Red gold and white with the shape of elegant watch body

It is based on their own “Gyromatic” technology based on the introduction of the first high-frequency movement, this movement is extremely accurate operation. As a result, 73% of the precision timer certificates of the Swiss Newcastle Observatory in 1967 were awarded to Girard Perregaux. GP Girard Perregaux Table 1966 series is a tribute to this era, but did not repeat the previous watch, but with innovative results, the automatic winding movement in a very elegant and slim case. Today’s watch home for everyone to recommend three excellent features GP Girard Perregaux watch 1966 series watch, watch their elegant posture together.

Girard Perregaux GP Table 1366 Series 49525-52-131-BK6A watch

Red gold and white with the shape of elegant watch body, blue second hand for the watch Cartier love bracelet replica to add a elegant style. This watch internal carrying Girard Perregaux GP3300 automatic mechanical movement, the number of movement gems 32, power reserve 46 hours. 38 mm in diameter, 8.5 mm thick 18k rose gold case using a white dial, silver dial on the dial when the standard, three o’clock position date display. Case covered sapphire crystal glass table mirror, with black crocodile leather strap. Watch waterproof depth of 30 meters, using the back through the bottom of the table.

Girard Perregaux GP Table 1366 Series 49543-52-B31-BK6A watch

Red gold, dark brown and black to create this simple and elegant, full flavor of the watch. Diameter 41 mm, the thickness of 10.01 mm 18k rose gold material inside the case with Girard Perregaux automatic mechanical movement, the number of gems 28, power reserve 54 hours. Dark brown dial on the use of red gold when the standard, the central, the sub-pointer, dial nine o’clock position with a small seconds, three o’clock position display window. Watch the use of sapphire crystal glass table mirror, equipped with black leather strap, the use of needle clasp. Watch waterproof depth of 30 meters, using the back through the table back.

Girard Perregaux GP Table 1366 Series 49535-53-152-BK6A watch

Simple and elegant white dial decorated with beautiful and elegant moon phase, accompanied by a deep and stable black belt, creating this elegant gemper watch. This watch uses a diameter of 40 mm, the thickness of 10.7 mm 18k white gold case, the internal power reserve 46 hours of automatic mechanical movement. White dial using silver time scale, six o’clock position moon date and date display function, twelve o’clock position with the week and month display window. Watch covered with sapphire crystal glass table mirror, using the back through the bottom of the table, the use of black crocodile leather strap. Watch waterproof depth of 30 meters.

Summary: These three watches will be excellent performance and innovation in the spirit of Chi Bibi will be a strong movement as the elegant body within the body, creating a gorgeous elegant gorgeous watch. Watch simple and clean case and the classic high grid crocodile belt, but also in silence for the watch to create elegant temperament.

With a complex function of the watch is always amazing, Tourbillon, three questions and other functions on the watch Cartier love ring replica reflects the impressive, but the watch is the most basic or when the function. There are many watches and no other complex features, but the kind of streamlining the same fascinating. Today’s watch home for everyone to recommend three features of the compact watch.

Breguet CLASSIQUE 8067 Series 8067BB / 52/964 watch

This watch only a simple travel function, equipped with internal power reserve 40 hours of automatic mechanical movement. 18k white gold to create the case diameter of 30 mm, 7.85 mm thick, side of the unique Breguet money pattern decoration. Silver dial decorated with hand-carved patterns, the use of Roman numerals time scale, the central design of three large, covered with sapphire crystal glass table mirror. Watch assembly black crocodile leather strap, back through the bottom of the design, waterproof depth of 30 meters.

Girard Perregaux GP Table 1366 Series 49528-52-771-CK6A watch

This exquisite Girard Perregaux watch equipped with power reserve 42 hours of automatic mechanical movement, diameter 30 mm, 8.9 mm thick circular case made of 18k rose gold. White mother of pearl dial on the use of Roman numerals and diamond time scale, the central time pointer, covered with sapphire crystal glass table mirror. Red gold case with black crocodile leather strap, elegant classic. Watch the use of back through the table, the water depth of 30 meters.

Jaeger-LeCoultre jewelry series Q3202421 watch

This product family flip series of watches follow the usual square case, the internal use of manual winding Cartier nail bracelet replica movement. Diameter 40×24 mm, 7.2 mm thick case made of 18k rose gold, the upper and lower ends of the mosaic of a row of diamonds. Decorated with twisted-shaped and sun-shaped ornaments on the dial using the Arabic numerals, the central time points pointer. Watch case covered with sapphire crystal glass table mirror, with a low-key classic black crocodile leather strap. Watch waterproof depth of 30 meters.

Summary: Today for everyone to recommend the three watches only a simple travel function, although the function is simple, but the watch has its own characteristics, the design is not simple. Watch dial or with decoration, or with pearl Fritillaria, the watch will be particularly exquisite decoration. The other three watches have a certain waterproof function, fully suitable for daily life.


Radiation intensity detection interface has two values namely the maximum radiation and instantaneous radiation

Smart phone radiation on our body is still very serious, especially in the Internet and answer the time when the radiation is usually 5-6 times. So coincides with the hot days of smart watches, hi people on the intelligent device radiation problem quite interested in, then designed a few small experiments. To detect the smart watch is not there radiation?
Does smart watch have radiation?
Using the Estack ES-305A electronic radiation detector, which is a sophisticated intelligent electronic equipment, radiation measurement range, low frequency in the 0-200 volts / meter (low frequency radiation electric field strength), high frequency in the 0-2000 microwatt / square Cm (high frequency radiated power density). In terms of accuracy, the electric field strength is 0.1 volts / m and the power density is 1 microwatts / square centimeter. Frequency range of 20HZ-3000MHZ, induction axis for the single axis.
According to China’s “Environmental Electromagnetic Wave Hygiene Standard” shows that the electromagnetic radiation intensity and its frequency characteristics of the human body may cause potential adverse effects of the next bound, the ambient electromagnetic wave radiation Cartier love bracelet replica intensity standard is divided into two.
The primary standard is a safe area, which means that all people (including infants, pregnant women and sick and sick people) who live, work and live for a long time in the context of the electromagnetic wave intensity will not be affected by any adverse effects; Expansion of radio stations, stations and radar stations, etc., in its residents coverage area, must meet the specifications of a standard.
The secondary standard is an intermediate zone, which means that all populations (including infants, pregnant women, and elderly people who live and work and live) that have long lived, worked and lived under the ambient electromagnetic wave intensity may cause potential adverse reactions. Construction of factories and institutions, but not allowed to build residential homes, schools, hospitals and nursing homes, etc., have been built to take appropriate protective measures. More than two standard areas, the human body can be folder with harmful effects, in this area can be greening or planting crops, but prohibit the construction of residential and crowd activities of all public facilities, such as organs, factories, shops and theaters; In these areas already have these buildings, you should take measures, or limit the radiation time.
The transmit power of the mobile phone is microwave, and the allowable area of the primary area specified by the standard is <10 microwatts / square centimeter and the secondary zone is <40 microwatts / square centimeter.
Radiation intensity detection interface has two values, namely, the maximum radiation and instantaneous radiation Cartier love ring replica value. For the purpose of visualization, this test uses the maximum record value. When we detect, close the device to the DUT, place it for about one minute, and then read the maximum value.
Smart watch radiation test
Here to the shell of smart watches for example! Open the shell of the watch’s flight mode, the radiation detector head close to the smart watch, in the monitoring process, we have been operating the watch, a minute later, we read the value.
Fruit shell smart watch: flight mode maximum 2
Open the fruit shell smart watch wifi, connected to the company’s wireless network, because the shell does not achieve the page or microblogging Internet access, we can only switch to the real-time weather interface, and then click the update button, so the watch can ” Internet access “.
Fruit shell smart watch: connect wifi maximum value 217
Finally, the watch with the smart watch through the Bluetooth connection, so that mobile phones and watches can be synchronized through the Bluetooth information, we click on the mobile phone application GWatch time synchronization to make mobile phones and watches for Bluetooth communication, and then detect the communication process of radiation Peak.
Three test results:
Fruit shell smart watch transmit power maximum comparison (unit: microwatt / square centimeter)
Flight mode: 2
Connect wifi: 217
Connect to Bluetooth: 161
According to the test results, the watch in the flight mode when the radiation peak is very low, only 2 microwatts / square centimeter, the impact on the human body can be ignored; connected wifi Internet, the peak can reach 217 microwatts / square centimeter, Also reached 161 microwatts per square Cartier nail bracelet replica centimeter, both of which exceeded the standard secondary area.
to sum up
1, smart watches, smart phones in the use of wifi network than when the wireless network is not used when the radiation value of 80-100 times, no time to find thousands of times the situation.
2, smart watches, smart phones Bluetooth connection, the radiation is not even if the connection wifi network, but the peak than the standard secondary area, radiation safety can not be ignored.
3, smart watches, although small size, when the internal structure is very similar with the phone, radiation is almost comparable to smart phones, so remind users to wear a serious understanding of the product before the radiation and personal acceptance of radiation, such as pregnant women is not too Suitable for wearing smart watches.


Bright and clean, easy to wash, light, heat, corrosion, decorative painted colorful

Chinese ceramics is a treasure trove of Chinese culture, is the most rich national characteristics of daily handicrafts. With the development of Chinese history, foreign economic and cultural exchanges, ceramic art spread to the world, many countries the development of Cartier love bracelet replica porcelain technology are directly or indirectly affected by the Chinese ceramic technology. Ceramics and tea, silk and known as China’s three major specialty and famous Chinese and foreign.
Blue and white porcelain is a white and blue flowers of porcelain, porcelain enamel transparent water, fetal body thin and light, in the white porcelain body deposited with blue decoration, elegant, fresh, full of vitality. Blue and white porcelain plate, bottles, incense burners, pots, cans, bowls, cups, carcass heavy, decorative patterns complicated, decorative level and more. Such as folding along the broader market, the disk along the more painted sea water, oblique grid, curly branches, wrapped pattern; plate painted wrapped around or broken flowers; plate center painted lotus pond, mandarin ducks, fish, phoenix, flowers, Yunlong and other decoration. In a part of the porcelain, the painting is free, rich in content, become a new type of distinctive pictures and works of art. Blue and white porcelain appeared once, quickly spread and develop, become the crown of the traditional town of Jingdezhen crown.
To Southeast Asian countries, some beads were also resold to North America, welcomed by the Indians.
Decorative techniques used more carving, painted color, mud and enamel color, representative works are wrapped silk bottles and so on. As the Qing Palace glass has a unique Chinese style, exquisite craft, so by the people’s appreciation. Some large museums in Europe and Cartier love ring replica North America have collections of Chinese Qing Dynasty palace glass, especially in the Qianlong period. Qing Dynasty palace on the glass of preference, but also to promote the import of Western glass, Italy, Belgium, the Czech Republic and other countries have given a large number of glass products, is now preserved in the Palace Museum, the Summer Palace and Hebei Chengde Mountain Resort.
Bright and clean, easy to wash, light, heat, corrosion, decorative painted colorful, the general painting Zhu decorated black, or painted black decorated Zhu, with beautiful patterns on the surface of the artifacts constitute a beautiful color world. The Han Dynasty is the heyday of lacquerware. The variety of lacquer ware has increased the box, plate, case, earrings, saucer, baskets, boxes, rulers, pots, masks, chessboards, stools, dangers, and so on, at the same time, also created a new craft techniques, such as colorful , Needle engraved, copper buckle, paste gold, tortoiseshell, mosaic, piling and other decorative techniques.
Silk man
Is the traditional national handicrafts, this silk to shape the handicrafts, characters from top to bottom clothing, clothing and wearing silk flowers, the hands of the lanterns, silk fan, and so all for the finest silk, silk And silk. So silk production of raw materials is very elegant. Most of the silk works are based on Chinese folk tales in the history of maid, drama characters and ethnic dance modeling; therefore has a very rich traditional style and national style. Each work involves all the skills of the silk plastic technology category, embodies the Replica Cartier jewelry difficulty of silk plastic art and the highest level, is an outstanding representative of silk plastic process. Silk man as an ancient Chinese art, pouring countless folk artists thinking. Small silk people like a small world, concentrated the charm of Chinese culture and deep.


The name of the 5th handicraft fair is: 2017 The 13th China Qingdao International Gift Crafts Home Products Expo

The name of the 5th handicraft fair is: 2017 The 13th China Qingdao International Gift Crafts Home Products Expo, the start date of this meeting is June 1, 2012, to the end of June 3, held in Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center The According to the organizers of the introduction, the basic information of this Council is as follows: the previous situation: According to the statistics of the scene turnover of 93 million yuan, intention to deal and delivery orders up to 1.81 billion yuan. The previous situation: exhibitors on the organizing committee of the organization to give affirmative, regardless of the audience level, the number of buyers, on-site service and so expressed Cartier love bracelet replica satisfaction in 2017 and then exhibitors expected to reach more than 85% The Industry background: strong economic strength, mature consumer market, a huge customer base and broad market prospects for high-quality ceremony Fair laid a solid foundation. Handicrafts show: Qingdao and South Korea, Japan across the sea, is the largest distribution center in Japan and South Korea merchants, as of the end of 2017, Japan’s investment enterprises in Qingdao 1883, South Korea’s investment enterprises in Qingdao 11226; In addition, Qingdao has a large number of China Well-known enterprises, such as Haier, Hisense, Tsingtao, Aucma, Yizhong, Qinggang, Double Star, Liqun, Qingdao Port (Group), Qingdao Construction Group, Qili Group. Qingdao is the 2008 Olympic Games sailing regatta, 2014 World Horticultural Exposition held, Vitality of the city, “one of the Bohai Sea economic circle of the central city, China’s five major foreign trade port
First, the most important foreign trade window in northern China, with more than 130 countries and regions in the world more than 450 ports have trade. Xiaobian arranged the scope of exhibits provided by the organizers, which is roughly the following, including your handicrafts: gifts; gifts; promotional items; advertising gifts; advertising; electronic gifts; business gifts; souvenirs; craft gifts; Christmas gifts Jewelry; jewelry; jewelry; prizes; trophies; pottery; glass; crystal; porcelain; leather goods; luggage; watches and clocks; crafts; metal crafts; ceramics; ceramic craft; jewelry; jewelry craft; sculpture sculpture; Artificial arts; wood crafts; wood; rattan iron products; iron products; artificial flowers; artificial flowers; flowers; umbrella fan bamboo; jade; jewelry; Natural agate; agate to participate in the handicrafts show friends, you can pay attention to the price: standard booth price 1: 6800 yuan special price 1: 700 yuan / square meter foreign standard booth price 1: 2000 US foreign special price 1: 200 USD / square meter
The name of the 6th Handicrafts Fair is: 2017 The 5th China (Qingdao) International Cartier love ring replica Gifts, Handicrafts and Housewares Expo, the start date of this meeting is September 2, 2012, to the end of September 5, at Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center held. Exhibition area of about 13,900 square meters. According to the organizers, the basic information of this Council is as follows: Last situation: Shandong Province is China’s coastal economic province, the economy ranked second in the country, is China’s largest manufacturing province, has become a world-class manufacturing The Shandong Peninsula is the bridgehead of Bohai Bay and Japan, South Korea and other developed countries economic exchange, with the gradual implementation of the blue economy strategy of Shandong Peninsula, Shandong Peninsula’s rapid economic growth will get more opportunities. Industry background: strong economic strength, mature consumer market, a huge customer base and broad market prospects for the holding of high-quality professional exposition laid a solid foundation. Handicrafts show: Qingdao and South Korea, Japan across the sea, is the largest distribution center in Japan and South Korea merchants, as of the end of 2010, Japan, nearly 2,000 investment companies in Qingdao, South Korea invested more than 10,000 enterprises in Qingdao; Known domestic and foreign enterprises, such as Haier, Hisense, Yizhong, Tsingtao, Qingdao Port (Group), Green Steel, Aucma, Double Star, Qili Group, Liqun, Qingjian Group. Handicrafts show: Qingdao, Shandong Peninsula is the leading economic development of the city, is also known in the “sailing capital”, “brand capital”; “China, Japan and South Korea” economic exchanges in the most active cities, China’s most competitive China’s top ten brands exhibition city, the national historical and cultural city; is the 2008 Olympic Games sailing competition, 2017 World Horticultural Exposition held city. Handicrafts exhibition prospects: brand handicrafts Replica Cartier jewelry exhibition, a full range of investment promotion! Welcome home and abroad exhibitors visit, win-win business opportunities!
The third part: we together to make handicrafts show more valuable


Likewise, some of the rights they enjoy are confirmed by the judiciary

Likewise, some of the rights they enjoy are confirmed by the judiciary. Handagny members (Compagnonnage) actually refers to those who engage in a certain work and get wages from a process of people. In general, handmade guild members are given a few days of the Cartier love bracelet replica year and are named after a saint title, and after one year of expiration, they can be renewed in the following years. At the end of the eighteenth century and throughout the nineteenth century, when the trade union was still banned, the workers’ secret societies appeared to protect these handmade guild members. But they themselves are forbidden, because the French revolution after the outbreak of woodworking strike is an important reason. They are accused of opposing freedom of work and promoting strikes, with fixed wages and employment conditions as a management method to reduce profits. The master is the masterpiece of the masterpiece who can show the craft he has practiced and sell the masterpieces with his own students and workers. But the number of masters is fixed, which means that the new master needs to wait until another master to leave their work. Paid is usually the best compensation for a former master. Cooperation is necessary in the community and allows all people (not just artisans) to get the same professional exercise Cartier love ring replica opportunities. The community has an independent legal person, with corresponding social and technical rules and disciplinary rules. In the Middle Ages, this community was fully involved throughout the ancient society, from the French king’s society to the end of the eighteenth century. There were new ideas in the second half of the 18th century, including the idea of freedom of work and trade. In 1755, it was possible for artisans to obtain approval from every French in most cities. At the end of the eighteenth century, in the context of the French Revolution, cooperation was abolished and the craft community was completely changed in the plan called “abolition des privileges”. On August 4, 1789, the community’s approach and product model were published. At the same time, on January 7, 1791, the concept of private property and the creation of the Institute of Industrial Property, marked the beginning of capitalism. Second, the 17th century and the development of manufacturing In addition to the craft organization, in the 17th century the French king saw the development of Louis XIV during the reign. These manufacturing are mainly concentrated in the textile production, tapestry and fiber dyeing, silk textile and cotton, lace, weaving and silk pattern. But the other I did not mention there are Chinese porcelain, metal products and weapons, as well as knives, scissors, glass mirrors and crystal crafts, salt, artificial production, gunpowder, tiles, wire manufacturing or tobacco manufacturing. These creation and production protects French Replica Cartier jewelry products against foreign products. This means that the market has become more extensive than a country, and economic war has begun, especially in the textile field. For example, the aristocrats who love fashion and Indian cotton are some of the goods that have been produced in some cities in France.


Bulgari ring is characterized by more humane design, work better. Buy a diamond ring

Bulgari ring is characterized by more humane design, work better. Buy a diamond ring, in addition to symbolic eternal love, many people pay more attention to it as a symbol of identity and distinguished status. In terms of the brand, the domestic well-known diamond ring brand is Kelatini, because of its Cartier love bracelet replica superb craftsmanship, fashion design and good reputation, the young people have the cheat diamond ring as a distinguished identity symbol. Hope that the above content will help the diamond lovers to choose the most suitable for their own diamond ring.
Diamond ring cleaning and maintenance
1. First of all, diamond jewelry to be kept separately, because the diamond is the hardest material on earth, but if the two together, there may be collisions caused by the damage;
2. Secondly, in doing some of the more heavy work, it is best not to wear any diamond ring, because the tip is easy to damage, in addition to some daily activities will be loose diamond set;
3. Be sure to regularly clean the diamond ring, avoid soap, cosmetics and even the skin of the oil affect the gloss of diamonds. For the regular wear of diamonds such as wedding ring, the best cleaning once a week, the easiest way is to use a pot of warm water, put some detergent, and then put the diamond into the container soak 1 to 3 minutes, and then a soft hair Toothbrush to wash the crown and the bottom of the diamond, and finally washed away with clean water can be.
4. After cleaning the diamond, should be placed on the towel without lint on the air. When the diamond surface stains can not be washed with water, the diamond jewelry will be sent to a professional jewelry store for professional cleaning, avoid using bleach to clean diamonds.
Buy common sense
According to their age to choose their own diamond ring
Generally for young people, according to their own spending power, choose the price is not high, the design of the new diamond as a starting point is right. With age, economic strength, you can choose some of the larger diamonds, mature style. 30 years of age if people wear a little bit of the small Cartier love ring replica diamond ring is not appropriate, like a big room put a small light, light difficult to display. According to their own age and identity choice, will make the diamond ornaments complement each other.
Fourth, the purchase of professional terms do not leave the mouth, will not be cheated
Learn more about the basics of diamonds and ask experts and friends before buying. When buying diamonds, put forward “how much is the weight of the diamond?” How about the clarity? “,” What is the color of its grade? “,” What is the difference between the two cut? “This problem, the store will not only Seriously answer, but also understand that you are knowledgeable people, naturally dare not fool you. Of course, ask these, shop around also have a basis.
Five, select the diamond
Buy diamond ring, first of all to select the diamond. In conditions permitting the case, large weight, high quality diamond is the first choice for investment preservation. Theoretically the higher the better 4C diamond 4C, but for the clarity and color requirements can be lowered, but 3EX perfect cut as much as possible to ensure that this is an important condition for hedging. In the mosaic approach, try to choose with a claw inlaid process into a ring.
Six, diamond ring selection material selection
Diamond ring will usually use 18K gold or platinum ring, and platinum itself is a rare metal. With the rising price of platinum in the market, platinum is the collection, the preferred investment, gold has a monetary attribute, giving gold a hedge function. If the single from the preservation and value-added aspects of the point of view, the choice of gold jewelry is the most secure way. But the gold material should not be maintained, and the gold ring color is not good, and diamonds do not match Replica Cartier love bracelet, platinum is more rare than gold a metal, but also the most suitable for inlaid diamonds, platinum metal properties to make its wear, High temperature, corrosion resistance, the nature is very stable, it will not fade, discoloration or yellow, taking into account the appreciation of diamonds diamonds, the choice of platinum is more reasonable.


Fabrizio Ferri is a world famous fashion and lifestyle photographer

November 15th, Rome. BVLGARI Bvlgari announced that it has donated $ 20 million from its special ring sales to donate to Save the Children today. And in Rome Pecci Blunt Palace held Bulgari and the world famous photographer Fabry Zio A Ferry in the “Save the Children” project cooperation in the photo exhibition, in order to celebrate this great achievement.
An exhibition entitled “Stopping, Thinking, Dedication” will showcase all pictures taken by photographer Fabrizio Ferri Cartier love bracelet replica since 2009, benefiting from BVLGARI Bulgari’s global student and children’s rights program, as well as global Film, music and entertainment circles Many celebrities to support this project photographed public photos. In this project, these celebrities or wear and in their own way “interpretation” of this Bulgari custom ring, or personally participate in public welfare projects, and with the benefit of children interact.
In the event, the famous Chinese actress, Bulgari and the “Save the Children” charity project global ambassador Zhang Ziyi, popular film star Li Xiaoran, Su Youpeng and supermodel Qin Shupei as a representative of the Chinese region attended the photography exhibition.
Fabrizio Ferri is a world famous fashion and lifestyle photographer, shooting countless portraits and advertising photos. He is known for his ability to capture the personality of the subject in a personalized way. Mr. Ferri, in reviewing the work with BVLGARI Cartier love ring replica and the Save the Children, said, “responsibility is power.” When we break the responsibility of creating a more equitable world to others, the best time to create a fair world may Has been missed. The ring represents the choice and attitude, it will be buyers and Bulgari, ‘Save the Children’ and ‘Save the Children’ will help children together.
Ferri added that I took pictures of the singer and movie star who wore the ring, and they watched the camera enthusiastically because they knew they were doing something for the cause of justice. When shooting, there is no red carpet and no spotlight, but they are because of their own responsibility for the community and look spirited. These stars show us the personal image and send out the message: like me do your part.
“I was invited to BVLGARI Bvlgari ‘Save the Children’ project to take pictures. In the observation, discussion, study, I witnessed these donations did help those who need help, I witnessed the money How to help improve the relationship between the children and their families, let them find shelter in the community, and get the dignity of the personality, while starting to pursue a more free future. All this should be grateful to the project provided by the Educational opportunities, “Ferri said. “People have said, ‘faith is power.’ But today, responsibility is power. We lend a helping hand, because we have to do so.
The unique ring, built by ceramic and silver, is sold at BVLGARI’s Bvlgari global Fake Cartier love bracelet store, priced at 390 euros, of which 70 euros will be donated to the “Save the Children”. During the exhibition, you can also purchase this ring at the exhibition site. The exhibition is open from November 16 until November 18 and is open to the public free of charge.


Men’s purse color meaning Wallet for everyone, that is no stranger, every day will often be used in the body

Men’s purse color meaning Wallet for everyone, that is no stranger, every day will often be used in the body. However, I believe most of my friends will not think of different colors of the wallet represents a different meaning. Here to give you about men’s wallet different colors on behalf of the meaning.
Common colors represent the meaning
Black wallet
Black on behalf of calm, you can hold the money, not easy to lose money, especially for people who like to do some Cartier love bracelet replica small investment. 2. The brown wallet has the same meaning as the black wallet, but the strength is not as strong as the black wallet.
3. yellow wallet
Yellow with gold, money. Yellow, gold on behalf of money, is the best wallet color. For those who want to consider some of the big investment projects, the golden wallet can help you a hand.
Red wallet
Red on behalf of the meaning of the deficit, that is, it is easy to spend money can not save money, or that there is no return to it.
5. blue wallet
Blue on behalf of the water, meaning that money will flow like water, but also a color is not suitable for wallet.
Men choose a few tips to master the wallet to master
Men must have magic, pick wallet skills early to know. In the purchase of wallet, the main look at what you like the style and material and can bear the price. Today we look at the choice of wallet in the need to pay attention
What details.
First of all, the style of the wallet, there are many kinds of wallet, a lot of brands. High-grade, mid-range, ordinary you choose to Cartier love ring replica vertigo. If you are a pair of wallet quality is more sought, and the pursuit of high-end fashion mainstream, then you can choose now more popular.
Leather wallets will be a good choice for you, but make sure you find the original skin is not imitated, they like what kind of leather, ostrich skin, crocodile skin etc. Get Get the most popular leather wallet to suit your style and preferences. Choose what type of leather you like most, as far as possible from the already poured, and cut the leather wallet from a single roll.
If you want to buy a long wallet, you should also consider the side of the wallet. The purse of the wallet can determine the life of the wallet. Choose a better thread with a very neat, sturdy stitching wallet, because the wallet will not be easily torn.
If you want to keep a lot of important things in your wallet, you should consider the wallet function as well. Wallet features the most two different folds, twists and turns. A double fold wallet is folded in the middle of the wallet; a three fold wallet is a wallet, which is folded in three equal parts. Each folds have different benefits and functions in the pocket. A pocket bill with a debit card or credit card, pocket cash currency, coin pocket, pocket for several ID cards. Want to get more free e-books, please pay attention to Tencent microblogging “taste men Corps.”
For those who prefer the leisure movement of men, then you can according to their own personality, the color of a wide range of choices, choose a favorite of their own personality. In general, summer this season, take a short paragraph wallet is very suitable, and carry and convenient, will not give you travel trouble. If the point of view from the fashion point of view, long wallet is a good choice, and looks like the short section of the seems to be on a grade, in terms of fashion, long wallet short wallet fashion Replica Cartier love bracelet, taste. But one thing is to carry more inconvenient to carry. So in the choice of wallet, we should consider in many ways.


Men ‘s briefcase selection and matching skills

Men ‘s briefcase selection and matching skills
Spring and summer, white-collar men should choose how to choose a suitable men’s bag to match their own dress it. Appropriate men’s briefcase can not only enhance the men’s fashion taste, but also to let the mood of men to stretch, in addition to dull clothing and office style of the Cartier love bracelet replica bright spot.
1, select the briefcase and the best color uniforms, because the briefcase color is more monotonous, so black with dark suit, yellow or brown with a light suit is better.
2, the main suit to go out for the professional men, it is recommended to use the brown department of the briefcase. Brown men’s bags from the bright light brown to calm dark brown variety, compared to black also appears to be more light, brown color show the feeling of men’s loyalty.
3, metal buckle is also a badge to determine a good standard, so when buying must pay attention.
4, grasp the popular factors. Do not leave the popular too far, and now popular is retro, so you choose the bag of leather is a high quality after the hand-picked paint from the skin, in other words is not to buy the kind of ordinary leather with direct sewing to complete Simple craft bag, in addition, briefcase brand is also very important.
5, and your clothing with the coordination. Is not wearing a suit and leather, but carrying a large sailor bag, or a street dress is carrying a computer bag shape of the Replica Cartier love bracelet package, which are not coordinated. Take the bag as your tie or leather shoes, it is with you, do not let the package out of your whole body.


When you are with her, walk on the road and think that the two trees are in love with you

When you are with her, walk on the road and think that the two trees are in love with you; after you have separated from her, you think there will never be any connection between the two trees.
Last year, “lovelorn thirty-three days” is a complete fire, plus the previous single men and women. Countless people want to fall in love after a Wang Xiaoyi, sad when there can be a Wu Yanzu, but life is not a movie, life is much more difficult. You are lovelorn sad when you can only be a Cartier love bracelet replica person, others simply can not comfort you, you simply can not listen.
If I say, lovelorn after the uncomfortable uncomfortable, support the past like, and probably a lot of people will say that I am cruel, but this is indeed the best way.
Most people’s feelings, walked around one by one, never alone for a long time, but complained that their pay is not a good result. Just why every one of your feelings can not be good? Every time you are lovelorn after you do not grow it?
You are not lovelorn because you are not good enough is not enough handsome, not because you are not gentle enough not considerate enough, not because you are in this romance what is wrong. Many couples often quarrel and love and hate but still be able to hospice, many couples often do something wrong to provoke each other angry but still forever.
Such a relationship is that you can in this feeling as much as possible to do their own, without worrying about your tomorrow will not him.
A person will never change the words, he will encounter the same thing happened in his body, especially in love.
We often see a friend in the emotional repeat committed before the mistakes, people helpless, and finally the tragedy ended.
Very simple, if you often go to the nightclub to find, then you encounter each other in all likelihood is a play Cartier love ring replica; if you often because of loneliness and love with others, then you meet each other Bacheng is also because of loneliness with you; You just want to find someone to live, want to have personal care about you, then you encounter the other party is probably the case, in addition to your day will still be on.
The same, if you can not accept their own shortcomings, then the other side is also very difficult to accept your shortcomings, because you are in front of him step by step, be careful. If you hang up after each call will be no tomorrow, then your feelings are likely not tomorrow, because you double
Side are not full of security.
Only you accept all of your own, including those who see the shortcomings of the people, you will encounter a let you show all in front of him can still like you to accept you; only you want to own people You will meet someone like you.
The meaning of romance lies in the growth, is not to let you again and again to repeat the same mistakes. Grow far more than hurry into another person’s arms meaningful, it will not let your feelings again and again to not hastily.
What we call life, but it depends on what kind of person we can meet; what kind of Replica Cartier love bracelet person we can meet, but it depends on what kind of person we are.
Lovelorn this thing to the big thing that is to let you grow a good opportunity to small that is to let you get rid of a wrong person. In the next one who like you before, to maintain a reasonable single, in the right time to meet the people, is a lucky. This is the most need to be patient after the lucky, to the future that he and his best gift is to become better, more gentle, more happy, but also know how to cherish.