Classic design often do not need complicated functions and techniques

I do not know if you have no resistance to the blue steel pointer, anyway, my blue steel pointer can be said that the resistance is very weak, that blue seems to have the charm of erotic, you can instantly defeat my defense, I believe I agree A few friends today, watch home for everyone to recommend three models with blue steel pointer.

Glashütte original automatic watch series 1-39-59-01-02-04 watch

Said Blue Steel I first thought of this is a watch, classic Glashury original Cartier love bracelet replica Senate series entry-level watch, the new Senator automatic winding watch with a classic three-pin design. Different from the old stick-shaped time scale, the new watch uses a slender black Roman numerals. Outer dial Glashütte is the iconic orbital minute scale. White dial with blue steel pointer, the watch is more noble and elegant. Central end of the counter with a Glashütte G double-G sign is particularly eye-catching.

Breguet CLASSIQUE 5177 Series 5177BA / 29 / 9V6 watch

Classic design often do not need complicated functions and techniques, this Breguet watch with a classic three-pin design, silver dial with Breguet blue steel pointer presents a simple and beautiful, dark brown crocodile Leather strap to this watch positioning has become a relatively young and fashionable products, suitable for some young and promising young talent to wear, showing its handsome extraordinary side.

Universal AUTOMATIC automatic watch series IW500107 watch

This section IW500107 kindly become “Portuguese seven”, which stems from it with seven days of power reserve, while at the three o’clock position set power reserve display, nine o’clock position for the small seconds dial. This table is equipped with universal 51011 self-winding movement, although the price is high, but as a carry-on movement of the star style if you consider it is also worth the start.

Summary: From the watch industry, blue steel beautiful, wear-resistant, high oxidation. Baked out of the blue, on behalf of the watch itself is not low positioning, but also a status symbol. So if you are not resistant to the blue steel pointer, then you also affirmed yourself.

Today’s working women are economically independent and strong-minded. However, no matter how beautiful they are, they also require external factors to highlight their elegant temperament and unique personal taste. Today’s Watch House recommend three suitable for your workplace ladies watch, bring you to feel the beauty of exquisite.

Jaeger-LeCoultre series Q2668410 watch

Jaeger-LeCoultre This flip series of double-sided dial watch makes it a lot of extra points, and the dial on both sides driven by the same movement. Positive dial is the family of classic flip dial series made of matte, 12 flower numbers to give the watch a beautiful and elegant personality. Two rows of diamonds are placed on the back of the case, with a pearl dial on the dial making the look glittering. The watch is made of stainless steel, the strap is made of blue alligator, with neat stitching and a distinctive color. This watch waterproof 30 meters, the use of stainless steel folding buckle easy to wear. Equipped with Jaeger-LeCoultre 844 manual winding movement, it is one of the smallest hand-wound mechanical movements in the world. Flip series is a classic Cartier love ring replica product of the family, this watch inherits the classic based on the use of double-sided dial, so that the wearer to show elegant personal taste.

Cartier blue balloon series W6920097 watch

Cartier this blue balloon series watch with 18K rose gold and brown alligator strap with, it seems the overall coordination. The 18K rose gold curved case sleek, Roman numerals in the faint blue crown under the guidance of deviation from the track, the blue sword-type steel pointer seems British full, recessed crown is Cartier blue balloon series features One, inlaid with a round sapphire adds a touch of style to the entire watch. This model is equipped with Cartier self-winding movement 076, waterproof 30 meters, case diameter 33 mm, worn just right wrist. Blue balloon series is a classic of Cartier Ladies Watch, and this watch with a more stable, elegant without publicity.

Omega LADYMATIC watch series 425. watch

Omega Ladymatic series of women’s watches for the first Omega designed for women one of the self-winding watches, but also has an elegant and unique shape. This Omega Ladymatic women’s watch with a round steel case, the curvature of the case just right, the most fascinating place is the use of solar rays light pattern of white mother of pearl dial with a kind of low-key but not ordinary beauty, 12 hours inlaid mosaic The diamond has a date window at 3 o’clock and the white ceramic is in the decorative ripples between the edge of the case and the inner case. The natural curvature of the entire watch body is elegant. Equipped with Omega 8520 coaxial movement, this watch is the smallest self-winding movement in the history of Omega, providing 50 hours power reserve, water resistance of 100 meters.

Summary: Women struggling in the workplace every day is always busy with work. There is seldom a lot of time to choose Cartier nail bracelet replica suitable for their own jewelry but also worthy of the temperament or watch, buy fear of buying the wrong is always hesitant. Today, watch house recommended these three watches have their own characteristics, each piece can deserve to be “delicate” these two words. Elegant temperament and exquisite appearance is loved by everyone in the world, and every woman working hard in the workplace, just have a good temperament is the fly in the ointment, still need such a watch to foil the perfect.


Today for everyone to recommend three from Breguet classic series of watches

Breguet Classique classic series of watch inspired by Mr. Breguet’s design style, accurate travel time, elegant and smooth lines make this series of watch technology as a model in the watchmaking. And superb watch skills will be complex movement placed in the slim watch which, thus becoming a respected fine watch.

Breguet Classic Series 5247BB / 29 / 9V6 watch

39 mm table diameter, the case of the material used for the 18K white gold Cartier love bracelet replica, the crown is located on the right side of the watch, gear pattern, and printed with Breguet LOGO, crown up and down with timing buttons. Round white dial is the use of Breguet original Arabic numerals as a time scale, and with the blue Breguet pointer, three o’clock direction is 30 minutes time disk, nine o’clock direction is a small seconds. Equipped with Breguet produced model Cal.533.3 movement, diameter of 27.6 mm, thickness of 12 mm, the use of 23 gems, providing 48 hours of power storage. Black leather material strap and folding buckle with together. Provide 30 meters waterproofing depth.

Breguet CHRONOMÉTRIE 7727 Series 7727BR / 12 / 9WU watch

The watch watch diameter of 41 mm, the case using 18K rose gold as the material, the watch side is the coin pattern, crown printed on the Breguet LOGO. The silver-colored round dial is decorated with a wavy pattern, and the time scale is a Roman numeral, and the pointer is still a blue Breguet pointer. Dial with a small seconds and timing disk, five o’clock direction with a power storage disk. Equipped with the model Cal.574DR movement, produced by the Breguet, the use of 45 gems, providing 60 hours of power storage. Dark brown leather material strap to bring out the noble qualities of rose gold. The watch provides 30 meters of water depth.

Breguet CLASSIQUE 5287 series 5287BB / 92 / 9ZU watch

The watch watch diameter of 42.5 mm, case thickness of 12.1 mm, case using 18K white gold for the material, the crown and timing buttons are designed on the right side of the watch. Dark gray round silver-plated dial, hand-engraved with the rules of texture as a decoration. To Roman numerals as a time scale, in the digital circle with speed display. White Breguet pointer, red second hand for the watch to provide a trace of vitality. There are thirty minutes of dial and small seconds on the dial. Equipped with models 533,3 movement, the use of 24 stones, providing 48 hours of power storage. Black leather strap with 18K white gold buckle. Backpack type back cover design, providing 30 meters waterproof depth.

Summary: Today for everyone to recommend three from Breguet classic series of Cartier love ring replica, can reflect the Breguet watch design and production process. Since the creation of Breguet, its unique design and superb precision timing function makes numerous celebrity employers are dumped. If there are one or two Breguet classic series of watches, to attend the official occasion absolutely no words.

Breguet mentioned Classique classic series of watches, and more will think of thin case with a simple dial and blue steel Breguet needle. And Breguet’s classic series is not just limited to men’s watch, Breguet’s classic series of women’s watch is not just in its classic men’s watch inlaid with some precious stones only. Today, the watch home for everyone to bring a Breguet classic series of ladies watch.

This watch with the Breguet 7788BR / 29 / 9V6 / DD00 in appearance is no different, the only difference is to reduce the diameter of the case to 36 mm, watch bezel and lugs inlaid with 96 fine beauty Drill, weighing about 0.768 karats, in the restraint in the blooming dazzling light.

Case diameter 36 mm
This watch case to 18k rose gold to build, case diameter 36 mm, thickness 10.2 mm, small and slim. Clean “big fire” white enamel dial, blue steel needle and Breguet phase, continue Breguet unique style. Equipped with Breguet Cal. 591DRL self-winding movement.

18k rose gear crown
18k rose to create a gear-type crown shape simple and elegant, so that the case is more elegant, polished polished crown top embossed Breguet brand Logo.

Brown crocodile leather strap
Brown crocodile leather strap, tidy and beautiful texture and the use of brown suture, fine workmanship.

9 o’clock position with adjustable moon phase button
10.2 mm side of the case with Breguet consistent and classic coin pattern modification, high degree of recognition. 9 o’clock position with a moon adjustment button, you need to use special tools to adjust. Beveled bezel inlaid with a circle of fine diamonds, light in the light of 80 diamonds exudes a bright light.

Clasp is also made from rose gold
Clasp also by the rose gold to create, using folding design, wearing a simple and comfortable. Polished polished clasp engraved with Breguet’s brand Logo.

Welded rounded corners
Breguet is a classic style of welding rounded corners, small and lovely, fine grinding will be the unique Cartier nail bracelet replica charm of rose gold material exposed, comfortable to wear, with a bolt to fix the strap. Each ear is also inlaid with four fine diamonds.

White “big fire” enamel dial
White “big fire” enamel dial, disk layout elegant and simple, showing clear. Breguet-style hollow eccentric “moon-shaped” blue steel pointer instructions minutes and seconds of information, minute scale with a small star instead, every five minutes still fashionable iris decoration. 12 o’clock position on the moon phase display window, rose gold material “smile” moon and both sides of the stars wandering in the blue sky. The next phase will be divided into 29 semi-space, you can clearly understand the next profit and loss from the remaining days. Power storage display at the three o’clock position on the dial, with blue steel arrow instructions to provide 38 hours of power reserve.

Cal.591DRL self-winding movement
Breguet Cal.591DRL self-winding movement thickness of only 3.02 mm, composed of 217 parts. Movement of the use of silicon material escapement and balance wheel hairspring, light weight, no lubrication and no magnetic interference, to ensure precision when the performance. The moving parts are decorated with Geneva and the scales, and are equipped with double barrels.


Watch case made of stainless steel bezel fusion Gucci brand logo design unique shape beautiful

NIVREL was originally a Swiss watch, in 1993 by the German jewelry watch master GredHofer acquisition, the surface design into the infinite design elements, its unique is 100% hand-carving technology to introduce only 42mm diameter surface Design, fully demonstrated the combination of art and machinery of the unique style. Asked the table, tourbillon, calendar known as the century three complex watch core invention, force Fior’s famous masterpiece is to enjoy the prestigious “five points table”.

Niveer watch brand introduction
This is a more popular brand, most of the ETA or KELEK technology factory DUBOISDEPRAZ transformation of the ETA core (with the Breitling movement of the same door), it is equipped with DD core of the table (also changed from ETA) may be the world’s most Cheap question asked. I am more respected it LEMANIA8810 core automatic table, 8810 is a famous double-barrel ultra-thin automatic movement, the original Longines early research and development, after selling to LEMANIA, SWATCH Group is now used Cartier love bracelet replica as Breguet automatic table core, so that treasure Ji’s three-pin automatic watch is the end of the 8810 A few years ago, Longines and bought a number of slightly modified to launch the L-990 limited edition gold watch, once raised people’s early years of Longines own product memorial. 8810 and ETA2892, Jaeger-LeCoultre 889 par, plus FP, Girard-Perregaux 3000 (slightly better quality), they almost occupied the Swiss high-level brand automatic table core of the majority. In the past, a small number of watch factory also used some 8810, but these brands are more expensive table. NIVREL is to pull it down the altar, made a fair price of the steel table, so that few friends have a good chance to contact the senior core.
Founded in Florence in 1921, Gucci is one of the world’s leading luxury boutique brands, known for its unique creativity and innovation, as well as superb Italian craftsmanship. Gucci’s watch exquisite workmanship, elegant style fashion, exceptionally fine. Today for everyone to bring a beautiful ladies watch, the official model: YA133205.
Watch round case diameter 42 mm, 8 mm thick, bezel into the brand logo letter “G”, unique and beautiful. Stainless steel case is equipped with a quartz movement, black dial to indicate the time with a silver pointer. Wrist watch with black belt and pin buckle.
Watch the side of the assembly of circular steel crown, crown side decorated with pit pattern, easy to grasp the adjustment time, crown top use Gucci brand logo letter “G”. Crown polished polished, smooth surface.

Watch case made of stainless steel, bezel fusion Gucci brand logo design, unique shape beautiful, black dial with a sun pattern radial ornamentation, and did not use the digital time scale.

Watch the use of linear lugs, ears are not long, and the case was slightly radian, easy to wrist watch worn in the wrist when more fit.

Wrist watch Black wire stitched black belt, easy to wear and easy to fall off the needle buckle. The back of the case is made of a closed bottom.

Needle-style clasp elegant and generous, after polishing, the surface smooth reflective metallic luster; engraved on the clasp Gucci brand English name.

Summary: This watch with silver and black with, called the classic. Simple dial design fusion brand logo to Cartier love ring replica form a unique beautiful shape, so watch more elegant fashion, very suitable for women to wear.
Germany, Saxony Glashütte Town, December 30, 2015 – Wipeat Zeitmeister Glashütte i / SA Sport Taucher Automatik Sport diving type automatic winding watch As the first German observatory table for underwater exercise, the industry standard The

Security, although easy to understand, but in a lot of fascinating movement, can not be ignored. Diving is one of them. This fascinating sport can only be an interesting recreational activity only if you strictly follow the safety regulations. As a result, DIN8306 standard came into being, this for the diving watch safety system standards are extremely strict, second only to the diving computer. In addition, for the doubling of the precise travel time, every Wempe Zeitmeister Glashütte i / SA Sport Taucher Automatik automatic winding diving table is also certified by the German Astronomical Observatory at the Glashütte Observatory Center, just to double your safety. This means that the German watch diving watch leader will be in your water while escorting escort.

The sports timer is based on the classic Zeitmeister case shape and is designed as a modern stainless steel watch with integrated stainless steel bracelet. 42mm case diameter makes this watch comfortable while wearing durability and readability. Edge protection device for the spiral crown has a very important role, can prevent a slight collision or beat, and the overall image of the harmonious compatibility with the watch.

This watch looks distinctive features. The edge of the diamond cut the diving adjustment ring for easy grabbing. The adjustment ring and ceramic bezel seamless, make the watch simple and easy to read, the overall sense of strong. The tip-shaped luminous pointer and trapezoidal luminosity index also ensure excellent readability in low light conditions. This table in the functional details of the clever design is also reflected in: the middle with a luminous triangle seconds pointer. To meet the maximum decline and rise speed, in fact, the number of minutes is the most important. In addition, you will also find the other two of the design of the table in the diving when the intimate use of: diving adjustment ring zero position of the night mark points; folding buckle in the bracelet extension components to facilitate you in the diving suit wearing this watch.

Dial and bezel offer both black and blue options to suit your needs. You will find that this section is very sporty watch can not only play an important function in the water, and wear on the water is also full of personality. In this way, Wempe Zeitmeister Glashütte i / SA Sport Taucher Automatik automatic winding diving Cartier nail bracelet replica watch called a variety of occasions can highlight the design sense of sports watch.

Wempe Zeitmeister Glashütte i / SA Sport Taucher Automatik Sport Scuba Automatic Winding Watch


Movement: Sellita SW300 movement (automatic movement), stop function and the central second hand, calendar display

Factory specifications: round, 25.6 mm in diameter, 11½ inches

Total height: 3.6 mm

Bearing gem: 25 tablets

Escapement system: Swiss anchor escapement

Oscillation system: Balanced frequency 28800 Half cycle number / hour

Power reserve: 42 hours

Observatory table Global starting: German Observatory table officially tested in accordance with DIN 8319

Features: hours, minutes, seconds and calendar display

Technical changes: load your own precision adjustment device

Operating element: Spiral crown for adjusting the pointer, date quick correction device and winding device

Case: stainless steel, 42 mm in diameter, ceramic bezel (black or blue) two-way adjustable, with the Observatory engraving engraved into the back of the table, the water depth of up to 30 bar

Surface: double-sided anti-dazzle treatment sapphire crystal glass

Strap: stainless steel bracelet with folding buckle, safety bracket and extension element, wire drawing, middle part polished, ear width 20.0 mm

Dial: black dial, with steel pointer and fluorescent color (Super Luminova luminous paint)

Blue dial with steel pointer and fluorescent color (Super Luminova luminous paint)

Pointer: Stainless steel pointer and Super Luminova luminous paint


IMAZINE negative ion decompression watch is based on silicone products

Men’s Korean watch brands have those?
In recent years, South Korea popular elements in the country is very popular young men and women sought after. Watches are no exception, some Korean watch brand sales in China is still very good. The following watch home for you to introduce Cartier love bracelet replica men Korean watch brand have those!
Julius Juli, the famous Korean watch brand, founded in 2001, was born in Tokyo, Japan, by Horikawa Tatsuro (Tatsuro Horikawa) design founder. Julius watch from South Korea Busan popular watch brand, from the mainland of China began to be the trend of women, fashion white-collar sought after, leading the domestic fashion watch changes, but also set off a wave of wave-like wave. Brand clever to “Korean” element and the Chinese characteristics seamlessly perfect combination.
IMAZINE negative ion decompression watch is based on silicone products, negative ion products and watch production and other special knowledge design and production, this health watch in 2005 when the first board has been the year when the Korean design gold medal, and allowed to become Korea Design Expo One of the souvenirs sold in the museum. IMAZINE in the summer of 2006 production and sales in the Korean region so far, is Han Chao hot pop popular products (market price is still not less than USD12.00 per dollar).
Korean brand J.ESTINA for those who like Korean drama is no stranger to small crown as a brand image, ring, necklace, watches, earrings, bags of these accessories often appear inadvertently in the TV series and magazines. JESTINA with a variety of design styles, according to the clothes can be a variety of forms with, not only gorgeous, but also the soft style of women Cartier love ring replica and personality reflected most vividly. Have a JESTINA jewelry, will make every girl into a princess.
South Korea TROFISH watches all for the Swiss original manufacturing, love table is undoubtedly the quality and confidence of the guarantee. The appearance of advocating design, innovation, full of visual impact, and each style has a variety of different materials, absolutely consistent with the personality of the young people taste.
Berze watch is a watch brand from Korea. Berze Beige watches emphasize the design concept of personalization, the perfect lady’s soft, elegant and men’s vitality, self-vividly demonstrated, full of wireless fashion sense, restrained and luxurious. So that the wearer, whether in business, or in casual occasions can be confident to show themselves.
R800 table
Korean brand R800 watches and clocks, from Seoul, South Korea, and by South Korea Jin Kai Dayton (Hong Kong) International Group Co., Ltd. professional design and design staff, Guangzhou R800 Table Co., Ltd. specializing in the production and sale. R800 table will be modern design elements cleverly integrated into the traditional watch design, while the rich cultural heritage into the elegant and elegant design, to bring you a clear, trust, taste the brand image. Once listed, immediately for the public attention, mainly to the domestic market-based, but also open the expansion of overseas markets.
Intercrew watch is popular in South Korea’s fashion watch brand, intercrew since the last century 80 years to date, has been the leader of the trend of Korean fashion watch industry, in the field of watches has made a number of impressive performance, intercrew in Korea has long been a household s brand.
How about the watch?
Switzerland is the cradle of watches, it is the birthplace of the watch, almost all the world watches are produced in Switzerland. And Nishin watches as a new brand of Swiss watches, we do not understand. Here, the watch home and everyone to learn about this brand, to see how Nisha watch it!
Nisha watch to promote simple, elegant style. Focus on technology and the combination of art, all spare Cartier nail bracelet replica parts by the world’s major brands of perennial service providers to provide professional use of high-tech space ceramics, high-tech tungsten carbide alloy, stainless steel, sapphire crystal, high-tech diamonds and a series High-tech materials for product manufacturing, with accurate, long-term Switzerland, Japan imported movement, with the most sophisticated assembly technology, and the global synchronization of nearly 100 strict testing technology to products with high quality assurance.
Nisha watches can reach no less than 30 meters of water requirements, the specific value of water in the watch after the cover is clearly marked. 30 meters waterproof and waterproof is limited to no pressure under the water or light rain, 50 meters waterproof table can be applied to swimming and general household chores. 100 meters above the professional waterproof table can be used for swimming and diving and other underwater work. In addition, waterproof watches should not be in the warm water, bathroom and temperature changes in the use of violent environment to prevent the aging of the waterproof material to affect the waterproof performance.
Nishin watch so far launched five series, never out of date classic system, timing accurate constant series. Ultra-high quality of the core of the series, elegant elegant elegant series, at first sight of the Allure series, the advent of these five series have caused no small stir, many family friends are very like, sales have also been increased , Now it has a watch industry to occupy their own place.


Rolex watch diving series with a lock to the table is particularly loved by the table fans

Rolex watch diving series, with a lock to the table is particularly loved by the table fans, the so-called “lock” refers to the Rolex watch table buckle, and therefore also called the screwdriver table, it is somewhat similar to the bottle cover The The seal of the watch is usually made two, one in the table head, the other in the handle tube or handle shaft.
The structure and function of the Rolex watch
“Lock the” watch usually to press it tighten, tighten the direction of the majority of the spin, but also have a reverse rotation, when the need to watch the winding or dial, it is necessary to unscrew the table, Automatically pops up. This type of table handle is two sections, the table head with the root tube, slightly thick, there is a small spring, the handle of the end of the stem is a 6 square, and the table head of the tube is a 6, the table head drive Handle axis rotation is by the 6 side of the match.
When the table into the table, the table head tube of the spring is compressed, inside and outside the two 6 side off, so when the tightening of the table when the movement is not on the movement. Watches are used to “lock the” structure, the purpose is to improve the sealing and waterproof Cartier love bracelet replica performance. About more than 50M waterproof indicators, diving series are mostly used in such a table, the typical is ROLEX Rolex watches. Ordinary watches, in the table to waterproof measures, only in the table head with a small “O” ring, by the circle and handle the head with, to achieve the role of closed. As the use of the table is relatively high frequency, in the long-term use, “O” ring will produce aging and wear, it will lead to bad watch seal, which is why the general watch the location of the water, reason.
Another problem, the general handle of the head of the handle is simply pressed by the mounted on the case, and “lock” watch the handle tube is threaded, it is screwed into the case, so sealing performance Very reliable. Some watch with the code function of the watch, and even the three table are made with a lock.
“Lock” watch structure is more complex, so more likely to damage, and this is usually used to wear a great relationship, the more common faults are the following.
(1) handle head tube off, said above, “lock” watch the handle tube is screwed into the case by the screw, it should also smear point oxide, it is off and the use of improperly have a great relationship The Mainly when the table is screwed into the time, always forced too large, resulting in the handle tube and the case with the fastness of the poor, long past, and finally in the withdrawal of the table when the handle to the head tube out, Also exposed a hole, the watch is not waterproof.
(2) between the table and handle the head of the thread buckle buckle, the table into the feel when the strenuous, or tightly found when the head is crooked. The problem is long-term screw into the table when the buckle is not correct, the correct way is, gently press the table, slowly rotate it, if the feeling of resistance, it should be re-bit rotation The
(3) when the table tightened, the handle in the head can not stay, the old out of the bomb, the problem is also caused by damage to the screw, or the table was thrown, there is deformation; also may be the table to the internal organs too More, but this can be resolved by cleaning.
(4) the table in the chord or dial when there is a sense of slippage, giggling, the reason is the table head tube within the 6 side damage caused by the more common is the pipe cracks or expansion, it can not normally move the handle Axis, to the needle and winding. No other good way to solve, repair can only go to replace the new Cartier love ring replica table head, in order to avoid a similar problem, the operation of the table, the action must be light and slow, feeling hindered the first pull back the needle, and then dial. I remember the early years when I learned the car, which coach master usually love to say a word: “slow, slow, slow, a slow all have”, this is used in the watch, but also very suitable, of course, even light.
(5) table only to set the needle or adjust the calendar, and can not be winding, the problem should be the head of the head tube spring elasticity is not good, the arbor can not be completely ejected, resulting in the machine with not in place, the equivalent of the handle Short of the kind of phenomenon, the solution can be done to try cleaning a refueling.
In short, the “lock” watch in the use of wear, must be more careful, the operation must not be too hard, regularly appropriate to the table to add a little waterproof silicone oil, clean the handle on the head of the button, is also a good The maintenance method.
Tissot mechanical watch power source is the clockwork of the watch, under normal circumstances the mechanical watch full of the clock can operate 36 hours. If the lack of motivation will cause the watch to stop the situation. So how do the winding Timor mechanical watch? The following watch home to tell you!
For the first time you use: Rotate the handle 20-30 times, so that the winding winding. Tissot mechanical watch through the human body swing winding, but now people living very little moving, so if you do not often walk the best manual winding.In addition, for a shuttle has been stopped Tissot watches or new handsome Tissot watch, before wearing must be manual On the 25-35 chord, so that the winding in the full string state, and then use will be more stable.As a result of automatic watches, so watch the clock box has protective measures to prevent the transition winding caused by the possibility of broken strings to the automatic Tissot watch winding did not end Of the time, generally 25-35 under the.
Automatic mechanical watch, as long as your exercise enough, it is advocated as little as possible to use Cartier nail bracelet replica the hand to send the winding, because hand dial on the winding, need to drive a lot of automatic wheel rotation, automatic parts is very easy to wear, so that customers increase unnecessary maintenance cost.
Manual mechanical watch is usually rotated by the crown, to tighten the watch inside the winding, the spring system to release the kinetic energy to drive the watch timing function. All of these processes are done by mechanical principles and construction.
The full winding can usually make the watch walk about 30 hours, the longest or even up to eight days or more. If you want to watch the non-stop operation, you need to pay attention to tighten the winding at any time; but excessive tightening the clock will lead to damage to the watch, it is usually recommended only one day winding, and even some people suggested that the same time every day , The reason is that different temperatures for the clock will have an impact, so that better maintenance of watches.


Bao Po new calendar watch window

Bao Po new calendar watch window, in the early 1930 s, bao Po will firmly believe that women to watch different from that of the male original appreciation ability, in addition to the beautiful appearance design, contemporary women also have a special liking to complex function of mechanical watches. This new calendar window timepieces in traditional inheritance treasure pearl female table design, adopted the dial of creative design. Mother-of-pearl dial material, at first glance at the beginning of the glossy jade-like stone embellish, reveal elegant replica Cartier love bracelet temperament of the wearer. Minutes around the inner scale vividly on the its; Second hand below two diamonds streamline by 17 colorful ShanZuan from each big order, by the center outward radiation, the dial can be divided into two layers of irregular region. 12 o ‘clock position of the eccentric small also USES the mother-of-pearl dial material, Roman numerals, below the instructions and the Arabic numeral scale when the exterior design, don’t have a taste; At 6 o ‘clock position is equipped with two symmetrical semicircle Windows, double disc big date shown clearly readable.
Earl new Limelight Gala series, in the 1960 s, filled with the vitality of fancy, the count would lead the zeitgeist of creativity, form for each jewelry watches, bright beauty to 60 s, elegant and fashionable woman. In this era of desirable soul as inspiration, the earl of new Limelight Gala series jewelry, watches, this watch also is expected to become the earl new identification mark. It will be used from the straight path of time, migrate to a completely within the curve radian of women, two elegant extension table ear foil round watchcase, naturally the radian of sexy small gradually big single beauty with more purpose and all the more remarkable. Simple, low-key dial shining fashionable female glamour to the extreme, the marked black Roman numeral appropriately echo the exquisite silk quality strap.
, he said ms Pavonina quartz watches, this series is he this year’s new female table series, worthy of attention. Ms Pavonina quartz watch series, make brand always respect women pursuit of wrist watch to transmit carries forward the tradition, also continue to provide women with more compact and easy to carry elegant watch of wrist of choice.
Vacheron constantin Metiers d ‘Art master of Art flower temple series crane top Chinese style Cartier nail bracelet replica wrist watch, master of Art (Metiers d’ Art) series is vacheron constantin strong links with top technology, it is not only unique unique watch, constantin displays to the brainchild of brand value and sincere attitude. Master of Art in 2016 first time series new exclusive for ladies’ watches lovers Metiers d ‘Art Art master “flower temple” series. In this trilogy in The 19th century British plant flower illustrations as sample, Robert. John sol teng (Robert John Thornton) biology book compilation, released in 1799 by “flower Temple” (The Temple of Flora). These three tables with enamel, machine carved carve patterns or designs on woodwork, stone setting process, faithfully interpret the floral pattern in the book.
Longines watch jia haze series hundred diamond wrist watch, deep longines watch originally designed the quintessence of traditional jia haze series was born in 1992, since then become the symbol of longines watch classic elegance and all over the world warmly. The new series of jia haze best diamond wrist watch is perhaps the epitome of jia haze series 100 rich shinning diamond of traditional and elegant. Longines watch jia haze series hundred diamond wrist watch has only 4.60 mm slim case, this is also when this new meter most unique charm. This landmark achievement due to unique watchcase design, table ear and bracelet a connection on the back of the case, this design has been registered as a patent by the longines watch.
Rado Swiss trades Esenza with series Ceramic Touch watches, this year the new watch has realized the tabulation technology of a new breakthrough, combines the high-tech ceramics of radar and high-tech, cancelled the crown, the present popular Touch technology is used to setup time, appearance is very concise Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica and clean, believe that will be like a minimalist style of women of choice.
Montblanc Monaco princess grace series automatic rose gold wrist watch, about sixty years ago, the famous Hollywood actress grace kelly came to azure coast and Monaco prince married, her elegant demeanor lit it is located in the country on the Mediterranean coast. Like princess grace my qualities, her charm lies in her simple and elegant, noble temperament, a memorable beauty. In Monaco princess grace series of dragon, montblanc designed a set of hard to resist, very beautiful, very elegant watch series, with multiple design interpretation of the female style and elegance, like Monaco princess grace at the time, a simple dress during the day, or a dazzling evening dress, is elegant. Not all set auger wrist can match of casual wear, formal dress at the same time, workplace dress, cocktail dress, gorgeous dinner even clothing. New montblanc Monaco princess grace series automatic rose gold wrist watch, is one of the few women watch, has the qualities of such can perfectly match any occasion, and every day at home, as if specially designed for the occasion.
Athens table Royal Ruby flight the tourbillon watch, this watch can be said to be the lady this year senior complex function of the best examples of wrist watch, with precious stones present attractive elegant demeanour, added to the wrist watch dial, bold use bright red hot beauty, attract the attention of the wearer, at the same time show the flight of the tourbillon complex devices. Royal Ruby flying the tourbillon appearance of light, people used to gem refined but become, inner ring time scale with 12 rubies, along with the beauty of 48 diamonds, draw on each other.
Jacques DE luo elegant series eight (8) LADY wrist watch, this is Jacques johndroe new female imitation cartier love bracelet table series this year. 8 a symbol of the infinite and perfect, is a very lucky number for Jacques johndroe, it has been presented in the second hand (Grande Seconde) series of dial, now appeared for the first time in a colorful dress watches watchcase and clasp. A drill with rolling around on watch circle, highlighting the wrist and exquisite curve, present a contracted exquisite beauty. Crown extension effect makes the watch case, more show its full and arc sapphirine crystal, the dial and a pointer is a stereoscopic effect for further show this hour meter. Final aestheticism: watch at the top of a round pearl inlay or precious stones, to watch more elegant. The selected dial with collocation, and a touch the wearer, can turn, irresistible charm.
That watch BIG BANG rose gold caviar set auger, BIG BANG caviar series, it has a fine pedigree is the result of millions of us dollars black caviar unique trademark design makes ceramic black caviar upon launch was among the 2016 watch list hit list. In 2016, a new natural rose gold caviar/long caviar from classic: 41 mm diameter perfect interpretation of the elegant outline, layers of polishing process of cutting, chamfering and making wrist watch just like millions of us dollars caviar black bright drill the CLS. All dextrys watch BIG BANG rose gold caviar and sonorous caviar with 5 n rose gold and pure steel quality, table circle and diamond rings, will certainly to reviving the fashion trend!


Women buy table required 2016 most notable 20 female table

Women buy table required 2016 most notable 20 female table
Patek Calatrava Ref. 7121 wrist watch, this is a patek philippe ladies’ the moon watches the new members of the series. To pay attention to fashion, confident modern woman, now mechanical watch is the undisputed choice for them. If you can add a complex function, the more perfect. If again bloomed in the bright light of diamonds, it is a dream come true. Patek philippe’s new manual waxing moon phase display Calatrava lady’s wrist was a blend of these three elements. The watch by classical elegance, gold material Calatrava will visit round watchcase, is particularly captivating.
Rolex oyster type constant dynamic women’s log pearl lady wrist watch, in 2006, held in salzburg, the 250th anniversary of Mozart music party, a famous mezzo-soprano singer Cecilia bartow li (Cecilia Bartoli) singing Mozart’s famous “joy exult (Exsultate, Jubilate) when wearing a diamond model of constant dynamic women’s Cartier nail bracelet replica log pearl oyster type lady wrist watch. In 2016, the Basel table show, new rolex oyster perpetual motion type female type log pearl lady wrist watch, combine precious material and colorful gems. Watch case and band by 18 ct eternal rose gold rolex casting, with 18 ct white outer ring and gold watchband chain link, and set with diamonds. This stunning jewelry watches on the surface of decorated with black or white mother of pearl, golden lotus pattern with pink.
Crash of Cartier watches, London in 1967, during the “Swinging London” (Swinging London) gold period of agitation, predictably, was born in the year of the Crash wrist watch, naturally the agitation of the free s as active and independent. Story originated from a customer to a damage in the accident of Cartier watches back to repair, the Cartier, director of the London jean-jacques Cartier (Jean – Jacques Cartier) has been attracted to watch case after deformation, copy it, so watch of wrist of Crash was born. Crash (impact) means the psychological shock, the prominence of the rebellion, the pursuit of freedom of innovation! In 2016, the Crash wrist paragraphs launched four new limited table, match for the first time by the water droplets form white K gold or water droplets form rose K gold create a fine watch, brilliant, outstanding. In another more rare and precious in the table, the whole chain is paved with bright beauty.
Chanel watch “Premiere”, 18 k yellow gold bracelet, launched in 1987, the Premiere of wrist, is chanel watch of wrist of the first paragraph. Will this table named PREMIERE not only because this is the cause of chanel launched the first wrist watch, but also to the hail to the chief tailor PREMIERE “chanel. Its unique octagonal dial, sapphirine crystal, classic design inspiration comes from the N ° 5 perfume bottle caps and Paris fang Place (Place Vendome). The shape of the table 1 K gold link table was Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica invited to for a generation of Hollywood actress Greta Garbo (Greta Garbo) design.” Fang ritz hotel near the place “byhermother Frances shand kydd Anna fame because Britain, luxury suites and ritz hotel top floor is ms chanel’s permanent” sweet “the women. Her clever noble flavor to the modelling of anise combine with Cain, at the same time also on the feelings of her” homesickness “. This series will fire this year.
Omega Ladymatic table, since 2010, omega Ladymatic female table with its charming appearance design become the representative of omega female table. Female Ladymatic table the 34 mm polishing stainless steel casing, white, rose or black ceramic ring of originality lies between outer decoration corrugated and inner ring watchcase main body. Each watches are collocation and dial color corresponds to the satin strap or polished stainless steel bracelet. Female Ladymatic table dial decorated with chic the sun’s rays of light, shining exception. 11 hours scale with 18 k platinum arched trough of diamonds to reflect on, blossom colorful, also has calendar window at 3 position.
Bulgari Bulgari Bulgari Catene female table series, Bulgari product focus this year Bulgari Bulgari series, the series is the most outstanding female table new Catene wrist watch will naturally become a hot topic this year female table. Relative to the wrist watch, more like a suction eye accessories, in showing tabulation technology at the same time show the craftsmanship of gold and silver details. Each Bulgari Bulgari series new wristwatch modelling is the brand of traditional inheritance, including the Catene wrist watch and chain link design. Exquisite imitation cartier love bracelet bracelet can greatly in women between two laps around the wrist, the part of a diamond-encrusted link incorporates brand watchmaker and jewelry all virtuosity. 18 k rose gold double Bulgari logo bezel, 12 shining diamond timing in soft pearl fritillaria, more dazzling and dazzing, breathtaking.
Product family rendez-vous Celestial dating series star wrist watch. The starry sky, always lead your valley watchmaker, strong curiosity, become their pursuit to explore the topic. Product family founder Anthony le Scott also obsessed with the nature, the Milky Way, the constellation of mysterious and vast, as a genius inventor, he end his life, the pursuit of perfection and harmony. The creation of his unremitting spirit become rendez-vous Celestial dating series wrist watch the stars creative purpose. Watch of wrist of 18 k white gold watchcase diplomatically presented beauty and the charm. Wrist watch like the stars shining, shining diamond from watchcase part extends to the crown and the bezel, finally cheng fang on the number of the corolla. Emotional displays the beauty of a rare process dial and hour circle arc present a beautiful secret astronomical landscape, precious materials and artistically depth of lapis lazuli disk marked with signs here. Poetry also fly sky meteor: the beauty of a horse inlaid on the crown, turn gently only, can rotate the stars set, personalized adjustment on constellation chart. New wrist watch is a perfect astronomical observatory, in order to show Cartier love bracelet replica incisively and vividly astronomical theme, the dial is also equipped with the constellation calendar, indicating and corresponding throughout the year, constellation in through the years has always been to adjust display system and time measurement. The wrist watch with product type 809 automatic mechanical movement on the chain, in 23 hours 56 minutes 04 seconds a lap speed rotating star wheel, subtle and difficult to detect.
Breguet Reine DE Naples “Day/Night” 8998 shows women’s watch, Day and Night in all treasure ji clock work, Reine DE series of Naples (napoli queen) has been in poetry aesthetic characteristics. Her unique not only comes from on behalf of all the egg-shaped modelling of the source of life, but also because of, a series of complicated watches are women wristwatch exclusive design. Treasure ji new Reine DE Naples Day/Night show ladies watch Day and Night, emotional desire of brinkmanship between the sun and moon, act on the dial up the dance of the grandeur of the time. Therefore, breguet movement developed the new patent technology, layout of double face, according to a display time in traditional way, the second display, day and night time complex function. In order to present the airport of fantasy scenes, and treasure ji choose green Jin Shipan represents the blue sky, the white clouds in the blue sky on embedded natural mother-of-pearl, gold stars, and manual engraving titanium moon pattern. Stars of the sky, however, is the shining sun, all cutting on the surface of the balance wheel rim reflect plumes of golden light like the sun. With balance balance wheel operation, all day, from a bridge between the steel table penetrate through, the sun projected on the minute hand, when face to face with titanium the moon, the sun’s glorious culmination, as if in love, and the moon also with gentle back.
DIOR VIII GRAND BAL PLUME senior watch series, golden feathers, white high-tech precision ceramics. “I dream of becoming an architect; as a fashion Fake Cartier love bracelet designer, I have to respect the basic principles of architecture.” Mr Dior’s comments are still affecting the Swiss Les Ateliers Horlogers Dior studio, is also a clear-cut Dior VIII senior watch series of inspiration: delicate fruity, bracelet using small Angle of ceramic pyramid of the cone. Modeling vivid, elegant temperament of Dior VIII series reminiscent of classic Bar coat. The name itself seems to have demonstrated Mr Dior for believe in lucky Numbers, can not help but make people think of October 8, 1946 he area eighth avenue montaigne in Paris to create their own haute couture clothing brands, and for the first fashion series named “En Huit” (for “eight”). “Dinner” running Dior Inverse movement, on the dial is equipped with front practical tuo, dancing like a PROM dress. Dior VIII has undoubtedly become an excellent representative of Dior watches.


Beautiful time Abby millennium time watch the series

Beautiful time Abby millennium time watch the series
New millennium series 3 q time watches for complex Abby watches a series, which contains excellent Abby masterpieces, such as the eight Kings series (Tradition d \ ‘Excellence nessuah brokerage) no.5 wrist, MC12 tourbillon wristwatch, and jump a second device wrist and the millennium Carbon Carbon (One) the tourbillon timing clock. Rose gold box decorated with time, this watch points, the second and three characteristics to ask the time, combined with a specially developed winding system, make it like its illustrious ancestors – an innovative imitation cartier love bracelet materials, sophisticated technology and tabulation know-how is delicate.
Its unique form of casing has an eye-catching design, built-in with perfect for demanding special mechanism of gold and enamel with vice dial, make its can be recognized immediately. Everyone is found, Abby watchmakers fusion manufacturers in 3 q time watch on a long tradition of the latest technological breakthroughs, and not just the AP escapement system.
Ran smoothly for the watch is crucial, escapement system in the future article spontaneous box of the movement of the energy transfer in the form of completely smooth and linear. Draw inspiration from France in the 18th century the creation of the watchmaker’s Robert Robin, Abby table in combination with the invention of efficient direct drive escapement system and the reliability of the Swiss lever escapement system.
Combining above two points, the SAN Le Brassus watchmakers in reducing energy loss and eliminates need lubrication Cartier love bracelet replica escapement fork tile on a success – breakthrough technology to enhance the accuracy of the rating, the long-term stability and shock resistance.
Delicate engineering works
By Abby completely conception, development and production of new manual mechanical drive chain asked three time on watch, with its tail end-to-end opposing double balance spring, rather than the simple pendulum wheel balance spring of a typical structure is further apart.
This kind of flat, face to face double balance spring system has many advantages: it can ensure the automatic compensation of potential imbalances defects; It does not need to “hair” side of the so-called breguet type balance wheel balance spring curve (this is notoriously hard to conceive) and avoid the wrist watch is in a vertical position is not accurate, without resorting to a complex device, such as the tourbillon.
All of these features help ensure more finely for oscillation 21600 times per hour to adjust the watch-balance enhances Fake Cartier love bracelet hair spring. Two rotational spring box also ensures that a seven day power reserve and the third box spring, based on the spring mechanism of contribution, with far longer than normal for two and a half times, which strengthens the regularity of tip.
Finally, in terms of safety, the millennium series three ask time watch equipped with a balance wheel braking system, in order to ensure accurate to seconds set accuracy. New wind system also USES a safety device, to avoid repeating mechanism to set the time of operation, to avoid any potential risk of damage.
Dynamic three-dimensional structure
So a good mechanism, of course, also will be the same excellent finishing intensify. The oval millennium series asked three time by rose gold wrist watch case is drawing system, and cover with polishing rose gold watch box.
Inlaid with gold and white enamel dial, hours and minutes and migration in the three o ‘clock position, and the design of small seconds at 7 o ‘clock position, that the movement of the main components are clearly visible, highlighted a lot of manual beveled edge and inside, as well as the overall anthracite color treated by replica Cartier love bracelet electroplating. Also please note, the fine three ask the time of the wrist watch “blue” sound, is surrounded by elegant curve from the case of appreciate.
Because the transparent table back from watch on both sides can enjoy such a good level of detail design, let the millennium series three ask time watch two completely different real dynamic three-dimensional structure.
The watch for long Abby asked three time watch craft history contribution is decisive – not just, perhaps, because it brings to the 21st century the function wrist watch with a long history.