Today for everyone to recommend three from Breguet classic series of watches

Breguet Classique classic series of watch inspired by Mr. Breguet’s design style, accurate travel time, elegant and smooth lines make this series of watch technology as a model in the watchmaking. And superb watch skills will be complex movement placed in the slim watch which, thus becoming a respected fine watch.

Breguet Classic Series 5247BB / 29 / 9V6 watch

39 mm table diameter, the case of the material used for the 18K white gold Cartier love bracelet replica, the crown is located on the right side of the watch, gear pattern, and printed with Breguet LOGO, crown up and down with timing buttons. Round white dial is the use of Breguet original Arabic numerals as a time scale, and with the blue Breguet pointer, three o’clock direction is 30 minutes time disk, nine o’clock direction is a small seconds. Equipped with Breguet produced model Cal.533.3 movement, diameter of 27.6 mm, thickness of 12 mm, the use of 23 gems, providing 48 hours of power storage. Black leather material strap and folding buckle with together. Provide 30 meters waterproofing depth.

Breguet CHRONOMÉTRIE 7727 Series 7727BR / 12 / 9WU watch

The watch watch diameter of 41 mm, the case using 18K rose gold as the material, the watch side is the coin pattern, crown printed on the Breguet LOGO. The silver-colored round dial is decorated with a wavy pattern, and the time scale is a Roman numeral, and the pointer is still a blue Breguet pointer. Dial with a small seconds and timing disk, five o’clock direction with a power storage disk. Equipped with the model Cal.574DR movement, produced by the Breguet, the use of 45 gems, providing 60 hours of power storage. Dark brown leather material strap to bring out the noble qualities of rose gold. The watch provides 30 meters of water depth.

Breguet CLASSIQUE 5287 series 5287BB / 92 / 9ZU watch

The watch watch diameter of 42.5 mm, case thickness of 12.1 mm, case using 18K white gold for the material, the crown and timing buttons are designed on the right side of the watch. Dark gray round silver-plated dial, hand-engraved with the rules of texture as a decoration. To Roman numerals as a time scale, in the digital circle with speed display. White Breguet pointer, red second hand for the watch to provide a trace of vitality. There are thirty minutes of dial and small seconds on the dial. Equipped with models 533,3 movement, the use of 24 stones, providing 48 hours of power storage. Black leather strap with 18K white gold buckle. Backpack type back cover design, providing 30 meters waterproof depth.

Summary: Today for everyone to recommend three from Breguet classic series of Cartier love ring replica, can reflect the Breguet watch design and production process. Since the creation of Breguet, its unique design and superb precision timing function makes numerous celebrity employers are dumped. If there are one or two Breguet classic series of watches, to attend the official occasion absolutely no words.

Breguet mentioned Classique classic series of watches, and more will think of thin case with a simple dial and blue steel Breguet needle. And Breguet’s classic series is not just limited to men’s watch, Breguet’s classic series of women’s watch is not just in its classic men’s watch inlaid with some precious stones only. Today, the watch home for everyone to bring a Breguet classic series of ladies watch.

This watch with the Breguet 7788BR / 29 / 9V6 / DD00 in appearance is no different, the only difference is to reduce the diameter of the case to 36 mm, watch bezel and lugs inlaid with 96 fine beauty Drill, weighing about 0.768 karats, in the restraint in the blooming dazzling light.

Case diameter 36 mm
This watch case to 18k rose gold to build, case diameter 36 mm, thickness 10.2 mm, small and slim. Clean “big fire” white enamel dial, blue steel needle and Breguet phase, continue Breguet unique style. Equipped with Breguet Cal. 591DRL self-winding movement.

18k rose gear crown
18k rose to create a gear-type crown shape simple and elegant, so that the case is more elegant, polished polished crown top embossed Breguet brand Logo.

Brown crocodile leather strap
Brown crocodile leather strap, tidy and beautiful texture and the use of brown suture, fine workmanship.

9 o’clock position with adjustable moon phase button
10.2 mm side of the case with Breguet consistent and classic coin pattern modification, high degree of recognition. 9 o’clock position with a moon adjustment button, you need to use special tools to adjust. Beveled bezel inlaid with a circle of fine diamonds, light in the light of 80 diamonds exudes a bright light.

Clasp is also made from rose gold
Clasp also by the rose gold to create, using folding design, wearing a simple and comfortable. Polished polished clasp engraved with Breguet’s brand Logo.

Welded rounded corners
Breguet is a classic style of welding rounded corners, small and lovely, fine grinding will be the unique Cartier nail bracelet replica charm of rose gold material exposed, comfortable to wear, with a bolt to fix the strap. Each ear is also inlaid with four fine diamonds.

White “big fire” enamel dial
White “big fire” enamel dial, disk layout elegant and simple, showing clear. Breguet-style hollow eccentric “moon-shaped” blue steel pointer instructions minutes and seconds of information, minute scale with a small star instead, every five minutes still fashionable iris decoration. 12 o’clock position on the moon phase display window, rose gold material “smile” moon and both sides of the stars wandering in the blue sky. The next phase will be divided into 29 semi-space, you can clearly understand the next profit and loss from the remaining days. Power storage display at the three o’clock position on the dial, with blue steel arrow instructions to provide 38 hours of power reserve.

Cal.591DRL self-winding movement
Breguet Cal.591DRL self-winding movement thickness of only 3.02 mm, composed of 217 parts. Movement of the use of silicon material escapement and balance wheel hairspring, light weight, no lubrication and no magnetic interference, to ensure precision when the performance. The moving parts are decorated with Geneva and the scales, and are equipped with double barrels.


people naturally to the name of the Swiss radar table with the material

Speaking of ceramic watches, I believe most people think of the first radar, radar as a ceramic watch on behalf of the brand, its high-tech ceramic watch has become a powerful symbol of its high-tech ceramic watch perfect To solve the watch prone to scratches, you can keep the appearance of the watch clean and tidy, which is one of the charm of ceramic watch, today no watch home for everyone to recommend three radar ceramic watch, Hope everyone likes it.

Radar Hao Star Series R32109152 watch
Watch evaluation: the watch with 38.7 mm diameter design, case with stainless steel case with ceramic bezel design to ensure that the watch case will not produce scratches affect the appearance of the watch chain the same use Stainless steel and ceramic match, beautiful fashion. Watch the bottom of the micro-sapphire crystal glass design, watch 50 meters.
Watch Comments: This watch uses a 39 mm diameter design, case and bezel all used for high-tech Cartier love bracelet replica ceramic to build, so do not worry about the scratches on the surface of the watch problem, the watch is equipped with internal A quartz movement, to ensure that the watch travel time accurate, basically no error, very practical.
Watch comments: This new star star chronograph, simple and dynamic fashion, watch with 45 mm large diameter table design, the watch at 3 o’clock position with a classic small seconds in the watch at 6 o’clock position With 12 hours cumulative chronograph dial, and 9 o’clock position with 30 minutes cumulative timer dial, watch waterproof 100 meters, you can swim, take a bath, but can not touch hot water.

Summary: Today, the radar, people naturally to the name of the Swiss radar table with the material is not easy to wear a personalized design of the watch together. Radar table of fine exquisite workmanship, seams at the tight and flexible, corners at no angle angle, electroplating uniform light, the surface and the back of the text clear, has become Switzerland’s most important watch manufacturers.
Some time ago, the author wrote an article on NOMOS (NOMOS small environment in the rise of the “big” brand), mainly about NOMOS’s own style and self-produced movement, the table friends to respond more, but I also know There is a problem, has been troubled by everyone, that is, NOMOS tables are similar, although we all know that each table are not the same, but the difference is small, the series features are not obvious, it is difficult to identify the problem if there is a chance Will help you comb. Today’s this content, mainly do not talk about the series, but the design of NOMOS, we found an embarrassing place.

NOMOS design we are very familiar with, Bauhaus style, pay attention to minimalism, so the dial is very simple, strong sense of lines, even the Arabic numerals, most of them with a strong line elements. However, the large number of small seconds to use the design of NOMOS, 6 o’clock position of the blank, in the personal view seems a bit bad. Throughout all the NOMOS small seconds watch, if the small seconds in the 6 o’clock position, then the 6 o’clock most of the time stamp is vacant, which will cause a “blank area”, when the needle swept here , Always feel what the shortcomings. Of course, some watches in this position placed the date window, but the more bad things happened, the size of small 35 mm table, the date window is too stingy, large size, such as 40 mm, but small seconds The disk is close to the gap, it is very compact. Throughout all the NOMOS watch, personally seems to square shape of the watch, the design Cartier love ring replica is more balanced, but the table is generally small size (29 mm or so), not suitable for men to wear. Here we chose three, is personally considered relatively good.

NOMOS TANGENTE Series 171 watch

Watch series: TANGENTE series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case Material: Stainless steel
Strap material: horse skin
Watch comments: This is a new NOMOS this year, equipped with this year’s new DUW 3001 self-winding movement, so the first recommendation, of course, more important reason is that the design of the table has reached a balance, small The second disk from the central pointer has a distance, vice disk slightly larger, but not and 5 o’clock, 7 o’clock bit overlap, 6 o’clock though still blank, but it is clear, and NOMOS other watches Than this blank is compressed a lot, almost does not affect the visual and aesthetic. So, this is a design, beyond the other NOMOS small second hand design watch, of course, only 35 mm diameter table, slightly smaller. If purchased at home, the price of 23,000 is estimated to be.
Watch Comments: This is only Ahoi watch, the use of the weaving belt, the use of ε (Epsilon) self-winding movement, watch diameter 40 mm, which is one of the reasons I recommend it, NOMOS so large table diameter table is not More, plus it is very simple dial, the actual effect than the ordinary 40 mm table diameter watch to be larger. This table is smaller than the previous one is closer to the center of the disk, so the 6 o’clock space will be larger, many NOMOS table in this position is blank, this table plus the date, although the date window and Small seconds is very compact, but because of the special choice of dark, so it will not be so obvious, if you choose a silver plate, it is obvious. Of course, this table only sell more expensive because the watch is 200 meters waterproof Cartier nail bracelet replica, because NOMOS shell is relatively thin, crown structure is also more simple, so do 200 meters waterproof, so thick shell brand More difficult than some.
Watch Comments: This is a time with the Roman standard NOMOS, is still very simple, has increased a lot of elegant atmosphere, take the alpha (Alpha) manual winding movement, 35 mm table diameter. This table is still small enough size of the small disk, not so stingy, if the disk as a little move down, you can cancel the 6 o’clock that time the Roman time, but this is not. This is the reason I chose it, it is at 6 o’clock increased by half of the Roman time standard, so here will not be so blank, this table is more balanced.

Summary: If you observe each NOMOS, you will find a lot of subtle changes, NOMOS series in the series, in fact, a big difference is that three aspects: the style of the ear, the time scale style is functional The According to these three angles to classify, will soon be able to master the secret of the various series of NOMOS. Most of the NOMOS watch 6 o’clock blank, before I was not aware of, but also in the counter to see NOMOS, because the size is not large, so often ignore this detail, but every time you still feel less what. Perhaps this is my too picky reason, really go to the counter to see when it is not so obvious, but the three, is a personal look more perfect watch.


Where gold jewelry collection gold jewelry to pay attention to what?

Where gold jewelry collection gold jewelry to pay attention to what?
Gold jewelry is one of the most mainstream jewelry, but with the improvement of people’s economic level, gold is no longer the only choice, many people will be processed out of gold jewelry to buy new jewelery, then you know where to receive gold Cartier love bracelet replica jewelry ? What should pay attention to the problem? The following Levi will explain to you one by one.
Jewelry shop recycling
Gold jewelry recycling place or there are many, of which the general jewelry store can be recycled. We generally see a lot of jewelery stores in the jewelry market, as the jewelry store can generally be gold jewelry recycling, they are individual, some companies. Gold recycling companies will be more secure recovery, generally as long as after negotiations, weighing, to confirm the fineness, talk about the price, you can pay the recovery. And individual jewelry processing shop recycling will be a certain risk, the price may be lower pressure, and some can not real-time cash.
Jewelry store recycling
In addition to gold recycling companies can recover gold jewelry, and now most of the brand jewelry stores are provided gold jewelry recycling services. For example, we buy what brand of gold jewelry can be purchased from the store to exchange, brand stores to provide trade-in or discounts and other Cartier love ring replica services, if you do not want to wear gold jewelry can be converted into diamonds and other jewelry. Of course, if the brand shop you do not like the style we can recover after the purchase of other brands of jewelry, such as marrying or marrying we can choose Levi’s diamond ring, Levi has a love ring, meaning: in my name, crown Your fingers; life accompanied, I go hand in hand. In the long way of feeling, with a real name custom, life only one person to send Levi’s diamond ring
To witness the best moments of happiness and the most sincere love vowed more romantic, more precious.
Recall gold jewelry attention to what
Before we deal with gold jewelry, the best look at the current gold market trend to see if it is down or up, through the purchase and the price of gold compared to see if they are profitable or a loss, so you can determine whether it is realized or left to continue storage The And we have to choose a formal recycling company, some small businesses to the recovery price is set high, do not think that is what you earn, in fact, they will buckle your loss of wear and tear costs, so the price is high, The same is not worthwhile. So you must choose from a formal, word of mouth good recycling companies to trade, they generally do not charge you wear and tear costs, but also directly according to the weight of your invoice directly recovered, and they are the price of the reference to the broader market price Fixed.
The above is about the recovery of gold jewelry, some simple introduction, Levi Si that deal with gold Replica Cartier love bracelet jewelry to be cautious, we must choose a reasonable price, safe, high credit company transactions.


Fabrizio Ferri is a world famous fashion and lifestyle photographer

November 15th, Rome. BVLGARI Bvlgari announced that it has donated $ 20 million from its special ring sales to donate to Save the Children today. And in Rome Pecci Blunt Palace held Bulgari and the world famous photographer Fabry Zio A Ferry in the “Save the Children” project cooperation in the photo exhibition, in order to celebrate this great achievement.
An exhibition entitled “Stopping, Thinking, Dedication” will showcase all pictures taken by photographer Fabrizio Ferri Cartier love bracelet replica since 2009, benefiting from BVLGARI Bulgari’s global student and children’s rights program, as well as global Film, music and entertainment circles Many celebrities to support this project photographed public photos. In this project, these celebrities or wear and in their own way “interpretation” of this Bulgari custom ring, or personally participate in public welfare projects, and with the benefit of children interact.
In the event, the famous Chinese actress, Bulgari and the “Save the Children” charity project global ambassador Zhang Ziyi, popular film star Li Xiaoran, Su Youpeng and supermodel Qin Shupei as a representative of the Chinese region attended the photography exhibition.
Fabrizio Ferri is a world famous fashion and lifestyle photographer, shooting countless portraits and advertising photos. He is known for his ability to capture the personality of the subject in a personalized way. Mr. Ferri, in reviewing the work with BVLGARI Cartier love ring replica and the Save the Children, said, “responsibility is power.” When we break the responsibility of creating a more equitable world to others, the best time to create a fair world may Has been missed. The ring represents the choice and attitude, it will be buyers and Bulgari, ‘Save the Children’ and ‘Save the Children’ will help children together.
Ferri added that I took pictures of the singer and movie star who wore the ring, and they watched the camera enthusiastically because they knew they were doing something for the cause of justice. When shooting, there is no red carpet and no spotlight, but they are because of their own responsibility for the community and look spirited. These stars show us the personal image and send out the message: like me do your part.
“I was invited to BVLGARI Bvlgari ‘Save the Children’ project to take pictures. In the observation, discussion, study, I witnessed these donations did help those who need help, I witnessed the money How to help improve the relationship between the children and their families, let them find shelter in the community, and get the dignity of the personality, while starting to pursue a more free future. All this should be grateful to the project provided by the Educational opportunities, “Ferri said. “People have said, ‘faith is power.’ But today, responsibility is power. We lend a helping hand, because we have to do so.
The unique ring, built by ceramic and silver, is sold at BVLGARI’s Bvlgari global Fake Cartier love bracelet store, priced at 390 euros, of which 70 euros will be donated to the “Save the Children”. During the exhibition, you can also purchase this ring at the exhibition site. The exhibition is open from November 16 until November 18 and is open to the public free of charge.


12 constellations want to talk to the former slag

12 constellations want to talk to the former slag
Life a pair of people, a lifetime to talk about love into the marriage hall, and then hand happy to go – the reality is beautiful, pleasant people how can this life so smooth, as the microblogging spread of the sentence: people Life will always encounter a few Cartier love bracelet replica  slag, will grow. For those who bring their own damage to the former, for that period of scarred memories, always say something to solve the heart of the hate, of course, can completely put down on the better. Is “you go to death” or “wish you happiness”?
Aries: I am better than before, break up is right.
Speak straight enough Aries, want to talk with the former, but that is: I am better than before, break up is right. Do not need to use the elegant rhetoric, do not have to exaggerate their own proof of how good now, anyway than with you when the good, then right.
Taurus: Thank God, let me miss you.
Taurus on the feelings of slow, even breaking up, but also in the past after a period of time to really realize the fact that break up. But memories of the past, the pain more than doubled more than happy, if the opportunity and dialogue with the former, just want to say: thank God, let me miss you. A word summed up after the break up all love and hate tangled, this is the best arrangement.
Gemini: can you give me your photo, I have forgotten you like long Cartier love ring replica.
When you are in love, Gemini is really sincere, it is enviable, break up pain, but the pain of time is limited, they transfer the speed of attention is too fast, not long before, when the sweet and sour taste of love also Light, and would like to say a word to the predecessors: can you give me your photo, I have forgotten you like a long child.
Cancer: Thank you for lighting my life and taught me a lot of reason.
There is a good expectation of love, that two people can love in the end, but in the corner of the junctions have become each other’s predecessors, just broke up when the Cancer will be all night insomnia sad, and even filled with resentment that person. But after all, a deep love, Cancer can not tell too much, really want to say, is: Thank you for lighting my life, taught me a lot of reason.
Leo: I’m sorry to hear that you are doing badly.
For the predecessors, the proud lion can be no reason to generous. Love you, you can be a variety of gentle and romantic, you pet on the sky, left, not only friends do not have to do, most want to say to the predecessors, it is belly black can: I heard you flies Replica Cartier love bracelet Well, I’ll be at ease.
Virgo: after no period, do not send away.


From 2006 onwards, I participated in the report China International Fashion Week

From 2006 onwards, I participated in the report China International Fashion Week, the annual fashion week, there will be many excellent models gathered here, comparable to the fashion world of the World Cup. In our eyes, the model may be a money, but also bright career, but in the reputation and applause behind Cartier love bracelet replica, there are many unknown hardships. This issue of “fashion Beijing” special planning this topic, let us into the model of the inner world together to see in their eyes, Fashion Week, what is it.
Chen Zhangmei quickly improve their skills
Chen Zhangmei, from a model into the industry, let people shines, because she has become a supermodel of the various conditions, but also because of this, she has become a regular fashion week. “In retrospect, I feel full of heart, very fulfilling, their own harvest a lot, there is joy of success, there are lessons of failure, every day flies full and happy.I thank the friends walked together, thanks in this road On the company that helped me grow.
Talking about Fashion Week, Chen Zhangmei said: “Fashion Week can quickly improve their professional skills in a short time, and this ‘actual’ effect is better than in the training course or university months or even years of training. It is a very proud thing for me to be part of China’s top showcase of its own strength, and when you are involved, it will not only touch the fashion industry to realize its own business value, but also with people who are like-minded Communication from the point of view, Fashion Week provides more creative and leading fashion clothing works, need to model a different way to show, but also to give the model to give full play Self – space.
“This year’s fashion week, let me impress the deepest, should be Masi Feier’s show.” Chen Zhangmei said, “I think a lot of people will remember this show, after all, the stage of innovation not only let the audience amazing, more You know, T station to go more will inevitably be a bit boring, but that day, we are all in the show are full of expectations, want to go in this stage! ”
Although Fashion Week in the eyes of Chen Zhangmei is so shining, but she felt that there is also need to improve the Cartier love ring replica place: “Now a lot of designers are to take the four fashion week in Europe and America proud, of course, including a lot of models. Perhaps one day, I would like to see the designer to create more outstanding works at the same time, there are more new models of the face.
Speaking of the feelings of fashion week, Chen Zhangmei very contradictory: “Let me feel the deepest, that is, the interview is not very lost on the interview, it is disgrace, but the surface is feeling very frustrating. Fashion Week, the time is often hit the model Things, I will be ready to music, small snacks, thick coat, relax in the rest of the moment, the way to add strength. In fact, I enjoy the process of fashion week, each release can encounter a lot of usually difficult to encounter friends We got together in a chat, busy and happy.
Liang Qiong bitter and happy coexist
In the hearts of Liang Qiong, Fashion Week this platform is to go to the supermodel ladder, is the dream of each model stage, the model is the best value of the market test. “Every time I participate in fashion week will bring me sublimation of the feelings and extraordinary experience.I clearly feel the changes in China’s international fashion Sunday changes, more and more international designers to Beijing to display their own works. To participate in the fashion week show, I can feel the next season’s fashion trends.Every time to participate in China International Fashion Week is very hard, because rehearsal, test equipment, performances between the time is particularly compact, we usually bring daily Replica Cartier love bracelet necessities , Sitting on the floor, or sleeping in the chairs of the stadium.Take Week gathered the country’s most famous and the best models to participate in, this is a good opportunity to learn exchange, but also the model friends meet a good time to meet. Said Fashion Week is more like a happy carnival, we are hard and happy.Every year Fashion Week makes me look forward, because it brings me a lot of happy and pleasant experience.I hope that China International Fashion Week can be like Paris, Milan, London , New York four fashion week to become the most authoritative international fashion week, welcome more fashion designers to Beijing exchange.


Street personality of foreign trade shop

Street personality of foreign trade shop
Here refers to the street trade shop refers to those who compare the personality of the women’s shop. Operators are generally female, generally in the community around the shop, clothing will generally be more personality, are the owner from all over the search, the general style of each inventory are very few, so the clothes style is often updated. Such stores are common, but most people do not associate it with fast fashion, in fact, these stores have a lot of fast fashion rules.
Products: from various places to search some of the original Cartier love bracelet replica single-product foreign trade, are generally the most popular models.
Supply chain: small batch, multi-batch, because it is the end of a single trade, the general style on a few pieces. In order to maintain the store business, they will continue to search for new models (generally these stores should have a fixed partner).
Terminal: general take the community route, operating a long time, will form its own fixed customer base.
Brand: the owner is generally a fashion lovers, usually choose their own clothes, the whole store will naturally form a style with the owner’s personal style, giving a natural feeling.
(3) integrated foreign trade shop model
This model, on a single store, similar to the expanded version of the foreign trade shop, “buyers + fast integration of the trend of products + terminal shop” is the operation of such enterprises. Of course, all products are non-owned brands, the general is the integration of some marginalized brands, such as taking some of the wholesale Cartier love ring replica market brands, there are many brands of foreign trade enterprises.
Some of these companies will take the online mode of operation, such as “fashion uprising.” Some will take the line under the way of operation, or a combination of the two, such as Mecoxlane wheat network and its line shop.
Of course, such enterprises, generally we do not call it fast fashion, but as they are born out of the personality of foreign trade stores, although their new product update speed has not yet reached the speed of fashion brand speed, but with a lot of fast fashion Potential elements. For example, as long as such stores improve the buyer system, establish a sound product procurement network, make full use of partners, the rapid integration of the rest of the world (China can also) personalized products, and gradually strengthen its terminal brand image Its positioning, consciously branding), then this model is also a certain potential. In fact, many brands are also in this direction.
Explore the Chinese fast fashion
As mentioned above, some local “fast fashion class” model, although not mature, for us to explore the local fast fashion model is more reference. According to these “fast fashion class” experience, to explore the localization of fast fashion model, you can start from the following aspects:
(1) into the fast fashion field, from the market segments to find a breakthrough
Such as the imitation of the retail industry, “category killer” some practices, starting from the clothing category of some subdivision, break from a single category, so deep, so thoroughly, such as Taobao fast fashion footwear, so relatively easy to cut. For example, we can simply service white-collar crowd, or more in-depth breakdown, such as focus on “white-collar women’s leisure wear” and other fields.
Not all fast fashion to “all categories are done, all styles are done, brand positioning are the same.” Or to identify their own position, have their own brand style and image.
In a segment, consider the integration of imitation cartier love bracelet, or clothing and some combination of creative home, increasing accessories to jewelry (such as scarves, ornaments, etc.) and clothing to promote each other, increase the customer into the store frequency (or network click rate ). Because when you serve in the market segment, itself will reduce the frequency and consumption frequency into the store, so to increase the frequency of new factors to promote into the store.


Abby 2016 Geneva show female table

Abby 2016 Geneva show female table
In this day and age, understand women’s aspirations, desires and ambitions come from where is a very difficult issue. In the last century, the female just to basic human rights, including the perception of time, now, this is a matter of course, but within a few hundred years in the centuries, it is the privilege of nomenklatura. Now they can heart desire to control time, just like the art of life. Read the tool as a female partner, allowing women to reveal their own independent, but without the words clearly express their Cartier love bracelet replica individuality.
Royal oak offshore type LADYCAT timing code
Royal oak offshore type LADYCAT timing clock is for women who love sports, and for those who love is strength and geometry shape, and can show their own dynamic wrist watch women. Wrist watch in the two color inspiration comes from international sailing competition sponsored by Abby fleet, pure steel edition of set limit to issues 150, 10 platinum edition of set limit to issues. Dial harmonious distribution on the new theme color of sailing, namely, black, gold and green, timing of filaments set pointer also use the same color combination. Engraved with “Ladycat” mark on the bottom cover, to this kind of competition only by a woman at the helm of the sailing competition. Royal oak offshore type Ladycat timing clock platinum with black pearl fritillaria timing set, table circle, watchcase and buckle folding tables were set with 323 diamonds (about 5.82 -carat), and black rubber strap can foil more selective in the Abby diamond bright ray of light. Stainless steel line and lively concise, table circle and link set brilliant-cut diamonds, perfectly integrate with strap. Case is strong, 37 mm in diameter, built-in automatic mechanical movement, may at any time up to 12 hours of time. This mechanical movement is efficient, precise, to the art standard elaborately decorated, with about 40 hours of power storage, can automatic chain when worn. Abby to permeate to subtle details will be costly, this female glamour extremely the timing clock is equipped with 18 k gold Fake Cartier love bracelet. Royal oak offshore type Ladycat timing clock waterproof performance of up to 50 meters (5 bar), the essence of the wrist watch, for women to reveal fearless spirit is the ideal choice.
Royal oak 37 mm automatic chain on wrist watch
This debut of 37 mm in diameter of royal oak ladies watch of wrist of automatic chain, tie-in white gold watch case and dial, enchase 152 beauty brilliant-cut diamonds, intended to fit into women’s unique taste. This jewelry watches excellent work gives those who thirst for freedom of women in image, and intact its acme costly texture. Therefore, Abby master of tabulation select calibre 3120 factory homemade automatic mechanical movement on the chain to make this a more perfect incomparable delicate work. This movement in accordance with the traditional craft decoration and assembly, the 22 k gold put tuo can make the wrist at the time of the master wear automatic chain. This delicate and spell able jewelry watches a masterpiece of tie-in blue crocodile leather strap, and total 2.46 -carat diamonds. Each diamond after Abby inlay division of selective, send out an attractive luster. This unique extraordinary watch with simple replica Cartier love bracelet lines and outstanding quality, both make the pursuit of all occasions wearable chronometer woman fondle admiringly, at the same time to understand through the transparent bottom cover appreciate internal automatic machine core expert for admiring, also condemned the watches can become a family treasure on offspring.
Royal oak 33 mm quartz watches
This elegant watch of the atlas, table circle and chain belt with a total of 648 (total 10.70 -carat diamond, blossom on your wrist is exquisite, delicate, beyond any previous a royal oak series wrist watch. Abby a factory for this table by unprecedented jewelry processing technology, and through in 2016 for detail exquisite design, perfect show the table with the era of geometrical aesthetic feeling, also reconstructed the clock design masters in the 70 s Gerald Genta royal oak original style. In the top of a sports style wrist watch, engraved Grande Tapisserie large plaid patterns shallow silver dial and platinum diamond circle a memorable time scale and hours, on the dial has a delicate and date display window, the bevel edge and the overall decoration perfect fusion. Paragraphs that table designed for preference gem watch for lady its inspiration from the clocks in the history of the most legendary royal oak, it carry with exquisite craft make a quartz movement. This precise and durable 2713 quartz movement watch of wrist of let the women can wear in any occasion, and don’t need to worry about the daily maintenance and the chain. The watch is also equipped with rose gold to choose from, the watch Cartier nail bracelet replica case set with 172 diamonds. Silver dial Grande Tapisserie large case grain adornment collocation, compact fluorescent label and 12 when the position of the diamond double time scale design more highlight table style unique charm.
JULES AUDEMARS33 mm small second hand wrist
Delicate, elegant, JULES AUDEMARS series this year in female glamour. This design is simple to extremely wrist watch for advocates of customized for beautiful women, with rose gold material, the new strap stick with slender wrist wear requirements. Passion, stunning, this attractive hour meter with delicate silver dial, central decorated with twisted rope decorative, collocation set auger timing. To keep the perfect harmony with minimalist, line is concise only has a pointer on the dial, driven by charming calibre3090 machine. This manual chain mechanism through the transparent bottom cover treated by anti glare is clearly visible, all show Abby tabulation artisan craftsmanship. Details about the show, this movement is 2.80 mm thick, vibration frequency of 21600 times per hour. This cabinet and delicate wrist watch with a rose gold bracelet, also equipped with a brown alligator strap to choose from. Temperament elegant, regardless of the daytime can tie-in appropriate clothing or evening dress.
Since the tantalum gold ring and fine steel, rose gold or platinum Abby Royal Oak Royal Oak, Lionel messi after the advent of limited Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica edition watch collectors been eagerly looking forward to the coming of this masterpiece. This wrist watch 41 mm in diameter, amplifier and rich modern flavor, a stable low profile. Its contracted simple but elegant of the dial is not engraved Royal Oak “Tapisserie” unique to Royal Oak case grain decoration, but on a dark blue background compose with Bai Jinshi standard. The platinum design limited release 100.
Since 2010, as brand ambassador, Leo Messi, Abby (Leo Messi), began his career at the age of thirteen, either on behalf of the Argentina national team or club, he is always wearing the number 10 shirt. Lionel messi in the past four years are selected as the best football player in the world, and repeated personal record. In the 69 games in 2016, he scored 91 goals an unprecedented, performing.
This wrist watch auction number 110, believe love the contemporary legend people absolutely not to be missed. All donations will donate macy’s foundation, to help the poor children in the world, and brings opportunities to make my dream come true for them.
Massey said: “any help foundation plan of the project, I will support, and heartfelt thanks to all parties, with the donation, we can every day to bring hope children in adversity, let them regain joys yan.”
For the first time with rubber strap Abby Royal Oak Royal Oak, Leo messi, N ° 10 platinum watches, will be in Hong Kong on April 3 solstice (8) and London (April 12 solstice 15) a traveling exhibition, then moving to sotheby’s auction house in Zurich and Geneva office. This watch will be along with messi imitation cartier love bracelet autographed T-shirt, and by Lionel messi and Abby art director Octavio Garcia sign of wrist watch auction sketches. Successful bidding lucky more have a chance to appreciate the Barcelona games, personal contact, with several famous star every chance.


Women buy table required 2016 most notable 20 female table

Women buy table required 2016 most notable 20 female table
Patek Calatrava Ref. 7121 wrist watch, this is a patek philippe ladies’ the moon watches the new members of the series. To pay attention to fashion, confident modern woman, now mechanical watch is the undisputed choice for them. If you can add a complex function, the more perfect. If again bloomed in the bright light of diamonds, it is a dream come true. Patek philippe’s new manual waxing moon phase display Calatrava lady’s wrist was a blend of these three elements. The watch by classical elegance, gold material Calatrava will visit round watchcase, is particularly captivating.
Rolex oyster type constant dynamic women’s log pearl lady wrist watch, in 2006, held in salzburg, the 250th anniversary of Mozart music party, a famous mezzo-soprano singer Cecilia bartow li (Cecilia Bartoli) singing Mozart’s famous “joy exult (Exsultate, Jubilate) when wearing a diamond model of constant dynamic women’s Cartier nail bracelet replica log pearl oyster type lady wrist watch. In 2016, the Basel table show, new rolex oyster perpetual motion type female type log pearl lady wrist watch, combine precious material and colorful gems. Watch case and band by 18 ct eternal rose gold rolex casting, with 18 ct white outer ring and gold watchband chain link, and set with diamonds. This stunning jewelry watches on the surface of decorated with black or white mother of pearl, golden lotus pattern with pink.
Crash of Cartier watches, London in 1967, during the “Swinging London” (Swinging London) gold period of agitation, predictably, was born in the year of the Crash wrist watch, naturally the agitation of the free s as active and independent. Story originated from a customer to a damage in the accident of Cartier watches back to repair, the Cartier, director of the London jean-jacques Cartier (Jean – Jacques Cartier) has been attracted to watch case after deformation, copy it, so watch of wrist of Crash was born. Crash (impact) means the psychological shock, the prominence of the rebellion, the pursuit of freedom of innovation! In 2016, the Crash wrist paragraphs launched four new limited table, match for the first time by the water droplets form white K gold or water droplets form rose K gold create a fine watch, brilliant, outstanding. In another more rare and precious in the table, the whole chain is paved with bright beauty.
Chanel watch “Premiere”, 18 k yellow gold bracelet, launched in 1987, the Premiere of wrist, is chanel watch of wrist of the first paragraph. Will this table named PREMIERE not only because this is the cause of chanel launched the first wrist watch, but also to the hail to the chief tailor PREMIERE “chanel. Its unique octagonal dial, sapphirine crystal, classic design inspiration comes from the N ° 5 perfume bottle caps and Paris fang Place (Place Vendome). The shape of the table 1 K gold link table was Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica invited to for a generation of Hollywood actress Greta Garbo (Greta Garbo) design.” Fang ritz hotel near the place “byhermother Frances shand kydd Anna fame because Britain, luxury suites and ritz hotel top floor is ms chanel’s permanent” sweet “the women. Her clever noble flavor to the modelling of anise combine with Cain, at the same time also on the feelings of her” homesickness “. This series will fire this year.
Omega Ladymatic table, since 2010, omega Ladymatic female table with its charming appearance design become the representative of omega female table. Female Ladymatic table the 34 mm polishing stainless steel casing, white, rose or black ceramic ring of originality lies between outer decoration corrugated and inner ring watchcase main body. Each watches are collocation and dial color corresponds to the satin strap or polished stainless steel bracelet. Female Ladymatic table dial decorated with chic the sun’s rays of light, shining exception. 11 hours scale with 18 k platinum arched trough of diamonds to reflect on, blossom colorful, also has calendar window at 3 position.
Bulgari Bulgari Bulgari Catene female table series, Bulgari product focus this year Bulgari Bulgari series, the series is the most outstanding female table new Catene wrist watch will naturally become a hot topic this year female table. Relative to the wrist watch, more like a suction eye accessories, in showing tabulation technology at the same time show the craftsmanship of gold and silver details. Each Bulgari Bulgari series new wristwatch modelling is the brand of traditional inheritance, including the Catene wrist watch and chain link design. Exquisite imitation cartier love bracelet bracelet can greatly in women between two laps around the wrist, the part of a diamond-encrusted link incorporates brand watchmaker and jewelry all virtuosity. 18 k rose gold double Bulgari logo bezel, 12 shining diamond timing in soft pearl fritillaria, more dazzling and dazzing, breathtaking.
Product family rendez-vous Celestial dating series star wrist watch. The starry sky, always lead your valley watchmaker, strong curiosity, become their pursuit to explore the topic. Product family founder Anthony le Scott also obsessed with the nature, the Milky Way, the constellation of mysterious and vast, as a genius inventor, he end his life, the pursuit of perfection and harmony. The creation of his unremitting spirit become rendez-vous Celestial dating series wrist watch the stars creative purpose. Watch of wrist of 18 k white gold watchcase diplomatically presented beauty and the charm. Wrist watch like the stars shining, shining diamond from watchcase part extends to the crown and the bezel, finally cheng fang on the number of the corolla. Emotional displays the beauty of a rare process dial and hour circle arc present a beautiful secret astronomical landscape, precious materials and artistically depth of lapis lazuli disk marked with signs here. Poetry also fly sky meteor: the beauty of a horse inlaid on the crown, turn gently only, can rotate the stars set, personalized adjustment on constellation chart. New wrist watch is a perfect astronomical observatory, in order to show Cartier love bracelet replica incisively and vividly astronomical theme, the dial is also equipped with the constellation calendar, indicating and corresponding throughout the year, constellation in through the years has always been to adjust display system and time measurement. The wrist watch with product type 809 automatic mechanical movement on the chain, in 23 hours 56 minutes 04 seconds a lap speed rotating star wheel, subtle and difficult to detect.
Breguet Reine DE Naples “Day/Night” 8998 shows women’s watch, Day and Night in all treasure ji clock work, Reine DE series of Naples (napoli queen) has been in poetry aesthetic characteristics. Her unique not only comes from on behalf of all the egg-shaped modelling of the source of life, but also because of, a series of complicated watches are women wristwatch exclusive design. Treasure ji new Reine DE Naples Day/Night show ladies watch Day and Night, emotional desire of brinkmanship between the sun and moon, act on the dial up the dance of the grandeur of the time. Therefore, breguet movement developed the new patent technology, layout of double face, according to a display time in traditional way, the second display, day and night time complex function. In order to present the airport of fantasy scenes, and treasure ji choose green Jin Shipan represents the blue sky, the white clouds in the blue sky on embedded natural mother-of-pearl, gold stars, and manual engraving titanium moon pattern. Stars of the sky, however, is the shining sun, all cutting on the surface of the balance wheel rim reflect plumes of golden light like the sun. With balance balance wheel operation, all day, from a bridge between the steel table penetrate through, the sun projected on the minute hand, when face to face with titanium the moon, the sun’s glorious culmination, as if in love, and the moon also with gentle back.
DIOR VIII GRAND BAL PLUME senior watch series, golden feathers, white high-tech precision ceramics. “I dream of becoming an architect; as a fashion Fake Cartier love bracelet designer, I have to respect the basic principles of architecture.” Mr Dior’s comments are still affecting the Swiss Les Ateliers Horlogers Dior studio, is also a clear-cut Dior VIII senior watch series of inspiration: delicate fruity, bracelet using small Angle of ceramic pyramid of the cone. Modeling vivid, elegant temperament of Dior VIII series reminiscent of classic Bar coat. The name itself seems to have demonstrated Mr Dior for believe in lucky Numbers, can not help but make people think of October 8, 1946 he area eighth avenue montaigne in Paris to create their own haute couture clothing brands, and for the first fashion series named “En Huit” (for “eight”). “Dinner” running Dior Inverse movement, on the dial is equipped with front practical tuo, dancing like a PROM dress. Dior VIII has undoubtedly become an excellent representative of Dior watches.


Create different depth Abby summer diving watches is recommended

Create different depth Abby summer diving watches is recommended
Blue sky blue sea, in the enthusiasm of the summer, Swiss watchmakers brand Abby (Audemars Piguet) together with you to explore the charm of the sea, enjoy the different special diving experience.
Audemars royal oak offshore type DIVER diving watches on chain automatically
Royal oak offshore type DIVER diving watch from the eight glossy polishing screws with hexagonal octagonal bezel classic appearance, for stainless steel watch case with mist surface polishing and bright surface polishing treatment, comparative and bright. Table circle below the black rubber and crown Cartier love bracelet replica and band coated black rubber echo each other, and set at 10 o ‘clock position of crown more gift watches technology exquisite features. The solid structure makes it has the better performance such as antimagnetic shock-proof. Pragmatic and contracted style is more noble, just like the function of the chain on the automatic beyond the length of time, everlasting.
Diving watches audemars royal oak offshore type
Wrist watch equipped with forging carbon case, black ceramic bezel and black rubber screw-plug crown, superb technical performance and excellent design to endow them with superior air. More it is worth noting that the royal oak offshore type unique black “Mega Tapisserie” super-large case grain decoration and bright yellow indication area, make various parameters show more eye-catching, easy to read. Due to the level of horizontal balance wheel bridge plate Fake Cartier love bracelet fixed on both sides of the machine plate rather than unilateral, so earthquake effect is better. In a professional to achieve free, Abby royal oak offshore type underwater diving watches is your ultimate journey of choice.
Audemars royal oak offshore type diving watches 42 mm
This design is bold and strong hour meter for the first time the watch case with deep black high-tech ceramics, tables, ring and crown for easy operation. In order to improve the clarity to read in the dark depths of the sea, for the first time on the black dial with fluorescent orange Pointers, and rotate the dial diving in the inner circle of the 12 to 3 on the scale of the orange display area. This gorgeous color for divers instant access time information. This watch is also equipped with innovative waterproof sealing washer, so if necessary, the wearer can be related to the underwater operation. This hour meter from ergonomic strong, line is clear, durable, with the main function, whether directly to wear or wear in diving suits, all can wear replica Cartier love bracelet appropriate.
Abby table is one of the classic royal oak named origin?
Royal oak design inspiration comes from an old story. In the 17th century British Puritan revolution, king Charles ii of England in exile on the way back to the UK to evade capture once hiding in a hole escaped the oak tree, so the oak incarnation protector for the imperial family, there are even battleship “. 200 years later, to commemorate the historical event that Britain will three warship is named “royal oak”.