Japan, South Korea and other developed countries economic exchange, with the gradual implementation of the blue economy strategy of Shandong Peninsula, Shandong Peninsula’s rapid economic growth will get more opportunities. Industry background: strong economic strength, mature consumer market, a huge customer base and broad market prospects for the holding of high-quality professional exposition laid a solid foundation. Handicrafts show: Qingdao and South Korea, Japan across the sea, is the largest distribution center in Japan and South Korea merchants, as of the end of 2010, Japan, nearly 2,000 investment companies in Qingdao, South Korea invested more than 10,000 enterprises in Qingdao; Known domestic and foreign enterprises, such as Haier, Hisense, Yizhong, Tsingtao, Qingdao Port (Group), Green Steel, Aucma, Double Star, Qili Group, Liqun, Qingjian Group. Handicrafts show: Qingdao, Shandong Peninsula is the leading economic development of the city, is also known in the “sailing capital”, “brand capital”; “China, Japan and South Korea” economic exchanges in the most active cities, China’s most competitive China’s top ten brands exhibition city, the national historical and cultural city; is the 2008 Olympic Games sailing competition, 2017 World Horticultural Exposition held city. Handicrafts exhibition prospects: brand handicrafts Replica Cartier jewelry exhibition, a full range of investment promotion! Welcome home and abroad exhibitors visit, win-win business opportunities!
The third part: we together to make handicrafts show more valuable


Where gold jewelry collection gold jewelry to pay attention to what?

Where gold jewelry collection gold jewelry to pay attention to what?
Gold jewelry is one of the most mainstream jewelry, but with the improvement of people’s economic level, gold is no longer the only choice, many people will be processed out of gold jewelry to buy new jewelery, then you know where to receive gold Cartier love bracelet replica jewelry ? What should pay attention to the problem? The following Levi will explain to you one by one.
Jewelry shop recycling
Gold jewelry recycling place or there are many, of which the general jewelry store can be recycled. We generally see a lot of jewelery stores in the jewelry market, as the jewelry store can generally be gold jewelry recycling, they are individual, some companies. Gold recycling companies will be more secure recovery, generally as long as after negotiations, weighing, to confirm the fineness, talk about the price, you can pay the recovery. And individual jewelry processing shop recycling will be a certain risk, the price may be lower pressure, and some can not real-time cash.
Jewelry store recycling
In addition to gold recycling companies can recover gold jewelry, and now most of the brand jewelry stores are provided gold jewelry recycling services. For example, we buy what brand of gold jewelry can be purchased from the store to exchange, brand stores to provide trade-in or discounts and other Cartier love ring replica services, if you do not want to wear gold jewelry can be converted into diamonds and other jewelry. Of course, if the brand shop you do not like the style we can recover after the purchase of other brands of jewelry, such as marrying or marrying we can choose Levi’s diamond ring, Levi has a love ring, meaning: in my name, crown Your fingers; life accompanied, I go hand in hand. In the long way of feeling, with a real name custom, life only one person to send Levi’s diamond ring
To witness the best moments of happiness and the most sincere love vowed more romantic, more precious.
Recall gold jewelry attention to what
Before we deal with gold jewelry, the best look at the current gold market trend to see if it is down or up, through the purchase and the price of gold compared to see if they are profitable or a loss, so you can determine whether it is realized or left to continue storage The And we have to choose a formal recycling company, some small businesses to the recovery price is set high, do not think that is what you earn, in fact, they will buckle your loss of wear and tear costs, so the price is high, The same is not worthwhile. So you must choose from a formal, word of mouth good recycling companies to trade, they generally do not charge you wear and tear costs, but also directly according to the weight of your invoice directly recovered, and they are the price of the reference to the broader market price Fixed.
The above is about the recovery of gold jewelry, some simple introduction, Levi Si that deal with gold Replica Cartier love bracelet jewelry to be cautious, we must choose a reasonable price, safe, high credit company transactions.


Chapter 5 high-end watch brand in China’s public relations activities

Chapter 5 high-end watch brand in China’s public relations activities
First, high-end watch brand public relations activities in the crowd characteristics
Public relations activities has become an important means of high-end watch brand promotion, but for now, this promotion is still relatively junior, has not really play a leading role in the promotion. In fact, as a high-end luxury watch, the promotion of Cartier love bracelet replica public relations activities should be more attention, which stems from the high-end watch several important characteristics of consumers. Of course, most of these features are all the characteristics of luxury customers.
I believe word of mouth spread
People around them have greater influence, a lot of buying only from the surrounding consumers a simple reference or recommendation.
I believe seeing is believing
In the era of information explosion, consumers face more choices, they are more and more fear, thus increasing the choice of cost and opportunity cost. They want to directly face and experience their needs and products and Cartier love ring replica services.
The price is not sensitive to the resulting emotional consumption
Most high-end watch consumers are not very sensitive to the price, they have the urge to buy at the scene and desire, easy to produce sales in public relations activities.
Second, high-end watch brand value of public relations activities
With all the brand awareness of public relations activities is almost the same, high-end watch brand PR value is mainly reflected in brand promotion, product sales and customer service in three areas.
1. Brand promotion
Almost all of the activities have brand promotion value, and most of the activities of the brand side should be regarded as the core value of brand promotion appeal. General activities of the brand promotion value is mainly reflected in:
The activities of the media invited by the crowd. The proportion of invited participants and actual attendees in general activities ranges from 2 to 20, with the maximum proportion of individual activities reaching 100 to 200. This means that an activity with 100 wealth elite to participate, but in fact there are 1-2 million entrepreneurs know the event, and participate in the brand. This understanding can generally be enhanced by three means, namely, e-mail, text messaging and telephone, to the customer left a deep impression.
Event marketing effect. When the event has a very good theme of the event, its influence can be expanded through the Replica Cartier love bracelet media, and through events so that customers receive information from passive to active attention, play a greater advertising than the media effect.


Every year on Christmas Eve, Santa is driving a reindeer from heaven to give gifts and blessings to every child who has excelled in the year

Every year on Christmas Eve, Santa is driving a reindeer from heaven to give gifts and blessings to every child who has excelled in the year. Maybe you’re no longer like a child. With a thick quilt, eagerly sitting in the window, with a small hand over and over again to wipe the glass on the Cartier love bracelet replica thick water vapor, full of longing to look forward to the arrival of Santa Claus … … until the next day woke up lying in a small bed , Pleasantly surprised to find father and mother in advance to prepare the Christmas gift. But perhaps you will always be willing to believe that those gifts, must be given from this holiday in the best wishes. Therefore, the magazine in particular select a variety of watches, in this romantic warm special holiday, the two different roles, you choose.
Longines Jialan series of 100 diamond watch
Longines Jia Lan series of 100 diamond watch Longines Jia Lan series uphold the classic elegance, slim and sleek ultra-thin streamlined design with 100 diamonds of light Cartier love ring replica, filled with extremely elegant temperament. This stainless steel watch diameter of 29 mm, equipped with quartz movement L209. Blue reflective dial inlaid with 12 diamond hour markers, silver rod-shaped pointer, this is even more with stainless steel bracelet when the magnificent beauty.
Jacques Delero
Pearl mother of pearl phase watch
This watch uses 39 mm diameter to meet the expectations of the brand followers. In addition to time, date, week and month display, the 6 o’clock position of a gold moon with white pearl fritillary shade of the opening and closing. The moon or hidden or now, the light and dark overlap until completely hidden, the entire dial like the sky decorated with stars of 8 stars. Inlaid with platinum diamond case and the new moon phase watch exquisite dial pattern embraced each other, Guanghua shine, for the poetic watch fans who offer after the elegance of the succinct rhyme.
Beauty degrees
Belem Sally series diamond ladies watch
This inspiration from the French Rennes Opera House Beilun Sally series of women’s diamond Replica Cartier love bracelet watch, rounded stainless steel case inlaid with 60 gorgeous diamonds, like the white crown on top of the crown, bright, sparkling; 33 mm delicate dial, in the double-sided anti-glare sapphire mirror against the background, always reflects the eye-catching glory; clear hour scale, diamond bevel cutting pointer, delicate mellow ear, on behalf of the Queen’s bold and majestic.


How to Distinguish the Diamond Ring Quality

How to Distinguish the Diamond Ring Quality
In addition to attention to diamond ring style, but also need to master how to distinguish some of the basic knowledge of diamond quality. Diamond is as precious as love, once identified, it is necessary to care for a lifetime. How many of the diamond ring style to choose to own a piece of it? How to choose a diamond ring?
A diamond ring on sale in the market is composed of two factors, Cartier love bracelet replica diamond and ring, while the diamond 4C is the most important part of the diamond ring, 4C diamond carat weight, clarity, cut, color. The reason why the price of carats diamonds from several thousand to several hundred thousand range, is because of its quality level is not the same.
Diamonds in carat weight: 1 carat = 200 mg = 0.2 grams, one carat is divided into one hundred copies, each called a sub.
Diamond clarity is usually 10 times the use of magnifying glass on the diamond internal, surface defects and the extent of its impact on the brilliance of the clarity of non-mounted diamonds grading, according to China’s national standards are broken down into the LC, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2 , SI1, SI2, P1, P2, P3 a total of 10 levels.
Diamond cutting refers to the accuracy of its cutting rate and the perfection of the modified finish. Good cut should reflect the brightness of the diamond and fire color as much as possible, and try to keep the original stone weight. IGI International Gemological Institute of the cut grade from high to low is divided into ID (standard), EX (excellent), VG (very good) G (good), the Chinese national inspection is divided into: VG (very good), G (good) .
Diamond has a variety of natural color, from the precious colorless (white after cutting), rare light blue, pink to the common yellowish range. The more transparent and colorless, the more white can penetrate through the refraction and dispersion is more colorful. Diamond color is divided into 11 levels, respectively: D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M,
Platinum jewelry daily wear and wear
Platinum jewelry need to be stored separately, can be placed in jewelry boxes or leather bags, so as to prevent the Cartier love ring replica winding together, resulting in wear and tear. Platinum and gold should not be worn at the same time, because gold is soft, if friction with each other, not only will damage the gold ornaments, gold will also be dyed platinum, so that yellowing, and difficult to remove.
Second, platinum jewelry cleaning and maintenance
Regularly with a soft cloth dipped in soft soaps and warm water gently wipe the surface of the jewelry, it is recommended to buy jewelry special cleaning agent, which can make your platinum jewelry to maintain a good appearance and long-lasting luster. Or directly to your platinum jewelry jewelry store to take care of maintenance.