Four rows of chain steel bracelet suitable for any occasion to wear

This year, NOMOS released a personal thought that the brand Dacheng movement –DUW 3001. This movement has several important features, ultra-thin (3.2 mm), automatic and efficient (energy utilization rate of 94.2%), hand-made grinding parts, in addition to the NOMOS core of the two elements: Vertical and patented NOMOS Swing System. Therefore, DUW 3001 automatic movement, is currently released by NOMOS brand equipped with the strongest movement. Any of which features, are in the same level of the brand Cartier love bracelet replica one step ahead. Therefore, the table altar recognized view is that, NOMOS is indeed a sincere full of the brand. At the same time, full of German watch the essence of “blood”, is the promotion of the ranks of the advantages and roots of luxury.

NOMOS part of the series watch “family portrait”

NOMOS’s numerous series, watch is brilliant, although all uphold the founder of the pursuit of the Bauhaus minimalist style, but there are some differences. NOMOS watch mainly to the main three-pin models, which is the representative of the classic design of the watch, in the seemingly similar appearance, NOMOS has won a number of international design awards, including the famous red dot design award. This is also a personal favorite NOMOS one of the reasons, both internally and externally, but not publicity. Price, is also recognized more authentic, 20,000 budget has been a lot of choice, and 30,000 can buy more advanced products, and this is the price, not including discounts, foreign tax rebates and so on. NOMOS only a small amount of precious metal version, most of the steel, which is its price is not so “scary” one of the reasons, but also shape a very pragmatic image.

In today’s luxury commercialization under the wave, and even the great driving force of the era of electricity, luxury goods to a large extent to achieve the popularity, we all have the opportunity to buy luxury goods, which means that the face of luxury Is a very large market, then it is to continue to do to advertise the social status of the owner and give the spirit of the enjoyment of luxury goods, or luxury luxury goods, will become a very real problem. Now do not say tens of thousands of thousands of global watch brand, still can be called the historical significance of the luxury brand, very few, if the market environment continues to be stable, I think NOMOS will become one of them.

Breguet’s long history can be traced back to 1775, since the creation of the brand has always given a classical, gentleman’s feeling, feeling and movement is not on the side, in fact, Breguet is also suitable for sports watch. Today, the watch home for everyone to bring a Breguet sailing series watch, the official model: 5817ST / 92 / SV0.

Looking back on Breguet’s history of watches and clocks, in the history of its production of navigation clock, the French navy is by virtue of Breguet sailing bell’s outstanding performance in the sea scenery moment. And Breguet’s maritime series can also be regarded as the only brand with a sports color watch.

39mm stainless steel case
This watch with 39 mm steel case, gold-plated black dial can clearly show hours and minutes. Equipped with Cartier love ring replica Breguet Cal.517GG movement, hand-carved gold pendulum beautiful Tuo beautiful. Sturdy and durable, dynamic appearance, called the crystallization of modern design, while retaining the characteristics of Breguet’s style.

Stainless steel to create a gear-type crown
Stainless steel to create the gear-type crown, crown on both sides of the wave-shaped shoulder to gracefully provide excellent protection for the crown, the top of the crown printed with a flower body “B” logo, highlight the distinguished brand Identity.

Four rows of chained steel bracelet
Four rows of chain steel bracelet, suitable for any occasion to wear, with a beautifully crafted adjustable folding clasp, clasp polished delicate, clasped on the carved Breguet brand name “BREGUET”.

Coin pattern modification
The side of the case with Breguet consistent and classic coins pattern modification, fully demonstrated the brand in the details of the style of the watch grasp. The curved bezel is polished and polished.

Welded fillet
Breguet is a classical style of welded rounded corners, small and exquisite, comfortable to wear, with a bolt to fix the strap, even retro color.

Dial with swirling wave machine carved carved
Carved carved carved can be described as a brand characteristics Breguet, this watch the main dial with swirling wave machine engraved carved carved in the carved under the background, two elegant Breguet hollow eccentric moon pointer appears more Clear and easy to read. Silver dial outer ring with brushed polished, inlaid with three-dimensional Cartier nail bracelet replica Roman numerals and dots when the standard, 6 o’clock position with a great use of the large calendar window.

Breguet Cal. 517GG self-winding movement
Bottom cover with the whole sapphire crystal glass to create, beautiful movement at a glance. Equipped with Breguet Cal. 517GG self-winding movement, diameter 11½, 35 gemstone bearings. 18k gold grill automatic Tuo, rhodium-plated design. Linear lever escapement, silky gossamer. Vibration frequency of 4 Hz. Power storage time of up to 65 hours.

Summary: Breguet’s maritime series can be said to be a great annoyance of the history of the great navigational era, and functional practicality is also in line with the needs of today’s watch. Watch retains the characteristics of Breguet style, and has a durable, dynamic appearance, classical and modern combination. Because of the theme of its movement so that this watch is suitable for attending a variety of occasions, daily life, work meetings and even sports and leisure, can be said for a “gold collar” all-around watch.


watch performance is also increasing the price is also opened accordingly

Yu-ship MP-05 LaFerrari limited mechanical watch introduced
Yu-ship MP-05 LaFerrari limited mechanical watch is a famous watch brand HUBLOT (Yu-ship) launched in 2013, called MP-05 LaFerrari limited mechanical watch, 14 years and launched a titanium yellow plate , And the use of luminous coating on the digital scale, compared to the first generation of red version easier to read the time. Limited edition of 50, highlighting a rare thing. Its movement is designed, developed and produced independently by the watchmakers and engineers of Yuhua Watch Factory Cartier nail bracelet replica to pay tribute to Ferrari’s special limited series sports car “LaFerrari”.
Li Chen Tong Yu-ship MP-05 LaFerrari limited mechanical watch introduced
Whether from the technical or design point of view, Yu-ship table MP-05 “LaFerrari” watch with the same name Ferrari sports car has the same excellent quality. The co-operation of the watchmaker and the Ferrari team makes the watch and the car work together. The movement is equipped with no less than 637 parts, while carrying the tourbillon movement, the internal 11 barrels such as spine arranged in rows and connected to each other, will not affect the same time and can support each other, so the power reserve can reach 50 Days, these features enough to make this watch proud, called the concept of excellence watch.
Hours and minutes are shown on the right side of the barrel, and they are also indicated by a black anodized aluminum column. The columnar on the left side of the barrel is used to display power storage. The red inlays on both sides of the columnar are made of red anodized aluminum, inspired by the red mark of the Ferrari. Such a complicated way, presumably liberal arts students will cry it? Must have to wear a high price of the big black cattle just want to use it to enhance the “watch”, what time we really do not care.
Shirley watches where the production
Oriental Double Lion (ORIENT) was founded in 1950, has been committed to the development of technology, the creation of different styles of watches, double lion watches are one of Japan’s three major brand watches, Japan and export sales of the top two. Oriental Shuang Lion watches in China 80 years is the mainstream watch brand. Long before entering the Chinese market, the old Japanese brand table, because of its trademark LOGO is two lions, formerly known as the “double lion” brand in China.
Shirley watches where the production
The predecessor of the Double Lion watch dates back to the “Yoshida Time Shop” set up in Ueno City in Tokyo in 1901 (Meiji 34) and the establishment of the Toyo Timepiece Replica Cartier jewelry factory in 1920. Toyo timemeter factory in 1934 also began to manufacture and manufacture of watches, and in 1936, the establishment of the Tokyo Hino factory, focusing on the production of watches. In July 1950, Toyo was established in Tokyo Hino City, “Dumault Meters Co., Ltd.” and in 1951 to change the company name: Orient Watch Co., Ltd. officially began selling the name of Orient watches.
What are the series of double lion watches?
Shuangshi watches follow the trend, and constantly develop a number of new products, its series includes the traditional series, sports series, fashion series, DISK series, fashion series, SP series, iO series and so on. However, with the emergence of different watches, watch performance is also increasing, the price is also opened accordingly. Shuang Lion watches the lowest price of more than 1000 yuan.
What is the best series of Longines?
Longines is a famous watch brand, its style a lot, superior quality. Very popular with consumers. So what is the best series of Longines? The following watch home to tell you!
Longines Dai Chuo Wiener series
Longines Dai Chuo Wiener series also combines the simple lines of the 1930s and the rich charm of the 1950s. This Swiss watch brand to exquisite beauty of the Italian spirit, full of inspiration Seiko secret agents, unique style of fashion, to create a series of unique style of timepieces works, the performance of the life of the Qin enjoy and joy. Longines designers and watchmakers in the abstract ideas, will be strict geometric rules into a sway of ultra-beautiful – to create a new standard, eternal fashion Longines Dai Chuo Wiener series watch.
Longines heart month series
Spring night, white moonlight, such as stars, like, to the transit, but also quietly hidden. Everything is like a symbol of the passing time and the flow of time. Round and bright moon is fascinated, and the new Longines heart month series, it is the silver star of this praise. Delicate and concise dial, so that the watch silhouette more soft; bright overflow of diamonds, watch for the more moving style. Its magical charm of elegance to attract all portrait of modern elegance elegant fashion women.
Longines Les Elegantes watch series
The 1920s design style was created in the twentieth century as the most delicate fashion trend. Decoration of the art of free creation and fantasy space to create an immortal artistic style, but also affected the 20’s tabulation process. And as ever, Longines from the old art trend of inspiration, elegant and elegant design of the ladies, to create three interpretation of the essence of the 20’s watch – LONGines Les Elegantes watch series.
Longines Comcast series
Longines Kang Kasi series is the essence of Longines movement elegant essence. Unique beauty of the bezel, convex crown and chain are ceramic material, exquisite and unique. This beautiful material will be long-lasting charm and innovative technology perfect blend in one. Longines Kang Kasi series made of stainless steel and ceramics, the perfect embodiment of the powerful features and elegant temperament of the matchless, its excellent technical characteristics, but also to meet the most demanding sports people’s requirements. Whether it is in the most fashionable night party, or in the distinguished horse above the stands, this solemn and delicate watch will definitely exudes a remarkable style.
Longines Suimiya series
Since 1832 settled in the Sui Yiya (Saint-Imier), Longines that with the village to establish a very close relationship, which is regarded as the company’s conduct and the source of development. As the only one founded and still in the Saint-Imier watchmaking company, Longines always adhere to their own values: tradition, elegance and movement. Today, Longines introduced to Saint-Imier named series of watches, these Zhuoer extraordinary mechanical watches, that is, from the birth of this brilliant pure watch the traditional fertile soil, the growth of the time essence.
Longines watchmaker series
2005 launched the Longines Mingjiang series, is the brand for many years accumulated superb technology and experience refining from the masterpiece, witnessed more than two centuries of tabulation achievements. This series of watches with a number of excellent features, meticulous pondering.
Longines Longge series
In 2004 launched the Longines “Lang Ge” series filled with Italian style. Design inspiration from the resort near the Mediterranean, both in appearance and function also reveals the intoxicating feelings.
Longines Collection Series
Who can forget the 1920s? It was a world of changing times, and there were breakthroughs in many areas. The artist enjoyed incredible freedom, and the designer was no exception. Fashion and design abandoned for centuries of harsh dogma, each individual accessories have become more compact, simple, fashionable. The latest Longines Collection series of male and female watches is precisely from this magnificent custom and fashion transfer movement to learn inspiration. However, although the Longines collection series design inspiration from the 1925 classical watches, the barrel shape can be traced back to the 1911 produced watches.
Above a few examples of Longines series, then what is the best series of Longines? Each series which have a story between them, and which series than any series of good words, each series which are unique, See everyone like it.


When you are with her, walk on the road and think that the two trees are in love with you

When you are with her, walk on the road and think that the two trees are in love with you; after you have separated from her, you think there will never be any connection between the two trees.
Last year, “lovelorn thirty-three days” is a complete fire, plus the previous single men and women. Countless people want to fall in love after a Wang Xiaoyi, sad when there can be a Wu Yanzu, but life is not a movie, life is much more difficult. You are lovelorn sad when you can only be a Cartier love bracelet replica person, others simply can not comfort you, you simply can not listen.
If I say, lovelorn after the uncomfortable uncomfortable, support the past like, and probably a lot of people will say that I am cruel, but this is indeed the best way.
Most people’s feelings, walked around one by one, never alone for a long time, but complained that their pay is not a good result. Just why every one of your feelings can not be good? Every time you are lovelorn after you do not grow it?
You are not lovelorn because you are not good enough is not enough handsome, not because you are not gentle enough not considerate enough, not because you are in this romance what is wrong. Many couples often quarrel and love and hate but still be able to hospice, many couples often do something wrong to provoke each other angry but still forever.
Such a relationship is that you can in this feeling as much as possible to do their own, without worrying about your tomorrow will not him.
A person will never change the words, he will encounter the same thing happened in his body, especially in love.
We often see a friend in the emotional repeat committed before the mistakes, people helpless, and finally the tragedy ended.
Very simple, if you often go to the nightclub to find, then you encounter each other in all likelihood is a play Cartier love ring replica; if you often because of loneliness and love with others, then you meet each other Bacheng is also because of loneliness with you; You just want to find someone to live, want to have personal care about you, then you encounter the other party is probably the case, in addition to your day will still be on.
The same, if you can not accept their own shortcomings, then the other side is also very difficult to accept your shortcomings, because you are in front of him step by step, be careful. If you hang up after each call will be no tomorrow, then your feelings are likely not tomorrow, because you double
Side are not full of security.
Only you accept all of your own, including those who see the shortcomings of the people, you will encounter a let you show all in front of him can still like you to accept you; only you want to own people You will meet someone like you.
The meaning of romance lies in the growth, is not to let you again and again to repeat the same mistakes. Grow far more than hurry into another person’s arms meaningful, it will not let your feelings again and again to not hastily.
What we call life, but it depends on what kind of person we can meet; what kind of Replica Cartier love bracelet person we can meet, but it depends on what kind of person we are.
Lovelorn this thing to the big thing that is to let you grow a good opportunity to small that is to let you get rid of a wrong person. In the next one who like you before, to maintain a reasonable single, in the right time to meet the people, is a lucky. This is the most need to be patient after the lucky, to the future that he and his best gift is to become better, more gentle, more happy, but also know how to cherish.


2016 Geneva show to men’s watch

Abby, 2016 Geneva show to men’s watch
Abby table factory in Switzerland in 1875, Jurassic wire cloth he (Le Brassus) was founded in the valley, is still by the founding family management. Over the years, Abby is always to make special hour meter as own duty, early in 1882, the first large, complex function Wrist watch.
Royal oak offshore type series wrist watch was born in 1993, design style inherited the motion of the royal oak, with its total size and excellent exquisite structure model to TAB. This year, when it is full of masculine temperament extraordinary meter for the first time with a transcendental function Cartier love bracelet replica of large complex movement. Watch of wrist of royal oak offshore type large complex function carry on the traditional automatic chain mechanical movement gathered three time, after injection timing clock and calendar three big watchmaking recognized complex function table model base of excellent functions. Specifically, in addition to display standard time, the 44 mm in diameter watch also is equipped with three ask time device, this is a complicated function of exclusivity, can should need to tell the time by the hour, an hour and minute; Calendar function is displayed on the dial calendar information and phases of the moon cycle; In addition, as all Abby since 1882 launch of large complex function wrist watch, this gold hour meter is also equipped with Abby’s iconic double seconds after injection timing function, to measure distance of time. Abby style of modernism to build this masterpiece is a senior tabulation process essence of crystallization process. It is a large complex function Abby table factory watch masters the essence of skills and talent. The special skills of miniature master of tabulation, Calibre 2885 automatic chain machine core consists of 648 parts, each part are meticulously. To perfectly present chamfering and wire drawing processing, etc. The unique beauty of traditional craft, BiaoJiang adopted sandblasting also such modern finishing process. Sapphire crystal and transparent dial table bottom cover the veils that hollow out machine core components for the wearer to see the wonderful artical excelling nature tabulation craftsmen to build. Through the table bottom cover also can see the black coating automatic tuo of pure gold, the perfect foil a wrist watch the overall design of modern fashion style. The pure traditional techniques to build avant-garde movement technique, it is Abby “harness routine, casting innovation” spirit of best practices. This large complex functional movement is one of the perfect embodiment of this idea: perfect blend in today’s world, all present classical value. In addition, the modern tabulation curiosa of titanium alloy and ceramic in limited release only three, by a professional Fake Cartier love bracelet watchmaker committed more than 820 hours, and on its own. Chamfering, such as drilling, taper hole, sandblast seiko processing process requires meticulous operation for a long time, the cost is equivalent to the total cost of the movement as a third. Sparkling in the movement skill, chamfering processing is undoubtedly the most acclaimed, is also the most strict with manual operation of craftsmanship. This skill demanded watchmaker with years of rich experience, using the file smooth edges and corners of the parts and components and polishing wheel throwing subtle lines, highlight the refraction of light effect. This kind of mechanical device’s aesthetic processing incisively and vividly show a nuanced manual craft level. Movement of each parts are carefully carefully processed. Some components, such as through the table bottom lid visible asked three time hammers, and adopted two senior complex after processing: first is mirror polishing, polished burnish of this component nearly “blow play can break”, again for chamfering processing, including inside and outside of the mill, which embodies the artist superb skills. These special chamfer in the component is easy to identify, as a kind of art craftsmen who imprint, because no machine can create this seiko effect. In fact, from the ancient after processing and popular also has to prevent dust and moisture intrusion movement actual function. Only in the hands of the craftsman perfect mastery of skills, the finishing and decoration processing to make the cold metal machinery. Abby tabulation masters of the state of mastery of the technology has reached perfection, and its application in the brand products freely. In addition to match with black ceramic bezel, crown and button of titanium alloy sheet, also these wrist watches and rose gold. Rose gold limited release in paragraph 3, tie-in white rubber strap, with 18 k rose gold case, black ceramic bezel and white ceramic cutting crown and buttons.
Skilled craftsmen with the enthusiasm for the TAB, make by the founding family ran a Abby still keep to create the initial tradition of excellence, create the experience of horological collector and clock lovers with complex function. This year, to reveal its pursuit of top tabulation replica Cartier love bracelet art tradition, located in the wire cloth he said Abby table factory from now on display in the brand in the museum, from 20 s a “pillow” to find inspiration in the pocket watch, research and development of a wrist watch equipped with complex functions. So, the traditional series three asked the tourbillon timing clock arises at the historic moment, in two different material and fine: paragraphs rose gold/platinum, and titanium alloy, limited release 10 pieces of each style. Rose gold/platinum rose gold for watchcase, loaded with white gold ring, tie-in smoked dial, rose gold time mark with a pointer, the design of the original watch a timeless quality. With ring in titanium alloy and titanium alloy white gold ring, bring its wearer best asked three time sound quality. Is unknown, a wrist watch sound transmission quality depends largely on the use of metal material and the size of the watch case. Case, the greater the material is light and strong, it is the sound made by the long finish. Therefore, the gold wrist watch equipped with 47 mm in diameter of the titanium alloy watchcase asked three time maximum volume, bring the most pleasant auditory pleasure for watch aficionados. This unusual hour meter not only has the design of the original appearance, also carrying a superb performance of the machine, the popular complex function – the tourbillon and asked three time function, fusion, and additional timing stopwatch, to make it more wonderful and precious. Traditional series three asked the tourbillon timing clock with curvy watchcase, carrying 13 fell method points (29.90 mm) on the manual of chain machine, its thickness is 7.65 mm, from 504 components, through the transparent table bottom cover can peep some mechanical parts and components. Be worth what carry is, through the hollow out dial is composed of 83 parts the tourbillon with its balance wheel (vibration frequency, 21600 times per hour) play a elegant waltz, a designed to improve the wrist watch precision weighing just 0.4 grams of governor in rotation, to allow the wearer to enjoy this dream of magic charm. This remarkable wrist watch according to the current advanced tabulation of the world’s most stringent standards made by hand, uphold the traditional god, makes every effort to keep improving, carefully build each parts. After processing performed by professional watchmaker spend hundreds of hours of patience, but through the transparent table bottom cover. Chamfering, drilling, taper hole, spiral grain such as seiko process requires meticulous fine operation for a long time, the cost is equivalent to the total cost of the machine Cartier nail bracelet replica core about a third. Sparkling in the movement skill, is undoubtedly the most acclaimed chamfering processing, is also the most strict with manual craftsmanship. This technique requires artisans have several years of rich experience, using the file smooth edges and corners of the parts and components and polishing wheel thrown fine lines, highlight the refraction of light effect. In fact, from the ancient to this after processing to prevent dust and moisture intrusion movement actual function. Only in the watchmaker perfect skilled hands, these finishing and decoration processing to make the cold sparkling metal device. Abby tabulation masters of the state of mastery of the technology has reached perfection, and use it freely in brand products. In this work, the processing of each parts are carefully carefully. Some components, such as through the table bottom lid visible asked three time hammers, and adopted two senior complex after processing: first is mirror polishing, polished burnish of this component nearly “blow play can break”, again for chamfering processing, including inside and outside of the mill, which embodies the artist superb skills. These special chamfer in the component is easy to identify, as a kind of art craftsmen who imprint, because no machine can create this seiko effect. Traditional series three asked the tourbillon timing clock with its unique case design, majestic style atmosphere, carrying Calibre 2874 chain on the manual machine, through the table bottom lid visible parts operation, dynamic storage for 48 hours. This wrist watch paragraphs with rose gold and titanium/platinum and rose gold with crocodile leather strap and rose gold Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica buckle folding tables, and titanium alloy/white watch money is tie-in white gold buckle folding table.
As the first in the ceramic material makes the watch case and bezel of royal oak offshore type series timing clock, this 44 mm in diameter sport watches with deep black reveals its high performance and masculinity. Abby choose ceramic to build this time clock, is due to the excellent properties of solid material durability. Excellent wear resistance of the ceramic, only the diamond can create scratches on the surface, the hardness is far better than the pure steel. But for the feature of ceramic material component for processing but need to spend more time and cost. Royal oak offshore type timing clock wrist shell to produce nearly 12 hours a day, and watch ring than make a fine steel bezel is 8 hours more consumption. For ceramic material with high standards of finishing process of pure steel quality finishing process. It is worth mentioning that Abby table factory is good at the ceramic alloy, ceramic and tantalum gold innovation material used in high performance sports watch. In the pursuit of perfect details and reduce the risk of scratches, Abby engineer adhering to the excelsior attitude, makes with ceramic crown and buttons. Only the sapphire crystal glass table bottom cover and strap pin buckle is made using titanium alloy material. Bezel screws used pure steel quality. To highlight this meter when the bold strong qualities, located in the wire cloth he said Abby table factory use royal oak offshore type series classic black “Mega Tapisserie” super large lattice decorative to decorate the dial, and implicitly in 12 when the position of embedded in the small black second hand set, in 6 and 9 position embedded black clock time. Timing clock plate with a red pointer to read clear, and the timing of the second hand tip is the same colour. This timing clock is characterized by sharp character, show the wind of classic luxury imitation cartier love bracelet in every detail processing. In addition, made of platinum pointer and time scale with fluorescent coating, can be accurate to read in the darkness. This fully functional watches also have calendar window in 3 position. It carries the Calibre 3126/3840 automatic chain machine, power storage 55 hours. Equipped with 22 k gold put tuo hammer of smoked electroplating processing, central inscribed “AP”; By the large hollow out processing machine core consists of 365 parts, through the sapphire crystal table bottom cover appreciate the operation of some of these components. With this tough temperament, the timing clock on black rubber strap and titanium alloy pin buckle, all show strong trend. Waterproof depth of 100 meters, the use of high-density ceramic materials, and little deformation. Its high era characteristics and style characteristics, no matter what is the situation or place, the wearer can cope, which reflects the spirit Abby table factory launched fusion of classical luxury sport watches series of avant-garde.