Today for everyone to recommend three from Breguet classic series of watches

Breguet Classique classic series of watch inspired by Mr. Breguet’s design style, accurate travel time, elegant and smooth lines make this series of watch technology as a model in the watchmaking. And superb watch skills will be complex movement placed in the slim watch which, thus becoming a respected fine watch.

Breguet Classic Series 5247BB / 29 / 9V6 watch

39 mm table diameter, the case of the material used for the 18K white gold Cartier love bracelet replica, the crown is located on the right side of the watch, gear pattern, and printed with Breguet LOGO, crown up and down with timing buttons. Round white dial is the use of Breguet original Arabic numerals as a time scale, and with the blue Breguet pointer, three o’clock direction is 30 minutes time disk, nine o’clock direction is a small seconds. Equipped with Breguet produced model Cal.533.3 movement, diameter of 27.6 mm, thickness of 12 mm, the use of 23 gems, providing 48 hours of power storage. Black leather material strap and folding buckle with together. Provide 30 meters waterproofing depth.

Breguet CHRONOMÉTRIE 7727 Series 7727BR / 12 / 9WU watch

The watch watch diameter of 41 mm, the case using 18K rose gold as the material, the watch side is the coin pattern, crown printed on the Breguet LOGO. The silver-colored round dial is decorated with a wavy pattern, and the time scale is a Roman numeral, and the pointer is still a blue Breguet pointer. Dial with a small seconds and timing disk, five o’clock direction with a power storage disk. Equipped with the model Cal.574DR movement, produced by the Breguet, the use of 45 gems, providing 60 hours of power storage. Dark brown leather material strap to bring out the noble qualities of rose gold. The watch provides 30 meters of water depth.

Breguet CLASSIQUE 5287 series 5287BB / 92 / 9ZU watch

The watch watch diameter of 42.5 mm, case thickness of 12.1 mm, case using 18K white gold for the material, the crown and timing buttons are designed on the right side of the watch. Dark gray round silver-plated dial, hand-engraved with the rules of texture as a decoration. To Roman numerals as a time scale, in the digital circle with speed display. White Breguet pointer, red second hand for the watch to provide a trace of vitality. There are thirty minutes of dial and small seconds on the dial. Equipped with models 533,3 movement, the use of 24 stones, providing 48 hours of power storage. Black leather strap with 18K white gold buckle. Backpack type back cover design, providing 30 meters waterproof depth.

Summary: Today for everyone to recommend three from Breguet classic series of Cartier love ring replica, can reflect the Breguet watch design and production process. Since the creation of Breguet, its unique design and superb precision timing function makes numerous celebrity employers are dumped. If there are one or two Breguet classic series of watches, to attend the official occasion absolutely no words.

Breguet mentioned Classique classic series of watches, and more will think of thin case with a simple dial and blue steel Breguet needle. And Breguet’s classic series is not just limited to men’s watch, Breguet’s classic series of women’s watch is not just in its classic men’s watch inlaid with some precious stones only. Today, the watch home for everyone to bring a Breguet classic series of ladies watch.

This watch with the Breguet 7788BR / 29 / 9V6 / DD00 in appearance is no different, the only difference is to reduce the diameter of the case to 36 mm, watch bezel and lugs inlaid with 96 fine beauty Drill, weighing about 0.768 karats, in the restraint in the blooming dazzling light.

Case diameter 36 mm
This watch case to 18k rose gold to build, case diameter 36 mm, thickness 10.2 mm, small and slim. Clean “big fire” white enamel dial, blue steel needle and Breguet phase, continue Breguet unique style. Equipped with Breguet Cal. 591DRL self-winding movement.

18k rose gear crown
18k rose to create a gear-type crown shape simple and elegant, so that the case is more elegant, polished polished crown top embossed Breguet brand Logo.

Brown crocodile leather strap
Brown crocodile leather strap, tidy and beautiful texture and the use of brown suture, fine workmanship.

9 o’clock position with adjustable moon phase button
10.2 mm side of the case with Breguet consistent and classic coin pattern modification, high degree of recognition. 9 o’clock position with a moon adjustment button, you need to use special tools to adjust. Beveled bezel inlaid with a circle of fine diamonds, light in the light of 80 diamonds exudes a bright light.

Clasp is also made from rose gold
Clasp also by the rose gold to create, using folding design, wearing a simple and comfortable. Polished polished clasp engraved with Breguet’s brand Logo.

Welded rounded corners
Breguet is a classic style of welding rounded corners, small and lovely, fine grinding will be the unique Cartier nail bracelet replica charm of rose gold material exposed, comfortable to wear, with a bolt to fix the strap. Each ear is also inlaid with four fine diamonds.

White “big fire” enamel dial
White “big fire” enamel dial, disk layout elegant and simple, showing clear. Breguet-style hollow eccentric “moon-shaped” blue steel pointer instructions minutes and seconds of information, minute scale with a small star instead, every five minutes still fashionable iris decoration. 12 o’clock position on the moon phase display window, rose gold material “smile” moon and both sides of the stars wandering in the blue sky. The next phase will be divided into 29 semi-space, you can clearly understand the next profit and loss from the remaining days. Power storage display at the three o’clock position on the dial, with blue steel arrow instructions to provide 38 hours of power reserve.

Cal.591DRL self-winding movement
Breguet Cal.591DRL self-winding movement thickness of only 3.02 mm, composed of 217 parts. Movement of the use of silicon material escapement and balance wheel hairspring, light weight, no lubrication and no magnetic interference, to ensure precision when the performance. The moving parts are decorated with Geneva and the scales, and are equipped with double barrels.


watch performance is also increasing the price is also opened accordingly

Yu-ship MP-05 LaFerrari limited mechanical watch introduced
Yu-ship MP-05 LaFerrari limited mechanical watch is a famous watch brand HUBLOT (Yu-ship) launched in 2013, called MP-05 LaFerrari limited mechanical watch, 14 years and launched a titanium yellow plate , And the use of luminous coating on the digital scale, compared to the first generation of red version easier to read the time. Limited edition of 50, highlighting a rare thing. Its movement is designed, developed and produced independently by the watchmakers and engineers of Yuhua Watch Factory Cartier nail bracelet replica to pay tribute to Ferrari’s special limited series sports car “LaFerrari”.
Li Chen Tong Yu-ship MP-05 LaFerrari limited mechanical watch introduced
Whether from the technical or design point of view, Yu-ship table MP-05 “LaFerrari” watch with the same name Ferrari sports car has the same excellent quality. The co-operation of the watchmaker and the Ferrari team makes the watch and the car work together. The movement is equipped with no less than 637 parts, while carrying the tourbillon movement, the internal 11 barrels such as spine arranged in rows and connected to each other, will not affect the same time and can support each other, so the power reserve can reach 50 Days, these features enough to make this watch proud, called the concept of excellence watch.
Hours and minutes are shown on the right side of the barrel, and they are also indicated by a black anodized aluminum column. The columnar on the left side of the barrel is used to display power storage. The red inlays on both sides of the columnar are made of red anodized aluminum, inspired by the red mark of the Ferrari. Such a complicated way, presumably liberal arts students will cry it? Must have to wear a high price of the big black cattle just want to use it to enhance the “watch”, what time we really do not care.
Shirley watches where the production
Oriental Double Lion (ORIENT) was founded in 1950, has been committed to the development of technology, the creation of different styles of watches, double lion watches are one of Japan’s three major brand watches, Japan and export sales of the top two. Oriental Shuang Lion watches in China 80 years is the mainstream watch brand. Long before entering the Chinese market, the old Japanese brand table, because of its trademark LOGO is two lions, formerly known as the “double lion” brand in China.
Shirley watches where the production
The predecessor of the Double Lion watch dates back to the “Yoshida Time Shop” set up in Ueno City in Tokyo in 1901 (Meiji 34) and the establishment of the Toyo Timepiece Replica Cartier jewelry factory in 1920. Toyo timemeter factory in 1934 also began to manufacture and manufacture of watches, and in 1936, the establishment of the Tokyo Hino factory, focusing on the production of watches. In July 1950, Toyo was established in Tokyo Hino City, “Dumault Meters Co., Ltd.” and in 1951 to change the company name: Orient Watch Co., Ltd. officially began selling the name of Orient watches.
What are the series of double lion watches?
Shuangshi watches follow the trend, and constantly develop a number of new products, its series includes the traditional series, sports series, fashion series, DISK series, fashion series, SP series, iO series and so on. However, with the emergence of different watches, watch performance is also increasing, the price is also opened accordingly. Shuang Lion watches the lowest price of more than 1000 yuan.
What is the best series of Longines?
Longines is a famous watch brand, its style a lot, superior quality. Very popular with consumers. So what is the best series of Longines? The following watch home to tell you!
Longines Dai Chuo Wiener series
Longines Dai Chuo Wiener series also combines the simple lines of the 1930s and the rich charm of the 1950s. This Swiss watch brand to exquisite beauty of the Italian spirit, full of inspiration Seiko secret agents, unique style of fashion, to create a series of unique style of timepieces works, the performance of the life of the Qin enjoy and joy. Longines designers and watchmakers in the abstract ideas, will be strict geometric rules into a sway of ultra-beautiful – to create a new standard, eternal fashion Longines Dai Chuo Wiener series watch.
Longines heart month series
Spring night, white moonlight, such as stars, like, to the transit, but also quietly hidden. Everything is like a symbol of the passing time and the flow of time. Round and bright moon is fascinated, and the new Longines heart month series, it is the silver star of this praise. Delicate and concise dial, so that the watch silhouette more soft; bright overflow of diamonds, watch for the more moving style. Its magical charm of elegance to attract all portrait of modern elegance elegant fashion women.
Longines Les Elegantes watch series
The 1920s design style was created in the twentieth century as the most delicate fashion trend. Decoration of the art of free creation and fantasy space to create an immortal artistic style, but also affected the 20’s tabulation process. And as ever, Longines from the old art trend of inspiration, elegant and elegant design of the ladies, to create three interpretation of the essence of the 20’s watch – LONGines Les Elegantes watch series.
Longines Comcast series
Longines Kang Kasi series is the essence of Longines movement elegant essence. Unique beauty of the bezel, convex crown and chain are ceramic material, exquisite and unique. This beautiful material will be long-lasting charm and innovative technology perfect blend in one. Longines Kang Kasi series made of stainless steel and ceramics, the perfect embodiment of the powerful features and elegant temperament of the matchless, its excellent technical characteristics, but also to meet the most demanding sports people’s requirements. Whether it is in the most fashionable night party, or in the distinguished horse above the stands, this solemn and delicate watch will definitely exudes a remarkable style.
Longines Suimiya series
Since 1832 settled in the Sui Yiya (Saint-Imier), Longines that with the village to establish a very close relationship, which is regarded as the company’s conduct and the source of development. As the only one founded and still in the Saint-Imier watchmaking company, Longines always adhere to their own values: tradition, elegance and movement. Today, Longines introduced to Saint-Imier named series of watches, these Zhuoer extraordinary mechanical watches, that is, from the birth of this brilliant pure watch the traditional fertile soil, the growth of the time essence.
Longines watchmaker series
2005 launched the Longines Mingjiang series, is the brand for many years accumulated superb technology and experience refining from the masterpiece, witnessed more than two centuries of tabulation achievements. This series of watches with a number of excellent features, meticulous pondering.
Longines Longge series
In 2004 launched the Longines “Lang Ge” series filled with Italian style. Design inspiration from the resort near the Mediterranean, both in appearance and function also reveals the intoxicating feelings.
Longines Collection Series
Who can forget the 1920s? It was a world of changing times, and there were breakthroughs in many areas. The artist enjoyed incredible freedom, and the designer was no exception. Fashion and design abandoned for centuries of harsh dogma, each individual accessories have become more compact, simple, fashionable. The latest Longines Collection series of male and female watches is precisely from this magnificent custom and fashion transfer movement to learn inspiration. However, although the Longines collection series design inspiration from the 1925 classical watches, the barrel shape can be traced back to the 1911 produced watches.
Above a few examples of Longines series, then what is the best series of Longines? Each series which have a story between them, and which series than any series of good words, each series which are unique, See everyone like it.


Rolex watch diving series with a lock to the table is particularly loved by the table fans

Rolex watch diving series, with a lock to the table is particularly loved by the table fans, the so-called “lock” refers to the Rolex watch table buckle, and therefore also called the screwdriver table, it is somewhat similar to the bottle cover The The seal of the watch is usually made two, one in the table head, the other in the handle tube or handle shaft.
The structure and function of the Rolex watch
“Lock the” watch usually to press it tighten, tighten the direction of the majority of the spin, but also have a reverse rotation, when the need to watch the winding or dial, it is necessary to unscrew the table, Automatically pops up. This type of table handle is two sections, the table head with the root tube, slightly thick, there is a small spring, the handle of the end of the stem is a 6 square, and the table head of the tube is a 6, the table head drive Handle axis rotation is by the 6 side of the match.
When the table into the table, the table head tube of the spring is compressed, inside and outside the two 6 side off, so when the tightening of the table when the movement is not on the movement. Watches are used to “lock the” structure, the purpose is to improve the sealing and waterproof Cartier love bracelet replica performance. About more than 50M waterproof indicators, diving series are mostly used in such a table, the typical is ROLEX Rolex watches. Ordinary watches, in the table to waterproof measures, only in the table head with a small “O” ring, by the circle and handle the head with, to achieve the role of closed. As the use of the table is relatively high frequency, in the long-term use, “O” ring will produce aging and wear, it will lead to bad watch seal, which is why the general watch the location of the water, reason.
Another problem, the general handle of the head of the handle is simply pressed by the mounted on the case, and “lock” watch the handle tube is threaded, it is screwed into the case, so sealing performance Very reliable. Some watch with the code function of the watch, and even the three table are made with a lock.
“Lock” watch structure is more complex, so more likely to damage, and this is usually used to wear a great relationship, the more common faults are the following.
(1) handle head tube off, said above, “lock” watch the handle tube is screwed into the case by the screw, it should also smear point oxide, it is off and the use of improperly have a great relationship The Mainly when the table is screwed into the time, always forced too large, resulting in the handle tube and the case with the fastness of the poor, long past, and finally in the withdrawal of the table when the handle to the head tube out, Also exposed a hole, the watch is not waterproof.
(2) between the table and handle the head of the thread buckle buckle, the table into the feel when the strenuous, or tightly found when the head is crooked. The problem is long-term screw into the table when the buckle is not correct, the correct way is, gently press the table, slowly rotate it, if the feeling of resistance, it should be re-bit rotation The
(3) when the table tightened, the handle in the head can not stay, the old out of the bomb, the problem is also caused by damage to the screw, or the table was thrown, there is deformation; also may be the table to the internal organs too More, but this can be resolved by cleaning.
(4) the table in the chord or dial when there is a sense of slippage, giggling, the reason is the table head tube within the 6 side damage caused by the more common is the pipe cracks or expansion, it can not normally move the handle Axis, to the needle and winding. No other good way to solve, repair can only go to replace the new Cartier love ring replica table head, in order to avoid a similar problem, the operation of the table, the action must be light and slow, feeling hindered the first pull back the needle, and then dial. I remember the early years when I learned the car, which coach master usually love to say a word: “slow, slow, slow, a slow all have”, this is used in the watch, but also very suitable, of course, even light.
(5) table only to set the needle or adjust the calendar, and can not be winding, the problem should be the head of the head tube spring elasticity is not good, the arbor can not be completely ejected, resulting in the machine with not in place, the equivalent of the handle Short of the kind of phenomenon, the solution can be done to try cleaning a refueling.
In short, the “lock” watch in the use of wear, must be more careful, the operation must not be too hard, regularly appropriate to the table to add a little waterproof silicone oil, clean the handle on the head of the button, is also a good The maintenance method.
Tissot mechanical watch power source is the clockwork of the watch, under normal circumstances the mechanical watch full of the clock can operate 36 hours. If the lack of motivation will cause the watch to stop the situation. So how do the winding Timor mechanical watch? The following watch home to tell you!
For the first time you use: Rotate the handle 20-30 times, so that the winding winding. Tissot mechanical watch through the human body swing winding, but now people living very little moving, so if you do not often walk the best manual winding.In addition, for a shuttle has been stopped Tissot watches or new handsome Tissot watch, before wearing must be manual On the 25-35 chord, so that the winding in the full string state, and then use will be more stable.As a result of automatic watches, so watch the clock box has protective measures to prevent the transition winding caused by the possibility of broken strings to the automatic Tissot watch winding did not end Of the time, generally 25-35 under the.
Automatic mechanical watch, as long as your exercise enough, it is advocated as little as possible to use Cartier nail bracelet replica the hand to send the winding, because hand dial on the winding, need to drive a lot of automatic wheel rotation, automatic parts is very easy to wear, so that customers increase unnecessary maintenance cost.
Manual mechanical watch is usually rotated by the crown, to tighten the watch inside the winding, the spring system to release the kinetic energy to drive the watch timing function. All of these processes are done by mechanical principles and construction.
The full winding can usually make the watch walk about 30 hours, the longest or even up to eight days or more. If you want to watch the non-stop operation, you need to pay attention to tighten the winding at any time; but excessive tightening the clock will lead to damage to the watch, it is usually recommended only one day winding, and even some people suggested that the same time every day , The reason is that different temperatures for the clock will have an impact, so that better maintenance of watches.


Gifthacs offers imitation Cartier love bracelet is not only suitable for multi-role women in social occasions and friends gathered to wear

God is fair, happiness is the courage to pursue people. For women, even more so. Now this era will be the most beautiful woman of the times, Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry interpretation of the greatest significance of a woman’s pursuit of beauty and dreams. It is not only suitable for women to wear in a grand occasion, highlighting the luxury fashion Cartier love bracelet replica itself, but also in different occasions on a daily basis, with the perfect fit fashion.

Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry will be cutting-edge technology and fashion design perfect fusion to gold-plated jewelry, mainly artificial stones, combined with exquisite inlay technology, highly dynamic elements, received the world’s people sought after. Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry fashion trend of integration of a variety of cultural elements and Cartier love ring replica product concept, with Chinese and Western cultural style. Product design excellence, and very attention to detail. Jewelry perfect design so that each product a dazzling, filled with gorgeous party color and youthful atmosphere, not only has the value of wear, more artistic taste.

When a woman inadvertently found Cartier nail bracelet replica, will love at first sight. Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry for its unique scientific and technological innovation, special materials and fashion modeling in the world far ahead. It is the Variety of styles, avant-garde design, perfect exquisite shape, has won the favor of every fashion people. Van Cleef & Arpels not only for the many ladies found their own beauty jewelry, Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry designers to make every natural charm and bright light to enjoy bloom.

In today’s fashion jewelry design has become a symbol of contemporary female identity and taste, almost every woman has its own several jewelry, show different styles of gorgeous style. With the progress of the times,

Modern women are no longer satisfied with just having their own wardrobe as simple, but more and more pursuit of higher standards of fashion.

Gifthacs offers imitation Cartier love bracelet is not only suitable for multi-role women in social occasions and friends gathered to wear, more suitable for most women, a large number of collections.

Replica Cartier jewelry with the most environmentally friendly materials, the most well-known craftsmen, the most exquisite craftsmanship, do everything we can to create a miracle of fashion; let a woman’s beauty completely released, like a beautiful butterfly cocoon out, The interpretation of a beautiful legend through time and space.


The name of the 5th handicraft fair is: 2017 The 13th China Qingdao International Gift Crafts Home Products Expo

The name of the 5th handicraft fair is: 2017 The 13th China Qingdao International Gift Crafts Home Products Expo, the start date of this meeting is June 1, 2012, to the end of June 3, held in Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center The According to the organizers of the introduction, the basic information of this Council is as follows: the previous situation: According to the statistics of the scene turnover of 93 million yuan, intention to deal and delivery orders up to 1.81 billion yuan. The previous situation: exhibitors on the organizing committee of the organization to give affirmative, regardless of the audience level, the number of buyers, on-site service and so expressed Cartier love bracelet replica satisfaction in 2017 and then exhibitors expected to reach more than 85% The Industry background: strong economic strength, mature consumer market, a huge customer base and broad market prospects for high-quality ceremony Fair laid a solid foundation. Handicrafts show: Qingdao and South Korea, Japan across the sea, is the largest distribution center in Japan and South Korea merchants, as of the end of 2017, Japan’s investment enterprises in Qingdao 1883, South Korea’s investment enterprises in Qingdao 11226; In addition, Qingdao has a large number of China Well-known enterprises, such as Haier, Hisense, Tsingtao, Aucma, Yizhong, Qinggang, Double Star, Liqun, Qingdao Port (Group), Qingdao Construction Group, Qili Group. Qingdao is the 2008 Olympic Games sailing regatta, 2014 World Horticultural Exposition held, Vitality of the city, “one of the Bohai Sea economic circle of the central city, China’s five major foreign trade port
First, the most important foreign trade window in northern China, with more than 130 countries and regions in the world more than 450 ports have trade. Xiaobian arranged the scope of exhibits provided by the organizers, which is roughly the following, including your handicrafts: gifts; gifts; promotional items; advertising gifts; advertising; electronic gifts; business gifts; souvenirs; craft gifts; Christmas gifts Jewelry; jewelry; jewelry; prizes; trophies; pottery; glass; crystal; porcelain; leather goods; luggage; watches and clocks; crafts; metal crafts; ceramics; ceramic craft; jewelry; jewelry craft; sculpture sculpture; Artificial arts; wood crafts; wood; rattan iron products; iron products; artificial flowers; artificial flowers; flowers; umbrella fan bamboo; jade; jewelry; Natural agate; agate to participate in the handicrafts show friends, you can pay attention to the price: standard booth price 1: 6800 yuan special price 1: 700 yuan / square meter foreign standard booth price 1: 2000 US foreign special price 1: 200 USD / square meter
The name of the 6th Handicrafts Fair is: 2017 The 5th China (Qingdao) International Cartier love ring replica Gifts, Handicrafts and Housewares Expo, the start date of this meeting is September 2, 2012, to the end of September 5, at Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center held. Exhibition area of about 13,900 square meters. According to the organizers, the basic information of this Council is as follows: Last situation: Shandong Province is China’s coastal economic province, the economy ranked second in the country, is China’s largest manufacturing province, has become a world-class manufacturing The Shandong Peninsula is the bridgehead of Bohai Bay and Japan, South Korea and other developed countries economic exchange, with the gradual implementation of the blue economy strategy of Shandong Peninsula, Shandong Peninsula’s rapid economic growth will get more opportunities. Industry background: strong economic strength, mature consumer market, a huge customer base and broad market prospects for the holding of high-quality professional exposition laid a solid foundation. Handicrafts show: Qingdao and South Korea, Japan across the sea, is the largest distribution center in Japan and South Korea merchants, as of the end of 2010, Japan, nearly 2,000 investment companies in Qingdao, South Korea invested more than 10,000 enterprises in Qingdao; Known domestic and foreign enterprises, such as Haier, Hisense, Yizhong, Tsingtao, Qingdao Port (Group), Green Steel, Aucma, Double Star, Qili Group, Liqun, Qingjian Group. Handicrafts show: Qingdao, Shandong Peninsula is the leading economic development of the city, is also known in the “sailing capital”, “brand capital”; “China, Japan and South Korea” economic exchanges in the most active cities, China’s most competitive China’s top ten brands exhibition city, the national historical and cultural city; is the 2008 Olympic Games sailing competition, 2017 World Horticultural Exposition held city. Handicrafts exhibition prospects: brand handicrafts Replica Cartier jewelry exhibition, a full range of investment promotion! Welcome home and abroad exhibitors visit, win-win business opportunities!
The third part: we together to make handicrafts show more valuable


March of Beijing, fashion has become synonymous with this fashion capital. In the Beijing Hotel and “798”

March of Beijing, fashion has become synonymous with this fashion capital. In the Beijing Hotel and “798” held in China International Fashion Week 09 0 0 autumn and winter series of activities, dancing the entire fashion industry, for the sluggish economy and the “gray mood” to infinite vitality and vitality, but also to countless professional designers And the teachers and students of the school hastened to travel back and forth. In the hurry of the pace, we walked into the fashion week, not only feel its fashion charm, but also its “potential effect.”
Fashion Week can also stimulate consumption
With the further spread of the financial crisis, exports blocked, domestic sales intensified, especially in the textile and garment industry, it is caught in the trough. London Fashion Week because many brands cancel the catwalk, than the original schedule shrunk for a Cartier love bracelet replica whole day; New York Fashion Week at least 30 brands launched; and Tokyo Fashion Week is directly announced to cancel the activities. To the major fashion week for the benchmark world fashion industry, the decline is a foregone conclusion, but in Beijing Fashion Week, where the scenery alone.
“Although the slow economic growth, the global economic weakness, but in fact, in the integrated clothing consumption level, the market is not much shrink.” The so-called ‘frugality’, also refers to the high-end level, the clothes can not wear, rice can not eat, This is the last word. “China Fashion Designers Association Chairman Wang Qing stressed that” want to specifically evaluate a fashion week to drive the number of domestic demand, to promote the number of consumption is not objective, any research institutions to give the figures are not credible. But the fashion week on the domestic demand is indeed there.It attracts people’s attention, enhance the brand awareness and reputation. Promote the excellent design to the actual product changes. Take underwear as an example, we talk about the financial crisis , But people save, it is estimated that no province underwear.Every fashion week, what is the most eye – catching activities? Lingerie show ah, these are real eye irritation and consumption stimulus.
It is understood that this fashion week has more than 500 professional fashion model will show the media, businessmen and professionals from the Chinese and foreign nearly 20 fashion brands and designers of the latest design work, during which will also hold two fashion Replica Cartier love bracelet design contest final and 1 award winning designer works released, four Chinese and foreign well-known institutions graduate design works released and 16 press releases, salon forums, music parties and lectures, its impact and driven “butterfly effect” can be imagined. No wonder Wang Qing so confident.
A stage multi-field play
Fashion Week so that clothing into the fashion, but also to countless designers, fashion and brand out from here, it makes China’s fashion industry here, “reborn”, with more than a decade to catch up with the world trend.
Chinese designer brand is in this stage to grow up. This year, in the participation of China International Fashion Week 09/10 autumn and winter series of domestic brands, people are not concerned about those big brands, but to “carbine”, “Jie Shi” as the representative of the unique designer brand. They are in China’s unique environment, there is no large consortium support, in the creative culture industry appeared on a large scale, although the majority of the small size, positioning in the minority consumption, but its unique design features, Less consumer.
China Fashion Design Competition has become an indispensable part of China’s garment industry structure, China’s early generation of fashion designers until now most of the well-known young designers, mostly in all kinds of fashion design competition come to the fore. By the China Fashion Designers Association hosted the “Chinese Hemp Award” China International Youth Designer Fashion Competition, “Ou Di Fen Cup” China underwear element innovation design contest and other competitions for the young designers to provide a self-display stage, in these The title of the professional design competition, covering women’s clothing, casual wear, denim, underwear, fashion paintings and many other categories, Fashion Week has become at home and abroad the growing influence of the selection of special talent.
Also, actively looking for opportunities in the fashion week, as well as those “academics”. Every year’s fashion week, they are the most loyal followers and participants. In the China International Fashion Week 09/10 autumn and winter series of activities, there are the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts Cartier love bracelet replica, Beijing Institute of Clothing, Zhejiang University of Technology College of clothing and other four well-known clothing professional institutions graduate works released. Fashion Week graduation works show, not only to promote the hospital supply and demand of both sides of the exchange and cooperation, but also to improve the employment rate of graduates this year has a positive real effect.
Wang Qing pointed out that “from the international experience, Fashion Week for fashion, the impact of the popular is very large, even for some of the luxury brand is also very large, and we have just begun.


People think that in 2016 will usher in the post-quota era will bring a large expansion of textile and apparel trade

The trend of cross-border procurement shift fade

People think that in 2016 will usher in the post-quota era will bring a large expansion of textile and apparel trade, followed by the special safeguard measures sticks frequently. However, the worse reality is that the news came from all sides this year, showing a new Cartier love bracelet replica trend in Europe and the United States textile and apparel transnational procurement business is accelerating the transfer from China.
Li & Fung in more than 40 countries around the world operating the procurement of raw materials, the amount of annual procurement agents nearly 1  billion US dollars. The Li & Fung Group’s catalogs range from fashion and home furnishings to sporting goods and tourism products. Clothing is the main category.
However, it is reported that the current Li & Fung company from India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan exhibition is also just held in Shanghai, the integration easier. And we are also concerned about another year in Pudong in the same period of poor performance of the multinational procurement exhibition (Shanghai Hoya Qi dragon exhibition company).
In fact, the Chinese people do not lack the flexibility to face the reality of the Cartier love ring replica market. Only, rather as a beheaded, not for the Pteris poached state of mind so that everyone would have looked forward to become the chief, but unexpectedly always two defeats, or even lose a few.
So unfortunately, many of the integration of the procurement volume has increased by 40%. The company said publicly that China has inflationary pressures, product prices rose an average of 2% to 3%, is no longer the lowest cost in the Asian countries.
Therefore, Li & Fung began to gradually establish business in the South Asian region, the gradual transfer of imitation cartier love bracelet business in China in order to be able to offer customers lower prices of products.
Of course, China’s strong advantage can not be lost in just a few years. Therefore, China has not yet caused panic.
More pressure from China’s manufacturers in the international value chain in the lower level, is replaced by strong, so once the sign of trouble on the sudden rapid reflection to the enterprise.


Women buy table required 2016 most notable 20 female table

Women buy table required 2016 most notable 20 female table
Patek Calatrava Ref. 7121 wrist watch, this is a patek philippe ladies’ the moon watches the new members of the series. To pay attention to fashion, confident modern woman, now mechanical watch is the undisputed choice for them. If you can add a complex function, the more perfect. If again bloomed in the bright light of diamonds, it is a dream come true. Patek philippe’s new manual waxing moon phase display Calatrava lady’s wrist was a blend of these three elements. The watch by classical elegance, gold material Calatrava will visit round watchcase, is particularly captivating.
Rolex oyster type constant dynamic women’s log pearl lady wrist watch, in 2006, held in salzburg, the 250th anniversary of Mozart music party, a famous mezzo-soprano singer Cecilia bartow li (Cecilia Bartoli) singing Mozart’s famous “joy exult (Exsultate, Jubilate) when wearing a diamond model of constant dynamic women’s Cartier nail bracelet replica log pearl oyster type lady wrist watch. In 2016, the Basel table show, new rolex oyster perpetual motion type female type log pearl lady wrist watch, combine precious material and colorful gems. Watch case and band by 18 ct eternal rose gold rolex casting, with 18 ct white outer ring and gold watchband chain link, and set with diamonds. This stunning jewelry watches on the surface of decorated with black or white mother of pearl, golden lotus pattern with pink.
Crash of Cartier watches, London in 1967, during the “Swinging London” (Swinging London) gold period of agitation, predictably, was born in the year of the Crash wrist watch, naturally the agitation of the free s as active and independent. Story originated from a customer to a damage in the accident of Cartier watches back to repair, the Cartier, director of the London jean-jacques Cartier (Jean – Jacques Cartier) has been attracted to watch case after deformation, copy it, so watch of wrist of Crash was born. Crash (impact) means the psychological shock, the prominence of the rebellion, the pursuit of freedom of innovation! In 2016, the Crash wrist paragraphs launched four new limited table, match for the first time by the water droplets form white K gold or water droplets form rose K gold create a fine watch, brilliant, outstanding. In another more rare and precious in the table, the whole chain is paved with bright beauty.
Chanel watch “Premiere”, 18 k yellow gold bracelet, launched in 1987, the Premiere of wrist, is chanel watch of wrist of the first paragraph. Will this table named PREMIERE not only because this is the cause of chanel launched the first wrist watch, but also to the hail to the chief tailor PREMIERE “chanel. Its unique octagonal dial, sapphirine crystal, classic design inspiration comes from the N ° 5 perfume bottle caps and Paris fang Place (Place Vendome). The shape of the table 1 K gold link table was Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica invited to for a generation of Hollywood actress Greta Garbo (Greta Garbo) design.” Fang ritz hotel near the place “byhermother Frances shand kydd Anna fame because Britain, luxury suites and ritz hotel top floor is ms chanel’s permanent” sweet “the women. Her clever noble flavor to the modelling of anise combine with Cain, at the same time also on the feelings of her” homesickness “. This series will fire this year.
Omega Ladymatic table, since 2010, omega Ladymatic female table with its charming appearance design become the representative of omega female table. Female Ladymatic table the 34 mm polishing stainless steel casing, white, rose or black ceramic ring of originality lies between outer decoration corrugated and inner ring watchcase main body. Each watches are collocation and dial color corresponds to the satin strap or polished stainless steel bracelet. Female Ladymatic table dial decorated with chic the sun’s rays of light, shining exception. 11 hours scale with 18 k platinum arched trough of diamonds to reflect on, blossom colorful, also has calendar window at 3 position.
Bulgari Bulgari Bulgari Catene female table series, Bulgari product focus this year Bulgari Bulgari series, the series is the most outstanding female table new Catene wrist watch will naturally become a hot topic this year female table. Relative to the wrist watch, more like a suction eye accessories, in showing tabulation technology at the same time show the craftsmanship of gold and silver details. Each Bulgari Bulgari series new wristwatch modelling is the brand of traditional inheritance, including the Catene wrist watch and chain link design. Exquisite imitation cartier love bracelet bracelet can greatly in women between two laps around the wrist, the part of a diamond-encrusted link incorporates brand watchmaker and jewelry all virtuosity. 18 k rose gold double Bulgari logo bezel, 12 shining diamond timing in soft pearl fritillaria, more dazzling and dazzing, breathtaking.
Product family rendez-vous Celestial dating series star wrist watch. The starry sky, always lead your valley watchmaker, strong curiosity, become their pursuit to explore the topic. Product family founder Anthony le Scott also obsessed with the nature, the Milky Way, the constellation of mysterious and vast, as a genius inventor, he end his life, the pursuit of perfection and harmony. The creation of his unremitting spirit become rendez-vous Celestial dating series wrist watch the stars creative purpose. Watch of wrist of 18 k white gold watchcase diplomatically presented beauty and the charm. Wrist watch like the stars shining, shining diamond from watchcase part extends to the crown and the bezel, finally cheng fang on the number of the corolla. Emotional displays the beauty of a rare process dial and hour circle arc present a beautiful secret astronomical landscape, precious materials and artistically depth of lapis lazuli disk marked with signs here. Poetry also fly sky meteor: the beauty of a horse inlaid on the crown, turn gently only, can rotate the stars set, personalized adjustment on constellation chart. New wrist watch is a perfect astronomical observatory, in order to show Cartier love bracelet replica incisively and vividly astronomical theme, the dial is also equipped with the constellation calendar, indicating and corresponding throughout the year, constellation in through the years has always been to adjust display system and time measurement. The wrist watch with product type 809 automatic mechanical movement on the chain, in 23 hours 56 minutes 04 seconds a lap speed rotating star wheel, subtle and difficult to detect.
Breguet Reine DE Naples “Day/Night” 8998 shows women’s watch, Day and Night in all treasure ji clock work, Reine DE series of Naples (napoli queen) has been in poetry aesthetic characteristics. Her unique not only comes from on behalf of all the egg-shaped modelling of the source of life, but also because of, a series of complicated watches are women wristwatch exclusive design. Treasure ji new Reine DE Naples Day/Night show ladies watch Day and Night, emotional desire of brinkmanship between the sun and moon, act on the dial up the dance of the grandeur of the time. Therefore, breguet movement developed the new patent technology, layout of double face, according to a display time in traditional way, the second display, day and night time complex function. In order to present the airport of fantasy scenes, and treasure ji choose green Jin Shipan represents the blue sky, the white clouds in the blue sky on embedded natural mother-of-pearl, gold stars, and manual engraving titanium moon pattern. Stars of the sky, however, is the shining sun, all cutting on the surface of the balance wheel rim reflect plumes of golden light like the sun. With balance balance wheel operation, all day, from a bridge between the steel table penetrate through, the sun projected on the minute hand, when face to face with titanium the moon, the sun’s glorious culmination, as if in love, and the moon also with gentle back.
DIOR VIII GRAND BAL PLUME senior watch series, golden feathers, white high-tech precision ceramics. “I dream of becoming an architect; as a fashion Fake Cartier love bracelet designer, I have to respect the basic principles of architecture.” Mr Dior’s comments are still affecting the Swiss Les Ateliers Horlogers Dior studio, is also a clear-cut Dior VIII senior watch series of inspiration: delicate fruity, bracelet using small Angle of ceramic pyramid of the cone. Modeling vivid, elegant temperament of Dior VIII series reminiscent of classic Bar coat. The name itself seems to have demonstrated Mr Dior for believe in lucky Numbers, can not help but make people think of October 8, 1946 he area eighth avenue montaigne in Paris to create their own haute couture clothing brands, and for the first fashion series named “En Huit” (for “eight”). “Dinner” running Dior Inverse movement, on the dial is equipped with front practical tuo, dancing like a PROM dress. Dior VIII has undoubtedly become an excellent representative of Dior watches.


The angel of pop words strap around wrist

The angel of pop words strap around wrist
For watches, we will focus on function, movement, and even the material first, rarely pay attention to the Cartier nail bracelet replica, the first time in watch technology increasingly developed today, the material of strap is diverse, especially after the new material trend rise, strap, the angel of the links and wrist watches, also becomes rich rise.
A, precious metal strap
Precious metals as an important factor of promoting value watch, as the name suggests, if the watch body along with strap with platinum, natural values, so precious metals is strap material. This should include: platinum, gold, K gold, plated with gold, silver and gold plated, etc.
Second, the leather strap
Leather or artificial leather strap, and watches metal feeling contrast, build a gentleman elegant temperament, is loved by many business people in daily collocation strap watch also is the indispensable sheet is tasted, in leather strap, is more precious, rare cortex in recent years, the rise of lizard skin, ostrich leather, crocodile skin began to gradually add Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica strap family, but the leather strap is easy to wear and requires constant maintenance.
Three, other metal material
Stainless steel, titanium or rubber strap watch as is known to all, consumers choose more types, many new strap material also rise in recent years, is gradually accepted and loved by consumers, in ceramics, high-tech ceramics, blue steel, and even clothing such as jeans, nylon and other materials are rich strap type gradually, and their inherent qualities, such as ceramic strap wear-resisting does not hurt the skin also bring watch wearing more comfortable and individual configuration.
Sports preferred Abby high-tech material senior sports watches
Began in 1972, Abby representative masterpieces royal oak, with fine steel qualitative pioneered the world advanced movement wrist watch, and the octagonal watchcase, eight exposed hexagonal screw fixed bezel, bracelet and watch case a integrated revolutionary design, toppled senior watchmaking imitation cartier love bracelet routine, affected the world clock design style. And came out in 1993 as a motion model of Abby royal oak offshore type series wrist watch, it is the vanguard of the large size wrist trendsetter. From classic elements of royal oak, equipped with rubber strap, makes the movement of energy and the modern noble temperament. At the same time, Abby in these series, not imprisoned in the original pure steel, bold use of innovative materials, such as ceramic, forging Alacrite 602 carbon and super alloy, etc., to create a leisurely remarkable university.


To wear her boyfriend’s shirt

To wear her boyfriend’s shirt? You can also wear men’s table
Fashion, there is a classic item called “shirt” boyfriend, Eric big man’s shirt after women, do not have lasting appeal. And on the watch with this matter, many women also preferred male money, not to choose slim, feminine women wrist watch, just like hale men’s watch. Men’s watch women wear, like women put on men’s shirts, occasionally has the beauty of a maverick and chic and easy. Take a look at suitable for women to wear men’s watch, diverse styles, sufficient to meet women like to wear men’s watch.
Minimalism, general neutral wind, don’t blame the woman like it
From the minimalism, with neutral design style design, very suitable for primary man wrist Cartier love bracelet replica women. Neither is too hale and hearty, but also has the characteristics of men’s watch.
NOMOS Tetra neomatik wrist watch
Contracted design NOMOS is less obvious gender divide, paragraphs to distinguish male or female, more than collectively known as neutral, the difference between the men and women merely difference in diameter. NOMOS this year launched a square watches for men – Tetra neomatik, larger (33 mm x 33 mm), thinner, and an automatic movement, but after the listed women consumers, founder of the contracted wind, wear in the boy’s hands appear delicate, wear in the girl’s hand and abrupt.
Tetra neomatik watch was launched last year Tetra square lady wrist watch. 33 mm in length and further foil a new design of dial gauge movement during this classic fashionable style.
Simple design to wear in the girl’s wrist, sexy, but not the sudden move of the so-called men’s watch.
There are a variety of different color dial.
Longines replica classic series of railway wrist watch
With a wrist watch as the prototype is originated in the 1960 s, longines replica classic series of railway wrist watch, show the railway watch plain style and personality aesthetics. In addition to some large diameter (40 mm), you can say it is a simple but elegant completely Fake Cartier love bracelet capable of female table. Beige dial with large black Arabic numerals on the time scale, 12 hours of time scale is replaced by 0, dial inner ring is equipped with 24 hours of time scale, black alligator skin strap also seem to be very elegant and delicate.
Longines replica classic series of railway wrist watch
Although a diameter of 40 mm, but not the feeling of driving.
Hale wind – don’t push the female table and how, hale style woman also hold
If you find the above male table still some implicit, might as well can choose more hale style.
Emperor rudder ChengBi bay watch of wrist of black
Rev ChengBi Bay Black wrist watch (Heritage Black Bay Dark) for diving watches, stainless steel steel with all matte Black. From appearance can feel the domineering style of men’s table. The line of concise and easy, round arch dial and mirror, inheriting the emperor rudder design essence of diving watches. And watch a few very bright place, chain crown on that grabs an eye, “snow” on the dial pointer angular, waterproof and dial engraved red depth indicator, and rotate the red triangle mark in the outer ring, these details are tradition for many important design feature, deserve to go up in antique leather strap, such a handsome watch, what won’t let women move?
Emperor rudder ChengBi bay watch of wrist of black
In addition to black, also can choose table circle in red wrist watch
The IWC IWC pilot automatic watch 36
IWC always is launching products mainly aimed at men, even a few years ago launched a neutral BaiTao fe, and paired with colorful strap, but still from emitting the temperament of hale and hearty. IWC actually no need to worry about women, even if there is no neutral BaiTao fe, the pilot series wrist watch dial, clear contracted design replica Cartier love bracelet continues, inner ring of the quiet inside collect, delicate design gives the pilot watch unique flavor, so women wear off to smartly.
The IWC IWC pilot automatic watch 36
Zhou xun wearing the pilot automatic watch 36
Wind restoring ancient ways, restore ancient ways resurgence, different gender deduce lasting appeal
Wind restoring ancient ways, is also the most styles of a wrist watch. If choose a female table, with a retro feeling seems to also can be a style of wearing a men’s watch.
GP girard-perregaux table after engraving Laureato wrist watch
Born in 1975, Laureato wrist watch, now at a compound engraving again appeared in front of the world. Octagonal polishing table circle and satin frosted casing, is a comprehensive bracelet watches never before seen design elements. Exquisite bracelet type design makes comfort and flexibility of both. All equipped with subsequent polishing hinge satin polished bracelet also join polishing stripe decoration, show the perfect fusion of the glossy and matte effect. Pure steel quality with unique table, don’t have some kind of style restoring ancient ways to wear on your wrist.
GP girard-perregaux table after engraving Laureato wrist watch
The dial, 41 mm diameter is also very suitable for ladies wear
Hamilton as the drill field series automatic double wrist watch
Pointers and iconic red point the second hand, add abundant vitality to black dial. Khaki field series wrist watch has appeared in the Hollywood action film “explosive” (Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit), is designed for adventurers, equipped with black PVD coated stainless steel watchcase, tie-in black Cartier nail bracelet replica rubber strap and three-dimensional grain Hamilton iconic H pin buckle. The sun’s rays grain dial, diamond cutting central bezel and embossed Numbers, are all show handsome watch the hale and hearty. 42 mm drill field series double calendar watch carrying with power reserve of 80 hours Hamilton H – 30 movement, and at 12 o ‘clock and 6 o ‘clock position, its display with the calendar week. If you are a fashionable and attractive, be permeated with green vigor, like the adventure of girl, then surely the best choice.
Hamilton as the drill field series automatic double wrist watch.
Handsome black to wear on your wrist, show a complete hale sense.
Luxury sports – the little woman’s wrist has wind and weight
In addition to the above three styles, with a little costly feeling of male table, also worth the girl to try.
Hand watch table of the Big Bang “independent” Italy camouflage wrist watch
Luxury activity is one of the men and women killed wrist watch style, which naturally escapes watch list. The iconic Big Bang series design atmosphere and movement, the use of all kinds of new material and a variety of cross-border integration made the series has been innovation. The camouflage wrist watch is with Italian fashion accessories brand Italia Independent (Italy) cooperation, camouflage pattern innovation aluminium coated carbon fiber material collocation, avant-garde design and material break free of fusion, more show a new Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica interpretation of the contemporary fashion.
Hand watch table of the Big Bang “independent” Italy camouflage wrist watch
Camouflage color is also the charm of men’s watch.
Audemars royal oak gold wrist watch
Another in the field of luxury sports “cafe” is Abby royal oak, started to pure steel quality is unique among luxury activity, become a classic. For the first time this year, Abby used a real luxury material – gold to create new royal oak, not only have a time clock, watch of wrist of ten thousand and automatic chain and two quartz watches for women. If wedded to the women of mechanical movement, might as well choose in a range of men’s watch, just watch case big 5 mm, higher value men’s table, wear up and more power!
Audemars royal oak gold wrist watch