Simple and elegant dial the central sun with attractive lines beam

Tissot watches Chemin des Tourelles watch is a special significance, it contains the main history of Tissot. Named after the city where Tissot was founded in 1907 in Locke, Switzerland, where today the company is still located, the new watch pays tribute to Tissot for 161 years in a contemporary design.

This only Tissot Chemin des Tourelles watch simple, generous, no extra decoration, simple design highlights the brand’s unique watchmaking style, while the watch is also a very broad audience, whether with casual or formal wear can be worn .

316L stainless steel case

Watch with 316L stainless steel case made of gold-plated gold, the use of Cartier love bracelet replica semi-spherical scratch-resistant sapphire crystal watch, and covered with anti-reflective coating, equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement, elegant silver white dial is a See enamored, 6 o’clock position with a date display window, fully able to meet the daily wear.

Watch hemispherical scratch-resistant sapphire crystal

42 mm watch diameter, tough case is more mature and stable, matching men’s powerful wrist. Case polished by polishing show a charming luster and texture, highlighting the Tissot materials in the production of superb skills.

Polished stainless steel case is very delicate

Case thickness of 10.89 mm, the case side polished brushed with delicate, slightly convex three-dimensional mirror quite a sense of the table.

With a black leather strap

Black leather strap texture is clear, cortex delicate, soft texture with elegant color, a man’s wrist with temperament accessories.

Bezel design is very rounded, polished smooth

Simple and elegant dial, the central sun with attractive lines beam

The sun’s rays on the dial are extraordinarily beautiful and shimmer in the light, as if the sun’s rays shone through the wrist. Silver Cartier love ring replica scale and the case form a unified style, elegant and luxurious, 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock Arabic numerals, the rest of the location with a bar design, given the atmosphere of the watch and luxurious feeling.

6 o’clock position with date display window

The watch has a date display window only at 6 o’clock and the window is also decorated with an additional bezel to make the watch as a whole look more intriguing.

Lugs and watchcase cast in one

Stainless steel lugs and case cast into one, respectively, a combination of polishing and drawing grinding process, so watch more texture.

With a button butterfly clasp

Strap with gold plated button butterfly butterfly clasp, opening and closing convenience, comfortable to wear, according to the wearer’s wrist size to be adjusted, while the safety performance is very high.

The case bottom shell design with a dense, equipped with a C07.111 internal self-winding mechanical movement, this movement can provide accurate travel time and adequate kinetic energy reserves.

Summary: Tissot combines high-quality materials, practical features and meticulous details of the design, to create a price level and both precision and unique professional watch. This Chemin des Tourelles watch with a simple design style interpretation of Tissot “extraordinary creativity, from the traditional” watchmaking concept.

As a creative watchmaking pioneer, Cartier always uphold the pioneer spirit, leading the era, creating a series of classic timepieces modeling: square Santos, rectangular Tank, round Ballon Bleu … … and the new Clé de Cartier watches also Round and square design, also carries a bold and innovative brand DNA. This time, the Cartier brand new Clé de Cartier watch appreciation will be held on July 16, 2015 at the China World Hotel in Beijing. Detailed introduction and zero distance try-on experience, let everyone know more about Cartier Clé de Cartier series of simple beauty, creative new.

This is a very pleasant and relaxing tasting session, along with everyone’s enthusiasm and curiosity about the new product. First of all, the responsible personnel of the brand introduced the new information about the new Cartier product from various angles of history, specialty and specialty, Let everyone on Cartier’s Clé de Cartier watch has a more in-depth understanding.

Then we follow the footsteps of brand personnel, came to Cartier stores, close to appreciate this unique Cartier nail bracelet replica shape of the “key.” Staff are very enthusiastic to invite you to try on, different styles of getting started have different charm.

The word “CLé” in French means the key, which is why the appearance of the watch’s crown resembles a key. The design of the watch is integrated, with simple lines and full on the lateral side. It has a very smooth line feeling and is in line with the human body’s aesthetics. It is comfortable and convenient to wear.

Integrated watch design, simple lines.

From the side, the case has a certain curvature.

Sapphire decorative key clasp, unique shape.

High-quality brown leather belt, comfortable to wear.

Clé de Cartier Men’s watch series simple and atmospheric, both metal bracelets and leather models, in line with different aesthetic needs of the public. Another highlight is the design of the crown, the key crown, with a sapphire, as smart as the key, just like a key to open the door of time, open the heart of loved ones.

Get started domineering and masculine.

Roman numeral scale, set off retro charm.
Ladies watch diamond pink belt style, there are red belt style, soft and delicate design, so that women fall in love at first sight. From the appearance point of view, the details of the watch filled with classic elements of the brand, even without going to see Cartier’s Logo, the classic Roman numerals, blue steel pointer, silver carved patterns, integrated design, but also read from Cartier the taste of.

Red belt with a rose gold case, elegant and beautiful.

Pink diamond style, more shine in the light.

Dynamically, the Cartier Collection de Cartier watches equipped with Cartier independent research and development of the new 1847MC self-winding mechanical movement, “1847” is not accidental income, and represents the year the brand was founded, the movement diameter of 25.6 mm, rapid rotation Barrel greatly enhances the stability of travel time, with semi-instantaneous date display function and up to 42 hours of power reserve.

Summary: Whether it is from the appearance, or movement, Clé de Cartier series can be said to be another classic Cartier. Its diverse styles, from diamonds to diamonds, from metal to leather, as well as different colors and sizes, Cartier’s needs for the public are also considered very comprehensive. If you want to buy a classic Cartier classic, but do not want to buy blue balloons tank and other styles, then the Clé de Cartier series is definitely your best choice, feel better action, be ready to go to the store try to buy it


watch performance is also increasing the price is also opened accordingly

Yu-ship MP-05 LaFerrari limited mechanical watch introduced
Yu-ship MP-05 LaFerrari limited mechanical watch is a famous watch brand HUBLOT (Yu-ship) launched in 2013, called MP-05 LaFerrari limited mechanical watch, 14 years and launched a titanium yellow plate , And the use of luminous coating on the digital scale, compared to the first generation of red version easier to read the time. Limited edition of 50, highlighting a rare thing. Its movement is designed, developed and produced independently by the watchmakers and engineers of Yuhua Watch Factory Cartier nail bracelet replica to pay tribute to Ferrari’s special limited series sports car “LaFerrari”.
Li Chen Tong Yu-ship MP-05 LaFerrari limited mechanical watch introduced
Whether from the technical or design point of view, Yu-ship table MP-05 “LaFerrari” watch with the same name Ferrari sports car has the same excellent quality. The co-operation of the watchmaker and the Ferrari team makes the watch and the car work together. The movement is equipped with no less than 637 parts, while carrying the tourbillon movement, the internal 11 barrels such as spine arranged in rows and connected to each other, will not affect the same time and can support each other, so the power reserve can reach 50 Days, these features enough to make this watch proud, called the concept of excellence watch.
Hours and minutes are shown on the right side of the barrel, and they are also indicated by a black anodized aluminum column. The columnar on the left side of the barrel is used to display power storage. The red inlays on both sides of the columnar are made of red anodized aluminum, inspired by the red mark of the Ferrari. Such a complicated way, presumably liberal arts students will cry it? Must have to wear a high price of the big black cattle just want to use it to enhance the “watch”, what time we really do not care.
Shirley watches where the production
Oriental Double Lion (ORIENT) was founded in 1950, has been committed to the development of technology, the creation of different styles of watches, double lion watches are one of Japan’s three major brand watches, Japan and export sales of the top two. Oriental Shuang Lion watches in China 80 years is the mainstream watch brand. Long before entering the Chinese market, the old Japanese brand table, because of its trademark LOGO is two lions, formerly known as the “double lion” brand in China.
Shirley watches where the production
The predecessor of the Double Lion watch dates back to the “Yoshida Time Shop” set up in Ueno City in Tokyo in 1901 (Meiji 34) and the establishment of the Toyo Timepiece Replica Cartier jewelry factory in 1920. Toyo timemeter factory in 1934 also began to manufacture and manufacture of watches, and in 1936, the establishment of the Tokyo Hino factory, focusing on the production of watches. In July 1950, Toyo was established in Tokyo Hino City, “Dumault Meters Co., Ltd.” and in 1951 to change the company name: Orient Watch Co., Ltd. officially began selling the name of Orient watches.
What are the series of double lion watches?
Shuangshi watches follow the trend, and constantly develop a number of new products, its series includes the traditional series, sports series, fashion series, DISK series, fashion series, SP series, iO series and so on. However, with the emergence of different watches, watch performance is also increasing, the price is also opened accordingly. Shuang Lion watches the lowest price of more than 1000 yuan.
What is the best series of Longines?
Longines is a famous watch brand, its style a lot, superior quality. Very popular with consumers. So what is the best series of Longines? The following watch home to tell you!
Longines Dai Chuo Wiener series
Longines Dai Chuo Wiener series also combines the simple lines of the 1930s and the rich charm of the 1950s. This Swiss watch brand to exquisite beauty of the Italian spirit, full of inspiration Seiko secret agents, unique style of fashion, to create a series of unique style of timepieces works, the performance of the life of the Qin enjoy and joy. Longines designers and watchmakers in the abstract ideas, will be strict geometric rules into a sway of ultra-beautiful – to create a new standard, eternal fashion Longines Dai Chuo Wiener series watch.
Longines heart month series
Spring night, white moonlight, such as stars, like, to the transit, but also quietly hidden. Everything is like a symbol of the passing time and the flow of time. Round and bright moon is fascinated, and the new Longines heart month series, it is the silver star of this praise. Delicate and concise dial, so that the watch silhouette more soft; bright overflow of diamonds, watch for the more moving style. Its magical charm of elegance to attract all portrait of modern elegance elegant fashion women.
Longines Les Elegantes watch series
The 1920s design style was created in the twentieth century as the most delicate fashion trend. Decoration of the art of free creation and fantasy space to create an immortal artistic style, but also affected the 20’s tabulation process. And as ever, Longines from the old art trend of inspiration, elegant and elegant design of the ladies, to create three interpretation of the essence of the 20’s watch – LONGines Les Elegantes watch series.
Longines Comcast series
Longines Kang Kasi series is the essence of Longines movement elegant essence. Unique beauty of the bezel, convex crown and chain are ceramic material, exquisite and unique. This beautiful material will be long-lasting charm and innovative technology perfect blend in one. Longines Kang Kasi series made of stainless steel and ceramics, the perfect embodiment of the powerful features and elegant temperament of the matchless, its excellent technical characteristics, but also to meet the most demanding sports people’s requirements. Whether it is in the most fashionable night party, or in the distinguished horse above the stands, this solemn and delicate watch will definitely exudes a remarkable style.
Longines Suimiya series
Since 1832 settled in the Sui Yiya (Saint-Imier), Longines that with the village to establish a very close relationship, which is regarded as the company’s conduct and the source of development. As the only one founded and still in the Saint-Imier watchmaking company, Longines always adhere to their own values: tradition, elegance and movement. Today, Longines introduced to Saint-Imier named series of watches, these Zhuoer extraordinary mechanical watches, that is, from the birth of this brilliant pure watch the traditional fertile soil, the growth of the time essence.
Longines watchmaker series
2005 launched the Longines Mingjiang series, is the brand for many years accumulated superb technology and experience refining from the masterpiece, witnessed more than two centuries of tabulation achievements. This series of watches with a number of excellent features, meticulous pondering.
Longines Longge series
In 2004 launched the Longines “Lang Ge” series filled with Italian style. Design inspiration from the resort near the Mediterranean, both in appearance and function also reveals the intoxicating feelings.
Longines Collection Series
Who can forget the 1920s? It was a world of changing times, and there were breakthroughs in many areas. The artist enjoyed incredible freedom, and the designer was no exception. Fashion and design abandoned for centuries of harsh dogma, each individual accessories have become more compact, simple, fashionable. The latest Longines Collection series of male and female watches is precisely from this magnificent custom and fashion transfer movement to learn inspiration. However, although the Longines collection series design inspiration from the 1925 classical watches, the barrel shape can be traced back to the 1911 produced watches.
Above a few examples of Longines series, then what is the best series of Longines? Each series which have a story between them, and which series than any series of good words, each series which are unique, See everyone like it.


IMAZINE negative ion decompression watch is based on silicone products

Men’s Korean watch brands have those?
In recent years, South Korea popular elements in the country is very popular young men and women sought after. Watches are no exception, some Korean watch brand sales in China is still very good. The following watch home for you to introduce Cartier love bracelet replica men Korean watch brand have those!
Julius Juli, the famous Korean watch brand, founded in 2001, was born in Tokyo, Japan, by Horikawa Tatsuro (Tatsuro Horikawa) design founder. Julius watch from South Korea Busan popular watch brand, from the mainland of China began to be the trend of women, fashion white-collar sought after, leading the domestic fashion watch changes, but also set off a wave of wave-like wave. Brand clever to “Korean” element and the Chinese characteristics seamlessly perfect combination.
IMAZINE negative ion decompression watch is based on silicone products, negative ion products and watch production and other special knowledge design and production, this health watch in 2005 when the first board has been the year when the Korean design gold medal, and allowed to become Korea Design Expo One of the souvenirs sold in the museum. IMAZINE in the summer of 2006 production and sales in the Korean region so far, is Han Chao hot pop popular products (market price is still not less than USD12.00 per dollar).
Korean brand J.ESTINA for those who like Korean drama is no stranger to small crown as a brand image, ring, necklace, watches, earrings, bags of these accessories often appear inadvertently in the TV series and magazines. JESTINA with a variety of design styles, according to the clothes can be a variety of forms with, not only gorgeous, but also the soft style of women Cartier love ring replica and personality reflected most vividly. Have a JESTINA jewelry, will make every girl into a princess.
South Korea TROFISH watches all for the Swiss original manufacturing, love table is undoubtedly the quality and confidence of the guarantee. The appearance of advocating design, innovation, full of visual impact, and each style has a variety of different materials, absolutely consistent with the personality of the young people taste.
Berze watch is a watch brand from Korea. Berze Beige watches emphasize the design concept of personalization, the perfect lady’s soft, elegant and men’s vitality, self-vividly demonstrated, full of wireless fashion sense, restrained and luxurious. So that the wearer, whether in business, or in casual occasions can be confident to show themselves.
R800 table
Korean brand R800 watches and clocks, from Seoul, South Korea, and by South Korea Jin Kai Dayton (Hong Kong) International Group Co., Ltd. professional design and design staff, Guangzhou R800 Table Co., Ltd. specializing in the production and sale. R800 table will be modern design elements cleverly integrated into the traditional watch design, while the rich cultural heritage into the elegant and elegant design, to bring you a clear, trust, taste the brand image. Once listed, immediately for the public attention, mainly to the domestic market-based, but also open the expansion of overseas markets.
Intercrew watch is popular in South Korea’s fashion watch brand, intercrew since the last century 80 years to date, has been the leader of the trend of Korean fashion watch industry, in the field of watches has made a number of impressive performance, intercrew in Korea has long been a household s brand.
How about the watch?
Switzerland is the cradle of watches, it is the birthplace of the watch, almost all the world watches are produced in Switzerland. And Nishin watches as a new brand of Swiss watches, we do not understand. Here, the watch home and everyone to learn about this brand, to see how Nisha watch it!
Nisha watch to promote simple, elegant style. Focus on technology and the combination of art, all spare Cartier nail bracelet replica parts by the world’s major brands of perennial service providers to provide professional use of high-tech space ceramics, high-tech tungsten carbide alloy, stainless steel, sapphire crystal, high-tech diamonds and a series High-tech materials for product manufacturing, with accurate, long-term Switzerland, Japan imported movement, with the most sophisticated assembly technology, and the global synchronization of nearly 100 strict testing technology to products with high quality assurance.
Nisha watches can reach no less than 30 meters of water requirements, the specific value of water in the watch after the cover is clearly marked. 30 meters waterproof and waterproof is limited to no pressure under the water or light rain, 50 meters waterproof table can be applied to swimming and general household chores. 100 meters above the professional waterproof table can be used for swimming and diving and other underwater work. In addition, waterproof watches should not be in the warm water, bathroom and temperature changes in the use of violent environment to prevent the aging of the waterproof material to affect the waterproof performance.
Nishin watch so far launched five series, never out of date classic system, timing accurate constant series. Ultra-high quality of the core of the series, elegant elegant elegant series, at first sight of the Allure series, the advent of these five series have caused no small stir, many family friends are very like, sales have also been increased , Now it has a watch industry to occupy their own place.


there is no national standard for the quality of watches and clocks and now the implementation

Always minutes do not have a bad watch, all watches have a range of error, and this range varies by country and region, in general, the mechanical watch as long as the case of full string, walking every day slow no more than 30 seconds, no more than 30 seconds on the basic standards. Therefore, as long as the error within the scope of the above criteria, we can say that the watch is qualified to go. On the contrary, it means that the watch has a problem, need to get maintenance, maintenance department adjustment. In the case of
At present, there is no national standard for the quality of watches and clocks, and now the implementation of the industry standards developed in 1991.
For the clock travel time error, the current line standard stipulates:
Calendar mechanical watch type I (male form) travel time error range: excellent Cartier love bracelet replica product every 24 hours error -30 ~ +45 seconds; first grade every 24 hours error -40 ~ +75 seconds; qualified product every 24 hours error -60 ~ +105 second. Continuous travel time is greater than or equal to 36 hours.
Calendar mechanical watch type II (medium table) travel time error range: excellent every 24 hours error -35 ~ +65 seconds; first-class goods every 24 hours error -50 ~ +95 seconds; qualified goods travel time error range of every 24 Hour error -70 ~ + 135 seconds. Continuous travel time is greater than or equal to 35 hours.
Calendar mechanical watch III type (Kun table) travel time error range: excellent every 24 hours error of -40 ~ +85 seconds; first grade every 24 hours error -60 ~ +115 seconds; qualified products every 24 hours error -80 ~ +165 second. Continuous travel time is greater than or equal to 34 hours.
The reason of mechanical watch error
The time is measured by the continuation of the exact repetition process, and the time is compared with a known periodic repetition process. Mechanical watch is the use of the balance wheel of the mechanical composition of the mechanical oscillator as a time base, the accuracy of the mechanical watch will depend on the balance of the balance of the balance of the stability of the cycle. But the stability of the balance of the balance of the ball by the following factors.
(1) the impact of swing: the elasticity of the winding will directly affect the size of the balance wheel amplitude, and therefore also affect the mechanical watch isochronous performance. The so-called “isochron” refers to the oscillating object’s swing size does not affect the vibration cycle of a phenomenon, but the mechanical Cartier love ring replica watch in the balance wheel system is not free to do the shock. It and the escapement components frequent impact and collision, is a “forced + free” combination of vibration state, it must be from the escapement of the shadow
ring. The size of the punch torque determines the size of the swing, but also determines the time of their relationship, this time, of course, the shorter the better.
(2) the effect of the position change: the main position changes are flat and vertical surface changes, the plane has two (surface up and surface down) elevation only 3 (they are: table down, the table to the Left, table up) the table to the right when the normal wear will not happen, so count up a total of five positions. The change of the position first causes the change of the friction surface of the balance shaft, the friction surface increases, and the balance of the balance wheel is more obvious and prominent under the action of the gravity, and the additional torque is applied to the swing Rounds, as well as the role of gravity of the hairspring, make the watch wheel spring system in each position shock cycle are affected by the size of the different effects.
(3) the effect of the hairspring fast clip: the vast majority of mechanical watches have gossamer fast clip, fast clip effect is to facilitate the correction of travel time accuracy, but because of the speed folder and gossamer between a gap, also known as “swing Kuang gap “Its existence greatly damaged the mechanical watch isochronous, but also increased the mechanical watch position error.
(4) the impact of shock shock: severe shock vibration also affect the balance wheel vibration cycle, especially the low swing state or low frequency mechanical watch, as the impact of the shock has damaged the balance wheel shaft or gossamer, that Will inevitably bring the mechanical watch to travel when the failure.
(5) the impact of the magnetic field: mechanical watch parts are many of the steel, so easy to be magnetized, including nickel-based hairspring is also weak magnetic properties, mechanical watches in the external magnetic field or parts have been magnetized in the case , The balance wheel swing Cartier nail bracelet replica cycle will be greatly affected by the magnetic interference, usually the mechanical watch to go quickly.
(6) the impact of temperature changes: the temperature changes will make the balance wheel and gossamer geometry also changes, these key components of each tiny change will directly affect the shock cycle, as well as the temperature will make the oil The viscosity changes, so that the mechanical watch wheel torque transmission and swing changes.
(7) other factors: mainly because the mechanical watch case seal is not strict, then the moisture and gas pressure changes will affect the mechanical watch travel time accuracy, but also easy to have small dust and foreign matter into the table, affecting the mechanical watch Mechanical work. There is also a problem called “no needle”, that belongs to the table failure.
In short, I suggest that you want to watch the mechanical watch high precision, we must keep the mechanical watch winding more full state. General watch plane to walk better than the stand, the case seal is also good yet
To stay away from the magnetic field and water, regularly to their own watch to do the oil wash maintenance.


To know the G table is true or false first of all may wish to know exactly what source G table

Casio G-SHOCK, one of the brands of watches, with a powerful and durable, waterproof and so on. SHOCK is the impact of the impact of the impact of medicine is the meaning of shock. The front of G represents gravity gravity. However, the market, Casio G-SHOCK fake is also very much. So how do we identify Casio G-SHOCK watch true and false? Let the watch home to tell you now!
First, special note:
“Novice”: here specifically refers to the initial contact or purchase G table of people, the G table history and related knowledge is not very understanding – in a sense, everyone is “novice”, no who is “big god” and “Brick home”.
G-Lock, ORIGIN, BASIC, Bluetooth, etc.), excluding the MRG series (I have not touched this Series, so do not mention words), does not include PRO TREK, OCEANUS, EDIFICE, BABY-G series of watches, although these tables in some features or performance and G table overlap overlap.
Second, G table supply rough classification:
To know the G table is true or false, first of all, may wish to know exactly what source G table. Can be divided into three categories Cartier love bracelet replica : false G table, semi-true and false G table, true G table.
1, false G table: false G table is also divided into high imitation and low imitation. High imitation G table non-professionals is difficult to identify, almost chaos, but these high imitation G table model is relatively small, and the overall number of small, generally in foreign markets, the mainland market rarely met; However, I believe that with the growth of China G table market, such a high imitation products will gradually increase.
Low imitation of the false G table is easy to see, there are many professionals who give a very detailed explanation and analysis, not much to say – personal feeling this low imitation false G table and true G table difference is equivalent to Xifeng and Cang teacher, at a glance, very good to distinguish.
2, semi-true and false G table: such tables and high imitation G table similar to the current domestic not much. The basic idea is through a few old tables for disassembly and repair, combined into a new or almost new G table.
3, true G table: true G table can be divided into four categories – factory goods, Japanese version, overseas version, the mainland version.
3-1 in stock: a lot of friends that do not exist factory goods, this argument is biased, manufacturers have been there (2012 only black and white with the “bomb” GW-M5610TH-1 there are a lot of factory goods). It is related to the structure of CASIO company, CASIO company is the production, sale, sale is three lines, these three lines are independent operation (which is very important, and later will be mentioned), so the factory production and Sales are irrelevant, this structure prompted the existence of factory Cartier love ring replica goods. The original G table the largest production base in Guangzhou, so that time Guangzhou G table factory goods a lot; now the largest production base in Thailand, so now the factory in Thailand is also a lot of (with foreign search engine search G-SHOCK, there will be Many of the many Thai websites). CASIO company also know this situation, so some of the high-end series such as MRG, MTG and aviation are in Japan’s Yamagata factory production, is to put an end to these high-end G table series also appeared factory goods.
3 – 2 日 Edition: This is easy to understand, specifically for the Japanese G table. There are some G table is only issued in Japan, and not for other markets. Japanese version of the most significant feature is the box (paper box, no iron box packaging), as well as manual (all Japanese manual).
3-3 Overseas Edition: Overseas Edition is for Japanese and Continental Edition. G table sales map is basically divided into three sections: the Japanese domestic market, the Chinese market, the United States and the rest of the overseas market. These three markets are not only sales, but also related to the sales system and many other different. Hong Kong, Macao, although belong to China, but in the G table or belong to overseas markets. The distinctive feature of the overseas edition is the carton packaging + round iron box packaging (sometimes the continental version may also be round iron box, such as GW-A1100FC-1).
3-4 mainland version: especially the Chinese mainland market. Significant features are carton packaging + hexagonal box + Chinese manual + Chinese label (July 2014, the carton outside the Chinese label affixed, “Shanghai Free Trade Area” and other words).
Three, three kinds of “do not fly” identification method:
Regardless of others or related experts how to think, I personally think that these three methods of Cartier nail bracelet replica identification in particular do not fly:
1, the price of identification: If you are like Wang Sicong, is the trench, but also pull what the calf ah, directly on the store to buy chanting! Unfortunately, 90% of people are not to say that at a lower price to buy genuine G table So why the price is always around a consideration factor. But what is the lower price? Is there a standard line?
In order to answer this question, we first look at a rough look at the G table sales channels, offline sales channels: Direct store (not a few), an agent of the store and counter, two agents (Such as JUICE, Begins, etc.); online sales channels: the official flagship store, the official authorized Lynx shop, the official authorized Jingdong shop, tide shop online shop; the rest can be said to be “black shop ”
Whether it is online or offline, the official authorization are not discount sales. Bluntly, if you want to buy low-cost G table, can only find “black shop”, the main is to see the “black shop” “black” to what extent.


With the drama “beautiful secret” hit, Song Leader also by virtue of “exaggerated” acting

Taiwan youth Xue Hao’s mainland impression: imagine and reality is not the same
With the drama “beautiful secret” hit, Song Leader also by virtue of “exaggerated” acting, in Baby, Yang Mi, Fan Ye after squeezed into the “embarrassing acting”; and other “embarrassing acting” different Is the author of the song that the Song Leader exaggerated is the Cartier love bracelet replica Martian Aquarius unique; as emotional time “glass heart”, rational when the “cold coffee” they have their own set of logic, it will not be casually “Earth” see through It! So in the Song Leader view, the classic jewelry will never go wrong; and if necessary, with these seemingly “ordinary” classic jewelry with the highlights can also be highlighted with the past, Their own with the taste, to avoid the “hit jewelry” the danger, why not!
Glass is not a natural gem, but artificial firing, originated in China, although not natural gem, but with natural gem like the beautiful and crystal clear, due to renewable and plasticity, as many artists love baby, we To enjoy their beauty!
Why do we have this issue, as a designer brand, we believe that the glass art is a better category of interpretation of Chinese culture, compared to other traditional crafts, in the international recognition of higher, while in ancient times there are many gems With this kind of skill, sincerely bless every traditional craft can go to the world!
Roses have always been an important part of Yves Piaget’s life and constitute a chapter in the history of their family business. They are the brand design inspiration Miao Si, as these filling women feminine style, for the diamond bouquet to add bright colors.
8K white gold necklace inlaid 118 round diamonds (about 2.86 kt)
This rose pendant, each piece of petals are paved diamonds Cartier love ring replica, like blooming on the skin of a dazzling roses, necklaces on the six diamonds, continued bright effect.
8K White Gold Ring Inlaid 1 pink tourmaline (approx. 2.86 kt and 39 round diamonds (approx. 0.45 karats)
This gold ring, blooming bright night shine. Piaget to bright and Cartier nail bracelet replica bright colors set off the charming dripping pink, magic to create a light embracing the embrace of the rose in full bloom.
Continuation of the count since the 70s of last century to create a representative of the professional and technical, this is full of mystery and feminine Piaget Rose watch, only love you to reveal the time. Snowflake-style diamond-studded rose petals, took 70 hours mosaic, to create a pure shiny effect. Petal shape showing exquisite sense of fashion and a sense of balance of harmony, the Piaget jewelry workshop by the professional skills presented.
With a symbol of love to tie the double ring design, Possession pendant fully embodies the passion. Like two can not be separated from the heart, the two rings closely tied together. One engraved with “Possession” words, decorated with a diamond, the other is studded with eye-catching diamonds. Two pendants combined for one, dedicated to the only love.
Ingenuity of the streamline design, tell the immortal love story. Streamlined design of the pendant, with a dressed in low-cut evening dress, exceptionally bright and beautiful. Like a bright star, naturally reveal the noble taste, the hearts of the count and the diamond distributed light Replica Cartier jewelry embraced each other, to seize every burst of enthusiasm.


This craft is the grandmother from the Baqiao set to buy back

My home on the refrigerator, close to a beautiful “blessing” word, which is a perfect handicrafts. White background, big red blessing is made up with the zodiac, and is carefully cut out with scissors. Only the mouse cute to squat on the top, holding a sweet and Cartier love bracelet replica delicious rice; a cow leisurely standing there; a tigers majestic half squatting there; there are high-angled big cock; Naughty monkeys; lazy little pig … … zodiac, all in different poses and with all the way
This craft is the grandmother from the Baqiao set to buy back, no matter from which point of view you are very beautiful, all the zodiac are cut lifelike. This blessing is made up of the zodiac, so that all the people who come to my house after reading, are full of praise, said the blessing is a perfect handicrafts. I wish you a smooth sailing, two dragon take off, three sheep Kai Tai, four seasons safe, Wufu Rimen, six six Da Shun, seven stars high, all directions to money, nine nine concentric, perfect. In this happy to share the moment, miss the moment of friends, dreams come true moments. I wish you a happy New Year!
Only the snow on the hard footprint, will understand the precious life, life is hot. I wish you a happy new year in your life.
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It is understood that the 2010 top ten most investment projects, handmade DIY project came in third place

It is understood that the 2010 top ten most investment projects, handmade DIY project came in third place. Why hand DIY project so by the attention of investors?
With the continuous improvement of people’s Cartier love bracelet replica living standards, people began to pursue spiritual life, when people used to seeing things in the society, began to pondering their own DIY work to do, so it produced a DIY industry.
Online shop because of the coverage and cost advantages, more suitable for our vulnerable to the economic crisis of small and medium enterprises to promote and marketing, more easily meet the needs of the local market for more consumers to provide a superior shopping platform.
1, love consumption
Mainly concerned about lovers and lovers fashion handmade couple Square market development, couple business is an important part of fashion hand. In the love of lovers, is the preferred fashion followers, the enthusiasm for fashion than ordinary people, fashion investment and time investment, often in an irrational state, as long as the mood is in line with the lovers, the price and then expensive, they Are willing to hand, often a single business over the other few single. So the next effort to do a good job couple business, you can bring unexpected financial resources to the shop.
2, family consumption
Mainly concerned about the parents of children and relatives of the market development, parents gifts to their children and children to parents gifts, is an important way to reflect the family of modern family. As a family gift, and now people generally advocate their own hands, abandon the past to buy high-end ready-made bad habits, pay more attention to a kind of benefits and emotions, and fashion hand in particular to meet this demand. In addition, as modern urban life limits people’s hands-on Cartier love ring replica opportunities, fashion handmade has become a means to improve the ability of children, we launched a parent-child theme of fashion hand entertainment.
3, friendship consumption
Mainly concerned about the development of gift market, friends, friendship, friendship, friendship is an important link to maintain the relationship between modern man-machine relationship, this feeling more than the material barriers. Students, gifts and gifts between friends is not important, it is important to be more accurate to convey the heart of the donor. Fashion handless infinite variety of the world, can fully meet the deep feelings of this friendship delivery. Friendship gift is an important part of the fashion handmade market, especially graduation gifts, summer and summer vacation gifts. Are an important way to expand their income.
4, mood consumption
As long as the attention of modern fashion people personalized product market development, for some people say that fashion hand is purely a kind of emotion, a self-relaxation, self intoxicated way. Such people play fashion hand, purely because of the needs of the mood, neither for friends, nor for their loved ones, because they like, most of these people are temperament or fashion pioneer, once they like fashion hand, often Will be immersed in love, and indulge in, and then become a fashion handmade enthusiasts, a fashion hand faithful consumers.
(A) competitor analysis
Is the so-called “know ourselves, know yourself.” Most of the same type of shop are relying on low prices in the fight, playing the price war, these peers is our competitors. At present, our opponents have not yet grown up, and there are many places where the operation of the shop is lacking. We should pay attention to the reputation, provide real information to the online shoppers, improve the service quality, enjoy honest, lively, fashion and efficient network transactions culture. By


Maintenance of jewelry In addition to the general principles of the above, some jewelry because of different gemstones have different character

Maintenance of jewelry In addition to the general principles of the above, some jewelry because of different gemstones have different character, so there are some special requirements in the maintenance and precautions are presented as follows:
(1) diamonds, rubies, sapphires, tourmalines, topaz (ie, topaz) and other gemstone jewelery. These Cartier love bracelet replica gems are hard and able to withstand greater pressure, but they also have common shortcomings – with brittleness and cleavage of diamonds and topazs, so these gems can not withstand beating and percussion, otherwise they may be brittle And creep, or because of cleavage and cleavage in the direction of cleavage, or even fragmentation. Remember, even if the hardness of the largest diamond, can not withstand the impact.
(2) jade jewelry. Although the emerald quality and toughness, with a certain impact resistance. However, after processing the emerald products, are often thin, by the impact will be damaged.
(3) Emerald jewelry. Emerald hardness is slightly greater than the emerald, but more brittle than the emerald, so more than the emerald can not afford to hit and beat. In addition, the emerald afraid of high temperature, the fire will make the color fade, easy to burst at high temperatures.
(4) Opal jewelry. Opal’s hardness is low and should avoid friction with other items. Opal contains water, should be avoided by high temperature, or because of loss of moisture after the break, then lose the transparency, while the burst occurred. In addition, opal is not acid, so wear oyster jewelry should avoid high temperature and acidic substances. Collection Opal jewelry, it should also be noted that the environment can not be too dry, otherwise it will cause dehydration and cracks, or even rupture. In order to prevent dehydration, in the dry season, at a certain time should be opal jewelry in the water soak once.
(5) Amethyst jewelry. Amethyst color is unstable, in case of high temperature or prolonged exposure will cause fading. Wear or collection process, should avoid high temperature or exposure.
(6) malachite and turquoise jewelery. The hardness of these two Cartier love ring replica gems are more water, very easy to wear. The chemical nature of the two is unstable, the case of acid will be dissolved by corrosion. Turquoise is easy to change at high temperatures, even longer exposure and sweat soaking, turquoise will change color. These are in the wear and collection process must pay attention.
(7) pearls and coral jewelery. Pearls and coral hardness is very low, easily due to friction leaving the surface luster. The two components are calcium carbonate, the case of acid will suffer corrosion dissolved. Summer sweating, sweat will make the pearls, coral surface damage and loss of the original luster. Cosmetics in the powder, perfume and hair cream, etc., will make pearls gradually pale. So, summer is best not to wear such jewelry. If you are stained after perspiration, can be placed in the water rinse, and then gently wipe the soft fabric can be. Pearl jewelry in the collection before, be sure to rinse with water, storage must also avoid the cosmetics.
(8) lapis lazuli. After the turquoise jewelery is tarnished, it must not be soaked and rinsed with water. Because lapis lazuli is a granular collection of minerals, if the water is soaked and rinsed, the dirt on the surface of the gem will penetrate the interior, so that it will change the original luster of lapis lazuli. After the green stoneSecond, how to maintain platinum jewelry
1. When you do housework, do not let platinum jewelry stained with oil or bleach. Because bleach will cause platinum to produce spots, and in the removal of the time more trouble.
2. Do not wear platinum to do heavier work, platinum in the role of strong external force will be deformed.
3. Platinum can not wear with gold jewelry, because the gold is relatively Replica Cartier jewelry soft, if the friction between each other, not only will damage the gold jewelry, gold will also be dyed in platinum, so yellow and difficult to get rid of.
4. Platinum jewelry washing method: the platinum immersed in the jewelry cleaning solution for 5 minutes, and then put it on the filter with water rinse, then use a soft cloth to absorb moisture, once a month


As a result of parity retail routes, creative home gift shop decoration is relatively simple, the shelf is not too high requirements

As a result of parity retail routes, creative home gift shop decoration is relatively simple, the shelf is not too high requirements. “Fun life” Chen home shop decoration and shelves spent a total of about 5,000 yuan, it is recommended just shop, do not have too much money on Cartier love bracelet replica hand investors as much as possible to control the cost of renovation in the following $1500.
First batch of inventory
As the creative home gift shop is still a small business, Fan Hao suggested that the first batch of inventory control as much as $2000, not too much, on the one hand to prevent the backlog of excessive funds, on the other hand to prevent product replacement too fast, the original creative products recently Is already a big road goods. To solve this problem in addition to control the amount of inventory, the purchase before the best and manufacturers signed a good return contract, according to Fan Hao’s experience, “fun life” product turnover days generally no more than 30 days, so want to run this Of the creative home gift shop investors and goods providers can be agreed within 1 month of new products can be returned, thus reducing the risk of the backlog of goods.
Staff costs
Creative home gift retailers are not demanding on employees. A total of 20 square meters around the shop to recruit two staff can see the shop, the monthly wage of about $150 per person.
Hydropower and other miscellaneous fees
Fan Hao said that this creative home gift shop without any additional expenditure of Cartier love ring replica water and electricity. Hydropower, tax, management, including some
Posters, leaflets and other ads, including all the miscellaneous fees more than $450 per month more than enough.
Creative home gift shop profits from the sales of goods. On the current “fun life” of the five stores point of view, sales of the center of Chen Jia Temple store turnover of $5000 per month or so. Which product cost of 35,000 yuan × 45% = 15750 yuan, remove the risks and precautions
The cost of the monthly income of $5000  – $2100 = $2900.
Risks and precautions
On the risks and precautions, Fan Hao stressed that the idea of creating the largest home gift shop or the site, only the selected election in order to ensure that the source, to ensure that the store profit, or everything is empty talk.
Second, the source of goods that purchase channels should be guaranteed. Creative products in the country can find a lot of manufacturers, but it is difficult to order only from a manufacturer, because it will lead to the variety is too limited, due to the different expertise of their Replica Cartier jewelry manufacturers, different design features, operators need to find a variety of product manufacturers, And the selection of products to have a unique, innovative vision.