Today for everyone to recommend three from Breguet classic series of watches

Breguet Classique classic series of watch inspired by Mr. Breguet’s design style, accurate travel time, elegant and smooth lines make this series of watch technology as a model in the watchmaking. And superb watch skills will be complex movement placed in the slim watch which, thus becoming a respected fine watch.

Breguet Classic Series 5247BB / 29 / 9V6 watch

39 mm table diameter, the case of the material used for the 18K white gold Cartier love bracelet replica, the crown is located on the right side of the watch, gear pattern, and printed with Breguet LOGO, crown up and down with timing buttons. Round white dial is the use of Breguet original Arabic numerals as a time scale, and with the blue Breguet pointer, three o’clock direction is 30 minutes time disk, nine o’clock direction is a small seconds. Equipped with Breguet produced model Cal.533.3 movement, diameter of 27.6 mm, thickness of 12 mm, the use of 23 gems, providing 48 hours of power storage. Black leather material strap and folding buckle with together. Provide 30 meters waterproofing depth.

Breguet CHRONOMÉTRIE 7727 Series 7727BR / 12 / 9WU watch

The watch watch diameter of 41 mm, the case using 18K rose gold as the material, the watch side is the coin pattern, crown printed on the Breguet LOGO. The silver-colored round dial is decorated with a wavy pattern, and the time scale is a Roman numeral, and the pointer is still a blue Breguet pointer. Dial with a small seconds and timing disk, five o’clock direction with a power storage disk. Equipped with the model Cal.574DR movement, produced by the Breguet, the use of 45 gems, providing 60 hours of power storage. Dark brown leather material strap to bring out the noble qualities of rose gold. The watch provides 30 meters of water depth.

Breguet CLASSIQUE 5287 series 5287BB / 92 / 9ZU watch

The watch watch diameter of 42.5 mm, case thickness of 12.1 mm, case using 18K white gold for the material, the crown and timing buttons are designed on the right side of the watch. Dark gray round silver-plated dial, hand-engraved with the rules of texture as a decoration. To Roman numerals as a time scale, in the digital circle with speed display. White Breguet pointer, red second hand for the watch to provide a trace of vitality. There are thirty minutes of dial and small seconds on the dial. Equipped with models 533,3 movement, the use of 24 stones, providing 48 hours of power storage. Black leather strap with 18K white gold buckle. Backpack type back cover design, providing 30 meters waterproof depth.

Summary: Today for everyone to recommend three from Breguet classic series of Cartier love ring replica, can reflect the Breguet watch design and production process. Since the creation of Breguet, its unique design and superb precision timing function makes numerous celebrity employers are dumped. If there are one or two Breguet classic series of watches, to attend the official occasion absolutely no words.

Breguet mentioned Classique classic series of watches, and more will think of thin case with a simple dial and blue steel Breguet needle. And Breguet’s classic series is not just limited to men’s watch, Breguet’s classic series of women’s watch is not just in its classic men’s watch inlaid with some precious stones only. Today, the watch home for everyone to bring a Breguet classic series of ladies watch.

This watch with the Breguet 7788BR / 29 / 9V6 / DD00 in appearance is no different, the only difference is to reduce the diameter of the case to 36 mm, watch bezel and lugs inlaid with 96 fine beauty Drill, weighing about 0.768 karats, in the restraint in the blooming dazzling light.

Case diameter 36 mm
This watch case to 18k rose gold to build, case diameter 36 mm, thickness 10.2 mm, small and slim. Clean “big fire” white enamel dial, blue steel needle and Breguet phase, continue Breguet unique style. Equipped with Breguet Cal. 591DRL self-winding movement.

18k rose gear crown
18k rose to create a gear-type crown shape simple and elegant, so that the case is more elegant, polished polished crown top embossed Breguet brand Logo.

Brown crocodile leather strap
Brown crocodile leather strap, tidy and beautiful texture and the use of brown suture, fine workmanship.

9 o’clock position with adjustable moon phase button
10.2 mm side of the case with Breguet consistent and classic coin pattern modification, high degree of recognition. 9 o’clock position with a moon adjustment button, you need to use special tools to adjust. Beveled bezel inlaid with a circle of fine diamonds, light in the light of 80 diamonds exudes a bright light.

Clasp is also made from rose gold
Clasp also by the rose gold to create, using folding design, wearing a simple and comfortable. Polished polished clasp engraved with Breguet’s brand Logo.

Welded rounded corners
Breguet is a classic style of welding rounded corners, small and lovely, fine grinding will be the unique Cartier nail bracelet replica charm of rose gold material exposed, comfortable to wear, with a bolt to fix the strap. Each ear is also inlaid with four fine diamonds.

White “big fire” enamel dial
White “big fire” enamel dial, disk layout elegant and simple, showing clear. Breguet-style hollow eccentric “moon-shaped” blue steel pointer instructions minutes and seconds of information, minute scale with a small star instead, every five minutes still fashionable iris decoration. 12 o’clock position on the moon phase display window, rose gold material “smile” moon and both sides of the stars wandering in the blue sky. The next phase will be divided into 29 semi-space, you can clearly understand the next profit and loss from the remaining days. Power storage display at the three o’clock position on the dial, with blue steel arrow instructions to provide 38 hours of power reserve.

Cal.591DRL self-winding movement
Breguet Cal.591DRL self-winding movement thickness of only 3.02 mm, composed of 217 parts. Movement of the use of silicon material escapement and balance wheel hairspring, light weight, no lubrication and no magnetic interference, to ensure precision when the performance. The moving parts are decorated with Geneva and the scales, and are equipped with double barrels.


It is understood that the 2010 top ten most investment projects, handmade DIY project came in third place

It is understood that the 2010 top ten most investment projects, handmade DIY project came in third place. Why hand DIY project so by the attention of investors?
With the continuous improvement of people’s Cartier love bracelet replica living standards, people began to pursue spiritual life, when people used to seeing things in the society, began to pondering their own DIY work to do, so it produced a DIY industry.
Online shop because of the coverage and cost advantages, more suitable for our vulnerable to the economic crisis of small and medium enterprises to promote and marketing, more easily meet the needs of the local market for more consumers to provide a superior shopping platform.
1, love consumption
Mainly concerned about lovers and lovers fashion handmade couple Square market development, couple business is an important part of fashion hand. In the love of lovers, is the preferred fashion followers, the enthusiasm for fashion than ordinary people, fashion investment and time investment, often in an irrational state, as long as the mood is in line with the lovers, the price and then expensive, they Are willing to hand, often a single business over the other few single. So the next effort to do a good job couple business, you can bring unexpected financial resources to the shop.
2, family consumption
Mainly concerned about the parents of children and relatives of the market development, parents gifts to their children and children to parents gifts, is an important way to reflect the family of modern family. As a family gift, and now people generally advocate their own hands, abandon the past to buy high-end ready-made bad habits, pay more attention to a kind of benefits and emotions, and fashion hand in particular to meet this demand. In addition, as modern urban life limits people’s hands-on Cartier love ring replica opportunities, fashion handmade has become a means to improve the ability of children, we launched a parent-child theme of fashion hand entertainment.
3, friendship consumption
Mainly concerned about the development of gift market, friends, friendship, friendship, friendship is an important link to maintain the relationship between modern man-machine relationship, this feeling more than the material barriers. Students, gifts and gifts between friends is not important, it is important to be more accurate to convey the heart of the donor. Fashion handless infinite variety of the world, can fully meet the deep feelings of this friendship delivery. Friendship gift is an important part of the fashion handmade market, especially graduation gifts, summer and summer vacation gifts. Are an important way to expand their income.
4, mood consumption
As long as the attention of modern fashion people personalized product market development, for some people say that fashion hand is purely a kind of emotion, a self-relaxation, self intoxicated way. Such people play fashion hand, purely because of the needs of the mood, neither for friends, nor for their loved ones, because they like, most of these people are temperament or fashion pioneer, once they like fashion hand, often Will be immersed in love, and indulge in, and then become a fashion handmade enthusiasts, a fashion hand faithful consumers.
(A) competitor analysis
Is the so-called “know ourselves, know yourself.” Most of the same type of shop are relying on low prices in the fight, playing the price war, these peers is our competitors. At present, our opponents have not yet grown up, and there are many places where the operation of the shop is lacking. We should pay attention to the reputation, provide real information to the online shoppers, improve the service quality, enjoy honest, lively, fashion and efficient network transactions culture. By


From 1992 to today, the influence of many luxury brands abroad is gradually upgrading and deep into the hearts of consumers

From 1992 to today, the influence of many luxury brands abroad is gradually upgrading and deep into the hearts of consumers, foreign brands see the Asians of the European luxury blind worship, but also see the Chinese market for its huge space . Therefore, we take the low-end luxury Cartier love bracelet replica line at the same time, you can also pay attention to another space – by imitating the world-renowned luxury brands, to some low prices to impress consumers.
Here imitation, not from the style, store design, display and other aspects of the surface to do the article, these imitation can not make consumers pay the bill. The following aspects of the imitation is the most important: in the collection of popular information as far as possible with the European synchronization; designers in product design to do is how to design from the deep to perceive our brand positioning of life, imitating how the European brand Lifestyle and culture are manifested in the product by design. Through this do not lose their own culture, deep-level imitation, to create their own luxury Cartier love ring replica,  there will be prospects and development opportunities. At this point we may wish to learn from Japan. As early as the 20th century, 60 years, to promote the development of the Japanese garment industry, the Japanese government heavily to send Takada Kenzo, Morihime and other designers to study in Europe, they are studying in Europe during the Louis Vuitton and other well-known brands Work experience, through learning and imitation and combined with their own traditional culture of innovation and extension, forming the only Asia can be stationed in Paris, and Louis Vuitton, Fendi par with the Japanese local luxury brands.
Today’s China and the past can not be the same day, the growing maturity of the imitation cartier love bracelet market and the majority of the demand for space, so many far-sighted entrepreneurs to see the future development of luxury space, hope that through the above point of view and industry friends to explore, Efforts, to find the perfect balance of imitation and innovation, in the open luxury Pandora box flying out of the true sense of the Chinese cultural heritage and innovative spirit of local luxury brands. By


Cartier three brothers in the process of travel in the world experience the exotic culture

Classic handed down
Cartier three brothers in the process of travel in the world experience the exotic culture, deeply affected the Cartier love ring replica style. Its jewelry by Russia, Egypt, Persia, Paris, France, and other cultural influence, in particular, inspiration inspired by oriental colors, through the formation of geometric shapes completely abstract design, the characteristics of exotic culture through a special way to express it. Jewelry design requires classic aesthetics, but also coupled with the contemporary interpretation of the spirit, works can be more contemporary, so as to be accepted. Cartier has a long history of many important design topics, including “series theme creation”, “to reproduce the essence of fine jewelry,” and so on, these traditional design concept has far-reaching impact on Cartier. Characteristics of the times combined with the charm of the traditional process is the Cartier jewelry series has been the pursuit of the highest level. In the smooth lines, Ming Cheng color, Cartier interpretation of the true meaning of the United States is simple but not complicated, lies in harmony rather than conflict. In more than 150 years of history, imitation Cartier love bracelet created many dazzling wonderful works. Cartier watch famous style, including the 1904 Santos watches, 1909 patented fold-style clasp, 1919 Tank watches and so on. Between 1928 and 1930, the blending of platinum, quartz and long diamonds became the “white mark”. Under the management of Louis, Cartier continues to expand, continue to exudes endless charm. Jewelry designers and skilled artisans, so that unique design accessories are harmoniously embodies the Cartier’s graceful style. These works, not only the creation of fine jewelry watch, but also in the art also has a high value, worthy of pondering, often because they have been attributable to celebrities, and was cast a layer of legendary. From the Indian Prince of the huge necklace ordered to the Windsor Duchess with the shadow line accompanied by the tiger-shaped glasses, as well as a large symbol of the French scholar Corotus College Saber, Cartier tells a legend after another story.
Heritage and development
As respected by the brand, Cartier on stage to play their own unique charm, and the star forged a century of luxury love. Whether in the theater on the screen, or in the classic red box and silk against the background, Cartier has demonstrated a dazzling brilliance. With the development of Hollywood film, Cartier has become the ideal partner for the producer. They hope to improve the positioning of the film through the background of their European royal jewelry suppliers. Replica Cartier love bracelet attracted a large number of directors, stars and the audience, creating a unique charm of the myth of film and television.


How to Distinguish the Diamond Ring Quality

How to Distinguish the Diamond Ring Quality
In addition to attention to diamond ring style, but also need to master how to distinguish some of the basic knowledge of diamond quality. Diamond is as precious as love, once identified, it is necessary to care for a lifetime. How many of the diamond ring style to choose to own a piece of it? How to choose a diamond ring?
A diamond ring on sale in the market is composed of two factors, Cartier love bracelet replica diamond and ring, while the diamond 4C is the most important part of the diamond ring, 4C diamond carat weight, clarity, cut, color. The reason why the price of carats diamonds from several thousand to several hundred thousand range, is because of its quality level is not the same.
Diamonds in carat weight: 1 carat = 200 mg = 0.2 grams, one carat is divided into one hundred copies, each called a sub.
Diamond clarity is usually 10 times the use of magnifying glass on the diamond internal, surface defects and the extent of its impact on the brilliance of the clarity of non-mounted diamonds grading, according to China’s national standards are broken down into the LC, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2 , SI1, SI2, P1, P2, P3 a total of 10 levels.
Diamond cutting refers to the accuracy of its cutting rate and the perfection of the modified finish. Good cut should reflect the brightness of the diamond and fire color as much as possible, and try to keep the original stone weight. IGI International Gemological Institute of the cut grade from high to low is divided into ID (standard), EX (excellent), VG (very good) G (good), the Chinese national inspection is divided into: VG (very good), G (good) .
Diamond has a variety of natural color, from the precious colorless (white after cutting), rare light blue, pink to the common yellowish range. The more transparent and colorless, the more white can penetrate through the refraction and dispersion is more colorful. Diamond color is divided into 11 levels, respectively: D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M,
Platinum jewelry daily wear and wear
Platinum jewelry need to be stored separately, can be placed in jewelry boxes or leather bags, so as to prevent the Cartier love ring replica winding together, resulting in wear and tear. Platinum and gold should not be worn at the same time, because gold is soft, if friction with each other, not only will damage the gold ornaments, gold will also be dyed platinum, so that yellowing, and difficult to remove.
Second, platinum jewelry cleaning and maintenance
Regularly with a soft cloth dipped in soft soaps and warm water gently wipe the surface of the jewelry, it is recommended to buy jewelry special cleaning agent, which can make your platinum jewelry to maintain a good appearance and long-lasting luster. Or directly to your platinum jewelry jewelry store to take care of maintenance.


About the jade bracelet

About the jade bracelet
The distinguish method of jade bracelet
Abstract: for the jade bracelet lovers, sometimes easy to get the fake goods. But the vast majority of consumers are difficult to identify the advantages and disadvantages, true and false. So, should be familiar with some basic jade bracelet identification method, prevent the economic losses.
For the jade bracelet lovers, sometimes easy to get the fake goods. But the vast majority of consumers are difficult to identify the advantages and disadvantages, true and false. So, should be familiar with some basic jade bracelet identification method, prevent the economic losses.
All jewelry should not be observed under light color, and for the jade bracelet, it is particularly important. Because the color of Cartier love bracelet replica jadeite jade bracelet, especially the ash, the flash blue and green jade color, such as oil, in the light of visual effect than the color of natural light offline effect is much better. Therefore, light can only see jade tuft split, jade bracelet stone, crack, crack how to distinguish? See head length, the degree of the reflecting pool, or other features. But in natural light, to examine and assess the emerald green.
The dragon is water everywhere
In the “dragon” actually refers to the emerald green. That is to say: under normal circumstances, no matter in the quality of a material or the thickness of transparent degree, with a green parts than the green parts of the transparency is better. For luxury goods it is very important also to maintain the jade bracelets.
Shit son out high green
To the jade’s emerald green, interdependent, very close. In general, the green water good cases, children are usually not too bad, and vice versa. But, can’t neglect the particularity of emerald green. Although not every “shit” with high-grade green. But “shit” can appear in the finest green.
No lock don’t cover flowers
In fact, high-grade jade green are often in the form of “element” body, to express the essence of nature. If carved patterns, there will be a dubious under its beautiful decorative pattern. So the industry there is “no lock not covered flower”. The same is true of modern products of jadeite jade Cartier love ring replica bracelet.
Critical spicy green
So-called “spicy green” is refers to a kind of additive color jade “false”, it is an old trick. Nowadays do false means “shower”, “bath” and “coating”, etc. Of course any fraud may succeed in at that time, and won’t never give oneself away. For consumers, might as well also “coldly”. Must to the credibility of good, quality assured shop to buy jade bracelet, too.
The color difference, ten times the price difference
For high-grade jadeite jade bracelet, too, the price has more than ten times as much as I’m afraid. Jade bracelet price in other shape of jade products Chinese highest, because with the production of the bracelet is one of the most waste of jade expected hungry, and the color is also important for and bracelet. Color is a bit dark jade bracelet price will be a lot less.
In addition, carefully identify jade bracelet that is seen on the market, the characteristics of the pure natural jade bracelet, too there are the following:
A, color
Jade bracelet, too rich colors, green, red, purple, grey, yellow, white, such as color, one of the most precious is green. According to the depth of the green shade, and subdivided into lime green, brilliant green, green and so on more than 10 kinds of glass. High quality jade green, transparent, more oil moisten, without impurities, use the sound when knock is ringing loud hard machine. In general, such as green seedlings, spinach is green, fei color or violet flower bracelet for common varieties. The price of jade bracelet is fixed in a imitation cartier love bracelet certain range. Before buying should probably know about the current market price. Think twice and consider.
Second, the quality of a material
Identify a jade bracelet to look at the jade is exquisite, the better the more expensive the jade bracelet, the quality of the jade is exquisite, you couldn’t see particles or other impurities feeling, give a person the feeling is very smooth and bright, quality of a material is very good jade bracelet is also expensive, if the quality is very good and the price is very cheap, be careful is fake. Light visible to the naked eye observation, fine texture, color soft, stone; Minor impact, sweet crisp; Ok have heaviness, significantly different from other quality of the jade. Such as quartzite class imitation jade bracelet are comparatively light, and experienced expert with the hand a phase modulation could identify authenticity.
Three, sound
Buy jade bracelet, “knock” is commonly used method in the identify jade bracelet, jade bracelet hanging up, tap the natural white jade bracelets, with agate sticks a ringing sound pleasing to the ear; Knock artificial substandard goods, is a deep voice.
About how to choose white jade bracelets, first is to carefully observe if there is a crack, jade bracelet on each bracelet positive, negative, medial and lateral do comprehensive observation, because of serious Achilles’ heel of the crack is a jade bracelet. The second is to pay attention to the shape of the jade bracelet is very round, diameter thickness is uniform, polishing pass, etc. Again is to pay attention to the size of the jade bracelet circle mouth and the diameter of the coarse
Thin is in line with the need. Finally, a good jade bracelet should be “there is a color”. “Kind of” refers to the quality of the jade of delicate crystal and transparency, “color” refers to the emerald.
In general, should bear in mind the following four formula: first check crack preventing deadly, defective fewer workers want essence, size is not difficult to clinch a deal, “there is a colored” high-quality goods. I hope it can help you.


In order to meet 2016, the new Mogaoku works to “day” for the design concept and express the blessing of the future. In the design of the work

The pursuit of inner harmony, is Qeelin Mogaoku senior jewelry series expressed feelings. Qeelin creative director Dennis Chan is intended to explore the subtle relationships between the three elements of heaven, earth and man. Inspired by the ancient Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes, it is located on the legendary Silk Road. Those fascinating Buddhist mural and sculpture symbolize the pursuit of enlightenment, but also in the use of Zen enlightenment wisdom of life.
In order to meet 2016, the new Mogaoku works to “day” for the design concept and express the blessing of the future. In the design of the work, a symbol of good fortune often engraved in the clouds pattern, take is the Chinese “cloud” pronunciation and “Cartier love bracelet replica” similar, auspicious clouds represent a good omen. The shape is like Ganoderma lucidum, meaning auspicious eternal life, more New Year bring good luck.
Newly designed necklaces, earrings and rings made of 18K rose gold, diamond-studded pattern with emerald embellishment which emblem of God’s kindness and shelter.
Qeelin’s Lucky 12 collection is inspired by Dennis Chan’s Summer Palace tour of Cartier love ring replica. Where he saw a statue carved with 12 zodiac motifs, inspired by his creation to interpret and express the zodiac inherent in the spirit of inspiration, become everyone’s mascot.
2016 is China’s red monkey, monkey-inspired jewelry is of course the first choice for the New Year. In Chinese traditional astrology, the monkey represents wisdom, for people to bring good luck, eliminate trouble. While the fire element is more enhanced monkey dynamic characteristics. At the same time, the monkey is also the closest animal in the zodiac animal, driving the new year’s fortune.
Lucky 12 series, Ling monkey lively appearance, as 18K rose gold or white gold necklace and petite pendant on the protagonist, inlaid diamonds make it look particularly cute and lovely. This design with a bracelet or ring on the brilliant, decorated in the earrings is very unique. Each piece, simple design, modern fashion, fun.
Lucky 12 is a good choice for New Year gifts. Replica Cartier jewelry not only represents the birthday, in Chinese culture, the zodiac can also protect the body, and bring good luck and health. In addition, their zodiac and the beloved people of the Chinese zodiac to wear, more meaning harmonious and happy.
Qeelin jewelry every work in the traditional tribute to the same time, more deeply in the moment. The brand has also developed a suite of applications specifically for the Android and Apple systems for the Lucky 12 series. You only need to enter the date of birth will be found in 2016 belong to their lucky zodiac jewelry. Christmas time, the New Year, the total and ultimately, the colorful neon and pure warm heart. POMELLATO Po Manlan Duo sister brand, the Italian interest to jewelry are colorful starfish family put on new clothes – diamonds, rubies, sapphire stone and sapphire embellishment ring, and wearing white, brown diamond and Black Diamond’s new beans, the little new “members” for you and your loved ones present special needs of all time: gorgeous colors and sincere love.


Bvlgari ring true and false identification method

Bvlgari ring true and false identification method
Italy’s Bulgari, is following the French Cartier and Tiffany United States after the world’s third-largest jewelry brand. Bvlgari brand from Greece, the founder of Sotirio Bulgari is a silversmith in the Greek Epirus region. Bvlgari jewelry in the production of color to design the essence of originality with a variety of different colors of gemstones to mix and match, and then use a different material base to highlight the dazzling gem colors. You know the true and false identification method Bulgari ring, now give you a specific introduction.

Bvlgari jewelry prices high not high, the brand’s cost-effective high jewelry is not high
As far as I know, Bvlgari rings are mainly concentrated in the welding process, a number of small businesses completely fail to process, you can ask to ask the customer service holy jewelry, their technology pretty good, but can promise too Counter cleaning, the key is the price of only 1/10 of the counter is very cheap

Bvlgari Indian Pomegranate Eau de toilette how to
This silky texture of perfume distributed gem-like luster, sparkling glittering sparkling modern charm. Omnia Crystalline L’Eau de Parfum Women’s Eau de Parfum dedicated to outstanding women, light irresistible gentle color. This fragrance will be the original elements of a strong contrast: hard and soft, clear and flowing, pure and sexual. Feeling, the perfect blend. All kinds of elements in harmony to present a variety of perfume characteristics and meaning, reflecting the long tradition of perfume Cartier love bracelet replica and deep Roman origin.

How to distinguish true and false Bvlgari watches?
Bvlgari watch to identify the true and false to grasp the following points: (1) process.
True table exquisite workmanship, seams tight and flexible, smooth corners at the corner, plating uniform light. The surface and back of the text is clear.
(2) packaging.
True table packaging is very particular about the table box is very beautiful, there are beautifully produced instructions or warranty card; leave the table are more rough, not even the packaging and so on. In this case,
(3) source.
True form a formal invoice, selling price and public price will not differ too much. If you buy a thousand dollars Rolex or Cartier love ring replica, it is definitely a fake table. 【remind】
If you still can not tell the authenticity of the watch, then you get a watch shop, please master a test movement (true and false distinction mainly in the movement), stand the test.