With the drama “beautiful secret” hit, Song Leader also by virtue of “exaggerated” acting

Taiwan youth Xue Hao’s mainland impression: imagine and reality is not the same
With the drama “beautiful secret” hit, Song Leader also by virtue of “exaggerated” acting, in Baby, Yang Mi, Fan Ye after squeezed into the “embarrassing acting”; and other “embarrassing acting” different Is the author of the song that the Song Leader exaggerated is the Cartier love bracelet replica Martian Aquarius unique; as emotional time “glass heart”, rational when the “cold coffee” they have their own set of logic, it will not be casually “Earth” see through It! So in the Song Leader view, the classic jewelry will never go wrong; and if necessary, with these seemingly “ordinary” classic jewelry with the highlights can also be highlighted with the past, Their own with the taste, to avoid the “hit jewelry” the danger, why not!
Glass is not a natural gem, but artificial firing, originated in China, although not natural gem, but with natural gem like the beautiful and crystal clear, due to renewable and plasticity, as many artists love baby, we To enjoy their beauty!
Why do we have this issue, as a designer brand, we believe that the glass art is a better category of interpretation of Chinese culture, compared to other traditional crafts, in the international recognition of higher, while in ancient times there are many gems With this kind of skill, sincerely bless every traditional craft can go to the world!
Roses have always been an important part of Yves Piaget’s life and constitute a chapter in the history of their family business. They are the brand design inspiration Miao Si, as these filling women feminine style, for the diamond bouquet to add bright colors.
8K white gold necklace inlaid 118 round diamonds (about 2.86 kt)
This rose pendant, each piece of petals are paved diamonds Cartier love ring replica, like blooming on the skin of a dazzling roses, necklaces on the six diamonds, continued bright effect.
8K White Gold Ring Inlaid 1 pink tourmaline (approx. 2.86 kt and 39 round diamonds (approx. 0.45 karats)
This gold ring, blooming bright night shine. Piaget to bright and Cartier nail bracelet replica bright colors set off the charming dripping pink, magic to create a light embracing the embrace of the rose in full bloom.
Continuation of the count since the 70s of last century to create a representative of the professional and technical, this is full of mystery and feminine Piaget Rose watch, only love you to reveal the time. Snowflake-style diamond-studded rose petals, took 70 hours mosaic, to create a pure shiny effect. Petal shape showing exquisite sense of fashion and a sense of balance of harmony, the Piaget jewelry workshop by the professional skills presented.
With a symbol of love to tie the double ring design, Possession pendant fully embodies the passion. Like two can not be separated from the heart, the two rings closely tied together. One engraved with “Possession” words, decorated with a diamond, the other is studded with eye-catching diamonds. Two pendants combined for one, dedicated to the only love.
Ingenuity of the streamline design, tell the immortal love story. Streamlined design of the pendant, with a dressed in low-cut evening dress, exceptionally bright and beautiful. Like a bright star, naturally reveal the noble taste, the hearts of the count and the diamond distributed light Replica Cartier jewelry embraced each other, to seize every burst of enthusiasm.