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In the past six months, the price of tourmaline has soared twice, and is still continuing

The Most of the tourmaline-grade tourmalines come from Brazil, Sri Lanka and the Republic of Malaga (Madagascar). Brazil is rich in red, green, blue tourmaline, it is the origin of Paraiba tourmaline. Para Yiba tourmaline color and other gems are different, green with blue, like a clear lake, color is both beautiful and special, but the production is too scarce, so the price is very expensive.
Tourmaline investment at the right time – ten carats of tourmaline prices equivalent to a carat diamond
Although the price of tourmaline in the past two years experienced a dazzling long, but for those who like the tourmaline, the current tourmaline investment is still in a very good time.
For those who have planned to invest in the recent tourmaline products, the international jewelry experts have given a few basic suggestions: as a collection or appreciation requirements, then buy rare stones will be more secure, faster appreciation. Under normal circumstances, the weight of more than 10 carats of tourmaline can guarantee its rare.
Color, if it is green tourmaline, the best choice of transparent grass green or blue and green Cartier love bracelet replica, because the green tourmaline color is too dark will be black, affecting the beautiful and transparent stones; red tourmaline must choose very positive red, A little yellow, brown or light red tourmaline prices will be much worse; blue tourmaline itself is very rare, the price is much higher than the other types of tourmaline – if you buy a more than 10 karats of blue tourmaline, certainly do not worry How to sell; as Para Yi Pakistan tourmaline, it is Needless to say, if the financial resources can be achieved, then do not have the slightest hesitation, because the Para Yiba tourmaline is every day in the price increases, but also every day in the brutal priceless The As has long been discontinued Keshi Mili’s cornflower sapphire, currently only in the auction market was able to see.
International jewelry experts, the current ten carat of a tourmaline gem, in accordance with the fineness of different price range of about 5-15 million yuan (except Paraiba), basically only equivalent to the same grade of a carat diamond. Which of course has a shorter history of tourmaline, lower market acceptance and other reasons. But it is worth noting that the depletion of tourmaline mineral deposits faster than diamonds faster.
The value of any natural gem is mainly dependent on its reserves. The less the yield, the greater the likelihood of appreciation. In fact, in the field of gemstones, due to their own scarcity and beyond the diamond price of more than one gem, one of the most famous is the emerald. In the middle of the twentieth century, the price of the emerald gems rose so far at rocket-like speed, until now the general auction of the major auction events, the same size fineness of the emerald price has gone beyond the diamond Cartier love ring replica.
In the past six months, the price of tourmaline has soared twice, and is still continuing.
Two years up four times – both to commemorate the significance and preservation of the function of the wedding ring
At present, Europe and the United States tend to choose sapphire, tourmaline or valuable Tanzanite as a wedding ring inlaid precious stones. Such as Diana’s most classic sapphire wedding ring, that is, Prince William used to marry the wedding ring. ENZO to launch the Diana wedding ring series, precious stones basically use 2 to 5 carats of tourmaline.
International jewelry experts believe that the Diana wedding ring itself is also a good investment. Of course, 20 karats or 30 carats of the tourmaline ring is certainly more hedge, but for ordinary consumers, such a large tourmaline has almost risen to astronomical, and for the wedding ring is too exaggerated.


2017 Mother’s Day gift

2017 Mother’s Day gift
1, a bunch of worry about grass
Most of the mother’s day will choose carnation, but the Chinese mother’s flower is Hemerocallis, also known for fear of grass, meaning that the mother sit back and relax. This comes from a story. Legend has always been a man from the army to participate in the tribal war, before leaving the old mother leaning in front of the Cartier love bracelet replica child for off. Men think of this to life and death, not see return, mother no one to take care of, so in the mother plant before planting Hemerocallis two strains, so that the club with her mother spent his later years. So meaningful flowers, plus from the heart of love and blessing, is not it perfect?
2, you specifically for the mother to do a meal
From the small to the big we all eat the mother to do the rice grow up, Mother’s Day so that we do a good meal to the mother to do it! Buy a cake, do a rich meal, the family together to open a happy meal to eat a reunion dinner, Give the mother a hug, say a ‘love you forever’ thanks to the mother has been the care and love. In fact, when the parents do not ask their children to do anything for themselves, as long as the children happy and happy happy, is the best gift to their parents.
3, Mother’s Day theme DIY it
Record us from small to big and mothers together with the interesting things, post some mothers of the youth memories, we grow bit by bit fragments, travel famous mountains and rivers every happy moment, happy eggplant smile. When the mother wants us, turn up the album, you can recollection of our growth process of each episode. Just like seeing our life, feeling our success, our happiness – sweet our mother’s mind. Think about how happy it is!
4, with her mother to go out to play
Mother Day This day, you may wish to put aside all the other trivia, with his Cartier love ring replica father to accompany his mother to a quiet place for a walk, relax and relax. And mother talk about some intimate discourse, forget the trouble, enjoy the mother and spring to share the warm and warm family time, of course, do not forget to bring the camera to the mother to stay a few shadows.
5, a safe buckle
A small peace deduction, contains the whole world, round shape, meaning peace and good fortune, it expresses the mother’s simple wishes of the mother, be careful with the integration of heaven and earth, there will be a great tolerance and harmony, while locked Safe. Because the meaning of safe buckle flat, sincere, wearing no taboo, it is also very suitable for Mother’s Day gift, wish the mother a lifetime of peace.
6, a bunch of carnations
Carnations represent a warmth. It contains love, charm and respect. Among them, the light red represents the admiration of the feelings of deep red on behalf of the deep love and care, and pink carnations the most historical and symbolic significance, become a symbol of immortal maternal love. In reality, often associated with maternal love. So, even if the work is busy again, do not forget to send a bunch of carnations to the mother, write your mother love words, of course, their own production more meaningful.
7, since the mother wash a foot back
Do not remember when the mother for our feet of the scene, perennial, and we also mischievous playing water, no less trouble to him, but the mother has never had any unhappy, still bored. Wait until we grow up now, the mother is old, the old no longer like a child when we make mistakes all of a Replica Cartier jewelry sudden we can catch up with our divorce, the mother perennial for us rush, and now we are like the mother for our feet So as to wash back for him! This most intimate expression, let the mother feel the most meticulous affection.


With the progress of society, people in modern society housing conditions are getting better and better

With the progress of society, people in modern society housing conditions are getting better and better, the home decoration is also more and more elegant, generous, simple. Even in some big cities to buy a house when the developers have to help customers to renovate the house. But the modern society of people more and more the pursuit of individuality, which need to make up in the home!
Many types of home, why I choose to choose the creative category of Cartier love bracelet replica home accessories this piece of it? Because the product is relatively new, very creative, people go home to see there is a comfortable feeling, like children like the feeling of toys it! So we have to set our products, so that new ideas and ideas to make a profit, let us lead the fashion to bring our ordinary simple life to go.
The current shop to face the difficulties are: First, the choice of shops; Second, the source and the choice of product style; Third, the official opening before and after the design of the store name and store decoration, display furnishings, means of publicity and mode of operation; And cost budget.
First, the choice of shops
A large flow of economically developed land is equal to give us a ladder, so to speak, the traffic has brought the purchase volume, the purchase volume has brought money flow! Look at what is the fundamental goal of the shop? Our purpose is to profit benefit, accumulate original fund! To do this must be a lot of the amount of purchase, can bring the amount of purchase is the traffic!
New China trade position is better, and itself has a certain advertising effect, where more shops, easy to attract customers to the door. From the train station near, and the brink of the main road, is conducive to the transport of goods.
Second, the choice of source and product style
In the purchase of convenience, cheap, quality assurance of these three principles to choose our supply, product categories have been finalized, roughly divided into: bell products, plush toys, ceramic products, cup products, light products , Bedding, photo frames and so on. In the product style we can go for the needs of the Cartier love ring replica old customers Taobao route, you can put the product you want after the online package to 10-20% of the profits to sell them. This is not only for our own laid a good customer popularity, but also for our future development of the road “service” “product diversification” and “flexible mode of operation laid the foundation.”
Currently in my mind the two purchase locations: First, the Alibaba forum organized by the home procurement alliance, they have a great price and from the bulk of the advantages, but their home style only a small part of the needs of our stores. But according to the league boss plan after the Union can take the group to buy, supply two legs to walk the way: “First, according to the wishes of everyone to purchase and supply: We will mainly through the franchise group dedicated meeting every week and buy forum (also In the Union shop within the trial stage) to reflect the second is to organize everyone to buy, that is, by the ideal source of the allies to release the price and from the quantitative information, allies keep up with the position.Finally by the release of allies or the Union unified organization procurement, Cargo allies next time ordered with the goods issued by the Union also encouraged allies to play the advantages of direct supply of regional industry, so that both more allies can find cheap and unique sources of supply, but also to supply allies to get additional profits and development Opportunity. “And you can set up a custom service that allows customers to customize themselves in
Like the home furnishings, so as to achieve the original intention of creative gift shop. So that our purchase pressure, the degree of pressure, capital account, and the overall risk of the initial shop will be reduced. Second, choose the wholesale market in Linyi, why choose it? Because it is the largest from the Jiaxiang is the largest wholesale market, easy transport of goods, and can supply more tricks, purchase speed and faster, greatly reducing the logistics turnover cycle.


Creative gifts, bring you creative new life

Creative gifts, bring you creative new life
The so-called creative gifts, refers to the product itself to meet the practical functions, the appearance of the design into the fashion, personalized pursuit of the gift. Products with a unique design touched people, the integration of the designer’s innovation and inspiration. In line with people’s living environment and the high quality of life requirements. Creative gifts show the charm to ease part of the pressure in life, add life and work fun. Creative gifts can also be said to be a more special Cartier love bracelet replica gift, which itself is a very creative gift, a very unique design, but also very interesting. The most important thing is that this creative gift can bring surprises to others.
Creative gifts, generally refers to the gift itself is very creative, or the gift is very unique, or the gift is a sense of design and beauty, or the gift is very funny, give the recipient a surprise surprise. Creative gifts are specially ordered gifts, ingenuity, unconventional. Different creative gifts are different emotional expressions, creative gifts themselves are precious, is different, is tailor-made. An ideal creative gift to the donor and the recipient, can express a special desire to pass a special kind of information, but also can show the sender’s unique taste and mind. Such as in the pillow printed on the photo of love, holding is not only warm, it is sweet; printed on the cup “I love you”, meaning a cup is equal to a lifetime; in T-shirt printed on the personality of the pattern, It is walking in the street to keep the rate is certainly high.
From a broad perspective, creative gifts, including gift ideas, gift selection and gift delivery and other creative throughout the process. For example, the gift of ideas and ideas in the selection: features, Funny, beauty, design, strange new, good packaging, re-processing and so on. In the choice of gifts, in short, a good creative idea, will give half the success of the gift.
In the same way, in the gift of the process of sending the idea: express or hire people gifts ah Cartier love ring replica Spanish etiquette expert Elizabeth said: “gift is a personal communication pass.” This shows that gifts in our daily life and work, there is a negligible status. China is the etiquette of the state, every New Year festivals, relatives, friends, colleagues will be between each other gifts. To communicate and communicate feelings. In the material and spiritual civilization are highly developed today, a good gift will undoubtedly play the role of it more permits. Creative gifts will be more and more attention. In short, if the gift is a personal passport. Then the creative gifts let our daily contacts become more beautiful, more harmonious!
Let’s talk about the unique nature of creative gifts compared to regular gifts. First, the core theme of creative gifts is “creativity.” Regular gift is concerned with its practicality, and creative gifts in addition to meet the practicality, but also to have the appearance and function of the creative and flash point. Such as pistol styling lighters, heart-shaped cups and so on. Second, the birth of each creative gift designers have the effort and inspiration, there are many art things hidden inside. Common to the creative gift mainly cartoon, toys and other forms of carrier to express some interesting shape, or some classic story. For example, a “small rabbit rabbit kitchenware four sets”, will bowl, soup spoon, chopsticks and cups into the design of several pink rabbit shape, so that every time the owner will feel that there is a taste, especially for Those who do not like to eat the children, compared to conventional dishes such as chopsticks, small rabbit rabbit chopsticks will make them more interested in sitting on the table to eat. This is also a benefit of creative gifts. Moreover, the creative gift emphasizes the combination of functions, many have a variety of functions, set the ornamental and practical as a whole. For example, a “cheap dog combination sound”, black and white one, modeling is very interesting, on both sides of your computer, at any time to see is a kind of enjoyment, and its Replica Cartier love bracelet sound effect is absolutely reliable, no less than the same level of traditional speakers difference.


When you are with her, walk on the road and think that the two trees are in love with you

When you are with her, walk on the road and think that the two trees are in love with you; after you have separated from her, you think there will never be any connection between the two trees.
Last year, “lovelorn thirty-three days” is a complete fire, plus the previous single men and women. Countless people want to fall in love after a Wang Xiaoyi, sad when there can be a Wu Yanzu, but life is not a movie, life is much more difficult. You are lovelorn sad when you can only be a Cartier love bracelet replica person, others simply can not comfort you, you simply can not listen.
If I say, lovelorn after the uncomfortable uncomfortable, support the past like, and probably a lot of people will say that I am cruel, but this is indeed the best way.
Most people’s feelings, walked around one by one, never alone for a long time, but complained that their pay is not a good result. Just why every one of your feelings can not be good? Every time you are lovelorn after you do not grow it?
You are not lovelorn because you are not good enough is not enough handsome, not because you are not gentle enough not considerate enough, not because you are in this romance what is wrong. Many couples often quarrel and love and hate but still be able to hospice, many couples often do something wrong to provoke each other angry but still forever.
Such a relationship is that you can in this feeling as much as possible to do their own, without worrying about your tomorrow will not him.
A person will never change the words, he will encounter the same thing happened in his body, especially in love.
We often see a friend in the emotional repeat committed before the mistakes, people helpless, and finally the tragedy ended.
Very simple, if you often go to the nightclub to find, then you encounter each other in all likelihood is a play Cartier love ring replica; if you often because of loneliness and love with others, then you meet each other Bacheng is also because of loneliness with you; You just want to find someone to live, want to have personal care about you, then you encounter the other party is probably the case, in addition to your day will still be on.
The same, if you can not accept their own shortcomings, then the other side is also very difficult to accept your shortcomings, because you are in front of him step by step, be careful. If you hang up after each call will be no tomorrow, then your feelings are likely not tomorrow, because you double
Side are not full of security.
Only you accept all of your own, including those who see the shortcomings of the people, you will encounter a let you show all in front of him can still like you to accept you; only you want to own people You will meet someone like you.
The meaning of romance lies in the growth, is not to let you again and again to repeat the same mistakes. Grow far more than hurry into another person’s arms meaningful, it will not let your feelings again and again to not hastily.
What we call life, but it depends on what kind of person we can meet; what kind of Replica Cartier love bracelet person we can meet, but it depends on what kind of person we are.
Lovelorn this thing to the big thing that is to let you grow a good opportunity to small that is to let you get rid of a wrong person. In the next one who like you before, to maintain a reasonable single, in the right time to meet the people, is a lucky. This is the most need to be patient after the lucky, to the future that he and his best gift is to become better, more gentle, more happy, but also know how to cherish.


From 1992 to today, the influence of many luxury brands abroad is gradually upgrading and deep into the hearts of consumers

From 1992 to today, the influence of many luxury brands abroad is gradually upgrading and deep into the hearts of consumers, foreign brands see the Asians of the European luxury blind worship, but also see the Chinese market for its huge space . Therefore, we take the low-end luxury Cartier love bracelet replica line at the same time, you can also pay attention to another space – by imitating the world-renowned luxury brands, to some low prices to impress consumers.
Here imitation, not from the style, store design, display and other aspects of the surface to do the article, these imitation can not make consumers pay the bill. The following aspects of the imitation is the most important: in the collection of popular information as far as possible with the European synchronization; designers in product design to do is how to design from the deep to perceive our brand positioning of life, imitating how the European brand Lifestyle and culture are manifested in the product by design. Through this do not lose their own culture, deep-level imitation, to create their own luxury Cartier love ring replica,  there will be prospects and development opportunities. At this point we may wish to learn from Japan. As early as the 20th century, 60 years, to promote the development of the Japanese garment industry, the Japanese government heavily to send Takada Kenzo, Morihime and other designers to study in Europe, they are studying in Europe during the Louis Vuitton and other well-known brands Work experience, through learning and imitation and combined with their own traditional culture of innovation and extension, forming the only Asia can be stationed in Paris, and Louis Vuitton, Fendi par with the Japanese local luxury brands.
Today’s China and the past can not be the same day, the growing maturity of the imitation cartier love bracelet market and the majority of the demand for space, so many far-sighted entrepreneurs to see the future development of luxury space, hope that through the above point of view and industry friends to explore, Efforts, to find the perfect balance of imitation and innovation, in the open luxury Pandora box flying out of the true sense of the Chinese cultural heritage and innovative spirit of local luxury brands. By


Street personality of foreign trade shop

Street personality of foreign trade shop
Here refers to the street trade shop refers to those who compare the personality of the women’s shop. Operators are generally female, generally in the community around the shop, clothing will generally be more personality, are the owner from all over the search, the general style of each inventory are very few, so the clothes style is often updated. Such stores are common, but most people do not associate it with fast fashion, in fact, these stores have a lot of fast fashion rules.
Products: from various places to search some of the original Cartier love bracelet replica single-product foreign trade, are generally the most popular models.
Supply chain: small batch, multi-batch, because it is the end of a single trade, the general style on a few pieces. In order to maintain the store business, they will continue to search for new models (generally these stores should have a fixed partner).
Terminal: general take the community route, operating a long time, will form its own fixed customer base.
Brand: the owner is generally a fashion lovers, usually choose their own clothes, the whole store will naturally form a style with the owner’s personal style, giving a natural feeling.
(3) integrated foreign trade shop model
This model, on a single store, similar to the expanded version of the foreign trade shop, “buyers + fast integration of the trend of products + terminal shop” is the operation of such enterprises. Of course, all products are non-owned brands, the general is the integration of some marginalized brands, such as taking some of the wholesale Cartier love ring replica market brands, there are many brands of foreign trade enterprises.
Some of these companies will take the online mode of operation, such as “fashion uprising.” Some will take the line under the way of operation, or a combination of the two, such as Mecoxlane wheat network and its line shop.
Of course, such enterprises, generally we do not call it fast fashion, but as they are born out of the personality of foreign trade stores, although their new product update speed has not yet reached the speed of fashion brand speed, but with a lot of fast fashion Potential elements. For example, as long as such stores improve the buyer system, establish a sound product procurement network, make full use of partners, the rapid integration of the rest of the world (China can also) personalized products, and gradually strengthen its terminal brand image Its positioning, consciously branding), then this model is also a certain potential. In fact, many brands are also in this direction.
Explore the Chinese fast fashion
As mentioned above, some local “fast fashion class” model, although not mature, for us to explore the local fast fashion model is more reference. According to these “fast fashion class” experience, to explore the localization of fast fashion model, you can start from the following aspects:
(1) into the fast fashion field, from the market segments to find a breakthrough
Such as the imitation of the retail industry, “category killer” some practices, starting from the clothing category of some subdivision, break from a single category, so deep, so thoroughly, such as Taobao fast fashion footwear, so relatively easy to cut. For example, we can simply service white-collar crowd, or more in-depth breakdown, such as focus on “white-collar women’s leisure wear” and other fields.
Not all fast fashion to “all categories are done, all styles are done, brand positioning are the same.” Or to identify their own position, have their own brand style and image.
In a segment, consider the integration of imitation cartier love bracelet, or clothing and some combination of creative home, increasing accessories to jewelry (such as scarves, ornaments, etc.) and clothing to promote each other, increase the customer into the store frequency (or network click rate ). Because when you serve in the market segment, itself will reduce the frequency and consumption frequency into the store, so to increase the frequency of new factors to promote into the store.


Learn from the streets of foreign trade shop model, through the integration of resources, to strengthen the product supply chain

Use of domestic resources, innovative product supply chain
Learn from the streets of foreign trade shop model, through the integration of resources, to strengthen the product supply chain. In particular, to learn from the experience of Li & Fung Group, the establishment of an open value network. That is to say, the integration here can not be confined to the simple product purchase or OEM of the foreign trade shop, but should build on the strong value network through LiFeng’s experience, to guarantee the rapid response to the Cartier love bracelet replica market through the joint efforts of the network members, Thereby accelerating the product supply chain.
Value network is a kind of integration, but it is very different from the simple integration in the general sense. The members of value network are solid interest community, which can ensure the reaction to the market faster, but do not worry The collapse of the Union. China is the world’s textile manufacturing power, manufacturing design and other resources, so the apparel industry’s fast fashion must consider the value of network integration model. Of course, the establishment of value network is also a big challenge.
(3) to build their own design strength, strengthen the localization
At present, one of the core elements of the fast fashion model is the rapid adoption of international brands to follow the popular trend. Just think, if all of our brands are copied, ultimately leading to no brand personality differences, then fashion also talk about? Therefore, the local brand in the journey of fast fashion, you must gradually build from the plagiarism of their own design network strength (such as ZARA’s international alliance of designers like the power).
In addition, the product design should be more consideration to the localization of some Cartier love ring replica factors, rather than blindly imitate the foreign style. Completely copy the foreign style, many do not fit the size and aesthetic of the Chinese people in the more low-end market, this disadvantage will be more obvious, therefore, localization should be the key to winning local brands.
(4) terminal and channel model innovation
To make full use of the network, so that the perfect fit network and fast fashion. Analysis of Taobao shop can be seen, the network of clothing consumption is entirely based on fashion consumption. Network clothing mainstream consumer groups is fast fashion consumer groups, they care about is fashion. As the network contact fashion information more and more convenient, so consumers are more sensitive to fashion online. Online shopping more convenient, more likely to form a high frequency of contact and consumption.
Here the “use of the network”, not just the network as a sales terminal. The real network-based fast fashion operation, should be all the operations are network-centric, is to use the network to “accelerate” fast fashion operation. Take full advantage of the network, real-time understanding of customer needs and feedback; make full use of the network, grasp the latest trends; use of network implementation of information feedback, optimize the supply chain system; allow customers to participate in the design of the use of the network to increase customer experience. At present, with the UNIQLO and other brands to speed up the network process, as well as where customers Eslite and other domestic e-commerce apparel companies to fast fashion transition, it can be foreseen in the near future fast fashion competition may be the main battlefield line from online to online . In addition, the relative to the big cities, urban communities and second and third line market is still relatively fast fashion brand competition blank, the domestic brands should take full advantage of the opportunity to cut into the as soon as possible. In these places, the operation can be more flexible, and the operation in these areas is the long-term Chinese imitation cartier love bracelet enterprises. Innovative channel mode of operation, the use of a variety of ways to channel expansion, which is the advantage of local enterprises can use. In this regard, such as ME & KAR, ME & CITY and other fast fashion “vanguard” has been trying.


People think that in 2016 will usher in the post-quota era will bring a large expansion of textile and apparel trade

The trend of cross-border procurement shift fade

People think that in 2016 will usher in the post-quota era will bring a large expansion of textile and apparel trade, followed by the special safeguard measures sticks frequently. However, the worse reality is that the news came from all sides this year, showing a new Cartier love bracelet replica trend in Europe and the United States textile and apparel transnational procurement business is accelerating the transfer from China.
Li & Fung in more than 40 countries around the world operating the procurement of raw materials, the amount of annual procurement agents nearly 1  billion US dollars. The Li & Fung Group’s catalogs range from fashion and home furnishings to sporting goods and tourism products. Clothing is the main category.
However, it is reported that the current Li & Fung company from India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan exhibition is also just held in Shanghai, the integration easier. And we are also concerned about another year in Pudong in the same period of poor performance of the multinational procurement exhibition (Shanghai Hoya Qi dragon exhibition company).
In fact, the Chinese people do not lack the flexibility to face the reality of the Cartier love ring replica market. Only, rather as a beheaded, not for the Pteris poached state of mind so that everyone would have looked forward to become the chief, but unexpectedly always two defeats, or even lose a few.
So unfortunately, many of the integration of the procurement volume has increased by 40%. The company said publicly that China has inflationary pressures, product prices rose an average of 2% to 3%, is no longer the lowest cost in the Asian countries.
Therefore, Li & Fung began to gradually establish business in the South Asian region, the gradual transfer of imitation cartier love bracelet business in China in order to be able to offer customers lower prices of products.
Of course, China’s strong advantage can not be lost in just a few years. Therefore, China has not yet caused panic.
More pressure from China’s manufacturers in the international value chain in the lower level, is replaced by strong, so once the sign of trouble on the sudden rapid reflection to the enterprise.