Red gold and white with the shape of elegant watch body

It is based on their own “Gyromatic” technology based on the introduction of the first high-frequency movement, this movement is extremely accurate operation. As a result, 73% of the precision timer certificates of the Swiss Newcastle Observatory in 1967 were awarded to Girard Perregaux. GP Girard Perregaux Table 1966 series is a tribute to this era, but did not repeat the previous watch, but with innovative results, the automatic winding movement in a very elegant and slim case. Today’s watch home for everyone to recommend three excellent features GP Girard Perregaux watch 1966 series watch, watch their elegant posture together.

Girard Perregaux GP Table 1366 Series 49525-52-131-BK6A watch

Red gold and white with the shape of elegant watch body, blue second hand for the watch Cartier love bracelet replica to add a elegant style. This watch internal carrying Girard Perregaux GP3300 automatic mechanical movement, the number of movement gems 32, power reserve 46 hours. 38 mm in diameter, 8.5 mm thick 18k rose gold case using a white dial, silver dial on the dial when the standard, three o’clock position date display. Case covered sapphire crystal glass table mirror, with black crocodile leather strap. Watch waterproof depth of 30 meters, using the back through the bottom of the table.

Girard Perregaux GP Table 1366 Series 49543-52-B31-BK6A watch

Red gold, dark brown and black to create this simple and elegant, full flavor of the watch. Diameter 41 mm, the thickness of 10.01 mm 18k rose gold material inside the case with Girard Perregaux automatic mechanical movement, the number of gems 28, power reserve 54 hours. Dark brown dial on the use of red gold when the standard, the central, the sub-pointer, dial nine o’clock position with a small seconds, three o’clock position display window. Watch the use of sapphire crystal glass table mirror, equipped with black leather strap, the use of needle clasp. Watch waterproof depth of 30 meters, using the back through the table back.

Girard Perregaux GP Table 1366 Series 49535-53-152-BK6A watch

Simple and elegant white dial decorated with beautiful and elegant moon phase, accompanied by a deep and stable black belt, creating this elegant gemper watch. This watch uses a diameter of 40 mm, the thickness of 10.7 mm 18k white gold case, the internal power reserve 46 hours of automatic mechanical movement. White dial using silver time scale, six o’clock position moon date and date display function, twelve o’clock position with the week and month display window. Watch covered with sapphire crystal glass table mirror, using the back through the bottom of the table, the use of black crocodile leather strap. Watch waterproof depth of 30 meters.

Summary: These three watches will be excellent performance and innovation in the spirit of Chi Bibi will be a strong movement as the elegant body within the body, creating a gorgeous elegant gorgeous watch. Watch simple and clean case and the classic high grid crocodile belt, but also in silence for the watch to create elegant temperament.

With a complex function of the watch is always amazing, Tourbillon, three questions and other functions on the watch Cartier love ring replica reflects the impressive, but the watch is the most basic or when the function. There are many watches and no other complex features, but the kind of streamlining the same fascinating. Today’s watch home for everyone to recommend three features of the compact watch.

Breguet CLASSIQUE 8067 Series 8067BB / 52/964 watch

This watch only a simple travel function, equipped with internal power reserve 40 hours of automatic mechanical movement. 18k white gold to create the case diameter of 30 mm, 7.85 mm thick, side of the unique Breguet money pattern decoration. Silver dial decorated with hand-carved patterns, the use of Roman numerals time scale, the central design of three large, covered with sapphire crystal glass table mirror. Watch assembly black crocodile leather strap, back through the bottom of the design, waterproof depth of 30 meters.

Girard Perregaux GP Table 1366 Series 49528-52-771-CK6A watch

This exquisite Girard Perregaux watch equipped with power reserve 42 hours of automatic mechanical movement, diameter 30 mm, 8.9 mm thick circular case made of 18k rose gold. White mother of pearl dial on the use of Roman numerals and diamond time scale, the central time pointer, covered with sapphire crystal glass table mirror. Red gold case with black crocodile leather strap, elegant classic. Watch the use of back through the table, the water depth of 30 meters.

Jaeger-LeCoultre jewelry series Q3202421 watch

This product family flip series of watches follow the usual square case, the internal use of manual winding Cartier nail bracelet replica movement. Diameter 40×24 mm, 7.2 mm thick case made of 18k rose gold, the upper and lower ends of the mosaic of a row of diamonds. Decorated with twisted-shaped and sun-shaped ornaments on the dial using the Arabic numerals, the central time points pointer. Watch case covered with sapphire crystal glass table mirror, with a low-key classic black crocodile leather strap. Watch waterproof depth of 30 meters.

Summary: Today for everyone to recommend the three watches only a simple travel function, although the function is simple, but the watch has its own characteristics, the design is not simple. Watch dial or with decoration, or with pearl Fritillaria, the watch will be particularly exquisite decoration. The other three watches have a certain waterproof function, fully suitable for daily life.


Replica Cartier love bracelet design same as Cartier love ring

This series is written Cartier sing love songs, with present two hollow heart, bright beauty of arms around a heart shape cutting, the significance of the marriage be in harmony of two hearts by the holy heart.

Replica Cartier love bracelet design same as Cartier love ring,they are all popular in fashion,loved by man and woman.

When the man took the Cartier “red box”, for the beloved woman gently said “You are mine!” , which woman would not consent?

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Bright and clean, easy to wash, light, heat, corrosion, decorative painted colorful

Chinese ceramics is a treasure trove of Chinese culture, is the most rich national characteristics of daily handicrafts. With the development of Chinese history, foreign economic and cultural exchanges, ceramic art spread to the world, many countries the development of Cartier love bracelet replica porcelain technology are directly or indirectly affected by the Chinese ceramic technology. Ceramics and tea, silk and known as China’s three major specialty and famous Chinese and foreign.
Blue and white porcelain is a white and blue flowers of porcelain, porcelain enamel transparent water, fetal body thin and light, in the white porcelain body deposited with blue decoration, elegant, fresh, full of vitality. Blue and white porcelain plate, bottles, incense burners, pots, cans, bowls, cups, carcass heavy, decorative patterns complicated, decorative level and more. Such as folding along the broader market, the disk along the more painted sea water, oblique grid, curly branches, wrapped pattern; plate painted wrapped around or broken flowers; plate center painted lotus pond, mandarin ducks, fish, phoenix, flowers, Yunlong and other decoration. In a part of the porcelain, the painting is free, rich in content, become a new type of distinctive pictures and works of art. Blue and white porcelain appeared once, quickly spread and develop, become the crown of the traditional town of Jingdezhen crown.
To Southeast Asian countries, some beads were also resold to North America, welcomed by the Indians.
Decorative techniques used more carving, painted color, mud and enamel color, representative works are wrapped silk bottles and so on. As the Qing Palace glass has a unique Chinese style, exquisite craft, so by the people’s appreciation. Some large museums in Europe and Cartier love ring replica North America have collections of Chinese Qing Dynasty palace glass, especially in the Qianlong period. Qing Dynasty palace on the glass of preference, but also to promote the import of Western glass, Italy, Belgium, the Czech Republic and other countries have given a large number of glass products, is now preserved in the Palace Museum, the Summer Palace and Hebei Chengde Mountain Resort.
Bright and clean, easy to wash, light, heat, corrosion, decorative painted colorful, the general painting Zhu decorated black, or painted black decorated Zhu, with beautiful patterns on the surface of the artifacts constitute a beautiful color world. The Han Dynasty is the heyday of lacquerware. The variety of lacquer ware has increased the box, plate, case, earrings, saucer, baskets, boxes, rulers, pots, masks, chessboards, stools, dangers, and so on, at the same time, also created a new craft techniques, such as colorful , Needle engraved, copper buckle, paste gold, tortoiseshell, mosaic, piling and other decorative techniques.
Silk man
Is the traditional national handicrafts, this silk to shape the handicrafts, characters from top to bottom clothing, clothing and wearing silk flowers, the hands of the lanterns, silk fan, and so all for the finest silk, silk And silk. So silk production of raw materials is very elegant. Most of the silk works are based on Chinese folk tales in the history of maid, drama characters and ethnic dance modeling; therefore has a very rich traditional style and national style. Each work involves all the skills of the silk plastic technology category, embodies the Replica Cartier jewelry difficulty of silk plastic art and the highest level, is an outstanding representative of silk plastic process. Silk man as an ancient Chinese art, pouring countless folk artists thinking. Small silk people like a small world, concentrated the charm of Chinese culture and deep.


This craft is the grandmother from the Baqiao set to buy back

My home on the refrigerator, close to a beautiful “blessing” word, which is a perfect handicrafts. White background, big red blessing is made up with the zodiac, and is carefully cut out with scissors. Only the mouse cute to squat on the top, holding a sweet and Cartier love bracelet replica delicious rice; a cow leisurely standing there; a tigers majestic half squatting there; there are high-angled big cock; Naughty monkeys; lazy little pig … … zodiac, all in different poses and with all the way
This craft is the grandmother from the Baqiao set to buy back, no matter from which point of view you are very beautiful, all the zodiac are cut lifelike. This blessing is made up of the zodiac, so that all the people who come to my house after reading, are full of praise, said the blessing is a perfect handicrafts. I wish you a smooth sailing, two dragon take off, three sheep Kai Tai, four seasons safe, Wufu Rimen, six six Da Shun, seven stars high, all directions to money, nine nine concentric, perfect. In this happy to share the moment, miss the moment of friends, dreams come true moments. I wish you a happy New Year!
Only the snow on the hard footprint, will understand the precious life, life is hot. I wish you a happy new year in your life.
In this happy to share the moment, miss friends moments, dreams come true moments, wish you – Happy New Year, the holidays wishful!
You and I like to listen to the New Year’s bell is like a ring of breathing, surrounded by our common dream, full of love into a sincere blessing “Happy New Year”!
When you see this information, luck has come to your head, God of Wealth has entered your house, Ronghua wealth is not far away from you. Bless your friend: Happy New Year!
New Year is coming, what do you want to do? No matter what, please remember my motto: smile is medicine, music is a secret, sleep can let you forget everything. I wish you a happy New Year. happy New Year! Happy family! In the new year a lot of good! Smile a lot! Happy every second Cartier love ring replica, happy every day, happy every year, healthy forever!
Wish you in the new year, all hope can do so, all the dreams can be achieved, all expectations can occur, all the pay can be honored! happy New Year!


The name of the 5th handicraft fair is: 2017 The 13th China Qingdao International Gift Crafts Home Products Expo

The name of the 5th handicraft fair is: 2017 The 13th China Qingdao International Gift Crafts Home Products Expo, the start date of this meeting is June 1, 2012, to the end of June 3, held in Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center The According to the organizers of the introduction, the basic information of this Council is as follows: the previous situation: According to the statistics of the scene turnover of 93 million yuan, intention to deal and delivery orders up to 1.81 billion yuan. The previous situation: exhibitors on the organizing committee of the organization to give affirmative, regardless of the audience level, the number of buyers, on-site service and so expressed Cartier love bracelet replica satisfaction in 2017 and then exhibitors expected to reach more than 85% The Industry background: strong economic strength, mature consumer market, a huge customer base and broad market prospects for high-quality ceremony Fair laid a solid foundation. Handicrafts show: Qingdao and South Korea, Japan across the sea, is the largest distribution center in Japan and South Korea merchants, as of the end of 2017, Japan’s investment enterprises in Qingdao 1883, South Korea’s investment enterprises in Qingdao 11226; In addition, Qingdao has a large number of China Well-known enterprises, such as Haier, Hisense, Tsingtao, Aucma, Yizhong, Qinggang, Double Star, Liqun, Qingdao Port (Group), Qingdao Construction Group, Qili Group. Qingdao is the 2008 Olympic Games sailing regatta, 2014 World Horticultural Exposition held, Vitality of the city, “one of the Bohai Sea economic circle of the central city, China’s five major foreign trade port
First, the most important foreign trade window in northern China, with more than 130 countries and regions in the world more than 450 ports have trade. Xiaobian arranged the scope of exhibits provided by the organizers, which is roughly the following, including your handicrafts: gifts; gifts; promotional items; advertising gifts; advertising; electronic gifts; business gifts; souvenirs; craft gifts; Christmas gifts Jewelry; jewelry; jewelry; prizes; trophies; pottery; glass; crystal; porcelain; leather goods; luggage; watches and clocks; crafts; metal crafts; ceramics; ceramic craft; jewelry; jewelry craft; sculpture sculpture; Artificial arts; wood crafts; wood; rattan iron products; iron products; artificial flowers; artificial flowers; flowers; umbrella fan bamboo; jade; jewelry; Natural agate; agate to participate in the handicrafts show friends, you can pay attention to the price: standard booth price 1: 6800 yuan special price 1: 700 yuan / square meter foreign standard booth price 1: 2000 US foreign special price 1: 200 USD / square meter
The name of the 6th Handicrafts Fair is: 2017 The 5th China (Qingdao) International Cartier love ring replica Gifts, Handicrafts and Housewares Expo, the start date of this meeting is September 2, 2012, to the end of September 5, at Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center held. Exhibition area of about 13,900 square meters. According to the organizers, the basic information of this Council is as follows: Last situation: Shandong Province is China’s coastal economic province, the economy ranked second in the country, is China’s largest manufacturing province, has become a world-class manufacturing The Shandong Peninsula is the bridgehead of Bohai Bay and Japan, South Korea and other developed countries economic exchange, with the gradual implementation of the blue economy strategy of Shandong Peninsula, Shandong Peninsula’s rapid economic growth will get more opportunities. Industry background: strong economic strength, mature consumer market, a huge customer base and broad market prospects for the holding of high-quality professional exposition laid a solid foundation. Handicrafts show: Qingdao and South Korea, Japan across the sea, is the largest distribution center in Japan and South Korea merchants, as of the end of 2010, Japan, nearly 2,000 investment companies in Qingdao, South Korea invested more than 10,000 enterprises in Qingdao; Known domestic and foreign enterprises, such as Haier, Hisense, Yizhong, Tsingtao, Qingdao Port (Group), Green Steel, Aucma, Double Star, Qili Group, Liqun, Qingjian Group. Handicrafts show: Qingdao, Shandong Peninsula is the leading economic development of the city, is also known in the “sailing capital”, “brand capital”; “China, Japan and South Korea” economic exchanges in the most active cities, China’s most competitive China’s top ten brands exhibition city, the national historical and cultural city; is the 2008 Olympic Games sailing competition, 2017 World Horticultural Exposition held city. Handicrafts exhibition prospects: brand handicrafts Replica Cartier jewelry exhibition, a full range of investment promotion! Welcome home and abroad exhibitors visit, win-win business opportunities!
The third part: we together to make handicrafts show more valuable


2017 Mother’s Day gift

2017 Mother’s Day gift
1, a bunch of worry about grass
Most of the mother’s day will choose carnation, but the Chinese mother’s flower is Hemerocallis, also known for fear of grass, meaning that the mother sit back and relax. This comes from a story. Legend has always been a man from the army to participate in the tribal war, before leaving the old mother leaning in front of the Cartier love bracelet replica child for off. Men think of this to life and death, not see return, mother no one to take care of, so in the mother plant before planting Hemerocallis two strains, so that the club with her mother spent his later years. So meaningful flowers, plus from the heart of love and blessing, is not it perfect?
2, you specifically for the mother to do a meal
From the small to the big we all eat the mother to do the rice grow up, Mother’s Day so that we do a good meal to the mother to do it! Buy a cake, do a rich meal, the family together to open a happy meal to eat a reunion dinner, Give the mother a hug, say a ‘love you forever’ thanks to the mother has been the care and love. In fact, when the parents do not ask their children to do anything for themselves, as long as the children happy and happy happy, is the best gift to their parents.
3, Mother’s Day theme DIY it
Record us from small to big and mothers together with the interesting things, post some mothers of the youth memories, we grow bit by bit fragments, travel famous mountains and rivers every happy moment, happy eggplant smile. When the mother wants us, turn up the album, you can recollection of our growth process of each episode. Just like seeing our life, feeling our success, our happiness – sweet our mother’s mind. Think about how happy it is!
4, with her mother to go out to play
Mother Day This day, you may wish to put aside all the other trivia, with his Cartier love ring replica father to accompany his mother to a quiet place for a walk, relax and relax. And mother talk about some intimate discourse, forget the trouble, enjoy the mother and spring to share the warm and warm family time, of course, do not forget to bring the camera to the mother to stay a few shadows.
5, a safe buckle
A small peace deduction, contains the whole world, round shape, meaning peace and good fortune, it expresses the mother’s simple wishes of the mother, be careful with the integration of heaven and earth, there will be a great tolerance and harmony, while locked Safe. Because the meaning of safe buckle flat, sincere, wearing no taboo, it is also very suitable for Mother’s Day gift, wish the mother a lifetime of peace.
6, a bunch of carnations
Carnations represent a warmth. It contains love, charm and respect. Among them, the light red represents the admiration of the feelings of deep red on behalf of the deep love and care, and pink carnations the most historical and symbolic significance, become a symbol of immortal maternal love. In reality, often associated with maternal love. So, even if the work is busy again, do not forget to send a bunch of carnations to the mother, write your mother love words, of course, their own production more meaningful.
7, since the mother wash a foot back
Do not remember when the mother for our feet of the scene, perennial, and we also mischievous playing water, no less trouble to him, but the mother has never had any unhappy, still bored. Wait until we grow up now, the mother is old, the old no longer like a child when we make mistakes all of a Replica Cartier jewelry sudden we can catch up with our divorce, the mother perennial for us rush, and now we are like the mother for our feet So as to wash back for him! This most intimate expression, let the mother feel the most meticulous affection.


With the progress of society, people in modern society housing conditions are getting better and better

With the progress of society, people in modern society housing conditions are getting better and better, the home decoration is also more and more elegant, generous, simple. Even in some big cities to buy a house when the developers have to help customers to renovate the house. But the modern society of people more and more the pursuit of individuality, which need to make up in the home!
Many types of home, why I choose to choose the creative category of Cartier love bracelet replica home accessories this piece of it? Because the product is relatively new, very creative, people go home to see there is a comfortable feeling, like children like the feeling of toys it! So we have to set our products, so that new ideas and ideas to make a profit, let us lead the fashion to bring our ordinary simple life to go.
The current shop to face the difficulties are: First, the choice of shops; Second, the source and the choice of product style; Third, the official opening before and after the design of the store name and store decoration, display furnishings, means of publicity and mode of operation; And cost budget.
First, the choice of shops
A large flow of economically developed land is equal to give us a ladder, so to speak, the traffic has brought the purchase volume, the purchase volume has brought money flow! Look at what is the fundamental goal of the shop? Our purpose is to profit benefit, accumulate original fund! To do this must be a lot of the amount of purchase, can bring the amount of purchase is the traffic!
New China trade position is better, and itself has a certain advertising effect, where more shops, easy to attract customers to the door. From the train station near, and the brink of the main road, is conducive to the transport of goods.
Second, the choice of source and product style
In the purchase of convenience, cheap, quality assurance of these three principles to choose our supply, product categories have been finalized, roughly divided into: bell products, plush toys, ceramic products, cup products, light products , Bedding, photo frames and so on. In the product style we can go for the needs of the Cartier love ring replica old customers Taobao route, you can put the product you want after the online package to 10-20% of the profits to sell them. This is not only for our own laid a good customer popularity, but also for our future development of the road “service” “product diversification” and “flexible mode of operation laid the foundation.”
Currently in my mind the two purchase locations: First, the Alibaba forum organized by the home procurement alliance, they have a great price and from the bulk of the advantages, but their home style only a small part of the needs of our stores. But according to the league boss plan after the Union can take the group to buy, supply two legs to walk the way: “First, according to the wishes of everyone to purchase and supply: We will mainly through the franchise group dedicated meeting every week and buy forum (also In the Union shop within the trial stage) to reflect the second is to organize everyone to buy, that is, by the ideal source of the allies to release the price and from the quantitative information, allies keep up with the position.Finally by the release of allies or the Union unified organization procurement, Cargo allies next time ordered with the goods issued by the Union also encouraged allies to play the advantages of direct supply of regional industry, so that both more allies can find cheap and unique sources of supply, but also to supply allies to get additional profits and development Opportunity. “And you can set up a custom service that allows customers to customize themselves in
Like the home furnishings, so as to achieve the original intention of creative gift shop. So that our purchase pressure, the degree of pressure, capital account, and the overall risk of the initial shop will be reduced. Second, choose the wholesale market in Linyi, why choose it? Because it is the largest from the Jiaxiang is the largest wholesale market, easy transport of goods, and can supply more tricks, purchase speed and faster, greatly reducing the logistics turnover cycle.


Bracelet stone drop Or the bracelet itself is deformed

Bracelet stone drop Or the bracelet itself is deformed.
Silver cleaning method:
There are three ways to properly clean silver:
The first, with a professional rub Cartier love bracelet replica silver cloth, silver (in addition to platinum-plated craft) to wipe the surface.
The second, with a professional wash silver water, can be used to soak the method (to do the old process) or wipe method (in addition to platinum-plated process and inlay process), the silver jewelry into the wash silver water for about three seconds (particularly serious oxidation Can be put a long time), remove the repeated kneading wash, with plenty of water Amoy net, into the alkaline water (such as soapy water) rubbing; finally rinse with water can be.
The third, with toothpaste (try to choose green transparent miles, this toothpaste particles fine, to avoid scratching the silver surface), the toothpaste directly wipe the silver on the wipe, and then add a little water, rub out the bubble, if it is Place the place with a toothbrush to avoid the bubble into the Cartier love ring replica seam;
Special Note: If it is inlaid stone process, to avoid the need to use water to clean up the way to prevent the stone off, it is recommended to use clean silver cloth cleaning
Why brought the silver will be black?
Silver silver contains silver ions with bactericidal effect is well known, but wearing silver jewelry in the body of the role of the body is not so big. “Silver is unstable elements, easy to react with the sulfur chemical, resulting in black. Human sweat contains a lot of sulfur, contact with the silver, it will work.Moreover, if people in some polluted environment, the air acid Gas, hydrogen sulfide, nitric oxide and other compounds more time, will lead to black silver. “To Mr. said that even under normal circumstances, silver jewelry to wear for about 2 months, the surface will be oxidized, the color becomes Dim, lust. If the silver is red, silver may contain antimony or arsenic, these two elements with the sulfur effect will become brick red Replica Cartier love bracelet, indicating that the composition of silver is extremely impure.


Where gold jewelry collection gold jewelry to pay attention to what?

Where gold jewelry collection gold jewelry to pay attention to what?
Gold jewelry is one of the most mainstream jewelry, but with the improvement of people’s economic level, gold is no longer the only choice, many people will be processed out of gold jewelry to buy new jewelery, then you know where to receive gold Cartier love bracelet replica jewelry ? What should pay attention to the problem? The following Levi will explain to you one by one.
Jewelry shop recycling
Gold jewelry recycling place or there are many, of which the general jewelry store can be recycled. We generally see a lot of jewelery stores in the jewelry market, as the jewelry store can generally be gold jewelry recycling, they are individual, some companies. Gold recycling companies will be more secure recovery, generally as long as after negotiations, weighing, to confirm the fineness, talk about the price, you can pay the recovery. And individual jewelry processing shop recycling will be a certain risk, the price may be lower pressure, and some can not real-time cash.
Jewelry store recycling
In addition to gold recycling companies can recover gold jewelry, and now most of the brand jewelry stores are provided gold jewelry recycling services. For example, we buy what brand of gold jewelry can be purchased from the store to exchange, brand stores to provide trade-in or discounts and other Cartier love ring replica services, if you do not want to wear gold jewelry can be converted into diamonds and other jewelry. Of course, if the brand shop you do not like the style we can recover after the purchase of other brands of jewelry, such as marrying or marrying we can choose Levi’s diamond ring, Levi has a love ring, meaning: in my name, crown Your fingers; life accompanied, I go hand in hand. In the long way of feeling, with a real name custom, life only one person to send Levi’s diamond ring
To witness the best moments of happiness and the most sincere love vowed more romantic, more precious.
Recall gold jewelry attention to what
Before we deal with gold jewelry, the best look at the current gold market trend to see if it is down or up, through the purchase and the price of gold compared to see if they are profitable or a loss, so you can determine whether it is realized or left to continue storage The And we have to choose a formal recycling company, some small businesses to the recovery price is set high, do not think that is what you earn, in fact, they will buckle your loss of wear and tear costs, so the price is high, The same is not worthwhile. So you must choose from a formal, word of mouth good recycling companies to trade, they generally do not charge you wear and tear costs, but also directly according to the weight of your invoice directly recovered, and they are the price of the reference to the broader market price Fixed.
The above is about the recovery of gold jewelry, some simple introduction, Levi Si that deal with gold Replica Cartier love bracelet jewelry to be cautious, we must choose a reasonable price, safe, high credit company transactions.


Fabrizio Ferri is a world famous fashion and lifestyle photographer

November 15th, Rome. BVLGARI Bvlgari announced that it has donated $ 20 million from its special ring sales to donate to Save the Children today. And in Rome Pecci Blunt Palace held Bulgari and the world famous photographer Fabry Zio A Ferry in the “Save the Children” project cooperation in the photo exhibition, in order to celebrate this great achievement.
An exhibition entitled “Stopping, Thinking, Dedication” will showcase all pictures taken by photographer Fabrizio Ferri Cartier love bracelet replica since 2009, benefiting from BVLGARI Bulgari’s global student and children’s rights program, as well as global Film, music and entertainment circles Many celebrities to support this project photographed public photos. In this project, these celebrities or wear and in their own way “interpretation” of this Bulgari custom ring, or personally participate in public welfare projects, and with the benefit of children interact.
In the event, the famous Chinese actress, Bulgari and the “Save the Children” charity project global ambassador Zhang Ziyi, popular film star Li Xiaoran, Su Youpeng and supermodel Qin Shupei as a representative of the Chinese region attended the photography exhibition.
Fabrizio Ferri is a world famous fashion and lifestyle photographer, shooting countless portraits and advertising photos. He is known for his ability to capture the personality of the subject in a personalized way. Mr. Ferri, in reviewing the work with BVLGARI Cartier love ring replica and the Save the Children, said, “responsibility is power.” When we break the responsibility of creating a more equitable world to others, the best time to create a fair world may Has been missed. The ring represents the choice and attitude, it will be buyers and Bulgari, ‘Save the Children’ and ‘Save the Children’ will help children together.
Ferri added that I took pictures of the singer and movie star who wore the ring, and they watched the camera enthusiastically because they knew they were doing something for the cause of justice. When shooting, there is no red carpet and no spotlight, but they are because of their own responsibility for the community and look spirited. These stars show us the personal image and send out the message: like me do your part.
“I was invited to BVLGARI Bvlgari ‘Save the Children’ project to take pictures. In the observation, discussion, study, I witnessed these donations did help those who need help, I witnessed the money How to help improve the relationship between the children and their families, let them find shelter in the community, and get the dignity of the personality, while starting to pursue a more free future. All this should be grateful to the project provided by the Educational opportunities, “Ferri said. “People have said, ‘faith is power.’ But today, responsibility is power. We lend a helping hand, because we have to do so.
The unique ring, built by ceramic and silver, is sold at BVLGARI’s Bvlgari global Fake Cartier love bracelet store, priced at 390 euros, of which 70 euros will be donated to the “Save the Children”. During the exhibition, you can also purchase this ring at the exhibition site. The exhibition is open from November 16 until November 18 and is open to the public free of charge.