the natural feather feather always give senior jewelry and watch

All along, the natural feather feather always give senior jewelry and watch to bring unlimited inspiration to play space, natural brisk, natural color, natural shape can be a senior jewelry and watch a vivid. Jewel masters are good at using natural gemstones and diamonds inlaid with light feathers and shapes, creating the most gorgeous light on the neck. Watch craft master good at using the natural color and texture of the feathers for the square dial to bring artistic beauty.
This year’s Piaget is the most popular feather element in the newly created Secrets & Lights – Seecies of Venice series with the mask of the world famous mask of Venice, boldly using the most popular feather elements of the decorative mask, not only in the high-level watch in black Feathers to create “time wheel” craft decorative watch, but also with the famous independent feather craft master Nelly Saunier cooperation, the peacock feathers and white belly pheasant feathers used in advanced jewelry Cartier love bracelet replica bracelets. Showing the gorgeous feathers of the most beautiful moment.

Wear the Secrets of Venice series of jewelry bracelet mystery not only from the mask

Piaget Secrets of Venice Jewelry Bracelet

In a grand and extravagant masquerade, feathers are the most able to create a mysterious decorative elements, natural gorgeous colors and brisk gestures in the flow of the most able to create magic intoxicating atmosphere. Nelly Saunier, who has the title of “Prix de l’Intelligence de la Main”, presents this magical style on the Secrets of Venice series of fine jewelery bracelets, so that the cherry feathers and cherished gems collide with gorgeous colors and gorgeous mystery, So that the magical style of the mask dance in a modern way to show, re-capture the hearts of restless woman.
Independent Feather Craft Master Nelly Saunier is the winner of the Lillian Bertrong Crafts Award. In her hands, light as the feathers of the feathers composed of beautiful flowers bouquet, blooming in the brisk platinum bracelet. Blue and green birds feathers dotted with them, with soft as velvet night blue, ignited the effect of meticulous glossy. Bracelet in the central mosaic of an emerald, in the birds feathers in the blooming bright light, and the arch according to the surrounding sapphire and diamonds.

Pick and prepare different colors of peacock feathers and white belly pheasant feathers, remove the feathers on the barbs.

Will prepare the peacock feathers and white belly pheasant feathers arranged in color and texture, meticulous inlaid in platinum bracelet and rose gold bracelet.
Secrets of Venice series of platinum bracelets, inlaid with a pillow-shaped cut grandmother gem (about 3.46 kt), 8 horse-shaped eye cutting emerald (about 4.80 kt), 8 horse-shaped cut sapphire 7.66 kt), 10 round diamonds (about 1.08 kt).

Charming “Time Wheel” Ling Yu decorated the most beautiful time art

Earl Secrets of Venice Series PIAGET ALTIPLANO Feather Handmade Watch

The inspiration for the Secrets of Venice series is also inspired by the Venetian Mask Festival Cartier love ring replica, made by the artist Emilie Moutard-Martin in a feather craftsmanship. So how is the texture of the rich and detailed feathers in the hands of artists into a charming time art?
Artist Emilie Moutard-Martin first picks the fine texture and color of the goose feathers, and then the selected feathers fine trimmed into the required water droplets shape.

First cut a good water droplets-shaped feathers bonded forming, and then paste the edge of a good drop-shaped feathers silver foil.

A good feather with silver foil

Will be decorated with silver foil feathers a piece, a circle of detailed arrangement in less than 38 mm in the dial space, the whole process is long and fine, not only test the artist’s art, as well as the most critical patience.
To the feathers inlaid intact “Time Wheel” watch

This Piaget PIAGET ALTIPLANO feathers watch, 18K white gold case, case diameter 38 mm, bezel inlaid 78 round diamonds (about 0.7 kt). The bottom cover is printed with the Mythical Journey logo, equipped with the Piaget 430P ultra-thin manual winding mechanical movement, power reserve of about 43 hours. Black silk band, with platinum button buckle clasp, limited to 18, engraved independent number G0A40595.

Ancient and charming Italian water city of Venice, full of multi-faceted style and psychedelic colors, those rich cultural background and mysterious mask of the mask, masquerade, and did not lose in the history of glory, but also in the artist’s inspiration In the creation, the new modern life color. Put on a psychedelic high-level jewelry bracelet and watch, the heart of the mask dance immediately staged.
Schaffhausen IWC will usher in the “pilot years” in 2016, but the brand will continue to launch next year in other series of new timepieces. The following is for everyone to introduce the IWC will be released in 2016 three new Aquatimers watch.
Aquatimer “La Cumbre Volcano” chronograph (IW379505)

This watch to Fernandina Island (belonging to the Galapagos Islands) on a shield-like volcano named, limited edition of 500. The Schaffhausen IWC has established special links with the Galapagos Islands, which is not the first time that the brand has been inspired by famous islands and launched a special limited edition. The watch is equipped with Cartier nail bracelet replica a self-made 89365 automatic winding mechanical movement, equipped with innovative internal and external rotating bezel (SafeDive System safety diving system), with flyback timing function, can provide 68 hours power storage, water depth of 300 meters.

Aquatimer Automatic 2000 Automatic Watch (IW358001)

The origins of this watch can be traced back to 1982, Ferdinand A. Porsche specially designed for the mine sweepers diving watch. Aquatimer Automatic 2000 automatic watch waterproof depth can reach amazing 2000 meters, now, as a professional and practical, reliable equipment, the series of watches by the enthusiastic challenge of amateurs and professional divers praise. The watch case to titanium metal, 46 mm in diameter, equipped with 80110 automatic winding mechanical movement, can provide 44 hours power storage, equipped with innovative internal and external rotating bezel (SafeDive System safety diving system), the bottom engraved deep sea diver pattern, Using a new combination of yellow and black color, particularly eye-catching. The watch has a black rubber strap, great sports style.

Aquatimer Automatic “Expedition Jacques-Yves Cousteau” Automatic Watch (IW329005)

This is the latest creation of the Schaffhausen Vanguard Tribute to the French diving pioneer. Like the Galapagos Islands, IWC and Kusto also have special links. As a partner of the Cousteau Association, the Schaffhausen IWC is committed to the restoration of the famous scientific research vessel Calypso. The watch case is made of stainless steel, equipped with gorgeous dark blue dial, stainless steel table cover engraved Kusto wearing a signature wool hat shallow relief head. Equipped with automatic winding mechanical movement, innovative internal and external rotating bezel (SafeDive System safety diving system), can provide 42 hours power storage, water depth of 300 meters.


IMAZINE negative ion decompression watch is based on silicone products

Men’s Korean watch brands have those?
In recent years, South Korea popular elements in the country is very popular young men and women sought after. Watches are no exception, some Korean watch brand sales in China is still very good. The following watch home for you to introduce Cartier love bracelet replica men Korean watch brand have those!
Julius Juli, the famous Korean watch brand, founded in 2001, was born in Tokyo, Japan, by Horikawa Tatsuro (Tatsuro Horikawa) design founder. Julius watch from South Korea Busan popular watch brand, from the mainland of China began to be the trend of women, fashion white-collar sought after, leading the domestic fashion watch changes, but also set off a wave of wave-like wave. Brand clever to “Korean” element and the Chinese characteristics seamlessly perfect combination.
IMAZINE negative ion decompression watch is based on silicone products, negative ion products and watch production and other special knowledge design and production, this health watch in 2005 when the first board has been the year when the Korean design gold medal, and allowed to become Korea Design Expo One of the souvenirs sold in the museum. IMAZINE in the summer of 2006 production and sales in the Korean region so far, is Han Chao hot pop popular products (market price is still not less than USD12.00 per dollar).
Korean brand J.ESTINA for those who like Korean drama is no stranger to small crown as a brand image, ring, necklace, watches, earrings, bags of these accessories often appear inadvertently in the TV series and magazines. JESTINA with a variety of design styles, according to the clothes can be a variety of forms with, not only gorgeous, but also the soft style of women Cartier love ring replica and personality reflected most vividly. Have a JESTINA jewelry, will make every girl into a princess.
South Korea TROFISH watches all for the Swiss original manufacturing, love table is undoubtedly the quality and confidence of the guarantee. The appearance of advocating design, innovation, full of visual impact, and each style has a variety of different materials, absolutely consistent with the personality of the young people taste.
Berze watch is a watch brand from Korea. Berze Beige watches emphasize the design concept of personalization, the perfect lady’s soft, elegant and men’s vitality, self-vividly demonstrated, full of wireless fashion sense, restrained and luxurious. So that the wearer, whether in business, or in casual occasions can be confident to show themselves.
R800 table
Korean brand R800 watches and clocks, from Seoul, South Korea, and by South Korea Jin Kai Dayton (Hong Kong) International Group Co., Ltd. professional design and design staff, Guangzhou R800 Table Co., Ltd. specializing in the production and sale. R800 table will be modern design elements cleverly integrated into the traditional watch design, while the rich cultural heritage into the elegant and elegant design, to bring you a clear, trust, taste the brand image. Once listed, immediately for the public attention, mainly to the domestic market-based, but also open the expansion of overseas markets.
Intercrew watch is popular in South Korea’s fashion watch brand, intercrew since the last century 80 years to date, has been the leader of the trend of Korean fashion watch industry, in the field of watches has made a number of impressive performance, intercrew in Korea has long been a household s brand.
How about the watch?
Switzerland is the cradle of watches, it is the birthplace of the watch, almost all the world watches are produced in Switzerland. And Nishin watches as a new brand of Swiss watches, we do not understand. Here, the watch home and everyone to learn about this brand, to see how Nisha watch it!
Nisha watch to promote simple, elegant style. Focus on technology and the combination of art, all spare Cartier nail bracelet replica parts by the world’s major brands of perennial service providers to provide professional use of high-tech space ceramics, high-tech tungsten carbide alloy, stainless steel, sapphire crystal, high-tech diamonds and a series High-tech materials for product manufacturing, with accurate, long-term Switzerland, Japan imported movement, with the most sophisticated assembly technology, and the global synchronization of nearly 100 strict testing technology to products with high quality assurance.
Nisha watches can reach no less than 30 meters of water requirements, the specific value of water in the watch after the cover is clearly marked. 30 meters waterproof and waterproof is limited to no pressure under the water or light rain, 50 meters waterproof table can be applied to swimming and general household chores. 100 meters above the professional waterproof table can be used for swimming and diving and other underwater work. In addition, waterproof watches should not be in the warm water, bathroom and temperature changes in the use of violent environment to prevent the aging of the waterproof material to affect the waterproof performance.
Nishin watch so far launched five series, never out of date classic system, timing accurate constant series. Ultra-high quality of the core of the series, elegant elegant elegant series, at first sight of the Allure series, the advent of these five series have caused no small stir, many family friends are very like, sales have also been increased , Now it has a watch industry to occupy their own place.


This craft is the grandmother from the Baqiao set to buy back

My home on the refrigerator, close to a beautiful “blessing” word, which is a perfect handicrafts. White background, big red blessing is made up with the zodiac, and is carefully cut out with scissors. Only the mouse cute to squat on the top, holding a sweet and Cartier love bracelet replica delicious rice; a cow leisurely standing there; a tigers majestic half squatting there; there are high-angled big cock; Naughty monkeys; lazy little pig … … zodiac, all in different poses and with all the way
This craft is the grandmother from the Baqiao set to buy back, no matter from which point of view you are very beautiful, all the zodiac are cut lifelike. This blessing is made up of the zodiac, so that all the people who come to my house after reading, are full of praise, said the blessing is a perfect handicrafts. I wish you a smooth sailing, two dragon take off, three sheep Kai Tai, four seasons safe, Wufu Rimen, six six Da Shun, seven stars high, all directions to money, nine nine concentric, perfect. In this happy to share the moment, miss the moment of friends, dreams come true moments. I wish you a happy New Year!
Only the snow on the hard footprint, will understand the precious life, life is hot. I wish you a happy new year in your life.
In this happy to share the moment, miss friends moments, dreams come true moments, wish you – Happy New Year, the holidays wishful!
You and I like to listen to the New Year’s bell is like a ring of breathing, surrounded by our common dream, full of love into a sincere blessing “Happy New Year”!
When you see this information, luck has come to your head, God of Wealth has entered your house, Ronghua wealth is not far away from you. Bless your friend: Happy New Year!
New Year is coming, what do you want to do? No matter what, please remember my motto: smile is medicine, music is a secret, sleep can let you forget everything. I wish you a happy New Year. happy New Year! Happy family! In the new year a lot of good! Smile a lot! Happy every second Cartier love ring replica, happy every day, happy every year, healthy forever!
Wish you in the new year, all hope can do so, all the dreams can be achieved, all expectations can occur, all the pay can be honored! happy New Year!


The name of the 5th handicraft fair is: 2017 The 13th China Qingdao International Gift Crafts Home Products Expo

The name of the 5th handicraft fair is: 2017 The 13th China Qingdao International Gift Crafts Home Products Expo, the start date of this meeting is June 1, 2012, to the end of June 3, held in Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center The According to the organizers of the introduction, the basic information of this Council is as follows: the previous situation: According to the statistics of the scene turnover of 93 million yuan, intention to deal and delivery orders up to 1.81 billion yuan. The previous situation: exhibitors on the organizing committee of the organization to give affirmative, regardless of the audience level, the number of buyers, on-site service and so expressed Cartier love bracelet replica satisfaction in 2017 and then exhibitors expected to reach more than 85% The Industry background: strong economic strength, mature consumer market, a huge customer base and broad market prospects for high-quality ceremony Fair laid a solid foundation. Handicrafts show: Qingdao and South Korea, Japan across the sea, is the largest distribution center in Japan and South Korea merchants, as of the end of 2017, Japan’s investment enterprises in Qingdao 1883, South Korea’s investment enterprises in Qingdao 11226; In addition, Qingdao has a large number of China Well-known enterprises, such as Haier, Hisense, Tsingtao, Aucma, Yizhong, Qinggang, Double Star, Liqun, Qingdao Port (Group), Qingdao Construction Group, Qili Group. Qingdao is the 2008 Olympic Games sailing regatta, 2014 World Horticultural Exposition held, Vitality of the city, “one of the Bohai Sea economic circle of the central city, China’s five major foreign trade port
First, the most important foreign trade window in northern China, with more than 130 countries and regions in the world more than 450 ports have trade. Xiaobian arranged the scope of exhibits provided by the organizers, which is roughly the following, including your handicrafts: gifts; gifts; promotional items; advertising gifts; advertising; electronic gifts; business gifts; souvenirs; craft gifts; Christmas gifts Jewelry; jewelry; jewelry; prizes; trophies; pottery; glass; crystal; porcelain; leather goods; luggage; watches and clocks; crafts; metal crafts; ceramics; ceramic craft; jewelry; jewelry craft; sculpture sculpture; Artificial arts; wood crafts; wood; rattan iron products; iron products; artificial flowers; artificial flowers; flowers; umbrella fan bamboo; jade; jewelry; Natural agate; agate to participate in the handicrafts show friends, you can pay attention to the price: standard booth price 1: 6800 yuan special price 1: 700 yuan / square meter foreign standard booth price 1: 2000 US foreign special price 1: 200 USD / square meter
The name of the 6th Handicrafts Fair is: 2017 The 5th China (Qingdao) International Cartier love ring replica Gifts, Handicrafts and Housewares Expo, the start date of this meeting is September 2, 2012, to the end of September 5, at Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center held. Exhibition area of about 13,900 square meters. According to the organizers, the basic information of this Council is as follows: Last situation: Shandong Province is China’s coastal economic province, the economy ranked second in the country, is China’s largest manufacturing province, has become a world-class manufacturing The Shandong Peninsula is the bridgehead of Bohai Bay and Japan, South Korea and other developed countries economic exchange, with the gradual implementation of the blue economy strategy of Shandong Peninsula, Shandong Peninsula’s rapid economic growth will get more opportunities. Industry background: strong economic strength, mature consumer market, a huge customer base and broad market prospects for the holding of high-quality professional exposition laid a solid foundation. Handicrafts show: Qingdao and South Korea, Japan across the sea, is the largest distribution center in Japan and South Korea merchants, as of the end of 2010, Japan, nearly 2,000 investment companies in Qingdao, South Korea invested more than 10,000 enterprises in Qingdao; Known domestic and foreign enterprises, such as Haier, Hisense, Yizhong, Tsingtao, Qingdao Port (Group), Green Steel, Aucma, Double Star, Qili Group, Liqun, Qingjian Group. Handicrafts show: Qingdao, Shandong Peninsula is the leading economic development of the city, is also known in the “sailing capital”, “brand capital”; “China, Japan and South Korea” economic exchanges in the most active cities, China’s most competitive China’s top ten brands exhibition city, the national historical and cultural city; is the 2008 Olympic Games sailing competition, 2017 World Horticultural Exposition held city. Handicrafts exhibition prospects: brand handicrafts Replica Cartier jewelry exhibition, a full range of investment promotion! Welcome home and abroad exhibitors visit, win-win business opportunities!
The third part: we together to make handicrafts show more valuable


2017 Mother’s Day gift

2017 Mother’s Day gift
1, a bunch of worry about grass
Most of the mother’s day will choose carnation, but the Chinese mother’s flower is Hemerocallis, also known for fear of grass, meaning that the mother sit back and relax. This comes from a story. Legend has always been a man from the army to participate in the tribal war, before leaving the old mother leaning in front of the Cartier love bracelet replica child for off. Men think of this to life and death, not see return, mother no one to take care of, so in the mother plant before planting Hemerocallis two strains, so that the club with her mother spent his later years. So meaningful flowers, plus from the heart of love and blessing, is not it perfect?
2, you specifically for the mother to do a meal
From the small to the big we all eat the mother to do the rice grow up, Mother’s Day so that we do a good meal to the mother to do it! Buy a cake, do a rich meal, the family together to open a happy meal to eat a reunion dinner, Give the mother a hug, say a ‘love you forever’ thanks to the mother has been the care and love. In fact, when the parents do not ask their children to do anything for themselves, as long as the children happy and happy happy, is the best gift to their parents.
3, Mother’s Day theme DIY it
Record us from small to big and mothers together with the interesting things, post some mothers of the youth memories, we grow bit by bit fragments, travel famous mountains and rivers every happy moment, happy eggplant smile. When the mother wants us, turn up the album, you can recollection of our growth process of each episode. Just like seeing our life, feeling our success, our happiness – sweet our mother’s mind. Think about how happy it is!
4, with her mother to go out to play
Mother Day This day, you may wish to put aside all the other trivia, with his Cartier love ring replica father to accompany his mother to a quiet place for a walk, relax and relax. And mother talk about some intimate discourse, forget the trouble, enjoy the mother and spring to share the warm and warm family time, of course, do not forget to bring the camera to the mother to stay a few shadows.
5, a safe buckle
A small peace deduction, contains the whole world, round shape, meaning peace and good fortune, it expresses the mother’s simple wishes of the mother, be careful with the integration of heaven and earth, there will be a great tolerance and harmony, while locked Safe. Because the meaning of safe buckle flat, sincere, wearing no taboo, it is also very suitable for Mother’s Day gift, wish the mother a lifetime of peace.
6, a bunch of carnations
Carnations represent a warmth. It contains love, charm and respect. Among them, the light red represents the admiration of the feelings of deep red on behalf of the deep love and care, and pink carnations the most historical and symbolic significance, become a symbol of immortal maternal love. In reality, often associated with maternal love. So, even if the work is busy again, do not forget to send a bunch of carnations to the mother, write your mother love words, of course, their own production more meaningful.
7, since the mother wash a foot back
Do not remember when the mother for our feet of the scene, perennial, and we also mischievous playing water, no less trouble to him, but the mother has never had any unhappy, still bored. Wait until we grow up now, the mother is old, the old no longer like a child when we make mistakes all of a Replica Cartier jewelry sudden we can catch up with our divorce, the mother perennial for us rush, and now we are like the mother for our feet So as to wash back for him! This most intimate expression, let the mother feel the most meticulous affection.


Men’s purse color meaning Wallet for everyone, that is no stranger, every day will often be used in the body

Men’s purse color meaning Wallet for everyone, that is no stranger, every day will often be used in the body. However, I believe most of my friends will not think of different colors of the wallet represents a different meaning. Here to give you about men’s wallet different colors on behalf of the meaning.
Common colors represent the meaning
Black wallet
Black on behalf of calm, you can hold the money, not easy to lose money, especially for people who like to do some Cartier love bracelet replica small investment. 2. The brown wallet has the same meaning as the black wallet, but the strength is not as strong as the black wallet.
3. yellow wallet
Yellow with gold, money. Yellow, gold on behalf of money, is the best wallet color. For those who want to consider some of the big investment projects, the golden wallet can help you a hand.
Red wallet
Red on behalf of the meaning of the deficit, that is, it is easy to spend money can not save money, or that there is no return to it.
5. blue wallet
Blue on behalf of the water, meaning that money will flow like water, but also a color is not suitable for wallet.
Men choose a few tips to master the wallet to master
Men must have magic, pick wallet skills early to know. In the purchase of wallet, the main look at what you like the style and material and can bear the price. Today we look at the choice of wallet in the need to pay attention
What details.
First of all, the style of the wallet, there are many kinds of wallet, a lot of brands. High-grade, mid-range, ordinary you choose to Cartier love ring replica vertigo. If you are a pair of wallet quality is more sought, and the pursuit of high-end fashion mainstream, then you can choose now more popular.
Leather wallets will be a good choice for you, but make sure you find the original skin is not imitated, they like what kind of leather, ostrich skin, crocodile skin etc. Get Get the most popular leather wallet to suit your style and preferences. Choose what type of leather you like most, as far as possible from the already poured, and cut the leather wallet from a single roll.
If you want to buy a long wallet, you should also consider the side of the wallet. The purse of the wallet can determine the life of the wallet. Choose a better thread with a very neat, sturdy stitching wallet, because the wallet will not be easily torn.
If you want to keep a lot of important things in your wallet, you should consider the wallet function as well. Wallet features the most two different folds, twists and turns. A double fold wallet is folded in the middle of the wallet; a three fold wallet is a wallet, which is folded in three equal parts. Each folds have different benefits and functions in the pocket. A pocket bill with a debit card or credit card, pocket cash currency, coin pocket, pocket for several ID cards. Want to get more free e-books, please pay attention to Tencent microblogging “taste men Corps.”
For those who prefer the leisure movement of men, then you can according to their own personality, the color of a wide range of choices, choose a favorite of their own personality. In general, summer this season, take a short paragraph wallet is very suitable, and carry and convenient, will not give you travel trouble. If the point of view from the fashion point of view, long wallet is a good choice, and looks like the short section of the seems to be on a grade, in terms of fashion, long wallet short wallet fashion Replica Cartier love bracelet, taste. But one thing is to carry more inconvenient to carry. So in the choice of wallet, we should consider in many ways.


Daydream is the key word of this passage, which determines the empathy

Time to push the movie “Dr.” born in 1962 and then push forward ten years: that year, “the father of Bond” Ian Fleming bet with a friend, he wanted to write a “end all spy “His confidence comes from his personal experience as a personal assistant to the Navy Intelligence Director, which succeeded in making up for the mediocrity of his writings as a writer, and the man who put” The name is Bond, James Bond . “Hanging in the mouth of the Super Agent 007 was born. A few years later, Fleming explained that the Cartier love bracelet replica characters, “he is the object of every girl wants to date, every boy wants to be the object, if he is brave enough, I admit he is the author of the day Dream, I always dreamed of him, I even envied him.
Daydream is the key word of this passage, which determines the empathy, projection and details of the author and the virtual character between the section if the habit of compliance. For example, Bond before joining MI6 is a Navy Lieutenant Colonel, Fleming also served the British Navy Intelligence Bureau. Like the Russian Cava, designated from the Royal Caspian Sea in the Caspian Sea; like cocktails, a quasi-“shaken, not stirred” are numerous, a lot of evidence to show that this is not the case, A fictional role of the agent who reveals Fleming’s own taste and personal habits.
However, through the Fleming in the twentieth century, fifties photos, can be seen wearing a pattern he wore about half a dozen not have any features of the watch, most of them with leather strap. Yes, I am afraid to let table fans disappointed, Fleming I do not care about the wrist thing and brand performance. Which projected to 007 who, in 1953 to 1966 published novels and short Replica Cartier love bracelet stories together about 100 places to describe James Bond wearing the watch, of which two-thirds only to explain to the reader time. Of course, these “leisurely children” or so we can still get a glimpse of some of the habits of Bond wearing a table, such as he is a napkinist who is used to wearing a watch to sleep.
Now can only be calculated Fleming probably in the summer of 1961 and 1962 spring between a Rolex “explorer” type watch. It is gratifying that the following year Rolex will replace those just for the knuckle bargain as 007 standard configuration – in Fleming’s 14 original Bond novels can be identified by the expression of the brand wrist Table only Rolex. The most famous details from the publication of the eleventh novel in 1963, “The Queen”, the main story set in a white snow-capped mountains – if you want to pick a watch on this occasion, what ratio Conquer Everest and the famous “Rolex Explorer” more appropriate? In all the description of the James Bond watch in 13% concentrated in this work, Fleming in seven places to reference to the Rolex brand. For example, the novel wrote that when James Bond in the night glanced glanced at his watch table, they see the dial on the “large luminous scale”, it is “a heavy Rolex oyster constant action wrist Table, with a spring metal chain belt. ” The “large luminous scale” is undoubtedly the “Explorer type (Rolex Explorer)” watch the most eye-catching design.
If the origin of the novel in terms of the novel, “Explorer” is the only Bond in the book wearing a brand watch. But in the movie, perhaps considering the identity of Lieutenant Colonel Navy, it was replaced by “Submarine”. Sean Connery, Timothy Dutton, George Lazenby three Bond starred in the movie, the watch is a simple and practical Rolex submariner. Roger Moore in just took over the murder license, also wore two “submarine”, and opened the 007 watch funny era of multi-functional, but the sixties and seventies of last century Japanese quartz Cartier love ring replica watch popular, Moore remaining five starred Wrist on the standard are replaced by Seiko. In fact, the first Rolex “Daytona” watch in the “Queen of the Emissary” also appeared; Breitling’s “Top Time” series in the “Thunderbolt” also appeared in the mirror, once as the detection of radioactive elements Geiger counter, In addition, Hamilton’s Pulsa watch, TAG Heuer a quartz diving watch, and Longines produced ice hockey timer have appeared in the 007 film.


Bees are napoleon lucky totem, his wand of imperial robe and always visible bees. As royal jeweler of napoleon

Everyone who went to Paris to fang’s square will be the middle of the square that is full of historical imprint of pillar, the pillar is built by napoleon Bonaparte ordered, to commemorate the battle of austerlitz, symbolizing the glory of victory. For more than two centuries, the symbol of the triumph always stands Yu Fang place 12 Cartier love bracelet replica headquarters, guarded the inspiration of one hundred treasure house.
Really strong love, withstand the years wash, time of grinding. After wind and rain wash away, still holding hands is love won the battle. Torsade series is monumental columns by fang’s square to explain the enduring faithful love.
Nowadays, CHAUMET close together with the firmness of love, for China’s new custom greeting. Special launch Torsade rose gold version of buddhist monastic discipline, only in the Chinese market. As fang deng that stands in the square centuries of monumental columns, Torsade rose gold version of buddhist monastic discipline will also be rooted on this land, from generation to generation to witness, to commemorate the Chinese couple that enduring marriage of enduring love and happiness.
Bees are napoleon lucky totem, his wand of imperial robe and always visible bees. As royal jeweler of napoleon, “bee” for more than two centuries brought CHAUMET boundless inspiration. Bee My Love “Love nest” ring, will the Love implication of our hives on fingers. Hexagonal side to fit the docking, once make the two ring combination stacking, it can’t transfer. It just as the two lovers were nesting of the moment, two hearts rely on each other tightly, rock-solid, from now on you and I are in the world. When the wedding anniversary, also can continue to buy “love nest” fold wear ring, refers to the circle inside tightly clasped and symbolizes the permanent solid, solid marriage. Platinum, gold and rose gold mix build, a slight change in the stable, make every day life is full of surprises, to make a lasting marriage fresh.
Great music sound, elephant invisible. Cartier love ring replica one hundred years of glory, and the precipitation of condensate extraction of the Ganges river in time, make the brand connotation of low-key luxury Cain. Plume platinum ring adhering to the implicit luxury essence, of inner ring and embedded in a very secretive diamond, a symbol of the buried deep in the heart of the feelings, reveal and low-key luxury taste. This trait, obtained many knowledgeable people, love without the mission in the world, only is you, my heart is constant. “Herself” forever Vivian hsu is walk down the aisle wearing this ring.
More than two hundred years, a good turn, CHAUMET marriage is still the best girls elegance and tradition from generation to generation, unique charm enduring. only in the most rare diamonds, each more than 0.30 -carat diamond are accompanied by the American academy of gem (GIA) identification certificate, all the diamonds are engraved with the naked eye can’t identify and can be used for the authenticity of the micro certificate number. Besides CHAUMET strictly by every diamond, only clarity between FL level and VS2, the beauty of colors between D and G level drilling, will be used by CHAUMET jewelry, and based on the principle of responsible to the society and the environment, all the raw materials for comply with responsibility for jewelry industry committee (RJC) certification and standard of the kimberley process. Twelve generations of France’s top class gem craftsman skills inheritance, every piece of jewelry Replica Cartier jewelry acura is the embodiment of the French jewelry craft that peak.
Luxury dazzling gem, in many people’s eyes, maybe just a distant dream, is a collection of museum. For them, this life, will only be simply branded jewelry a pure mark – marriage vows. CHAUMET still beautiful Paris, carrying two centuries of history of youth, legend of the love to those who fear as time goes by, condensate extraction in marriage is still the best. She shed colorful decoration, in the most pure essence the sections on the nature of happiness, with worldly love enters marital the palace, to eternal life troth tied on between the two man’s ring finger. From then on, even if is the only, can also be engraved life, meaningful.
How beautiful jewelry? Elizabeth Taylor said he first saw after birth is a diamond ring! Coco Chanel think woman is one who needs big string pearl necklace… Several women are obsessed with jewelry in the world? But if you still stay in “only know tiffany” stage, then please take a look at VOGUE jewelry literacy article for you. The Vatican cardinal beloved Percossi Papi, Egyptian royal royal descendants jeweler Ben Amun, only in Italy Torre del Greco cameo craft Amedeo… In these brand to become the next tiffany, please remember their names.


Pink dreams, not related to age. The power of love has always existed. Amulette de Cartier pink opal exudes the light of happiness

“Light of Wisdom” Lapis Lazuli – Realizing the Essence of Life
“The highest mountain is itself.”
Noble, elegant, and self-confidence, this is the most dazzling light of independent women, is also a mysterious nature to give Amulette de Cartier Lapis lazuli works of power Cartier love bracelet replica. In the dream trip, the board of the Himalayas He Sui Pu Pu Guizhen to dressed in white with a lapis lazuli necklace, in between the quiet world, and inner dialogue, insights of the true meaning of life.
“Happy Light” Pink Opal – Encounter fairy tale love
“The story of the fairy tale, not necessarily deceptive.”
Pink dreams, not related to age. The power of love has always existed. Amulette de Cartier pink opal exudes the light of happiness Cartier love ring replica, in the pursuit of love in the journey, to encounter the lucky and courage to encounter courage. Merry-go-round spike like every girl in love, in the background of pink opal, innocent and sweet, true and brave.
“Light of Vitality” Red Chalcedony – Arriving at the Other Side of the Dream
“The sea between heaven and earth, the wind and waves.”
Red Chalcedony, in Latin “flesh and blood,” meaning, representing the fearless self. Amulette de Cartier Red chalcedony works in a fiery red color that gives you a warm and energetic energy. In the ups and downs of the dream trip, He Sui and red chalcedony with the wind and waves, as fearless warriors, direct access to the ideal side.
Amulettede Cartier series of red chalcedony works under the guardian of the time, Ho in the waves of the sea wind and waves, direct access to the ideal side.
In order to bring every unique beauty of the unique guardian of women, Amulette de Cartier series also presents a new two precious material – Ambilight color carved gold guilloche Replica Cartier jewelry, such as the sun as bright glow bloom; from cherished wood Of the snake wood grain, noble extraordinary, bring angelic lucky guardian.
By dream journey, never stopped. At this moment, in the Cartier Amulette de Cartier series under the guard, immediately leave, emitting a unique light.
Mother’s Day, the election of what kind of gift to express gratitude? Than easily withered flowers, jewelry is undoubtedly the best gift, both the preservation of value, but also to meet the mother also want to beauty of the state of mind. The different materials of jewelry, mothers can also show a different style imitation cartier love bracelet.


Women buy table required 2016 most notable 20 female table

Women buy table required 2016 most notable 20 female table
Patek Calatrava Ref. 7121 wrist watch, this is a patek philippe ladies’ the moon watches the new members of the series. To pay attention to fashion, confident modern woman, now mechanical watch is the undisputed choice for them. If you can add a complex function, the more perfect. If again bloomed in the bright light of diamonds, it is a dream come true. Patek philippe’s new manual waxing moon phase display Calatrava lady’s wrist was a blend of these three elements. The watch by classical elegance, gold material Calatrava will visit round watchcase, is particularly captivating.
Rolex oyster type constant dynamic women’s log pearl lady wrist watch, in 2006, held in salzburg, the 250th anniversary of Mozart music party, a famous mezzo-soprano singer Cecilia bartow li (Cecilia Bartoli) singing Mozart’s famous “joy exult (Exsultate, Jubilate) when wearing a diamond model of constant dynamic women’s Cartier nail bracelet replica log pearl oyster type lady wrist watch. In 2016, the Basel table show, new rolex oyster perpetual motion type female type log pearl lady wrist watch, combine precious material and colorful gems. Watch case and band by 18 ct eternal rose gold rolex casting, with 18 ct white outer ring and gold watchband chain link, and set with diamonds. This stunning jewelry watches on the surface of decorated with black or white mother of pearl, golden lotus pattern with pink.
Crash of Cartier watches, London in 1967, during the “Swinging London” (Swinging London) gold period of agitation, predictably, was born in the year of the Crash wrist watch, naturally the agitation of the free s as active and independent. Story originated from a customer to a damage in the accident of Cartier watches back to repair, the Cartier, director of the London jean-jacques Cartier (Jean – Jacques Cartier) has been attracted to watch case after deformation, copy it, so watch of wrist of Crash was born. Crash (impact) means the psychological shock, the prominence of the rebellion, the pursuit of freedom of innovation! In 2016, the Crash wrist paragraphs launched four new limited table, match for the first time by the water droplets form white K gold or water droplets form rose K gold create a fine watch, brilliant, outstanding. In another more rare and precious in the table, the whole chain is paved with bright beauty.
Chanel watch “Premiere”, 18 k yellow gold bracelet, launched in 1987, the Premiere of wrist, is chanel watch of wrist of the first paragraph. Will this table named PREMIERE not only because this is the cause of chanel launched the first wrist watch, but also to the hail to the chief tailor PREMIERE “chanel. Its unique octagonal dial, sapphirine crystal, classic design inspiration comes from the N ° 5 perfume bottle caps and Paris fang Place (Place Vendome). The shape of the table 1 K gold link table was Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica invited to for a generation of Hollywood actress Greta Garbo (Greta Garbo) design.” Fang ritz hotel near the place “byhermother Frances shand kydd Anna fame because Britain, luxury suites and ritz hotel top floor is ms chanel’s permanent” sweet “the women. Her clever noble flavor to the modelling of anise combine with Cain, at the same time also on the feelings of her” homesickness “. This series will fire this year.
Omega Ladymatic table, since 2010, omega Ladymatic female table with its charming appearance design become the representative of omega female table. Female Ladymatic table the 34 mm polishing stainless steel casing, white, rose or black ceramic ring of originality lies between outer decoration corrugated and inner ring watchcase main body. Each watches are collocation and dial color corresponds to the satin strap or polished stainless steel bracelet. Female Ladymatic table dial decorated with chic the sun’s rays of light, shining exception. 11 hours scale with 18 k platinum arched trough of diamonds to reflect on, blossom colorful, also has calendar window at 3 position.
Bulgari Bulgari Bulgari Catene female table series, Bulgari product focus this year Bulgari Bulgari series, the series is the most outstanding female table new Catene wrist watch will naturally become a hot topic this year female table. Relative to the wrist watch, more like a suction eye accessories, in showing tabulation technology at the same time show the craftsmanship of gold and silver details. Each Bulgari Bulgari series new wristwatch modelling is the brand of traditional inheritance, including the Catene wrist watch and chain link design. Exquisite imitation cartier love bracelet bracelet can greatly in women between two laps around the wrist, the part of a diamond-encrusted link incorporates brand watchmaker and jewelry all virtuosity. 18 k rose gold double Bulgari logo bezel, 12 shining diamond timing in soft pearl fritillaria, more dazzling and dazzing, breathtaking.
Product family rendez-vous Celestial dating series star wrist watch. The starry sky, always lead your valley watchmaker, strong curiosity, become their pursuit to explore the topic. Product family founder Anthony le Scott also obsessed with the nature, the Milky Way, the constellation of mysterious and vast, as a genius inventor, he end his life, the pursuit of perfection and harmony. The creation of his unremitting spirit become rendez-vous Celestial dating series wrist watch the stars creative purpose. Watch of wrist of 18 k white gold watchcase diplomatically presented beauty and the charm. Wrist watch like the stars shining, shining diamond from watchcase part extends to the crown and the bezel, finally cheng fang on the number of the corolla. Emotional displays the beauty of a rare process dial and hour circle arc present a beautiful secret astronomical landscape, precious materials and artistically depth of lapis lazuli disk marked with signs here. Poetry also fly sky meteor: the beauty of a horse inlaid on the crown, turn gently only, can rotate the stars set, personalized adjustment on constellation chart. New wrist watch is a perfect astronomical observatory, in order to show Cartier love bracelet replica incisively and vividly astronomical theme, the dial is also equipped with the constellation calendar, indicating and corresponding throughout the year, constellation in through the years has always been to adjust display system and time measurement. The wrist watch with product type 809 automatic mechanical movement on the chain, in 23 hours 56 minutes 04 seconds a lap speed rotating star wheel, subtle and difficult to detect.
Breguet Reine DE Naples “Day/Night” 8998 shows women’s watch, Day and Night in all treasure ji clock work, Reine DE series of Naples (napoli queen) has been in poetry aesthetic characteristics. Her unique not only comes from on behalf of all the egg-shaped modelling of the source of life, but also because of, a series of complicated watches are women wristwatch exclusive design. Treasure ji new Reine DE Naples Day/Night show ladies watch Day and Night, emotional desire of brinkmanship between the sun and moon, act on the dial up the dance of the grandeur of the time. Therefore, breguet movement developed the new patent technology, layout of double face, according to a display time in traditional way, the second display, day and night time complex function. In order to present the airport of fantasy scenes, and treasure ji choose green Jin Shipan represents the blue sky, the white clouds in the blue sky on embedded natural mother-of-pearl, gold stars, and manual engraving titanium moon pattern. Stars of the sky, however, is the shining sun, all cutting on the surface of the balance wheel rim reflect plumes of golden light like the sun. With balance balance wheel operation, all day, from a bridge between the steel table penetrate through, the sun projected on the minute hand, when face to face with titanium the moon, the sun’s glorious culmination, as if in love, and the moon also with gentle back.
DIOR VIII GRAND BAL PLUME senior watch series, golden feathers, white high-tech precision ceramics. “I dream of becoming an architect; as a fashion Fake Cartier love bracelet designer, I have to respect the basic principles of architecture.” Mr Dior’s comments are still affecting the Swiss Les Ateliers Horlogers Dior studio, is also a clear-cut Dior VIII senior watch series of inspiration: delicate fruity, bracelet using small Angle of ceramic pyramid of the cone. Modeling vivid, elegant temperament of Dior VIII series reminiscent of classic Bar coat. The name itself seems to have demonstrated Mr Dior for believe in lucky Numbers, can not help but make people think of October 8, 1946 he area eighth avenue montaigne in Paris to create their own haute couture clothing brands, and for the first fashion series named “En Huit” (for “eight”). “Dinner” running Dior Inverse movement, on the dial is equipped with front practical tuo, dancing like a PROM dress. Dior VIII has undoubtedly become an excellent representative of Dior watches.