Red gold and white with the shape of elegant watch body

It is based on their own “Gyromatic” technology based on the introduction of the first high-frequency movement, this movement is extremely accurate operation. As a result, 73% of the precision timer certificates of the Swiss Newcastle Observatory in 1967 were awarded to Girard Perregaux. GP Girard Perregaux Table 1966 series is a tribute to this era, but did not repeat the previous watch, but with innovative results, the automatic winding movement in a very elegant and slim case. Today’s watch home for everyone to recommend three excellent features GP Girard Perregaux watch 1966 series watch, watch their elegant posture together.

Girard Perregaux GP Table 1366 Series 49525-52-131-BK6A watch

Red gold and white with the shape of elegant watch body, blue second hand for the watch Cartier love bracelet replica to add a elegant style. This watch internal carrying Girard Perregaux GP3300 automatic mechanical movement, the number of movement gems 32, power reserve 46 hours. 38 mm in diameter, 8.5 mm thick 18k rose gold case using a white dial, silver dial on the dial when the standard, three o’clock position date display. Case covered sapphire crystal glass table mirror, with black crocodile leather strap. Watch waterproof depth of 30 meters, using the back through the bottom of the table.

Girard Perregaux GP Table 1366 Series 49543-52-B31-BK6A watch

Red gold, dark brown and black to create this simple and elegant, full flavor of the watch. Diameter 41 mm, the thickness of 10.01 mm 18k rose gold material inside the case with Girard Perregaux automatic mechanical movement, the number of gems 28, power reserve 54 hours. Dark brown dial on the use of red gold when the standard, the central, the sub-pointer, dial nine o’clock position with a small seconds, three o’clock position display window. Watch the use of sapphire crystal glass table mirror, equipped with black leather strap, the use of needle clasp. Watch waterproof depth of 30 meters, using the back through the table back.

Girard Perregaux GP Table 1366 Series 49535-53-152-BK6A watch

Simple and elegant white dial decorated with beautiful and elegant moon phase, accompanied by a deep and stable black belt, creating this elegant gemper watch. This watch uses a diameter of 40 mm, the thickness of 10.7 mm 18k white gold case, the internal power reserve 46 hours of automatic mechanical movement. White dial using silver time scale, six o’clock position moon date and date display function, twelve o’clock position with the week and month display window. Watch covered with sapphire crystal glass table mirror, using the back through the bottom of the table, the use of black crocodile leather strap. Watch waterproof depth of 30 meters.

Summary: These three watches will be excellent performance and innovation in the spirit of Chi Bibi will be a strong movement as the elegant body within the body, creating a gorgeous elegant gorgeous watch. Watch simple and clean case and the classic high grid crocodile belt, but also in silence for the watch to create elegant temperament.

With a complex function of the watch is always amazing, Tourbillon, three questions and other functions on the watch Cartier love ring replica reflects the impressive, but the watch is the most basic or when the function. There are many watches and no other complex features, but the kind of streamlining the same fascinating. Today’s watch home for everyone to recommend three features of the compact watch.

Breguet CLASSIQUE 8067 Series 8067BB / 52/964 watch

This watch only a simple travel function, equipped with internal power reserve 40 hours of automatic mechanical movement. 18k white gold to create the case diameter of 30 mm, 7.85 mm thick, side of the unique Breguet money pattern decoration. Silver dial decorated with hand-carved patterns, the use of Roman numerals time scale, the central design of three large, covered with sapphire crystal glass table mirror. Watch assembly black crocodile leather strap, back through the bottom of the design, waterproof depth of 30 meters.

Girard Perregaux GP Table 1366 Series 49528-52-771-CK6A watch

This exquisite Girard Perregaux watch equipped with power reserve 42 hours of automatic mechanical movement, diameter 30 mm, 8.9 mm thick circular case made of 18k rose gold. White mother of pearl dial on the use of Roman numerals and diamond time scale, the central time pointer, covered with sapphire crystal glass table mirror. Red gold case with black crocodile leather strap, elegant classic. Watch the use of back through the table, the water depth of 30 meters.

Jaeger-LeCoultre jewelry series Q3202421 watch

This product family flip series of watches follow the usual square case, the internal use of manual winding Cartier nail bracelet replica movement. Diameter 40×24 mm, 7.2 mm thick case made of 18k rose gold, the upper and lower ends of the mosaic of a row of diamonds. Decorated with twisted-shaped and sun-shaped ornaments on the dial using the Arabic numerals, the central time points pointer. Watch case covered with sapphire crystal glass table mirror, with a low-key classic black crocodile leather strap. Watch waterproof depth of 30 meters.

Summary: Today for everyone to recommend the three watches only a simple travel function, although the function is simple, but the watch has its own characteristics, the design is not simple. Watch dial or with decoration, or with pearl Fritillaria, the watch will be particularly exquisite decoration. The other three watches have a certain waterproof function, fully suitable for daily life.


people naturally to the name of the Swiss radar table with the material

Speaking of ceramic watches, I believe most people think of the first radar, radar as a ceramic watch on behalf of the brand, its high-tech ceramic watch has become a powerful symbol of its high-tech ceramic watch perfect To solve the watch prone to scratches, you can keep the appearance of the watch clean and tidy, which is one of the charm of ceramic watch, today no watch home for everyone to recommend three radar ceramic watch, Hope everyone likes it.

Radar Hao Star Series R32109152 watch
Watch evaluation: the watch with 38.7 mm diameter design, case with stainless steel case with ceramic bezel design to ensure that the watch case will not produce scratches affect the appearance of the watch chain the same use Stainless steel and ceramic match, beautiful fashion. Watch the bottom of the micro-sapphire crystal glass design, watch 50 meters.
Watch Comments: This watch uses a 39 mm diameter design, case and bezel all used for high-tech Cartier love bracelet replica ceramic to build, so do not worry about the scratches on the surface of the watch problem, the watch is equipped with internal A quartz movement, to ensure that the watch travel time accurate, basically no error, very practical.
Watch comments: This new star star chronograph, simple and dynamic fashion, watch with 45 mm large diameter table design, the watch at 3 o’clock position with a classic small seconds in the watch at 6 o’clock position With 12 hours cumulative chronograph dial, and 9 o’clock position with 30 minutes cumulative timer dial, watch waterproof 100 meters, you can swim, take a bath, but can not touch hot water.

Summary: Today, the radar, people naturally to the name of the Swiss radar table with the material is not easy to wear a personalized design of the watch together. Radar table of fine exquisite workmanship, seams at the tight and flexible, corners at no angle angle, electroplating uniform light, the surface and the back of the text clear, has become Switzerland’s most important watch manufacturers.
Some time ago, the author wrote an article on NOMOS (NOMOS small environment in the rise of the “big” brand), mainly about NOMOS’s own style and self-produced movement, the table friends to respond more, but I also know There is a problem, has been troubled by everyone, that is, NOMOS tables are similar, although we all know that each table are not the same, but the difference is small, the series features are not obvious, it is difficult to identify the problem if there is a chance Will help you comb. Today’s this content, mainly do not talk about the series, but the design of NOMOS, we found an embarrassing place.

NOMOS design we are very familiar with, Bauhaus style, pay attention to minimalism, so the dial is very simple, strong sense of lines, even the Arabic numerals, most of them with a strong line elements. However, the large number of small seconds to use the design of NOMOS, 6 o’clock position of the blank, in the personal view seems a bit bad. Throughout all the NOMOS small seconds watch, if the small seconds in the 6 o’clock position, then the 6 o’clock most of the time stamp is vacant, which will cause a “blank area”, when the needle swept here , Always feel what the shortcomings. Of course, some watches in this position placed the date window, but the more bad things happened, the size of small 35 mm table, the date window is too stingy, large size, such as 40 mm, but small seconds The disk is close to the gap, it is very compact. Throughout all the NOMOS watch, personally seems to square shape of the watch, the design Cartier love ring replica is more balanced, but the table is generally small size (29 mm or so), not suitable for men to wear. Here we chose three, is personally considered relatively good.

NOMOS TANGENTE Series 171 watch

Watch series: TANGENTE series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case Material: Stainless steel
Strap material: horse skin
Watch comments: This is a new NOMOS this year, equipped with this year’s new DUW 3001 self-winding movement, so the first recommendation, of course, more important reason is that the design of the table has reached a balance, small The second disk from the central pointer has a distance, vice disk slightly larger, but not and 5 o’clock, 7 o’clock bit overlap, 6 o’clock though still blank, but it is clear, and NOMOS other watches Than this blank is compressed a lot, almost does not affect the visual and aesthetic. So, this is a design, beyond the other NOMOS small second hand design watch, of course, only 35 mm diameter table, slightly smaller. If purchased at home, the price of 23,000 is estimated to be.
Watch Comments: This is only Ahoi watch, the use of the weaving belt, the use of ε (Epsilon) self-winding movement, watch diameter 40 mm, which is one of the reasons I recommend it, NOMOS so large table diameter table is not More, plus it is very simple dial, the actual effect than the ordinary 40 mm table diameter watch to be larger. This table is smaller than the previous one is closer to the center of the disk, so the 6 o’clock space will be larger, many NOMOS table in this position is blank, this table plus the date, although the date window and Small seconds is very compact, but because of the special choice of dark, so it will not be so obvious, if you choose a silver plate, it is obvious. Of course, this table only sell more expensive because the watch is 200 meters waterproof Cartier nail bracelet replica, because NOMOS shell is relatively thin, crown structure is also more simple, so do 200 meters waterproof, so thick shell brand More difficult than some.
Watch Comments: This is a time with the Roman standard NOMOS, is still very simple, has increased a lot of elegant atmosphere, take the alpha (Alpha) manual winding movement, 35 mm table diameter. This table is still small enough size of the small disk, not so stingy, if the disk as a little move down, you can cancel the 6 o’clock that time the Roman time, but this is not. This is the reason I chose it, it is at 6 o’clock increased by half of the Roman time standard, so here will not be so blank, this table is more balanced.

Summary: If you observe each NOMOS, you will find a lot of subtle changes, NOMOS series in the series, in fact, a big difference is that three aspects: the style of the ear, the time scale style is functional The According to these three angles to classify, will soon be able to master the secret of the various series of NOMOS. Most of the NOMOS watch 6 o’clock blank, before I was not aware of, but also in the counter to see NOMOS, because the size is not large, so often ignore this detail, but every time you still feel less what. Perhaps this is my too picky reason, really go to the counter to see when it is not so obvious, but the three, is a personal look more perfect watch.


Bauhinia watches have an outstanding and long history from the beginning it is a constant quality

Bauhinia table throw away the shackles of traditional thinking, to vitality innovation as the theme, inspiration to explain the vitality of human life. For the Proton table, many friends do not know. Bauhinia is China’s watch brand in Shenzhen, its watch shape fashion, low prices. In the market has been a lot of favor. The following watch home to come to you about BOSAKA table it!
Bauhinia watch brand introduction
Founded in Shenzhen, China, the company is a brand created by Ruibao Da Trading Co., Ltd. It is a professional design, manufacture, marketing watch group of enterprises. The watch is made in China, derived from the classic Swiss craft.
Brand characteristics
Bauhaus brand pursuit of high-end and art, fashion and leisure the perfect Cartier love bracelet replica combination of each product is derived from the inspiration for the uncompromising attention in the production, each detail is through the watchmaker’s layer Layer selection carefully crafted, the pursuit of perfection.
Bauhinia watches the core user group is 25 to 45 years old the most dynamic, the courage to break the traditional people, urban white-collar workers and young entrepreneurial groups. The existing fine just, ceramics, belts and other different types, suitable for users in the leisure, office and formal intersection and other occasions to wear. Of course, as a couple, friends, enterprises and institutions have special significance of gifts, gifts are favored.
Bauhinia watches have an outstanding and long history, from the beginning it is a constant quality and transform the style and renowned international, Bauhinia watches sophisticated design fit the vast number of consumers on the reliable quality and perfect value of the pursuit of streamlined design, High quality, affordable Bauhinia watches, so that “elegant and subtle vitality in the publicity,” the Bauhinia personality and “business progress and taste elegant,” the perfect combination of user characteristics, witness the struggle and the success of the time to move forward in the river resonate The
The pursuit of life taste, passion and the perfect combination of speed. Simple, stylish, elegant, attractive, high-end. Carefully build each individual person’s free and easy personality and personality charm.
In the overall design style focus on the details of the design, each watch is derived from the inspiration produced Cartier love ring replica uncompromising attention to the fine, watchmakers put all the effort and energy. So as to perfect show in front of people.
Each Bauhinia watch (BUREI) have experienced heavy craft, water flow curve glance, such as tailored fit your wrist.
R & D Center
Bauhinia watches (BUREI) has a strong technical backing in the watch industry to use the world’s latest computer association.
13 top watch designer R & D and manufacturing team, leading the fashion industry inspiration frontier, constant innovation and improvement, only to give users the best wear experience.
control center
Bauhinia watch the full implementation of the ISO9001 quality assurance system, the use of a full set of large-scale testing equipment, fully enclosed dust-free anti-static workshop, QC, IQC, and other control product quality, and wholeheartedly safeguard the interests of consumers and the reputation of well-
Bin engraved (BINK) brand source in Switzerland. Was established in 1997, sales in Hong Kong among the best. 2008 Hong Kong manufacturers stationed in China, specifically for the urban white-collar business community and build. As a mid-range watch brand, with the intersection of Chinese and Western fashion art heritage advantages, with its own years of technology research and development and precision manufacturing strength.
Bin engraved watch brand introduction
Bin carved brand design concept advocating character, natural. To simple, refined, personalized style of the original Cartier nail bracelet replica return of the original. Humanistic spirit as the main design guiding ideology, advocating the modern dress sense and the combination of spiritual experience. So that both products comfortable, taste and thoughtful. The idealist elements to join, so that the product full of flavor. And close to the latest international fashion trend of the design method with the brand performance of the fashion background, a strong difference between time and space so that products show a more attractive fashion sense.
Bin engraved, extraordinary creativity, from the traditional. Bin engraved with more than 15 years of traditional Swiss watchmaking process and innovative design spirit, Bin carved the goal is to use the most competitive prices to provide the public with first-class quality of the timing tool. Bin engraved the sport’s expression, precision and challenge the spirit of self to the extreme.
Bin carving the main user group is 22 – 55 years old urban white-collar workers. Bin engraved with ceramics, tungsten steel, steel and belt and other different types, you can choose different products in sports, leisure, office and formal occasions and other occasions to wear. Of course, as a couple, friends, enterprises and institutions have special significance of gifts, gifts are favored.


Rolex watch diving series with a lock to the table is particularly loved by the table fans

Rolex watch diving series, with a lock to the table is particularly loved by the table fans, the so-called “lock” refers to the Rolex watch table buckle, and therefore also called the screwdriver table, it is somewhat similar to the bottle cover The The seal of the watch is usually made two, one in the table head, the other in the handle tube or handle shaft.
The structure and function of the Rolex watch
“Lock the” watch usually to press it tighten, tighten the direction of the majority of the spin, but also have a reverse rotation, when the need to watch the winding or dial, it is necessary to unscrew the table, Automatically pops up. This type of table handle is two sections, the table head with the root tube, slightly thick, there is a small spring, the handle of the end of the stem is a 6 square, and the table head of the tube is a 6, the table head drive Handle axis rotation is by the 6 side of the match.
When the table into the table, the table head tube of the spring is compressed, inside and outside the two 6 side off, so when the tightening of the table when the movement is not on the movement. Watches are used to “lock the” structure, the purpose is to improve the sealing and waterproof Cartier love bracelet replica performance. About more than 50M waterproof indicators, diving series are mostly used in such a table, the typical is ROLEX Rolex watches. Ordinary watches, in the table to waterproof measures, only in the table head with a small “O” ring, by the circle and handle the head with, to achieve the role of closed. As the use of the table is relatively high frequency, in the long-term use, “O” ring will produce aging and wear, it will lead to bad watch seal, which is why the general watch the location of the water, reason.
Another problem, the general handle of the head of the handle is simply pressed by the mounted on the case, and “lock” watch the handle tube is threaded, it is screwed into the case, so sealing performance Very reliable. Some watch with the code function of the watch, and even the three table are made with a lock.
“Lock” watch structure is more complex, so more likely to damage, and this is usually used to wear a great relationship, the more common faults are the following.
(1) handle head tube off, said above, “lock” watch the handle tube is screwed into the case by the screw, it should also smear point oxide, it is off and the use of improperly have a great relationship The Mainly when the table is screwed into the time, always forced too large, resulting in the handle tube and the case with the fastness of the poor, long past, and finally in the withdrawal of the table when the handle to the head tube out, Also exposed a hole, the watch is not waterproof.
(2) between the table and handle the head of the thread buckle buckle, the table into the feel when the strenuous, or tightly found when the head is crooked. The problem is long-term screw into the table when the buckle is not correct, the correct way is, gently press the table, slowly rotate it, if the feeling of resistance, it should be re-bit rotation The
(3) when the table tightened, the handle in the head can not stay, the old out of the bomb, the problem is also caused by damage to the screw, or the table was thrown, there is deformation; also may be the table to the internal organs too More, but this can be resolved by cleaning.
(4) the table in the chord or dial when there is a sense of slippage, giggling, the reason is the table head tube within the 6 side damage caused by the more common is the pipe cracks or expansion, it can not normally move the handle Axis, to the needle and winding. No other good way to solve, repair can only go to replace the new Cartier love ring replica table head, in order to avoid a similar problem, the operation of the table, the action must be light and slow, feeling hindered the first pull back the needle, and then dial. I remember the early years when I learned the car, which coach master usually love to say a word: “slow, slow, slow, a slow all have”, this is used in the watch, but also very suitable, of course, even light.
(5) table only to set the needle or adjust the calendar, and can not be winding, the problem should be the head of the head tube spring elasticity is not good, the arbor can not be completely ejected, resulting in the machine with not in place, the equivalent of the handle Short of the kind of phenomenon, the solution can be done to try cleaning a refueling.
In short, the “lock” watch in the use of wear, must be more careful, the operation must not be too hard, regularly appropriate to the table to add a little waterproof silicone oil, clean the handle on the head of the button, is also a good The maintenance method.
Tissot mechanical watch power source is the clockwork of the watch, under normal circumstances the mechanical watch full of the clock can operate 36 hours. If the lack of motivation will cause the watch to stop the situation. So how do the winding Timor mechanical watch? The following watch home to tell you!
For the first time you use: Rotate the handle 20-30 times, so that the winding winding. Tissot mechanical watch through the human body swing winding, but now people living very little moving, so if you do not often walk the best manual winding.In addition, for a shuttle has been stopped Tissot watches or new handsome Tissot watch, before wearing must be manual On the 25-35 chord, so that the winding in the full string state, and then use will be more stable.As a result of automatic watches, so watch the clock box has protective measures to prevent the transition winding caused by the possibility of broken strings to the automatic Tissot watch winding did not end Of the time, generally 25-35 under the.
Automatic mechanical watch, as long as your exercise enough, it is advocated as little as possible to use Cartier nail bracelet replica the hand to send the winding, because hand dial on the winding, need to drive a lot of automatic wheel rotation, automatic parts is very easy to wear, so that customers increase unnecessary maintenance cost.
Manual mechanical watch is usually rotated by the crown, to tighten the watch inside the winding, the spring system to release the kinetic energy to drive the watch timing function. All of these processes are done by mechanical principles and construction.
The full winding can usually make the watch walk about 30 hours, the longest or even up to eight days or more. If you want to watch the non-stop operation, you need to pay attention to tighten the winding at any time; but excessive tightening the clock will lead to damage to the watch, it is usually recommended only one day winding, and even some people suggested that the same time every day , The reason is that different temperatures for the clock will have an impact, so that better maintenance of watches.


Radiation intensity detection interface has two values namely the maximum radiation and instantaneous radiation

Smart phone radiation on our body is still very serious, especially in the Internet and answer the time when the radiation is usually 5-6 times. So coincides with the hot days of smart watches, hi people on the intelligent device radiation problem quite interested in, then designed a few small experiments. To detect the smart watch is not there radiation?
Does smart watch have radiation?
Using the Estack ES-305A electronic radiation detector, which is a sophisticated intelligent electronic equipment, radiation measurement range, low frequency in the 0-200 volts / meter (low frequency radiation electric field strength), high frequency in the 0-2000 microwatt / square Cm (high frequency radiated power density). In terms of accuracy, the electric field strength is 0.1 volts / m and the power density is 1 microwatts / square centimeter. Frequency range of 20HZ-3000MHZ, induction axis for the single axis.
According to China’s “Environmental Electromagnetic Wave Hygiene Standard” shows that the electromagnetic radiation intensity and its frequency characteristics of the human body may cause potential adverse effects of the next bound, the ambient electromagnetic wave radiation Cartier love bracelet replica intensity standard is divided into two.
The primary standard is a safe area, which means that all people (including infants, pregnant women and sick and sick people) who live, work and live for a long time in the context of the electromagnetic wave intensity will not be affected by any adverse effects; Expansion of radio stations, stations and radar stations, etc., in its residents coverage area, must meet the specifications of a standard.
The secondary standard is an intermediate zone, which means that all populations (including infants, pregnant women, and elderly people who live and work and live) that have long lived, worked and lived under the ambient electromagnetic wave intensity may cause potential adverse reactions. Construction of factories and institutions, but not allowed to build residential homes, schools, hospitals and nursing homes, etc., have been built to take appropriate protective measures. More than two standard areas, the human body can be folder with harmful effects, in this area can be greening or planting crops, but prohibit the construction of residential and crowd activities of all public facilities, such as organs, factories, shops and theaters; In these areas already have these buildings, you should take measures, or limit the radiation time.
The transmit power of the mobile phone is microwave, and the allowable area of the primary area specified by the standard is <10 microwatts / square centimeter and the secondary zone is <40 microwatts / square centimeter.
Radiation intensity detection interface has two values, namely, the maximum radiation and instantaneous radiation Cartier love ring replica value. For the purpose of visualization, this test uses the maximum record value. When we detect, close the device to the DUT, place it for about one minute, and then read the maximum value.
Smart watch radiation test
Here to the shell of smart watches for example! Open the shell of the watch’s flight mode, the radiation detector head close to the smart watch, in the monitoring process, we have been operating the watch, a minute later, we read the value.
Fruit shell smart watch: flight mode maximum 2
Open the fruit shell smart watch wifi, connected to the company’s wireless network, because the shell does not achieve the page or microblogging Internet access, we can only switch to the real-time weather interface, and then click the update button, so the watch can ” Internet access “.
Fruit shell smart watch: connect wifi maximum value 217
Finally, the watch with the smart watch through the Bluetooth connection, so that mobile phones and watches can be synchronized through the Bluetooth information, we click on the mobile phone application GWatch time synchronization to make mobile phones and watches for Bluetooth communication, and then detect the communication process of radiation Peak.
Three test results:
Fruit shell smart watch transmit power maximum comparison (unit: microwatt / square centimeter)
Flight mode: 2
Connect wifi: 217
Connect to Bluetooth: 161
According to the test results, the watch in the flight mode when the radiation peak is very low, only 2 microwatts / square centimeter, the impact on the human body can be ignored; connected wifi Internet, the peak can reach 217 microwatts / square centimeter, Also reached 161 microwatts per square Cartier nail bracelet replica centimeter, both of which exceeded the standard secondary area.
to sum up
1, smart watches, smart phones in the use of wifi network than when the wireless network is not used when the radiation value of 80-100 times, no time to find thousands of times the situation.
2, smart watches, smart phones Bluetooth connection, the radiation is not even if the connection wifi network, but the peak than the standard secondary area, radiation safety can not be ignored.
3, smart watches, although small size, when the internal structure is very similar with the phone, radiation is almost comparable to smart phones, so remind users to wear a serious understanding of the product before the radiation and personal acceptance of radiation, such as pregnant women is not too Suitable for wearing smart watches.


Maintenance of jewelry In addition to the general principles of the above, some jewelry because of different gemstones have different character

Maintenance of jewelry In addition to the general principles of the above, some jewelry because of different gemstones have different character, so there are some special requirements in the maintenance and precautions are presented as follows:
(1) diamonds, rubies, sapphires, tourmalines, topaz (ie, topaz) and other gemstone jewelery. These Cartier love bracelet replica gems are hard and able to withstand greater pressure, but they also have common shortcomings – with brittleness and cleavage of diamonds and topazs, so these gems can not withstand beating and percussion, otherwise they may be brittle And creep, or because of cleavage and cleavage in the direction of cleavage, or even fragmentation. Remember, even if the hardness of the largest diamond, can not withstand the impact.
(2) jade jewelry. Although the emerald quality and toughness, with a certain impact resistance. However, after processing the emerald products, are often thin, by the impact will be damaged.
(3) Emerald jewelry. Emerald hardness is slightly greater than the emerald, but more brittle than the emerald, so more than the emerald can not afford to hit and beat. In addition, the emerald afraid of high temperature, the fire will make the color fade, easy to burst at high temperatures.
(4) Opal jewelry. Opal’s hardness is low and should avoid friction with other items. Opal contains water, should be avoided by high temperature, or because of loss of moisture after the break, then lose the transparency, while the burst occurred. In addition, opal is not acid, so wear oyster jewelry should avoid high temperature and acidic substances. Collection Opal jewelry, it should also be noted that the environment can not be too dry, otherwise it will cause dehydration and cracks, or even rupture. In order to prevent dehydration, in the dry season, at a certain time should be opal jewelry in the water soak once.
(5) Amethyst jewelry. Amethyst color is unstable, in case of high temperature or prolonged exposure will cause fading. Wear or collection process, should avoid high temperature or exposure.
(6) malachite and turquoise jewelery. The hardness of these two Cartier love ring replica gems are more water, very easy to wear. The chemical nature of the two is unstable, the case of acid will be dissolved by corrosion. Turquoise is easy to change at high temperatures, even longer exposure and sweat soaking, turquoise will change color. These are in the wear and collection process must pay attention.
(7) pearls and coral jewelery. Pearls and coral hardness is very low, easily due to friction leaving the surface luster. The two components are calcium carbonate, the case of acid will suffer corrosion dissolved. Summer sweating, sweat will make the pearls, coral surface damage and loss of the original luster. Cosmetics in the powder, perfume and hair cream, etc., will make pearls gradually pale. So, summer is best not to wear such jewelry. If you are stained after perspiration, can be placed in the water rinse, and then gently wipe the soft fabric can be. Pearl jewelry in the collection before, be sure to rinse with water, storage must also avoid the cosmetics.
(8) lapis lazuli. After the turquoise jewelery is tarnished, it must not be soaked and rinsed with water. Because lapis lazuli is a granular collection of minerals, if the water is soaked and rinsed, the dirt on the surface of the gem will penetrate the interior, so that it will change the original luster of lapis lazuli. After the green stoneSecond, how to maintain platinum jewelry
1. When you do housework, do not let platinum jewelry stained with oil or bleach. Because bleach will cause platinum to produce spots, and in the removal of the time more trouble.
2. Do not wear platinum to do heavier work, platinum in the role of strong external force will be deformed.
3. Platinum can not wear with gold jewelry, because the gold is relatively Replica Cartier jewelry soft, if the friction between each other, not only will damage the gold jewelry, gold will also be dyed in platinum, so yellow and difficult to get rid of.
4. Platinum jewelry washing method: the platinum immersed in the jewelry cleaning solution for 5 minutes, and then put it on the filter with water rinse, then use a soft cloth to absorb moisture, once a month


Likewise, some of the rights they enjoy are confirmed by the judiciary

Likewise, some of the rights they enjoy are confirmed by the judiciary. Handagny members (Compagnonnage) actually refers to those who engage in a certain work and get wages from a process of people. In general, handmade guild members are given a few days of the Cartier love bracelet replica year and are named after a saint title, and after one year of expiration, they can be renewed in the following years. At the end of the eighteenth century and throughout the nineteenth century, when the trade union was still banned, the workers’ secret societies appeared to protect these handmade guild members. But they themselves are forbidden, because the French revolution after the outbreak of woodworking strike is an important reason. They are accused of opposing freedom of work and promoting strikes, with fixed wages and employment conditions as a management method to reduce profits. The master is the masterpiece of the masterpiece who can show the craft he has practiced and sell the masterpieces with his own students and workers. But the number of masters is fixed, which means that the new master needs to wait until another master to leave their work. Paid is usually the best compensation for a former master. Cooperation is necessary in the community and allows all people (not just artisans) to get the same professional exercise Cartier love ring replica opportunities. The community has an independent legal person, with corresponding social and technical rules and disciplinary rules. In the Middle Ages, this community was fully involved throughout the ancient society, from the French king’s society to the end of the eighteenth century. There were new ideas in the second half of the 18th century, including the idea of freedom of work and trade. In 1755, it was possible for artisans to obtain approval from every French in most cities. At the end of the eighteenth century, in the context of the French Revolution, cooperation was abolished and the craft community was completely changed in the plan called “abolition des privileges”. On August 4, 1789, the community’s approach and product model were published. At the same time, on January 7, 1791, the concept of private property and the creation of the Institute of Industrial Property, marked the beginning of capitalism. Second, the 17th century and the development of manufacturing In addition to the craft organization, in the 17th century the French king saw the development of Louis XIV during the reign. These manufacturing are mainly concentrated in the textile production, tapestry and fiber dyeing, silk textile and cotton, lace, weaving and silk pattern. But the other I did not mention there are Chinese porcelain, metal products and weapons, as well as knives, scissors, glass mirrors and crystal crafts, salt, artificial production, gunpowder, tiles, wire manufacturing or tobacco manufacturing. These creation and production protects French Replica Cartier jewelry products against foreign products. This means that the market has become more extensive than a country, and economic war has begun, especially in the textile field. For example, the aristocrats who love fashion and Indian cotton are some of the goods that have been produced in some cities in France.


With the progress of society, people in modern society housing conditions are getting better and better

With the progress of society, people in modern society housing conditions are getting better and better, the home decoration is also more and more elegant, generous, simple. Even in some big cities to buy a house when the developers have to help customers to renovate the house. But the modern society of people more and more the pursuit of individuality, which need to make up in the home!
Many types of home, why I choose to choose the creative category of Cartier love bracelet replica home accessories this piece of it? Because the product is relatively new, very creative, people go home to see there is a comfortable feeling, like children like the feeling of toys it! So we have to set our products, so that new ideas and ideas to make a profit, let us lead the fashion to bring our ordinary simple life to go.
The current shop to face the difficulties are: First, the choice of shops; Second, the source and the choice of product style; Third, the official opening before and after the design of the store name and store decoration, display furnishings, means of publicity and mode of operation; And cost budget.
First, the choice of shops
A large flow of economically developed land is equal to give us a ladder, so to speak, the traffic has brought the purchase volume, the purchase volume has brought money flow! Look at what is the fundamental goal of the shop? Our purpose is to profit benefit, accumulate original fund! To do this must be a lot of the amount of purchase, can bring the amount of purchase is the traffic!
New China trade position is better, and itself has a certain advertising effect, where more shops, easy to attract customers to the door. From the train station near, and the brink of the main road, is conducive to the transport of goods.
Second, the choice of source and product style
In the purchase of convenience, cheap, quality assurance of these three principles to choose our supply, product categories have been finalized, roughly divided into: bell products, plush toys, ceramic products, cup products, light products , Bedding, photo frames and so on. In the product style we can go for the needs of the Cartier love ring replica old customers Taobao route, you can put the product you want after the online package to 10-20% of the profits to sell them. This is not only for our own laid a good customer popularity, but also for our future development of the road “service” “product diversification” and “flexible mode of operation laid the foundation.”
Currently in my mind the two purchase locations: First, the Alibaba forum organized by the home procurement alliance, they have a great price and from the bulk of the advantages, but their home style only a small part of the needs of our stores. But according to the league boss plan after the Union can take the group to buy, supply two legs to walk the way: “First, according to the wishes of everyone to purchase and supply: We will mainly through the franchise group dedicated meeting every week and buy forum (also In the Union shop within the trial stage) to reflect the second is to organize everyone to buy, that is, by the ideal source of the allies to release the price and from the quantitative information, allies keep up with the position.Finally by the release of allies or the Union unified organization procurement, Cargo allies next time ordered with the goods issued by the Union also encouraged allies to play the advantages of direct supply of regional industry, so that both more allies can find cheap and unique sources of supply, but also to supply allies to get additional profits and development Opportunity. “And you can set up a custom service that allows customers to customize themselves in
Like the home furnishings, so as to achieve the original intention of creative gift shop. So that our purchase pressure, the degree of pressure, capital account, and the overall risk of the initial shop will be reduced. Second, choose the wholesale market in Linyi, why choose it? Because it is the largest from the Jiaxiang is the largest wholesale market, easy transport of goods, and can supply more tricks, purchase speed and faster, greatly reducing the logistics turnover cycle.


How to extend the life of the shoes?

How to extend the life of the shoes
A pair of shoes, in its manufacturing quality under the premise of a good maintenance and proper wear, can extend its life several times the time, it is very economic significance. To make the shoes have a longer life, should do the following:
(1) to avoid scraping with the sharp objects; this need to wear the use of the process to pay more attention.
(2) to avoid meeting with high temperatures; do not use roast, do not expose in strong sunlight.
(3) to strengthen maintenance: to remove the upper dirt, coated with shoe polish, try to avoid encounter with the Cartier love bracelet replica water, to prevent the process of long mold in the storage.
(4) to let the shoes have a certain interval of rest: shoes and people, also need to rest. It is best to have a few pairs of shoes to wear, so that the shoes have a certain interval of rest time, this will make it less damage, is conducive to deformation of the original leather shoes.
(5) light-colored shoes should pay attention to anti-fouling: shoes more high-end, often the lighter color; so wear, but also pay attention to avoid contamination; because light-colored shoes once dirty, it is difficult to restore it to the original color.
(6) to protect the heel: leather, especially shoes, leather shoes should be replaced with the end of the material, do not wait until the heel is seriously worn and then change.
How to paint shoes shoes
Painted shoes shoes who will be, but only to their own imagination to do, often there will be all kinds of errors, not only can not achieve the role of protecting shoes, but will be different degree of damage to shoes. Shoes for the first time oil, should be in front of wearing new shoes. In the case of shoes did not stain the dirt began to rub oil, can be a good way to keep the shoes color and light. After the process of wearing, every two to three days need to shoe oil once.
(1) Remove the soil and dirt on the soles, and use the brush to brush off the dirt between the slits and the shoelaces.
(2) with the Lane on the fingers of the cloth, dipped in some detergent, a little hard, the upper dirt, coated with shoe polish and so on.
How to identify the quality of shoes
Identification of a pair of shoes quality is good or bad, from the appearance and internal indicators on both sides of the eye. As the internal indicators often need to rely on the detection equipment, for a consumer, from the appearance of the quality of shoes to identify more practical significance. From the appearance, mainly through the shoes of the material (including the upper, soles, shoes) quality and work both good and bad to identify the quality of the shoes good ring.
(1) Upper (Bang): the upper is one of the main components of the Cartier love ring replica shoe. For smooth shoes, to see whether it is soft and plump, hand press the upper, whether the phenomenon of loose surface, a good upper should be full of soft, feel comfortable, shiny uniform, no loosening phenomenon. On the suede shoes uppers should pay attention to check whether the villi is short and uniform, the tone should be consistent, the shoe is part of the upper, it is to reinforce the upper, to prevent the extension of the upper deformation and improve the use of foot The So, good shoes in the material (such as leather shoes) should have a good touch, breathability and Pakistan wet wetness, and easy to decolorize. In the sewing, the shoes should not have wrinkles and fat side.
(2) insoles: the usual men’s shoes with the end of the half pad or heel pad. Women’s shoes with full pad covering the bottom of the pad. The insole has the effect of keeping the shoe insole clean, covering the insole, to improve the foot feel. Therefore, the insole should have a good suction and moisture. In doing work, the insole should be flat to adhere to the insole, can not have the phenomenon of floating wrinkles.
(3) outsole: from the outside point of view, the outer end of the joint state should be closely bonded without gaps, the bottom of the flat.
(4) Shoe limit: whether it is low or high heel, first of all depends on whether the match with the natural skin flush. For semi-high and above the women’s shoes in terms of the following two points is more important: First, the heel should be firmly installed in the bottom, before and after the move should not be shaking; Second, the palm should not be less than the heel Bottom.
(5) Insole: look at the bottom of the material, the best leather. On the other hand, to hand tightly press the waist crotch, the equivalent of the part of the instep when the shoes, the wire is not moving better. In the role of this force, such as leather shoes along the deformation, indicating that the quality of the shoes in question.
(6) stability: the shoes on the plane, the shoes should be static still, such shoes for good stability, which is one of the basic conditions of high-quality shoes.
(7) side check: the shoes on the plane, shoes outsole (forefoot) and plane contact points should be in the middle, the toe should have appropriate Alice head, heel integrity and the bottom should be completely on the plane.
(8) positive inspection: the line of sight to the outsole and the same height, see the outside of the inside and outside the tilt size is different. Should be basically the same, to maintain balance.
(9): from the back check: heel should be straight, after the suture should also be straight.
(10) Comparison of two shoes: in the completion of all aspects of the above check, the need to carefully compare the length of two shoes, height and shape is) no consistency or symmetry, but also look at the light, color is consistent.
New shoes do not wear feet have tips
New shoes easy to wear the heel, which is mainly because the current process of China’s shoe-making process generally need to be followed by the heel, so that the heel shape was sharp-shaped, combined with the heel of the heel is usually two pieces of leather suture, So that the rear is not smooth, feet and shoes on the gap is very easy to heel worn. Therefore, the feeling may be grinding feet of new shoes, may wish to rub the heel before the first kneading; secondly, with a small file grinding joints at the junction of the leather; and then hit the hammer with a hammer to the rear of the shoe more posted. So you can wear new shoes when you can avoid the pain of the flesh.
How to protect the matte shoes
Matte shoes uppers can not rub oil or water brush, the correct way is to clean the brush with the Replica Cartier love bracelet direction of light brush or special rubber, shoes, clean powder.
How to store the season shoes
Storage of seasonal shoes first to be cleaned and dried, dried in the shoe cavity after the shoe pad or clean loose objects (such as newspapers, cloth, etc.), and in storage, put a little moisture in the shoes, placed in a cool and dry place Can be.


When you are with her, walk on the road and think that the two trees are in love with you

When you are with her, walk on the road and think that the two trees are in love with you; after you have separated from her, you think there will never be any connection between the two trees.
Last year, “lovelorn thirty-three days” is a complete fire, plus the previous single men and women. Countless people want to fall in love after a Wang Xiaoyi, sad when there can be a Wu Yanzu, but life is not a movie, life is much more difficult. You are lovelorn sad when you can only be a Cartier love bracelet replica person, others simply can not comfort you, you simply can not listen.
If I say, lovelorn after the uncomfortable uncomfortable, support the past like, and probably a lot of people will say that I am cruel, but this is indeed the best way.
Most people’s feelings, walked around one by one, never alone for a long time, but complained that their pay is not a good result. Just why every one of your feelings can not be good? Every time you are lovelorn after you do not grow it?
You are not lovelorn because you are not good enough is not enough handsome, not because you are not gentle enough not considerate enough, not because you are in this romance what is wrong. Many couples often quarrel and love and hate but still be able to hospice, many couples often do something wrong to provoke each other angry but still forever.
Such a relationship is that you can in this feeling as much as possible to do their own, without worrying about your tomorrow will not him.
A person will never change the words, he will encounter the same thing happened in his body, especially in love.
We often see a friend in the emotional repeat committed before the mistakes, people helpless, and finally the tragedy ended.
Very simple, if you often go to the nightclub to find, then you encounter each other in all likelihood is a play Cartier love ring replica; if you often because of loneliness and love with others, then you meet each other Bacheng is also because of loneliness with you; You just want to find someone to live, want to have personal care about you, then you encounter the other party is probably the case, in addition to your day will still be on.
The same, if you can not accept their own shortcomings, then the other side is also very difficult to accept your shortcomings, because you are in front of him step by step, be careful. If you hang up after each call will be no tomorrow, then your feelings are likely not tomorrow, because you double
Side are not full of security.
Only you accept all of your own, including those who see the shortcomings of the people, you will encounter a let you show all in front of him can still like you to accept you; only you want to own people You will meet someone like you.
The meaning of romance lies in the growth, is not to let you again and again to repeat the same mistakes. Grow far more than hurry into another person’s arms meaningful, it will not let your feelings again and again to not hastily.
What we call life, but it depends on what kind of person we can meet; what kind of Replica Cartier love bracelet person we can meet, but it depends on what kind of person we are.
Lovelorn this thing to the big thing that is to let you grow a good opportunity to small that is to let you get rid of a wrong person. In the next one who like you before, to maintain a reasonable single, in the right time to meet the people, is a lucky. This is the most need to be patient after the lucky, to the future that he and his best gift is to become better, more gentle, more happy, but also know how to cherish.